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@bodegastiopepe Gonzalez-Byass is so huge there are streets inside the Bodega. As their business expanded they literally “bought” city streets and included them in their expansion process. This would be unheard of in today’s times. The place stands as a monument to one of the most important businesses in Andalucia. Rumours have it - they are building a brand new boutique hotel within the Bodegas complex ;-) #watchthisspace #youhearditherefirst

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ليش مو صايده الغدى !!! فشلتينا عند الأسود . . did you know that the king o the jungle lives in the Savanah ? . The lion population in Africa has been reduced by half since the early 1950s. Today, fewer than 21,000 remain in all of Africa. . . . @bbcearth #earthcapture

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Le lagon glaciaire, Jökulsárlón. Débâcle de glaçons qui se chevauchent vers la sortie. D'autres s'échouent sur la berge et laissent fondre leur eau millénaire.

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Yesterday in Vesterålen.

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Memorial place

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nacha.journal. Trend highlight !
Highlight - New Bio Materials

Designer Elissa Bruna

Trend highlight ! Highlight - New Bio Materials Designer Elissa Brunato has created the Bio-Irisdiscent Sequin made from natural cellulose. She was mentored by Stella Mc Cartney and worked via the research Institutes from Sweden. --- Nuevos Bio Materiales La diseñadora Elissa Brunato creó un nuevo material bio iridiscente, de aspecto "artificial" hecho a base de celulosa. El material es bio degradable y totalmente compostable. Ponemos especial foco de atención en el avance de las nuevas tecnologías que cambian antiguos paradigmas sobre lo que algo "es", como se "ve" y la función que cumple. 'Bio Iridescent Sequin' finds an answer in the research of bio-technologies that are capable of harnessing naturally abundant materials, to create shimmering structural colours. By extracting the crystalline form of cellulose, the wood-originating matter can imitate the alluring visual aesthetics of beetle wings. The material remains lightweight and as strong as plastic, yet it is compostable. @elissabrunato via @wgsn @dezeen

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Always take the scenic route

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elnikovva. 🏛

🏛 . . . . . . #love

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🇳🇱🤓📷 Fascinating and relaxing by day, enchanting and romantic by night | 9:17pm

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Yamuna delta

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Rain makes everything beautiful, Even never ending traffic of delhi.

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Essence of solitude and serenity 😊

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when weather is lit 😁

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And life goes on 😊

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