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Nothing is accidental, the universe is too intelligent for that type of creation. You are the universe. ✨ • Oh Heeeeey 2019, are YOU ready? • Glow-up team 📷: @alex_c013 💄💁🏽‍♀️: @marinaproctor #myversionofthefilipinosquat #movementislife #dance #dancephotography #alexcolephotography #heal #empowHER #divinefeminine #actor #create

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thevibrantkitchen. SOUL MOVEMENT:: All of our pieces are reaching, extending, yearning to

SOUL MOVEMENT:: All of our pieces are reaching, extending, yearning to feel completely alive. Movement is the becoming of life. It is the reminder that in the depth of despair we are still here. We are electricity. A bundle of nerves and cells. Constantly moving, transforming to keep us breathing, to keep our hearts beating. This is why we dance. This is why we learn to float on the tips of our toes or ground all the way to the bottom of the Earth. This is why we slip our arms around one another, feeling the alignment of hips colliding. Rhythmic bliss consuming every part of our souls. Movement. For moments we forget. We forget the pain. The fear. The expectations. When we are lost in the magnetic energy of dance we simply become. We become who we were always meant to be. Raw. Vulnerable. Flawed. Beautiful beyond measure. Bodies flowing. Bodies forgetting. Bodies beginning to understand. As my hands bend and curve to the beating drums and my eyes find peace behind my lashes. The smoke dissipates. And love is all that is left. _____________________________________ Dance and music have been my medicine since I was a child. My heart is bursting from excitement about the offering my sister love @helloashleyberry and I have put together. An evening dedicated to letting it all go and bringing people together in movement and rhythmic magic. A space to just be free and embody love in its purity. We have so many dreams of what this humble offering could grow into. And the smiles from the possibilities are intoxicating. Today I urge you to let your body just move. However it can. And for any of my spoonies who can’t always get up and dance. Simply lift your hands above your beautiful face and watch the elegance of your hands move. Open the blinds and let the light dance on your skin. You are still here angels. Whatever movement you can do... do that. Love you to Pluto and beyond. Mean it from the bottom of my heart. ✨🌙

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Round shapes in a surreal moon-like landscape, this is definitely another one of slightly crazier ideas we had a few years ago... 🤪🚀🌔 . As visitors approach they can decide to take the alternate route, jumping along the stepping stones up and over the hill. At the top a weird explosion of round structures appear, interconnecting and overlapping to create strange and awkward new spaces to move through and explore. . Designed in collaboration with boulder sculpture artist Jens Munk for Odense Kommune. Find the spot at Stige Ø (if you can)... 🕵🏽‍♀️ . . . #parkour #parkourlife #artdudeplacement #dailyfreerunning #freerunning #pkfr #parkourandfreerunning #architecture #architectureporn #architecturelovers #wonderful_places #movementculture #creativemovement #calisthenics #movementislife #functionaltraining #design #parkourpark #parkourfacility #parkourgym #movementdesign #movementfacility #parkourdesign #streetmovementdesign

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🚫 Don't waste your time! . Make sure that strength and mobility are at the core of your gains. . In the countless number of fitness consultations I've provided, the 3 most common reasons why people self-start their fitness journey are: . ⚖️ - Weight management. . 😫 to 😁 - Low energy levels and chronic achiness . 🚶‍♀️ to 💃🏻 Confidence and lifestyle change . Then there's clinical cases where people need to start a fitness journey because of: . 👨‍⚕️ Medical need - obesity, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, etc. . 🤕 Injury/ rehab - accidents, occupational related injuries, chronic pain, etc. . The simple fact is strength and mobility remain constant in all cases. . From intake, to designing the program, to monitoring, it's about properly progressing clients in their MOVEMENT GAINS with emphasis in strength and mobility. . Yes - the training program can be specifically designed for muscle building, fat loss, and/or sport performance. But these gains are typically short term if there is no foundation in strength and mobility. . When all is said and done. . THE TRUE GAINS YOU'LL WANT TO HAVE ARE #MVMTGAINS 💯🔥 . Checkout the mvmtgains in my #hipmobility and #shouldermobility that you can incorporate into your training regimen. . #deepsquat - 20s hold with slow concentric phase. Right into #splitprogress. . #squat with #quad focus at a 3210 tempo. . #shoulderpress with focus on #shoulderstability . Enjoy! . 🏋🏻‍♂️💪 . #movementtraining #movementculture #movementmedicine #movementlifestyle #movementfitness #movementtherapy #calisthenicsmovement #movementmeditation #movementcoach #movementislife #movementheals #movementchallenge #movementpatterns . #torontofitness #torontopersonaltrainer #yorkville #yorkvilletoronto #blooryorkville #yorkvillefitness #torontogym #calisthenics

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⚡️3 ways to boost your confidence RN⚡️⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 1️⃣do something that serves others. because then, you release the need to “look cool” or do things perfect. It doesn’t need to be huge. You can smile at a new gym goer, or let someone skip you in line at the store. Keep building from there with your work. If what you’re doing helps even just 1 person, you will feel great about that. This gives you a true purpose, and when you have purpose, it guides you towards your deepest goals ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 2️⃣ ask one of your friends what they think your strongest traits are. ⁣⁣ Your friend sees you without the veil of judgement you have for yourself. They may be an old friend who’s watched you grow through hard times, or a new friend who was drawn to you for these very traits. Don’t forget to let your friend know why they’re a badass too! Recently, a friend did this for me and it really helped me gain clarity on my strengths, I’m sure it will for you too. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 3️⃣ Get Moving!! ⁣⁣ This one I cannot stress enough. Without energy, you don’t feel good, you can’t gain momentum or passion. Taking care of your body and strengthening your muscles will not only give you energy to get things done, it will make you feel invincible. The chemicals released during a workout help a ton, it’s science! So next time you’re feeling low about yourself, put your phone down and do some exercise! I can help you w this, send me a message anytime. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ You’re a badass, love ya❤️!⁣i⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ #selfconfidenceboost #empoweringquotes #womenwithambition #driveanddesire #selfmastery #lifecoaches #personalcoaches #fitmindandbody #highperformancehabits #impacttheory #beabawse #girlbosslife #positivelifestyle #leadingwithlove #positiveimpact #movementislife #servingothers #philosophies #goalsetters

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‪Teddy bear roll courtesy of @emmetlouis

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intrinzen. Movement and motivation: we once saw those as separate things. The old

Movement and motivation: we once saw those as separate things. The older biomechanics-driven model was weak on motivation. The belief: IF you get the biomechanics “correct”, the horse will be happier to MOVE and voila! Motivated! . Or, from the behaviorists, we get the reverse: get the EXtrinsic motivators right and voila! Movement! . But the world overflows with horse owners desperate to help their horse be happy and motivated when the “correct” work failed. Horse owners have been shamed and blamed for “not putting in the hard work”, or for not being a “good leader.” . In a million ways, horse muggles (non-professionals, non-wizards, i.e. most of us) have been told it’s all our fault, without questioning if maybe it’s NOT us, but that our systems, methods, approaches are fundamentally broken. . The fact that some *are* successful in creating happy, healthy, motivated horses leads to a logical fallacy: a correlation/causation error. “He did [X] and ‘it worked’, therefore [X] is correct. You just need to work harder at [X].” . So we work hard at [X]. We see glimmers of improvement. Or we see tons of improvement! Yay! [X] works!” Until it doesn’t. . I cannot count the professionals I know who failed with a horse. They blame the horse. The horse’s bloodlines. The horse’s “troubled past”. Or they sell the horse, quickly. These aren’t “bad” trainers. It happens to the best. Because THERE IS NO [X] that can be defined, described, prescribed. Living systems as complex as a mammal are impossible to turn into a robot, following a formula, programmed as an input-output machine with linear, predictable results. . All the science in the world cannot reliably predict the weather. And all the science in the world cannot reliably predict movement and motivation in a living mammal. . What hope do we have? . We believe it starts by asking better *questions* instead of seeking better *answers*. . By recognizing we do NOT have a movement/motivation problem for which force, coercion, inflicting pain is the answer. But we also do NOT have a problem for which “get your positive reinforcement right” is the answer. . But answers ARE there... in nature. In what the horse was born to be

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michbt. Friday feels 🙌🏼

Friday feels 🙌🏼

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the_iron_yogi. Tiger girl poses - I like to include these when I do a strong practice

Tiger girl poses - I like to include these when I do a strong practice . Strong practices require a lot of presence as it needs a lot of focus on the breath and awareness of how the body moves - to include tiger curl poses bring awareness to the breath and to the body as it transitions from 3 legged downward dog to tiger curl . Deep inhales to transition from downward dog to 3 legged downward dog then exhale to go into tiger curl as you bring the knee to the nose . . . 🎥 @experienceyogawithlyn . . . . #menofyoga #strengthandflexibility #yogastudent #strongestversionofyourself #vinyasaflow #movementmedicine #healthylifestyle #vinyasa #yogajournal #flowyoga #yogavinyasa #movementmeditation #movementismedicine #movementislife #poweryoga #yogaflows #downwardfacingdog #boysofyoga #instayogacommunity #upwardfacingdog #yogaasana #yogaposes #powervinyasa #vinyasaclass #yogastrong #yogadudes #meditation #yinyang #chaturanga #vinyasayoga

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Your are designed to move. With regular movement, your joints stay lubricated & injury free, all the components of your skeletal & muscular system move fluidly, without soreness or restriction. A sedentary lifestyle is associated with many health conditions, depression, lower cognitive ability, sleep disruption & most commonly disk degeneration & resulting in back pain. Stop the sedentary life from getting the best of you, you’ve got to move! Movement improves everything, so keep doing it & make it a priority. As you move your body, stress levels start to dip, immunity gets a lift, your circulation, blood pressure, & blood sugar levels improve within minutes. #move #movement #movementismedicine #movementislife #movementtherapy #movementheals #movementhealth #behealthy #behappy #exercise #fitness #pilates #josephpilates #lookafteryourself #motivation #bebalanced #mindbodylife

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Weekend! With the sunny forecast, hope to meet some of you outdoors 😎 #israelonthemove

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We have a variety of BIRTHFIT Programs available online such as the EmPack Prenatal Training Program. This program is ideal for mamas in their first and second trimesters. This program can be done at home with only the bag. Then, you can use it as a diaper bag and with the EmPack Postpartum Training Program. # Our online programs are a unique harmonic blend of breathing exercises, innate movement patterns, prehab/rehab activations and neural programming, strictly strength, conditioning, and down regulation considerations for the nervous system. Not only do we know the entire human core and what it takes to be stable and dynamic, but we also honor our nervous system in our training programs. We think you’ll love our programs! 💚 #birthfit #fitness #mindset #connection #prenatalfitness #postpartumfitness #empack #evolvedmotion #unitedinlove #movementislife #momsyyc #yycmoms #calgarymoms #momtribe #Repost @birthfit

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nikkilea_pt. 🤘🏼Hammer Strength Time 🤘🏼 Injuries suck! But they happen to the be

🤘🏼Hammer Strength Time 🤘🏼 Injuries suck! But they happen to the best of us. The most important part of returning to the gym is knowing your limits and gently easing the body back into it. #Movementislife #injury #rehab #hammertime #squats #technique #chicksthatlift #backsquat #bootyday #everydayisbootyday #dropitlikeasquat #anytimefitness #gymselfie #butfirstcoffee #lornajane #kmartsocks #oddsock #mumlife #gymmotivation

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crossfit_tamiami. The Grind Includes Friday #TGIF “Tabata” 
8 Rounds each Movement
20 Se

The Grind Includes Friday #TGIF “Tabata” 8 Rounds each Movement 20 Seconds Work 10 Seconds Rest Reps For •Cal Ski 2 Min Rest Between Movements •D Ball Cleans #/60# 2 Min Rest Between Movements •Burpees Metcon: WOD 12 Min AMRAP 60 Wall Balls 6 Bar Muscle Ups 📸 @im_gerard_o #tamfam #tamiami #community #crossfit #fitness #fitspiration #pulse #endurance #strengthtraining #strengthandconditioning #noexcuses #results #wod #corework #movementislife #livelifefitter #fitspo #miamifit #fitnessmotivation #crossfittamiami #fitness #miamifit #crossfit #tamslam #challengeyourself #everydayhustle #pumpandshred

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eves_happening. YES YES!! TOMORROW!!! JOIN US!! 10 AM 👉🏼4TH FLOOR👈🏼
Previous Dance

YES YES!! TOMORROW!!! JOIN US!! 10 AM 👉🏼4TH FLOOR👈🏼 Previous Dance training is NOT a requirement. 👉🏼👉🏼ALL YOGIS WELCOME👈🏼👈🏼 12 Saint Mark's Place 4R $8|($5 for YTTP Alum) $2 Mat Rental available 👉🏼 @yttp2 👈🏼 (Link for class schedule in bio) ✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳ DANCERS: The hope is to give you the space to recenter, balance, strengthen, heal, and align without the sense of performing or "getting better". ✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳ YOGIS: The invitation is to take what you already know and enter from a different angle; to see through a new lens. ✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳ MOVERS: The offer is to breathe more deeply, feel with new awareness, and go with the flow! ✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳ 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 Rooted in Vinyasa we utilize traditional Asanas blended with classical and contemporary techniques. It's not about getting fancy or doing more!! It's about infusing our practice of breathing with the languages we speak to dive more deeply into our many layers of being human; to align, balance, strengthen, heal, and humble ourselves. #FridayFlow #FriYAYS #Dancers #Yogis #Yoga #Dance #Vinyasa #Flow #DoYoga #Vinyasaflow #move #movementlifestyle #movementismedicine #breathe #nycyoga #yoganyc #yogatothepeoplenyc #movingmeditation #mindfulness #mindfulnessmeditation #mindfulathlete #yogapractice #danceislife #yogaislife #movementislife #yogadance #Yogi #Yogini #yogafordancers #yogatothepeople2

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the_iron_yogi. #forwardfold - a great pose to decompress the lower spine and stretch

#forwardfold - a great pose to decompress the lower spine and stretch the hamstrings - you hold onto your elbows , feet shoulder width apart or in a comfortable stance , bend at the knees, fold forward and let gravity do the work (don’t do if you have disc issues ) . This was one of the poses I did a lot of when I met @experienceyogawithlyn To help release tension in my lower back and hamstrings . . . #menofyoga #strengthandflexibility #yogastudent #strongestversionofyourself #vinyasaflow #trainingtips #yogablogger #vinyasa #yogajournal #flowyoga #yogavinyasa #movementmeditation #movementismedicine #movementislife #fitnessblog #yogaflows #downwardfacingdog #boysofyoga #yogablog #upwardfacingdog #yogaasana #yogaposes #lowerbackstretch #vinyasaclass #pranavinyasa #yogadudes #fitnesstip #chaturanga #vinyasayoga

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abalancedliferx. PB&J waffles for dinner!!! Breakfast for dinner is the absolute best..

PB&J waffles for dinner!!! Breakfast for dinner is the absolute best...am I right or am I right? 🤷‍♀️🤩🤘 * * * I’m just over here listening to my body and practicing mindful eating. This is a behavior I talk a lot about with my nutrition clients. Your body is smart, it knows what it needs when it needs it!!! I am a firm believer of honoring your body, checking in, and listening to its signals 🧠 #mindfulness #mindfuleating #intuitiveeating #pbandj #breakfastfordinner

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Little lower body movement for ya! Do the exercises in this order: 1. Hip thrust 2. Dumbbell deadlift 3. Goblet squat . . . 1️⃣🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️ . . . 2️⃣🗣🗣🗣 . . . Also, peep the link in my bio to hear a little 2 minute sound bite I did on what success means to me with my friends over at @gamediversified 🎉🙌💚

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Low back mini series continued! . . Low back pain or tightness is often a compensation for a lack of core stability and glute weakness. Here are a couple exercises to address both. _________________________________ 1. Banded Clamshells: Starting on your side with something supporting your neck, place a mini band above your knees. Engage your core by flattening your lower back and doing a pelvic tilt. This will ensure that the movement is happening at the hip and not the lower back. Line up your knees so one is not further forward than the other. From there, raise the top knee straight up by engaging the top glute. Make sure not to rotate the pelvis as we don't want to compensate into the low back. At the top of the movement, squeeze your glute for a split second before lowering your knee down slowly. Control the movement down as we are working on keeping tension into the band. Go directly into the next rep all while keeping the core engaged. Patients have often stated they feel burning into both glutes because we are naturally pushing the bottom knee towards the floor holding the band down. . 2. Physioball dead bugs: Starting on your back with knees and hips bent 90/90, hold a physioball between your hands and knees. Before starting the movement, squeeze the ball with both hands and knees. This will help engage the core naturally and place your pelvis is a better position to perform the movement effectively. Next, keep the ball compressed and extend opposite knees and shoulders while keeping the lower back flat. While extending your knee, keep your ankle bent towards you (dorsiflexion) to keep tension into the posterior chain. Once you get back to the starting position, keep the ball compressed and switch limbs. This movement can be a regression or warm up to hip hinging patterns. _________________________________ This post is not intended to diagnose or cure any condition. If you are experiencing any unusual tightness or pain into the lower back, please contact your nearest movement provider to get checked! Have any questions? Be sure to comment below or send us a DM! Come visit us at one of our 3 locations here in beautiful San Diego!

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christineserfozo. Every time I clap during the song, they have to find another plane to

Every time I clap during the song, they have to find another plane to work on. #bodypoetics #movementismedicine #movementisLife #circleoftrees

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30 minutes between classes.. just turn on the clock and go. Got 18:00 in, Min 1: :30 kb swings Min 2: 3-5 strict pull ups Min 3: :30 back squats at 85# #cfwesthouston #ABB #AlwaysBeBIRTHFIT 😉 #BIRTHFIT #crossfit @crossfit #pullups #kbswing #backsquat #evolvetoyourstrongestself #movementislife

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espimarinovicmansi. Real yogis practice in tartan pyjamas. Because you don't need fancy ba

Real yogis practice in tartan pyjamas. Because you don't need fancy backdrops and polished shots to transcend, mofo. 🤘👽🤘 #movementislife #clunkmovement #letitflow

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La forma más confiable de predecir el futuro es creándolo. ☯︎❥☯︎☯︎ •- Budokon Yoga. Impresionante. IM IN 🙌🏼¡acompáñanos! ∾ •- #zenpanama #zenmind #yoganoconvencional #yogastudentforlife #budokonyoga #movementculture #movementislife #artesmarcialesmixtas #boxingyoga #boxeo #yogafitness #takeyourbodyback

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