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The ruggedness of the Namibian landscape has obviously done nothing to deter both flora and fauna from adapting and thriving. Here, the very act of survival can sometimes be an art. Namibians are deeply committed to protecting natural resources and the country's richness of wildlife can be attributed in large part to this commitment to conservation. Namibians are committed to living side by side with wildlife, including predators and large mammals. This commitment to protecting wildlife is especially important given the country's remarkable diversity of species and high level of endemism. #livtobe_namibia #livtobe_wildlife

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Views like these are best shared with your bestie 👯💙🌎

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Non si può vivere il presente se non si ricorda il passato #foriimperiali @visitromeofficial

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Middle of nowhere

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En busca de todo lo que llene mi espíritu ❤️ . foto: @hg_trip

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Oh to be back lounging on moonscape cliffs and cooling off in turquoise bays. 🇬🇷 Milos stole my heart. I’ve just updated the blog with five unmissable places to visit here. #wewokeupingreece

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Gowanus can be very Extra in certain spots.

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taniacreates. A room with a view #aroomwithaview #lonelyplanet #mylpguide #portugal

A room with a view #aroomwithaview #lonelyplanet #mylpguide #portugal

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Every time I looked in to these monuments, I was wondering how they did this 900 years ago! Can you believe this was once a lost city covered by dense forest and only discovered in 1860! . . Growing up, I was fascinated by ancient cultures. I remember a book series I had from National Geographic on lost civilizations. On the cover of one of them was the image of a mysterious smiling stone face, which I would later discover belonged to the Bayon Temple and it’s truly magical to see them in person 😍 For all the adventurous travellers out there - visit #cambodia and it will blow you away. . . . @ Bayon Temple, Angkor Thom, Cambodia 🇰🇭 . . . #explorecambodia #kingdomofwonder #killaexpeditions #angkorthom #siemreap #bayontemple #angkortemples #angkor #fortunetraveller #southeastasiatrip #travelcambodia #traveltogether #destinationfaraway #travelstoke #welivetoexplore #traveldeeper #couplegoals #shotoniphone #travelnow #travelphotography #travelislife #ngtuk #iamdigitalnomad #iamtb #lonelyplanet #exploremore #travelawesome #mylpguide

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USA 🇺🇸 August 2014. We stopped at the iconic Grand Teton National Park ⛰ for some hiking before heading to the old Wild West town of Jackson Hole 🤠 for the night. A pretty cool day, I saw my first wild Coyote 🐺 whilst hiking that day! #grandtetons #wyoming #usa #northamerica #unitedstatesofamerica #igusa #igersusa #trekamerica #grandtetonsnationalpark #bestmountainartists #grandtetonnationalpark #hiking #igwyoming #igerswyoming #grandteton #coyote #igwildlife #magicinthetetons

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The eerie green lights of the night that had heighten my fears as a lone foreign woman in Na’in, a small town of Iran. While the country remains one of the friendliest in the world with safe bigger towns that are more populated with tourists, some precautions still have to be taken for women travellers. I have learnt from personal experiences to avoid the small towns with few tourists and being out at night, and to avoid going alone to places off-town. It was in this very street I was walking on that a car driver was aggressively tailing behind for at least a good twenty minutes, appearing in front at small lanes out of nowhere with his windows scrolled down, honking and catcalling while at that. Creeped out, I stopped for dinner to seek “refuge” at a fast food restaurant in the streets just to be met with another intimidating accost from someone else. Tired of the wrongful attention received as a foreigner and being the prime target of inappropriate gestures, I concealed my face with a mask, sunglasses and the hood of my winter coat while braving a night walk back to the hotel. The town I still consider the worst experience and night in the country, in spite of similarly creepy and negative incidences in other towns. If such situations are to occur again, I will take a photo of the car plate and lodge a police report. I will scream for attention too when accosted in public. Better still, point at the harasser to attract even more attention. It works all the time and is immediate in sending harassers scrambling away. . . . #iran #persia #nain #naein #isfahan #esfahan #mylpguide #jamehmosqueofnain #greenlights #mosque #night #nightshot #middleeast

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Where I would rather be right now 🇮🇩 One of my absolute favourites is the Padang Padang beach aka Thomas Beach in Bali 🏝 @eisvinaposkute #uluwatu #padangpadang #thomasbeach #bali #bukitpeninsula #mylpguide #starttheadventure #tlpicks #beach

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claudiotalamo. Tiny restaurant in Locorotondo Italy 🇮🇹 Nikon Z6 2470 f4

Tiny restaurant in Locorotondo Italy 🇮🇹 Nikon Z6 2470 f4

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Go to Gili Islands ✔️🌴 . Get Open water certification ✔️🧜🏻‍♀️ . Swim with turtles ✔️🐢 . Take a sunset photo on a swing in the ocean ✔️🌅 . . Indonesia 2019 June . . #wanderlustnga #indonesia

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Palm tress and tanned skin for lyfe📍@thealantarasanur (📸: @_lisa.s.__) Share your moments with us by mention and tag #pramanahotels

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A glimpse of luxury indulgence in paradise📍@kuwarasanubud ______________ A member of @pramanahotels Managed by @pramanaexperience ______________ Share your moments with us by mention and tag #kuwarasanubud

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