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portrait_kingz. Photographer : @sajmon.white
Muse : @kasia_gwiazda
To feature follow @

Photographer : @sajmon.white Muse : @kasia_gwiazda To feature follow @portrait_kingz Dm For Rates

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hawabaaaz. PORTRAITS.!! SWIPE 1-2-3 !!!
\"Paragg wale chcha\"\" .  tobacco is injuri

PORTRAITS.!! SWIPE 1-2-3 !!! "Paragg wale chcha"" . tobacco is injuries to health and cause death. ताम्बाकू खाने से तुम्हे पता है क्या होता है ।। _______________ P.s.- abhi bhi telephoto zoom lens mang kr hi kaam chala rha hu . #apnigareebi #apnihawabazi . #portraits_ig #streetphotography #portraitmood #bnw_worldwide #friendsinperson #canonindiaofficial #people_infinity #ig_respect #igglobalpeople #varanasi #natgeoyourshot #eyes #portraiture #portraitphotography #eyes #intense #nagasadhu #irimages #_soi #_woi #mypixeldiary #IndiaPictures #art #canonusa #indianphotographyclub #oph #instagood #maibhisadakchap #kandalelo

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This photo has me thinking about the past 10 years of my life. This time 10 years ago I was about to become a mum, a mum at 19. I wasn’t scared, I wasn’t worried that Andrew wouldn’t “hang around”, I wasn’t worried that I wouldn’t be able to do this mum gig. There wasn’t a concern that crossed my mind at all. All I knew was that I was going to be a mum and at anytime I would be holding hopefully a perfect healthy baby girl. Is there even a more perfect word than perfect? Because if there is that would be the word I would use to describe the past 10 years, the word I would use to describe the first time I laid eyes on my baby, the word I would use to describe the amazing man I chose to be the most amazing father to my children. I still can’t comprehend that not only will I have a 10 year old tomorrow. But that tomorrow marks the first day I was “mummy.”

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One of the biggest challenges for me when it comes to photography is to endure the whole editing process. I have literally 100s of photos that I want to edit and that I’ve never been able to show, mostly because I’m never really feeling the edits do justice to the situation, the subject or even more the memory. . I’ve since moved on from my time in India, now living in the US, but had a blast going through pictures of my trip to Varanasi in 2018. It reminds me of a time where I was pushing the boundaries of my own comfort zone and met everything from highly religious people to cannibals. That flashback today pushed me to finally get some edits done and share with you all a series of stories in portfolio format. Single pictures simply don’t do justice. . Hope you all enjoy and forgive me for sending out old photos, have fun! . . #holymen #sadhu #hindi #hindupriest #varanasi #benares #ganges #kashi #india #uttarpradesh #india #incredibleindia #travel #fujifilm #fujifilmxt2 #fujixt2 #streetphotography #mypixeldiary #indianphotos #indiatravelgram #indiapictures #india_gram #_coi #cntgiveitashot #swissphotoclub

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個性あるAeon mallでした😂🤣 . Describe of "招き猫" The maneki-neko ("beckoning cat") is a kind of lucky charm which is often believed to bring good luck. Describe of "Tokonameyaki" Abundant and high-quality clay is used to manufacture a wide variety of products. In particular, shudei-yaki (which takes advantage of iron in the clay to develop a red color) is well-known as a leading product of Tokonameyaki. (referred from website) #招き猫 #madebygoogle #googlepixel3 #pixel3 #teampixel #myPixelDiary #pixelnofilter

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Where Next ?

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glayizemind.beeb. “You’re with me all the time”.👀 #your_best_birds #mypixeldiary

“You’re with me all the time”.👀 #your_best_birds #mypixeldiary

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Places less traveled are always beautiful 🏔️

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ankur_sahotra. 🏔️


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Always take the scenic route

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Yamuna delta

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Rain makes everything beautiful, Even never ending traffic of delhi.

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Essence of solitude and serenity 😊

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when weather is lit 😁

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لا تقارن نفسك مع أي شخص في العالم. وإن فعلت ذلك، فإنك تُهين نفسك.. ‏

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