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worldofwarships. What do you think about the performance of the Aurora in game? What’s

What do you think about the performance of the Aurora in game? What’s the most beautiful camo we have in World of Warships? • • • #todayinhistory #historylovers #worldofwarships #aurora #navalbattle #pcgame #gamers #videogame

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the_ww2_gallery. Operation Yu-Go: A Second Pearl Harbor? (Part.2)
The attack on Maj

Operation Yu-Go: A Second Pearl Harbor? (Part.2) ——— The attack on Majuro was first scheduled to 10-11 April 1944 but was later postponed for 20-21 May. According to the plan, the First Mobile Force would depart the Inland Sea in early May and approach Majuro from the northeast. From there, on the night of 20-21 May, the IJN would launch a massive night strike supported by nearly 300 land-based aircraft stationed in Marcus, Wake, Truk and Ponape. Lastly, five submarines carrying each two Type 4 Ka-Tsu amphibious tanks would approach the island and release them to take part in the attack. These particular vehicles will be covered later on. - The centrepiece of the planned Japanese attack was to be the Mobile Force, that later fought the disastrous Battle of the Philippine Sea, reinforced by four auxiliary carriers. In total, this massive fleet would have involved: • Carrier Division One: Taihō, Shōkaku, Zuikaku. • Carrier Division Two: Hiyō, Junyō. • Carrier Division Three: Chitose, Chiyoda, Zuihō, Ryūhō. • Battleship Division One: Yamato, Musashi, Nagato. • Battleship Division Three: Kongo, Haruna. • Cruiser Division Four: Atago, Maya, Chokai, Takao. • Cruiser Division Five: Myoko, Haguro. • Cruiser Division Seven: Tone, Chikuma, Kumano, Suzuya, Mogami. • Auxiliary Carrier Group: Kaiyō, Taiyō, Un'yō, Shin'yō. • Destroyer Squadron Two and Ten: 27 destroyers. With 5 fleet carriers, 4 light carriers and 4 escort carriers, the IJN could muster 548 aircraft (219 fighters, 199 dive bombers and 102 torpedo bombers). The raid would be supported by 272 land-based aircraft (172 fighters and 100 bombers). Nevertheless, the IJN would have still been in numerical inferiority. By May 1944, Majuro was holding Task Force 58 composed of 7 fleet carriers, 8 light carriers and 3 escort carriers (total of 1'015 aircraft), 7 battleships, 8 heavy and 7 light cruisers, 71 destroyers and 417 land based aircraft. Interestingly, intel from the U.S. Fifth Fleet reported nearly exactly this order of battle in its pre-Operation Forager (invasion of the Marianas) notes about the IJN's remaining strength. - More in Part.3 #pacificstormserie

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world_war_two_realtime. On 17 December 1939, the story of the Battle of the River Plate contin

On 17 December 1939, the story of the Battle of the River Plate continues. On the 13th, the German pocket Battleship Admiral Graf Spee sought refuge in the Uruguayan port of Montevideo. Today on the 17th, the Graf Spee exits the port at 6:00 AM. They did so with a so-called skeleton crew. They abandon and scuttle the ship 6 kilometers from the shore. . The Graf Spee was a pocket battleship, a new type of a well armed large cruiser introduced in the Kriegsmarine after The Great War. In her use in the first few months of World War Two, she acted as a commerce raider. The Graf Spee was not capable of fighting Allied Capital ships, but it was a lot faster and a lot better equipped than Allied cruisers. It took the Royal Navy two light and one heavy cruiser to scare off the Graf Spee for a reason. . Photo: The Burning wreckage of the scuttled German pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee on 17 December 1939. Source: Imperial War Museums, HU 43488. . #WW2 #worldwartwo #onthisday #OTD #History #WWII #secondworldwar #Worldwar2 #timeghost #blackandwhite #war #Military #Plate #river #Uruguay #SouthAmerica #GrafSpee #Exeter #Ajax #Achilles #naval #battle #Navalbattle #Warships #Pursuit #Battleships #Cruisers #Montevideo

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the_ww2_gallery. Midway - What If? [Part.2]
Check the first part before if you have

Midway - What If? [Part.2] ——— Check the first part before if you haven't already! - As we saw, the USN would have been greatly outnumbered in the Pacific in our theoretical post-Midway. This would have led to the capture of Midway and to an almost certain US defeat in the Solomon's as well. So, carrier production: - By 31 December 1942: • USN: 2 CVs and 164 aircraft. • IJN: 6 CVs, 2 CVLs and 561 aircraft. - By 30 June 1943: • USN: 3 CVs, 2 CVLs and 321 aircraft. • IJN: 6 CVs, 2 CVLs and 561 aircraft. - By 31 December 1943: • USN: 7 CVs, 7 CVLs and 850 aircraft. • IJN: 6 CVs, 2 CVLs and 561 aircraft. - By 30 June 1944: • USN: 10 CVs, 9 CVLs and 1'189 aircraft. • IJN: 7 CVs, 4 CVLs and 681 aircraft. - By 31 December 1944: • USN: 14 CVs, 9 CVLs and 1'553 aircraft. • IJN: 9 CVs, 4 CVLs and 811 aircraft. - By 30 June 1945: • 17 CVs, 9 CVLs and 1'826 aircraft. • IJN: 11 CVs, 4 CVLs and 941 aircraft. - In short words, even if the USN had catastrophically lost the Battle of Midway, it would have, by September 1943, overtaken the IJN in carrier air power. And nine months later, in the middle of 1944, the USN would have enjoyed a 2-to-1 superiority in carrier capacity. Japan simply could not keep up with the US's staggering industrial capacities. Not only the IJN would have been numerically dominated by 1944, but it would also have been qualitatively dominated. The US were producing more carriers and more aircraft than Japan which were also technologically more advanced. While a defeat at Midway would have brought the war into 1946, it would have in no way assured a victory for Japan. Midway didn't doom the IJN, it was already doomed when it entered the war. The USN could afford losses Japan simply couldn't and the war of attrition the IJN absolutely wanted to avoid eventually sealed its fate. A victory at Midway could only be decisive for the US, and even a defeat would have just delayed an unavoidable victory. - More at #BoMinfocus #pacificstormserie

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the_ww2_gallery. The Price Of Tradition
Rear-Admiral Tamon Yamaguchi is often descr

The Price Of Tradition ——— Rear-Admiral Tamon Yamaguchi is often described as the most gifted Japanese carrier Admiral of the war and was, within the Imperial Japanese Navy, seen as the worthy heir of Isoroku Yamamoto. With an exemplary career and the praises of his superiors, Yamaguchi logically reached the rank or Rear-Admiral in November 1938 and was given command of the 2nd Carrier Division, composed of the aircraft carriers Hiryū and Sōryū. He remained in command of the Division during the attack on Pearl Harbor, the raid in the Indian Ocean and the battle of Midway. Yamaguchi proved to be astute, aggressive and ambitious, as well as a natural leader who inspired deep respect within his men. However, he was also heavily steeped in the Bushidō Code. At Midway, after the aircraft carriers Akagi, Kaga and Sōryū had been crippled, only Yamaguchi's flagship, Hiryū, was operational. - At this point, Yamaguchi proved to be the epitome of traditional samurais that many believed he was. Hot tempered and agressive, he ordered an air attack against the American aircraft carrier Yorktown instead of withdrawing. Hiryū's remaining air wing was composed of a full dive-bomber squadron, or eighteen Aichi D3A2 'Val', twenty-one Mitsubishi A6M2 'Zero' fighters and ten Nakajima B5N1 'Kate' torpedo bombers. Technically, her air power could be bolstered by the thirteen Zeros still airborne over the fleet as CAPs. But despite the crushing setback the IJN faced, and despite being vastly outnumbered, Yamaguchi kept fighting and sent two waves of aircraft against Yorktown. The first wave, composed of the full dive-bomber squadron and escorted by six Zeros, resulted in one of the most accurate air attack of the war; of the five Vals which survived American CAPs and AA fire, three scored direct hits and two near-misses. Before the second wave left, Yamaguchi approached Hiryū's air wing commander, Lieutenant Joichi Tomonaga. Tomonaga had led the strike against Midway earlier that day and was about to board a damaged Kate which didn't even have enough fuel to return. Knowing his top pilot would not return, Yamaguchi told him "I will gladly follow you.". [Continuing in comments⬇️]

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the_ww2_gallery. Midway - What If? [Part.1]
A few weeks ago, one of you asked me wh

Midway - What If? [Part.1] ——— A few weeks ago, one of you asked me what would have been the consequences of a Japanese victory at Midway. I could only provide a brief answer to such a complex question, but I decided to look it up and bring a more factual and refined analysis. So here it is. - Offensives in the Pacific War could only be mounted with aircraft carriers, the latter being the vital and, literally, capital assets needed to capture islands. This is why Midway was a turning point as it broke the offensive capability of the IJN. Thereby, I used both sides' carrier air power as the limiting factor and key force vector to judge of their respective strength. Obviously, this is somewhat reductive and brings a short answer to a very complex question about a scenario which would have had, in reality, infinite repercussions. Yet it is very representative of the strategic implications at work at the time. But before I start, let me clear a few things. I will only include fleet and light carriers and won't take into account the swarm of escort carriers built on both sides, even if they were used in combat areas. This is because I limit the search to units capable of proper air fleet operations. The following numbers will only involve operational units capable of frontline operations, so roughly 3 months after being commissioned. I will assume no naval air battles occurred in the following years and thus, no side will suffer further losses. Also, I will take the worst case scenario and assume all 3 U.S. carriers at Midway and none of the 4 Japanese ones would have been lost. So first, the aircraft carrier balance in the Pacific before and after the battle. - Pre-Midway: • USN: 5 CVs (one in the Atlantic) and 419 aircraft. • IJN: 6 CVs, 2 CVLs and 561 aircraft. - Historic Post-Midway: • USN: 4 CVs (one in the Atlantic) and 344 aircraft. • IJN: 2 CVs, 2 CVLs and 246 aircraft. - Theoretical Post-Midway: • USN: 2 CVs (one in the Atlantic) and 164 aircraft. • IJN: 6 CVs, 2 CVLs and 561 aircraft. - So could Midway have been such a critical blow to the USN like it was for the IJN? Answer in the next post! - More at #BoMinfocus #pacificstormserie

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the_ww2_gallery. Guadalcanal: A Pacific Hell - Hornet's Fate [Part.16]
USS Hornet (

Guadalcanal: A Pacific Hell - Hornet's Fate [Part.16] ——— USS Hornet (CV-8) was the last of the three aircraft carriers of the Yorktown-class and was commissioned on 20 October 1941. On October 26, 1942, she was sailing as part of Task Force 17 along with Task Force 16 led by her sister-ship USS Enterprise (CV-6). Be sure to check my partner @haze_grey_history's posts first to see the account of the battle of Santa Cruz. - Hornet was first attacked in the morning by 21 Aichi D3As dive bombers from Zuikaku. A 250kg (550lb) SAP (Semi-Armor Piercing) bomb struck Hornet near the island, starboard of the centreline, and penetrated the flight deck before exploding in the crew's mess room. The explosion devastated many compartments, destroyed the ventilation supply duct and pierced the intakes to the forward three boiler rooms. The smoke of the subsequent fires raging below decks was drown down in the boiler rooms. - Two other bombs quickly hit in the same location between the two elevators aft of the ship. The first was a 60kg (120lb) GP (General Purpose) bomb which detonated on contact with the flight deck, digging a hole into it. Fragments killed a lot of personnel in the hangar and on the flight deck and destroyed a bomber. The second was another 250kg SAP bomb which struck on the centreline and detonated three decks below. Again, the blast devastated many compartments, wrecking many bulkheads, but the level of destruction is impossible to assert as a torpedo struck in the same general area. - Moments later, one of the D3A was hit by anti-aircraft fire and ultimately crashed onto Hornet with its bombs still aboard. The aircraft crashed into the island, glanced off the stack and imbedded itself on the flight deck near the first bomb hit location. A 60kg GP bomb detonated when impacting the island and wrecked the stacks while another 60kg GP bomb exploded on the flight deck, creating a hole. The 250kg SAP bomb failed to detonate but avgas that was spilled over the flight deck caught fire. - During the dive-bombers' attack, torpedo bombers from Shōkaku had started their torpedo run in a well coordinated attack. [Continuing in Comments⬇️]

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adorable.apink. Apink on Mobile Game \"Naval Battle M\" poster

Gimana kalau Apink comeb

Apink on Mobile Game "Naval Battle M" poster Gimana kalau Apink comeback dengan gaya dan pakaian seperti di atas ya? 😁😁 • • • #apink #chorong #bomi #eunji #naeun #namjoo #hayoung #navalbattle

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the_ww2_gallery. Dash On Italy: Operation Grog
On 6 February 1941, the British Forc

Dash On Italy: Operation Grog ——— On 6 February 1941, the British Force H left Gibraltar for an audacious raid on Genoa reminiscent of the French operation carried out 8 months earlier (check previous post). This attack had way different motives: first of all the battleship Caio Duilio was in drydock in Genoa, undergoing repairs after the devastating British attack on Taranto; but more importantly Mussolini was to meet with Spain's leader, Franco, in Bordighera, just 150km west of Genoa, to convince him to enter the war. If Spain was to join the Axis, Gibraltar would have been in a very delicate position and with it the control of the west Mediterranean. The British had to scare Franco and show him that they could strike wherever and whenever they wanted in Italy. - Under the command of Admiral Somerville, the Force H was composed of the battlecruiser HMS Renown, the battleship HMS Malaya, the heavy cruiser HMS Sheffield, the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal and ten destroyers. At 08h14 on 9 February, the harbour of Genoa was bombarded while Fairey Swordfish from Ark Royal dropped mines in La Spezia and Livorno. As British battleships were hidden in the mist, Italian coastal artillery was unable to fire effectively while British fire was directed by spotter aircraft from Ark Royal. At 8h50 the bombardment ceased. 50% of the projectiles fell in the water but 5 cargo ships were sank and 18 damaged. The Caio Duilio was unscathed while the city received considerable damage: 144 civilians killed, over 300 wounded and 2'500 left homeless. - But the most important part of this attack was the Italians' inability to counter the British. The Regia Aeronautica launched two bombers against the Force H while on its return journey and failed to communicate its position. The Regia Marina left La Spezia with three battleships, three heavy cruisers and a score of destroyers, but failed to intercept the Royal Navy. The only British loss was a Fairey Swordfish that was shot down by AA defences over La Spezia. The Royal Navy had just mauled the Italians by shelling one of their important harbour, had sailed so close of their coast and yet had not been endangered and left unmolested.

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switch_fire_games. Vosper MTB colour schemes. Some reference pics for all of you painting

Vosper MTB colour schemes. Some reference pics for all of you painting little boats. #cruelseas #switchfiregames #warlordgames #ww2 #tabletopgames #wargaming #miniaturepainting #navalbattle

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А вы помните о нашей Супер гонке?🚘 Еженедельно по пятницам мы подводим итоги: ТОП-5 игроков, кто получат купоны, которые увеличивают шанс выиграть наш главный приз - автомобиль Kia Rio 👍🏽 🥇За 1 место в ТОПе мы выдаём 10 купонов. 🥈За 2 место - 7 купонов, 🥉за 3 место - 5 купонов, 🏅за 4 место - 3 купона, 🏅за 5 место - 2 купона. Каждый может стать участником акции и выиграть сразу несколько призов - автомобиль и/или ценные бонусные призы🎁 Принять участие ты можешь совершая ставки в нашем клубе. Чем больше ставок - тем выше шанс стать победителем🥇 Подробности акции расскажут администраторы в нашем клубе🗣 Приходи, 📍 Партизанская, 32. Ждём тебя 24/7 Удача по прежнему с тобой 🍀 #bingoboom #bingo #irkutsk #irkutskcity #fromrussiawithlove #bingo37 #bingo38 #keno #moneywheel #navalbattle #букмекерскийклуб #ставкииркутск #БингоБум #baikal #супергонка #гонка #auto38 #kia #агатавто

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Pirate Ships, Cannon-Fire AND frolicking dolphins - casual Newport Saturday ⚔️💥🏴‍☠️🐬🐬🐬⚓️⛵️

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jordima15. ADMIRAL GRAF SPEE. German Kriegsmarine. \"Deutschland class\" pocket bat

ADMIRAL GRAF SPEE. German Kriegsmarine. "Deutschland class" pocket battleship. Builder: Wilhelmshaven N Yd. Laid down: 01-10-1932 Launched: 30-06-1934 Commissioned: 06-01-1936 Fate: Scuttled 17-12-1939 Armament: 6×280mm, 8×150, 6×105, 8×37, 6×20, 8x533 torpedo tubes. 2 aircraft. During WW-2 successfully carried out their task as commerce raider, sunk 50.089 tons of merchant ships in South Atlantic and Indian Ocean. After the Battle of River Plate (13-12-1939) against British light cruisers HMS Ajax, HMS Exeter and New Zealand HMNZS Achilles, entered Montevideo (Uruguay) for repairs, allowed to remain for three days.Graf Spee was scuttled in the estuary of Rio de la Plata on December 17th 1939 after British intelligence work had convinced her commandant that a superior British task force was awaiting this departure. #ghqmicronauts #ghqmodels #ghqminiatures #1/2400 #modelships #modelismo #modelisme #modelism #miniatures #warship #battleship #pocketbattleship #naval #hobby #scalemodelsworld #scalemodels #shipmodeling #camouflage #pinturasvallejo #vallejocolours #ww2 #wwii #worldwar2 #germannavy #kriegsmarine #navalbattle #royalnavy #hmsexeter #hmsajax #hmnzsachilles

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2018/12/24 #八王子 #東京富士美術館 常設展示 「西洋絵画 ルネサンスから20世紀まで」 アンドリース・ファン・エールトフェルト 「オランダ船対バーバリ海賊船の海戦」 17世紀前半。 #アントウェルペン #オランダ絵画黄金時代 の画家。 #フランドル #海洋画家 」として知られ、スペインやポルトガルで人気を博した。 当時、ヨーロッパの人々はリビア・チュニジア・アルジェリア・モロッコの北アフリカ地中海沿岸国を「バーバリ」と呼んでいたという。 この地域に海賊船の基地が多く存在し、ヨーロッパの船に被害が大きかったため、らしい。 その海賊船を掃討しようとするオランダ武装船が描かれた絵。 江戸幕府初期、長崎の出島で日蘭貿易をしていた時代。 オランダ商人たちはこういう苦難を超えてはるばる日本まで来ていたんだなあ、と。 2018/12/24 Tokyo Fuji Art Museum, Hachiōji, Tokyo. Permanent Exhibition. "Western Paintings From the Renaissance to the 20th Century" Andries van Eertvelt. "A Naval Battle Between Dutch Ships and Barbary Pirates" Early 17th century. He was a Dutch painter who was active in Antwerp in Dutch Golden Age painting. Known as Flemish's first "Marine Painter", his paintings gained popularity in Spain and Portugal. At that time, "Barbary" was the region name of North African Mediterranean countries such as Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco called by people in Europe. Because there were many pirate ship bases in this area, and damage to European ship was great. A painting depicting Dutch armed ships trying to clean up the pirate ships. In the early Edo Shogunate era, when it was the trades between Japan and Dutch at Dejima(Dutch trading post) in Nagasaki. I was impressed deeply that Dutch merchants had came all the way beyond these hardships to Japan. #japan🇯🇵 #tokyo🇯🇵 #hachioji #tokyofujiartmuseum #permanentexhibition #westernpainting #andriesvaneertvelt #eertvelt #navalbattle #barbary #marineart #landscape #holland🇳🇱 #dutchgoldenagepainting #flemish #antwerp #pirates #art🎨 #painting🎨 #museum #美術館 #オランダ #海洋画 #エールトフェルト

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thea_jones_2111. Battle of the Coral Sea, May 1942. A \"mushroom cloud\" rises after a he

Battle of the Coral Sea, May 1942. A "mushroom cloud" rises after a heavy explosion on board USS Lexington (CV-2), 8 May 1942. Some 216 crewmen were killed and 2,735 were rescued. #ww2 #ww2history #worldwar2 #secondworldwar #usslexington #battleofcoralsea #australia #wwii #usnavy #mushroomcloud #pacific #navalbattle #japanese #pacifictheater

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Tempus sapientiae est! 💡 Did you know that the Colosseum 🏟 was once flooded with water to stage a naval battle? ⚓️ Emperor Titus ordered it in 86 AD 🧐 ------- Support Villanus: Imperium Romanum on Patreon: https://patreon.com/CorvoBianco/ • • • • • • • • #trivia #romanempire #villanus #villanusgame #villanusimperiumromanum #tempussapientiae #info #knowledge #ancientrome #colosseum #navalbattle #titus #corvobianco #corvobiancoentertainment #indie #indiegame #strategy #strategygame #rts #videogame #game #strategie #echtzeit #echtzeitstrategie #computerspiel #spiele #rom #rome #antikesrom #imperiumromanum

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shiparrt. And heres the whole thing. The battle of solebay was the first naval b

And heres the whole thing. The battle of solebay was the first naval battle during the third anglo-dutch war. The famous admiral Michiel de Ruyter led the dutch navy against a british and a french fleet. The intense battle didnt end decisively and both sides lost a lot of sailors and ships. #art #ships #ship #illustrator #illustration #illustrationart #navy #dutch #maritime #battle #navalbattle #sailinghistory #sailing #history #solebay #michielderuyter #admiralderuyter #deruyter #artistsoninstagram #artistsofinstagram #instaart #worldofartists

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delagrial. Trafalgar, 1805.
Nelson vs Villeneuve.
The combi

Trafalgar, 1805. Nelson vs Villeneuve. --------------------- The combined fleet of the French and Spanish navies formed a straight line. The Royal Navy then attacked the centre of that line with two parallel columns, so the outermost Franco-Spanish ships could not participate in the battle. Finally, Villeneuve ordered to veer and make a double and shorter line, but his generals' and sailors' lack of experience didn't help, and his fleet was destroyed. --------------------- La flota combinada de España y Francia formó en línea recta. Los ingleses atacaron con dos columnas de barcos dirigidas al centro de la línea, de modo que los extremos franco españoles quedasen fuera de la batalla. Finalmente Vileneuve ordenó virar en redondo, buscando una línea doble con los extremos más cerca del centro, pero la falta de experiencia de sus generales y marinos no se lo permitió, y su flota fue destruida. _____________________ #spain #france #unitedkingdom #navy #royalnavy #nelson #navalbattle #war #formation #strategy #tactics #sailboats #fleet #valhalla #trafalgar #canons #maneuver #sailing #commander

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Today on January 16, 1780, the British Royal Navy demonstrates its superiority over the high seas once again at the Moonlight Battle. ••••• The Battle of Cape St. Vincent, often referred to as The Moonlight Battle, was a naval engagement that took place off the coast of southern Portugal. The battle pitted the British Royal Navy against an inferior Spanish fleet. At this time in history, the American Revolution was in full swing and like France, Spain opted to support the rebellious Thirteen Colonies. Spain seized the opportunity to besiege the small, but heavily defended British territory of Gibraltar in the Mediterranean Sea. As a result, the British sent 18 ships of the line to escort a fleet of supply vessels looking to relieve Gibraltar. ••••• The British fleet was under the command of Admiral Sir George Rodney. The smaller Spanish squadron had 11 warships and was led by Don Juan de Langara. The two fleets collided off the coast of Cape St. Vincent. The Spanish began forming a battle line in the morning, but Langara soon realized he was heavily outmatched. He ordered his ships to retreat to the port of Cadiz. Contrary to naval conventions at the time, Rodney ordered a general chase and allowed his ships to pursue individual enemy ships. Warships would normally form two lines and bombard the enemy line with canon as they passed by. ••••• The British were far superior sailors and hounded the Spaniards until 2 am, managing to destroy one of their ships. By morning, they managed to capture several others including De Langara and his flagship vessel. Rodney continued on to Gibraltar and drove off another small Spanish fleet blockading the port. He successfully resupplied the British garrison and was praised across the empire for his victory under the moonlight.

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USS Missouri (1991) by Tamiya in 1/350 with after market photo etch by Eduard. Great kit even without the Eduard PE but awesome with it. Missouri was launched in 1944 and took part in the last year of the island hopping campaign in the Pacific. The Japanese surrender was signed on its deck in September 1945 but aircraft carriers were now the USN's capital ships. She was decommissioned in 1955 but brought back in 1986 as part of Pres. Reagan's push for a 600 ship Navy. She was again retired in 1992 and can now be seen at Pearl Harbor as a museum ship. #scalemodels #plasticmodels #modelships #tamiyamodel #tamiyamodels #ussmissouri #bb63 #ussmissourimuseum. #iowaclass #iowaclassbattleship #worldwar2 #pacificwar #japanesesurrender #600shipnavy #gulfwar #surfaceactiongroup #battleship #battleships #usn #unitedstatesnavy #16inchguns #eduardmodels #sh60seahawk #seahawkhelicopter #islandhoppingcampaign #navalbattle

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awvogel. We #escaped as a family! @escaperoom #navalbattle #16minleft

We #escaped as a family! @escaperoom #navalbattle #16minleft

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Humen Naval Battle Museum is located at the east end of the Humen Bridge. Covering an area of about 200,000 square meters (about 49 acres), the museum looks much like a huge warship. The museum's theme is the naval battles during the Opium War (1840-1842) and betrays a graphic view of the struggling Chinese people in the war. - #chinatravel #china #chinatrip #chinalife #travel #chinagram #chinatour #lovechina #holiday #languages #chinese #Indian #workandtravel #businesstravel #speakchinese #chineselanguage #travelinchina #nature #landscape #travelchina #humen #museum #navy #navalbattle #opiumwar #humenbridge #navalbattlemuseum #iphonex #iphonexpotrait #iphonexpotraitmode

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“È impossibile non considerare l’importanza del Fuoco Greco per la storia dell’Impero Romano d’Oriente” - John Julius Norwich 🔥🔥🔥 . . Giusto per citare un paio di occasioni celebri: . . Primo assedio arabo di Costantinopoli - 677/678 d.C. > gran parte della marina nemica distrutta o in rotta . Secondo assedio arabo di Costantinopoli - 717 d.C. > un’intera flotta di circa 2.000 galee trasformata in una pira ardente . Attacco a sorpresa dei rus di Kiev - 941 d.C. > 1.000 navi lunghe annientate da appena 15 dromoni armati di fuoco greco e successivi rinforzi . . #cronachedibisanzio #costantinopoli #byzantine #byzantium #pilloledistoria #navalbattle

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shiparrt. I was planning on getting some commissions done yesterday but instead

I was planning on getting some commissions done yesterday but instead I did this...well the moral of the story is you might aswell channel your creative energy into a huge naval battle when youre procrastinating, right? #art #illustrator #illustrationart #ships #ship #navalbattle #battle #navy #warship #galleon #fluyt #17thcentury #1600s #mozart #mozartrequiem #epic #pentel #penteltouch #sailing #maritime #deruyter #procrastination #instaart #artistsoninstagram #artistsofinstagram #worldofartists

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