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If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like on top of the tallest freestanding mountain in the world during the largest storm to hit in over a decade... here you have it!! A BIG thank you to my fellow climbers, guides, and porters. You were the ultimate dream team! I couldn’t have made it to 19,341 ft without you!!!

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exploringafrica_. #Elephants backdropped by the #stunning Mt. Kilimanjaro would have to
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Happy New Year to all our followers around the world and our Kiliwarrior Family! Wishing you all the best in 2019 Uhuru Peak - 19,341 ft / 5,895m, above the clouds in Tanzania, Africa. The name, Uhuru peak, can be translated from Swahili into "Freedom Peak". Over 45,000 people every year attempt to climb to this summit. This photo was taken in the final zone (5/5) you encounter while climbing Kilimanjaro, called the Arctic Zone. This zone lies between the elevations of 5,000m - 5,895m (16,400 - 19,341 ft) #Kilimanjaro #PhotoOfTheDay goes to @Unknown

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What’s a recent accomplishment that you’re proud of, and why? For me, it was going to Tanzania by myself and making the journey to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. But the accomplishment wasn’t just in meeting the summit, but in an attitude shift I had along the way. I honestly had a lot of anxiety before the trip, something that never happens when I travel or go on adventures. But I put so much pressure on myself to succeed, or make the summit. Why do we do this to ourselves? I think I put pressure to succeed and be perfect because I’m afraid of letting people down. Once I was on the mountain I was able to stay focused in the present moment and ultimately achieve my goal. I think by breaking up each day into mini goals helped me. By focusing on each step and each new landscape, I was able to live in the moment and make the best of it. It felt liberating, and ultimately, I got the where I wanted to be. Funny thing is, I’m not even sure reaching the summit was the highlight. It was one of them, but there were so many other amazing events and places that made an impact on me. If I had just been lost on the ultimate destination I may have missed out on all those moments. This photo was taken at around 15,000 feet during an acclimatization day, overlooking the clouds below and Mt. Meru in the distance. . . #thisadventurelife @thisadventurelifeblog #livefearlessly #kilimanjaro #mtkilimanjaro #tanzania #africa #trekking #hiking @trekkinghero @rheosgear @ospreypacks #optoutside #liveyouradventure #mountkilimanjaro #tanzania🇹🇿 #womenwhohike #outdoorwomen #mountaingirls #hikingadventures #choosemountains #epictreks #kirstenalexisadventures #backpacking #travel #adventuretravel #sevensummits #motivation #liveyourbestlife #trekkinglife #freshairandfreedom

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Don't stop until you get to the top #Kiliwarrior #Kilimanjaro #PhotoOfTheDay goes to @javierechecopar

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Today our @africanexploring #team is #excited to bring you one of the most #iconic locations in our #beautiful continent 💕 Watching #elephants below the breathtaking #MtKili needs to be on everyone’s #bucketlist 🙌🏽🏔 Tag your travel buddy and make it become a #reality 😘🙏🏽 @michael.laubscher . . . . . #africa #african #travelafrica #exploringafrica #africanexploring #africanbeauty #visitafrica #elephant #giraffe #southafrica #tanzania #mozambique #travelling #love #exploring #kenya #mtkilimanjaro #amboseli #savannah #mountains

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“If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.” ~John Hemingway . It doesn’t get much more spectacular than Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa and the highest free-standing mountain in the world. Whether you are admiring its beauty from a distance or challenging your limits by summiting to the top, there is an awe-inspiring experience waiting for all.

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What is your summit celebration style?? 😁😀😂🎊 💍🎉 . Those who already climbed Kilimanjaro to the top can you please let us know what you did on your celebrations at the top?? 😊 . And for those who are looking forward to climb mount Kilimanjaro soon or later can you please let us know what are you planning to do to celebrate when you reach the top??? 😉 . We have those who propose to their girlfriends at the top . We have those who brought their country flags at the top . We have those who shave their hair at the top . We have those who drink beer and do cheers at the top . We have those who brought ashes of the beloved ones who died long time ago and they through them far away from the top just to forget them . We have those who brought a dress or any clothes of their beloved children to the top and celebrate with it just to show their happines . We have those who brought a wine or cake to celebrate their historic birthdays on top of Kilimanjaro . We have those who brought their expensive marriage ring and through them far away from the top just to forget their wives after a difficult divorce . We have those who stay naked and take photos at the top . We have those who do acrobatics at the top and many more but just to make their Kilimanjaro summit celebrations unique!! . On our photo, was when we had a climber who drunk a local Kilimanjaro beer at the top of mount Kilimanjaro for his Birthday!! 😀👏👏 . Our dear followers, you can also contact us to book your Mt Kilimanjaro climbing with us now: We also have other Kilimanjaro climbs every month in this year 2018 that anyone can definitely join!😉 . Kindly let us know which month you have a chance to do so!😊 . Our contacts: Email 📩 kilibackcountry@hotmail.com What's app / Call 📞 +255767975443 Our official website 💻 www.kilimanjarobackcountry.com . This awesome Video was taken by our climber who climbed Mt Kilimanjaro with us successful early January this year @theheavenqueen 🎬 . #mountkilimanjaro #Kilimanjaro #tanzania #mtkilimanjaro #africa #snowcap #TopOfAfrica #RoofOfAfrica #marriage #hakunamatata #engagement #explore #adventures #dreamteam #proposal #ring #wedding #married #party

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Beautiful views - the tallest free standing mountain in the world. Mt Kilimanjaro standing tall at 19,341 ft / 5,895m #Kiliwarrior #Kilimanjaro #PhotoOfTheDay goes to @inviaggioconnicolae

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Mt.Kilimanjaro / Moshi / Tanzania . . Day1 . . 真ん中に日本列島 . . #mtkilimanjaro #kilimanjaro #moshi #tanzania #africa #🇹🇿 #キリマンジャロ #タンザニア #アフリカ

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A few belated snaps from my v brief time on Mt Kilimanjaro. On day 3/6 (at approx. 4000m) I had a painful combination of eye problems, could not open my eyes and ended up in hospital after an eventful day. It was a humbling experience. Not just because I failed to finish but also seeing the incredible porters carrying a back breaking amount of stuff whilst overtaking you on the trail. The guy in the hospital bed next to me had a bad fall on Kilimanjaro. He was described as having a bloody head, broken ribs, no feeling from the waist down and likely to be permanently paralysed. Any thought I had been unlucky quickly turned into gratitude the situation was not worse. The eye pain was mostly gone 3 days later. Onwards and upwards. This was not my last multi day hike!

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joins4s. Did you know Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa? .


Did you know Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa? . It is considered one of the most challenging yet most accomplishing hikes to do physically and mentally. . This summer join our team for an exciting and exhilarating adventure to raise charity and be able to cross off this challenge off of your bucket list ✅. . Want more info? Sign up using the link in our bio. pic via @pinterest #joins4s #charityhike

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Whatever your heart is craving know that you can do it 💪 . One more sleep tonight until our trek up to Mt Kilimanjaro 5,895M, 7 day trek, 17 staff (porters, guides, chefs) for 4 of us! . Will be offline till i return ❤️

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thaliaskiliadventure. A picture of a picture 📸 the best part about hiking is reaching the t

A picture of a picture 📸 the best part about hiking is reaching the top (usually out of breath) and seeing why it was worth it 🍃🍁🍂

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A Very Special Offer for our Kilimanjaro Expeditions this year 2019😊 . The following are our Upcoming Kilimanjaro trekking Groups for this year that anyone can definitely JOIN with a BIG discount EVER!😁 . Group no 1⃣🗻 . Arrive in Tanzania on 24th February 2019 Start your trek on 25th February 2019 Off the mountain on 1st March 2019 Departure on 2nd March 2019 The trek is 5 days along the Marangu route . Group no 2⃣🗻 . Arrive in Tanzania on 26th May 2019 Start your trek on 27th May 2019 Off the mountain on 31st May 2019 Departure on 1st June 2019 The trek is 5 days along the Marangu route . Group no 3⃣🗻 . Arrive in Tanzania on 23rd June 2019 Start your trek on 24th June 2019 Off the mountain on 28th June 2019 Departure on 29th June 2019 The trek is 5 days along the Marangu route . Group no 4⃣🗻 . Arrive in Tanzania on 14th July 2019 Start your trek on 15th July 2019 Off the mountain on 19th July 2019 Departure on 20th July 2019 The trek is 5 days along the Marangu route . Group no 5⃣🗻 . Arrive in Tanzania on 4th August 2019 Start your trek on 5th August 2019 Off the mountain on 9th August 2019 Departure on 10th August 2019 The trek is 5 days along the Marangu route . Group no 6⃣🗻 . Arrive in Tanzania on 1st September 2019 Start your trek on 2nd September 2019 Off the mountain on 6th September 2019 Departure on 7th September 2019 The trek is 5 days along the Marangu route . Please read careful and kindly let us know which dates and the trip that will suits you: . #mountkili #mountkilimanjaro #Kilimanjaro #mountains #tanzania #mtkilimanjaro #africa #amazing #group #snow #TopOfAfrica #RoofOfAfrica #HighestPointOfAfrica #bucketlist #groups #sky #sign #winter #views #singing #dance #vibes #snowing #songs #music #jump #happiness #goals #dreams #guide

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thaliaskiliadventure. These boots were made for hiking 🥾

These boots were made for hiking 🥾

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makoa_farm_and_projects. The herd is coming home... 😊
Together with their grooms our horses ar

The herd is coming home... 😊 Together with their grooms our horses are normally going out to the pastures at least twice a day! #makoafarm #ontheslopesofmtkilimanjaro #mtkilimanjaro #holidayonhorseback #horses #happyhorses #farasi #horsesinafrica

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thaliaskiliadventure. Hike 1: I recently joined the @ramblersgb where I go walking with a gr

Hike 1: I recently joined the @ramblersgb where I go walking with a group once a week. The first hike was 26km round Surrey Hills including climbing 5 hills. It was a strenuous walk at a quick pace with Metropolitan Walkers group and it was a good start to my Kilimanjaro training!

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thaliaskiliadventure. Hello! I made this Instagram account to try and raise awareness and fu

Hello! I made this Instagram account to try and raise awareness and funds for my upcoming trip to Kilimanjaro in October. I will be trekking the Machame Route with @actionchallenge raising money for the #EYFoundation which helps children from under privileged backgrounds achieve the life they deserve. I will be posting pictures of my upcoming hikes and also fundraising events that you can participate in in person or you can click the link in my bio to donate online. All proceeds go to the charity and I am paying for the trip myself. Every £1 or 1p helps! Thank you 🏔🙏🏽

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My non-profit #climbforconservation is leading our 5th charity climb up #MtKilimanjaro this JULY 22-31, 2019 💪🏻 with our partners and mountain guides @madisonmtng! Interested in joining a team to climb the tallest free-standing mountain in the world 🌍 + raise awareness for #endangeredspecies and #wildlife? 🐘 🐆 🦏 😍 Please DM me for details on price and itinerary. No climbing experience necessary - just need to be fit, enjoy hiking, and have a positive attitude. Photo credit 📸 : @madisonmtng #kili #tanzania #africa #7summit #hiking #climbing #adventure #outdoors #goals #success #naturelover💚

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Meet our Freedom Peak 1 Team. . . Robert Hamilton (@rghamilton3), of Dallas, Tx, joined the Army in 2007. He served as a Signal Soldier for 7 years. In 2009, he deployed to Afghanistan with 1/12 INF and again in 2011 with 18th ENG. In 2013, he left the Army in order to attend college full-time. . . Robert pursued a degree in software engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington and graduated in December of 2018. In January of 2019 Robert fulfilled his lifelong dream of working for NASA. He relocated to Houston, where he now resides, and works as a NASA engineer. In his free time he volunteers with various groups, tries to stay active, and spends too much time with his two dogs. . . For more information on our mission to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania follow the link in our profile. . . #veterans #army #signalcorps #NASA #UTA #OATH #outdoor #adventure #therapy #heros #mtkilimanjaro @nasa @utarlington

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Mt. Kilimanjaro - Lemosho Route Day 5️⃣ Baranco Camp (12,950ft) to Karanga Camp (13,200ft). 🏔 Hiked 4.16 miles in 4 hours, 33 minutes. ⬆️ 1428 vertical feet of ascent ⬇️ 1235 feet of descent We had been warned about the Baranco wall but we pretty much put it out of our minds as everyday brought some sort of Herculean challenge-why borrow tomorrow’s trouble right? Day 5 was it - breakfast and then time to scale a massive lava rock wall. It was the perfect day for our entire crew (28 porters + 3 guides) to regale us with 3 beautiful Swahili songs. That really set the tone for the day. Off we went and our guide had us clip our poles on our packs and don gloves as we would essentially be scrambling up the wall looking for good finger/toe holds aka nubbins to help us gain leverage and climb for what seemed like forever until we reached the plateau. We all gasped for air and took a well deserved rest. We met three lovely men on the plateau who encouraged us as we made our way over the final ridge. They were as gassed as we were as we found them splayed out on the rocks in the hot sun. For the rest of the trip when we said we were gonna “pull a swede” we all knew it meant find a rock, collapse and look at the sky. After a 15 minute break we descended into the Karanga Valley, only one more camp before summit. You could begin to sense the nervous energy but we all kept our thoughts to ourselves as looking ahead could jinx things. . . . . #kiligram #lemosho #lemosholadies #mtkilimanjaro #mtkili #mountkilimanjaro #tanzania #roofofafrica #tuskertrail #sandmarc #5895m #7summits #bucketlist #womenwhohike #sevensummits #uhuru #uhurupeak #kibo #19341feet #garminoutdoor

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This guy was playing the radio, singing and dancing on his way up Kilimanjaro. Keeping everyone motivated. What a legend! This was during the shoot of our documentary The Unjust & Us. A cycling adventure across Africa on a search for meaning and hope in a sometimes tragic world. For a glimpse of what to expect from our documentary, check out the YouTube link in our bio for the official teaser trailer - #inspiredrisk #theunjustandus #inspiredriskproductions #documentary #videoproduction #video #dance #dancing #radio #mtkilimanjaro #mountkilimanjaro #kili #tanzania #productioncompany #singing #hakunamatata #theworldisbeautiful #neverstopfilming #neverstopexploring #africanadventure #kilimanjaro #travel #explore #adventure #africa #production #behindthescenes #mountain #filmmaking #motivating

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average_dude328. Another beautiful day in paradise. Can't wait to go back in november!

Another beautiful day in paradise. Can't wait to go back in november! #traveladdict #africa #adventure #elephants #mtkilimanjaro #sunset

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Mt.Kilimanjaro / Moshi / Tanzania . . タンザニア編はじまります . . なんとなく登ってみようと思って挑戦することにした アフリカ大陸最高峰"キリマンジャロ" . . そして、南米はこの旅では行かないことにしました . . Day1 . . 山男の背中 . . #mtkilimanjaro #kilimanjaro #moshi #tanzania #africa #🇹🇿 #キリマンジャロ #タンザニア #アフリカ

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