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aestheticsacademy. Physique on top 😎
Via @aestheticrevolutionofficial

Physique on top 😎 Via @aestheticrevolutionofficial - @cindytraining

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I promise you, working your ass off in the gym just won't cut it! You have to 100% focus on you're diet or your results will never show up! I've been back on a prep diet just to test how my body would react. It's just been 10 days and I already see and feel the results! . . . . . #allnatural #blonde #free #real #raw #muse #love #wild #girl #fitness #fitfam #instagood #instapic #instagram #instafit #fitspo #fitstagram #instadaily #instamood #bestoftheday #igers #photooftheday #picoftheday #training #diet #noexcuses #fit

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sheridan.skye. Allow me to re-introduce myself
Hey! I’m Sheridan – I am 27 years ol

Allow me to re-introduce myself . Hey! I’m Sheridan – I am 27 years old and live in Sydney, Australia. I hold a Bachelor of Nursing and a Diploma of Health Science in which I majored in Nutrition. Today I work as a Registered Nurse in the Critical Care environment. Before nursing I worked as a fitness coach for over 4 years and helped countless woman achieve their own health and fitness goals. I am so grateful for the growth and challenges being a nurse has presented me with. But my true desire is to help women up-level their relationship with food by providing a BS free approach to nutrition and fitness. What is my motto? 💫I believe in the power of education and knowledge. 💫I believe we can live in a world where food does not control us and fad diets are a thing of the past. Who am I to give this kind of advice? It wasn’t that long ago that I went on my own health and fitness journey. 7 years ago to be exact. I had no nutritional knowledge. I only knew what others told me. What I stepped in to was the world of dieting, and just 6 short months later I went from 70kg to 45kg and then spent the next three years recovering from orthorexia and amenorrhea. I know the pain you are going through because I have been there. And I am here to tell you that there is another way. 💕The bottom line? I don’t believe in diets. 💕I don’t believe we should live in a world where food has so much control over us. I’m here to show you that you can achieve your fitness goals while enjoying your favourite foods. I’m here to show you that you can have your cake and eat it too! 🎂 We are on the same path, my friend. I’m waiting a just a few steps ahead. I’m reaching out my hand - I’ve got you. Let’s do this!

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Another day another run 🏃‍♀️! Tomorrow’s workout includes some speed work so these 14-16km were supposed to be “easy” I try to not play with the treadmill much on these runs and keep it at 7.3 miles per hour pace with a 3.0 incline. That is a steady pace for me. I do not get winded and I can carry on a conversation...if I had to 😆I don’t really like talking while I run 🤷‍♀️ Happy Thursday! . . . #womensrunningcommunity #runeverywhere #runeveryday #runlikeamother #motherrunner #happyrunner #running #irunthisbody #womensfitness #runningmotivation #marathoner #marathontraining #sagerunning #nikerunclub #keepshowingup #runforchange #ldnontario #ldnont #forestcity #training #noexcuses #keephammering #nobodycaresworkharder #sportnutrition #womensrunning

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laurenlosing. 17 vs 33 💁🏻‍♀️ Like a fine ass muthafuckin wiiiine #throwbackthursda

17 vs 33 💁🏻‍♀️ Like a fine ass muthafuckin wiiiine #throwbackthursday #okurrr

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Hybrid athlete @leahcasciano with a big 80kg snatch at the @thewodapalooza Lift Off. . Join Leah and the rest of the online team by clicking the link in our bio!

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When your doctor tells you to chill on lifting... I’m an animal and last time I checked you are not a vet. 🤷🏽‍♀️

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Rygg, armar, cardio & poseringen är klart för dagen! Just nu tar jag verkligen en dag i taget, men det funkar absolut 😃 "Håll tyst & träna" upprepar jag för mig själv 💃👏 - - - - - #teamfitnessbyaspen #betterbodies #betterbodieslifestyle #tränahårthållkäft #aldrigvila #backday #bikinifitness #wellness #wellnessfitness #fitness #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessjourney #motmintoppform #minresaräknas #curves #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #fitspo #noexcuses #legendarygymumea

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_tiagorodriguez. Leia 👇

A vida te quebrou de tantas maneiras e não te julgo quando vo

Leia 👇 A vida te quebrou de tantas maneiras e não te julgo quando você pensa em desistir, mas lembra que Deus insiste em você, sempre e desde sempre Ei, não quero te ver assim, tão distante do Pai, sem sentir o Seu amor, sem ter fé, sem ter forças. Me dá a mão? Eu vou orar por você. Eu vou cuidar de você em oração, mesmo que a distância esteja nos separando, meu coração anda clamando ao Pai em seu favor. Lembra das vezes que falei que admiro a sua força? Isso não mudou, mesmo te vendo tão frágil, eu sei que você é forte, porque você já resistiu a tanta dor, e continua resistindo. A vida te quebrou de tantas maneiras, confesso que em seu lugar eu já teria desistido e não te julgo quando você pensa em desistir, mas lembra que Deus insiste em você, sempre e desde sempre. A sua vida é a mais linda demonstração do amor e do cuidado do Pai, você sabe e sente que cada detalhe foi especialmente preparado por Ele. Eu oro para que você enxergue novamente todo o amor que é e vem do Pai, que você veja e sinta mais um vez que Ele cuida de você, que Ele está ao seu lado a todo momento e agora também. Você pode sentir Ele te abraçando, agora? Porque é o meu pedido neste momento, que Ele te abrace tão forte que quebre todas as suas barreiras, medos e dores, que o seu abraço te cure de dentro para fora. Você pode imaginar o quanto é precioso(a) para Deus? Ele te ama tanto, mais tanto, que abriu mão de tudo por você. E mesmo que você não queira receber esse amor, ou que você não seja merecedor(a), o amor dEle não depende de você, não te pede nada em troca, não vê aparência. Ele te ama do jeitinho que você é, por que você é a princesa/o príncipe dos olhos Dele, Ele te ama sem reservas, sem julgamentos, porque a sua graça é maior e te inunda por inteiro(a), o Seu amor transborda e invade todas as lacunas do seu ser. Permita-se ser inundado(a) por Ele, pois só Ele é capaz de sarar todas as suas feridas e te fazer completo(a). Pode contar comigo, sempre estarei orando por você. Eu amo você, sinta-se abraçado(a) por mim, não solte minha mão. ❤️ . . . . . . . . . #instafit #fitnessmotivation #cardio #shredded #gymlife #fitnessaddict #aesthetics #getfit #noexcuses #fitnessmodel #gym

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~MY GYM SAVED A LIFE~ Today I opened a message from one of our beautiful members that left me shocked, a little breathless and in tears. (Sounds a bit dramatic right? Wait for it - IT IS!) Here is a summary of what I read; "I was originally going to send you a photo of me in hospital tomorrow with a message that says “thanks for saving my life”, but my surgery has been postponed. Anyway, three weeks ago today I saw my doctor because I thought I felt a lump. The next day I had an ultrasound, then two days after that I had a mammogram and biopsy. The following day my doctor told me the lump was in fact cancer but the prognosis was good - I caught it early, it’s well defined, and not aggressive. On the scale of things, I got lucky, really fucking lucky. Last Monday I saw the surgeon and I was slotted in the calendar for surgery tomorrow. It’s been a crazy three weeks. I wanted to say that Contessa has potentially saved my life. If I hadn’t lost that weight I probably wouldn’t have found the lump for a while. Shrinking boobs are good for something! And then Contessa got me through the waiting because I would come to class and remember that I am strong. I’m not as strong as I want to be yet (I will master those pull ups sometime) but every week I’m getting stronger physically and mentally. I don’t think I have the eloquence to truly say how thankful I am. ♥️" You're concerned with losing weight to look good? You don't feel like going to the gym? You can't stop eating rubbish food? (Although we all have bad days and have every right to feel this way, I'm not taking these days away from you!) BUT DUDE - HOW'S THIS FOR A WAKE UP CALL?! I have been shaken to my core and if you don't rate your health and fitness above a 7, you should be too. Fuck all of the shallow reasons we train; How about we start training to LIVE! To stay alive. And well. God damn. My little gym, it potentially saved a LIFE. I couldn't be more proud. *TAG/SHARE WITH SOMEONE THAT NEEDS TO READ THIS!*

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natdeed. only 6 ingredients! what. the. heck. seriously so tasty and I didn’t a

only 6 ingredients! what. the. heck. seriously so tasty and I didn’t add any sugar 💓dates gave this perfect sweetness in it! Btw do you want me to do some YT videos with my recipes?✨ . . . . . . . . . #fitfam #fitspo #fitnessmodel #BodyBuilding #gfg #igfit #traininsane #gymjunkie #girlsthatlift #fitjourney #HealthCoach #GirlsWithMuscle #FlexibleDieting #FitnessGoal #toneandsculpt #BootyGainz #NoExcuses #BBG #IIFYM #WeightLoss #orthodoxchristian #cleaneating #bbgcommunity #bbgtransformation #bbgmotivation #gymshark66

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Every and hustling........for my gainz 💪 #hustleforyourmuscle #fitsporation #yesyoucan #noexcuses #buildabetterbody

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dev_tribe_designs. First website is about to go live!!! #dev_tribeDesigns #dev_momma #bel

First website is about to go live!!! #dev_tribeDesigns #dev_momma #believeitcanhappen #noexcuses

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Le scuse non bruciano calorie 🔥 la ciclette si 💪🏻 . . #noexcuses #nientescuse #no #scuse #ciclette #fitness #calorie #calorias #quemandograsa #quemandocalorias #gym

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siccoach. Triathlon Training ▫️
Swim Session: 
1x800 choice warm-up
8x50 Front C

Triathlon Training ▫️ Swim Session: 1x800 choice warm-up 8x50 Front Crawl on 1:00 1x400 Front Crawl bilateral breathing 4x100 Front Crawl on 2:00 1x400 Front Crawl Alternate hard and easy (Sprint out, Easy Back) --Total 3200m-- ▫️ Running Session: Warm-up 5-10 Minutes Then: 10x800m Repeats w/60secs Recovery Then: 1x5000m @ Cadence 85-90bpm (Counting left or right leg only) 1x800m Cool Down ▫️ Bike Session: Warm-up 5-10mins Then: 4 Rounds 1x10mins @70-80% HRMax 3x4mins @85-95% HRMax w/90secs spin recovery between 4’s Rest 60-90secs Between Efforts Then: 5-10mins Cool-down ▫️ #tri #swimbikerun #strength #endurance #swim #swimming #running #run #triathlon #triathlete #athlete #ski #ironmantraining #climbing #mountains #mountainbike #fitness #gains #motivation #instagood #fitnessmotivation #dedication #inspiration #noexcuses #fitlife #hiit #determination #getfit #instafitness @claphamchasers

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Guten Morgen meine lieben ☕ Ich hab grade etwas Luft und wollte euch fix dran erinnern das es bei @live_it_lift_it wieder tolle Rabatte gibt (diese gelten bis einschließlich dem 27.1) und ab heute wird das neue Feel Good Bundle verschickt 🙌 Es gibt wieder viele neue Rezepte unter anderem sind im neuen Bundle: ~ Waffeln ~ Spagetti mit leichten Hackbällchen ~ Chicken Tacos ~ Parmesan Fries ~ Burrito Bowl 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 . So kommt gut durch den Tag meine süßen 😍 {Werbung Kooperation}

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Good morning Sweeties, 😘 Today I started work at eight o'clock. Pretty late for me. However, as the kick-off event for the Women Network meeting is taking place today, I will be spending an unusually long time at work. But I'm really looking forward getting to know the French colleagues of the network. 😍💛😊 .. Unfortunately, today I am tormented by a fairly strong muscle soreness. 😣😥 The day will not get easier. But still I have to say that I am really happy that I started #yoga and did not neglect my #hiitworkout . It can be exhausting sometimes, but the better body feel is simply priceless.💪😊 .. #workoutwednesday #humpday #wednesdaymotivation #bergfest #fitgirlsofig #letsstartyoga #prettylittleinspo #prettylittleiiinspo #instafit #yogini #yogalife #goals #perfectlyimperfect #gymmotivation #igyogafam #noexcuses #training #fitgirl #fitlife #exercise #mindfulness #goodmind #sports #middleoftheweek #abs #health

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DID YOU KNOW THAT 6:30AM GYM CLASSES ARE THE NEW ‘IN THING’ 🙃 - Good morning you sassy lot! Absolutely killed myself off at this mornings 6:30am Metcon class with @goulding.danny.pt 💪🏼❤️ - Now I gotta get some food in me and get myself to work! 🤓 No gym tonight because this morning was a killer haha! - What is everyone else doing today? 🥰 - #wednesdaymotivation #metcon

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As January draws to a close you maybe starting to lose a bit of those 'good intentions' that you started the year with. . Great effort from everyone who got up in the freezing conditions to get their session in before work. . The easy option would have been to skip it and hit snooze - the tougher option is usually where the benefits are found.

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fitfaband40.myketolife. I refuse to take yesterday into today. So heres to those planks. Back

I refuse to take yesterday into today. So heres to those planks. Back at it in a few hours. #squatsandplanks #21days #noexcuses #ketolife #faithfocusfitness #goalstomeet

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seerofsecrets. Is there something you would love to learn, or something you’ve always

Is there something you would love to learn, or something you’ve always wanted to do as a hobby or career but made up excuses as to why you couldn’t possibly do it? 🤔 Well, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone! Get curious and learn everything there is to know about what you want interests you. Even if you never do anything with it, learning is growing. And growth is fabulous for your mind! 🧠 If you had asked me this time a year ago, or even six months ago, I never would have thought I would be embarking into the world of counselling, self-care guidance or teaching meditation. Yes I loved listening to clients as I cut their hair and offered any guidance that I could, and I practiced meditation for myself, but I had no idea I would have been turning it all into a career. Until I started looking after myself properly around 5 months ago, then my mind made it clear to me what it wanted. 🌳 It wanted to grow. It wanted more knowledge; more experiences. And guess what, it now gets it! I study ever week, I have done a few different courses for my personal development, I teach what I love to do and I see clients weekly to help and guide them on their self-care journey. My mind now loves me for listening to her! My body loves me because my mind is happy. Yes it was scary, yes it still scares me every day, but it’s what makes me happy. And I’m finally being true to myself! 💙 #noexcuses #learnsomethingnew #educateyourself #knowledge #facethefear #courage #selfcare #selflove #lightupcoaching #selflovefindyourway #nourishyourself

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enigmatic_vip. 🥊UPPER BODY WORKOUT UNDER 1 HOUR or \"The Lunchtime workout\"🥊
👏 Gr

🥊UPPER BODY WORKOUT UNDER 1 HOUR or "The Lunchtime workout"🥊 - 👏 Great infographic created by the amazing @ivicafridrih. - 🐝 This is for the busy bees out there who don't get much time for a workout, but still want to get it in. But it's also good for those of you who don't want to make the gym their second home.Give this quick and effective upper body workout a try. - 💰 My definition of an effective workout: . 1🐽 Be in and out of the gym in less than an hour . 2🐽 Perform a combination of exercises that result in well-balanced strength gains. - 🏋️‍♀️ This workout consists of 5 supersets, 3 of them for chest and back, and 2 of them for shoulder and arms. Supersets are great since you're focusing on different muscles, you're not over-fatiguing any particular group. And you're maximizing your efficiency and minimizing your time in the gym. - 🏀 If you’re not able to perform some of these exercises, feel free to substitute them with the similar ones, and don’t start too heavy if it’s your first time trying them.Just check youtube to find videos showing you proper form to avoid any injury. - - 🏹 Hope this helps.Comment or DM for advice. - - #bodybuilding #naturalbodybuilding #strengthtraining #upperbodyworkout #lifterlife #liftweights #quickworkout #busymom #getfit #noexcuses #fitnessmotivation #workoutprogram #pushpull #chestday #backday #beastmode #fitnessblog #lunchtimeworkout #gymtime #gymlife #getlean #fatloss #exercisedaily #diet #weekendwarrior #sydneyfitness #crossfit #bodybuilders #mensfitness #girlswholift

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