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honeylovc. 𝗴𝗼𝗹𝗱𝗲𝗻 𝘀𝗸𝘆: you used to say that your favorite thing in the w

𝗴𝗼𝗹𝗱𝗲𝗻 𝘀𝗸𝘆: you used to say that your favorite thing in the world was the sky. you said it made you feel small and made life feel so much greater than you. both were true, and you would wish more people took time to notice that about themselves. you said people were too caught up in thinking highly of themselves and obsessing over things that wouldn’t matter in the end. in your end, all you wanted was for me to learn to love the sky. you said it might be easier once you became part of the sky since i already loved you. well, if you really are part of the sky now... i hope you know that it makes it much harder. but somehow i do understand what you always meant. @honeylovc /maryjane perez . . . #writer #writersofinstagram #aspiringwriter #follow #likesforlikes #writingcommunity #writingaccount #aesthetics #writers #spamforspam #originalwritings #poetry #words #sky #goldensky #clouds #birds #passingaway #love

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anxious.cee. trust me, you can heal that wound you think you can’t.

trust me, you can heal that wound you think you can’t.

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honeylovc. with a few minutes to spare, i just want to say happy earth day 🌎🌍🌏

with a few minutes to spare, i just want to say happy earth day 🌎🌍🌏 please take care of our planet, this is our home. it’s beautiful, but it’s dying. so please do your best to help make a difference. <3 @honeylovc /maryjane perez . . . #writer #writersofinstagram #aspiringwriter #follow #likesforlikes #writingcommunity #writingaccount #aesthetics #writers #spamforspam #originalwritings #poetry #words #loveearth #earthday #weloveearth #careforourplanet #nature #love

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Dreamscape I sat upon this little step To contemplate and think. It felt so peaceful in the shade, I stole me forty winks! I dreamed I floated in midair, Towards the highest bough. I thought I’d climb steps to the sky If my dreamscape would allow. Reaching out to touch a cloud, I felt its rainy core. The tiny droplets trickled, Falling gently, to the floor All at once, I’m face to face; A Blackbird on the wing! His shiny feathers shimmered With their own black plumage bling. I must’ve chased some sunbeams, As my face was all aglow, I know I saw a rainbow fade, And begged it not to go. I’m sure I danced on tree tops, As my shoes turned leafy green. A crow popped out her nest, It was the strangest dance she’d seen! I couldn’t quite believe the scene, Where all around was bliss. Azure was bluer, land was lush I blew a grateful kiss. Wrapped up in my encounter, This bizarre, by chance event, Made my slumber briefly stir, And sparked my ultimate descent. Drifting down, delirious, Upon my feathered bed, Rocking gently to and fro Elation filled my head. Awoken from my fantasy, All seemed a misty haze, Stuck feathers on my emerald shoes Kept me wondering for days! 17th April 2019 I regularly pop into the local woods on the way back from my usual walk. Most often, I’ll sit on the bottom step of the pathway that leads further up into the trees. It’s wonderful to sit quietly & enjoy the whole ambience of the area, just for a few minutes, or sometimes, write a few more lines of a poem. I imagined this is what could happen, should I nod off to sleep there, briefly...well, I think it was a dream! 😉

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uncertifiedwritings. #crave#lack#straight#curl#love#lovequotes#writerslove#writerslife#life


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yxz_undecided_yxz. “First Love “
{written 4-26-18}
(Tag your first love ❤️)
[ima try to p

“First Love “ {written 4-26-18} (Tag your first love ❤️) [ima try to post weekly] - - #poems

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uncertifiedwritings. #loss#firstlove#seed#sow#seedling#heart#poetry#writerslife#writerslove


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-I Hate This Fucking Place- I hate this fucking place filled with so much gruesome disease and loathsome lies. I hate this fucking place and those dreadful creatures who pointed the claws at me and accuse me of the most atrocious things, things I haven’t done. I hate this fucking place with all these damned ghastly deceptions, if only they knew what a harrowing place it was to be inside my mind to hear the things it whispers to me in the vacant streets, to understand the vile things it spews to me in the dark. I hate this fucking place and this horrendous drought that has taken solace inside my body, how it starves me of everything and leaves me howling in pain, the god-forsaken fucking drought that has brought old scars to the surface; ones I’d long forgotten about, images of a deep red color seeping from beneath the surface of skin ripped open, the days of long sweaters on blistering summer days and making up excuses so as not to leave my bedroom. I hate this fucking place and that fucking bed where I laid for a week, taken ill selling white lies about why I was so easily broken, hoping, praying they wouldn’t send me to the hospital and find the real reason I was so goddamn sick was because I hadn’t eaten a proper meal, in say almost a year. I want to say I’m sorry, but I just fucking can’t anymore or maybe I won’t because I really do hate this fucking place. #originalphotography

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honeylovc. 𝘀𝘁𝗮𝗿𝗱𝘂𝘀𝘁: you are made up of billions of beautiful things. and

𝘀𝘁𝗮𝗿𝗱𝘂𝘀𝘁: you are made up of billions of beautiful things. and i wish i would have told you that more often. i wish i would have made you feel seen and loved and appreciated. but i was too selfish and now you’re gone. off to do greater things... i hope you discover just how amazing you were, are, and always will be. i hope you know that you are made of stars, moons, and planets. you are an entire galaxy, covered in stardust. @honeylovc /maryjane perez . . . #writer #writersofinstagram #aspiringwriter #follow #likesforlikes #writingcommunity #writingaccount #aesthetics #writers #spamforspam #originalwritings #poetry #words #love #lostlove #lovers #stardust

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uncertifiedwritings. #chat#bye#love#midnighttales#nightlove#love#lovequotes#romance#writers


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Fading Flowers A fading flower weeps fragility and grace, A delicate beauty beholding its face, Each shrivelling petal gets wrinkled and worn, Exhausted, world weary, it’s weathered and torn. Their once clear complexion, plumped up and pert, Has a soft irridescence, a look of feint hurt. They haven’t the strength to turn round to the light, Hanging their heads, they long for goodnight. Withered lines whisper small parts in their story, Where past vibrant colours added joy to their glory. Slowly they crumple down under the strain, Too frail to stand, too bruised to remain. Exposing their soul, with their last dying flame, A shadow of loveliness, they offer no shame. Giving in quietly, their duties fulfilled, The next generation is sure to rebuild. Lying prostrate and broken, hugging the ground, Their life force released, their peace on earth found, Their core sinks down deeply, to sing its last song, Awaiting rebirth, more powerful and strong. 15th April 2019 It’s sad to see the daffodils coming to the end of their season, after such a wonderful showing this year. However, when I walked past them yesterday, I had a good look at how they were fading. They take on a different kind of beauty, in my opinion. Some looked like they were hanging onto a neighbouring flower that was still buoyant, others had pieces missing, showing the insides of the bloom..fascinating! At least they will eventually return to the earth, nourishing the ground & ultimately, the bulb, ready for next year.

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fia.goudes. Hiya! I thought that I would share this with you guys. :)
This picture

Hiya! I thought that I would share this with you guys. :) This picture looks kinda neat, yeah? I made it with a word cloud website. Word clouds are a visual representation/collage of how frequently words appear within a selected text. The more a word is used in the text, the bigger the word appears in the word cloud! Some of the more advanced sites and cloud creators (like the site I used) even allow you to edit things like text color, text font, and shape of the word cloud. To make this particular word cloud, I copied and pasted one of my recent short stories into this word cloud creator that I really like and that is fairly simple to use. Then I edited the font, changed the colors of the text, and shaped it into a circle. I've been plugging a lot of my short stories and writings into this word cloud website lately to see which words I use the most when writing. It's a cool way to see what words might be overused, and also to see overarching themes or subject in a piece. Plus, it's really visually appealing, too (to me, at least)! I dunno if anything like this has been done before, but I think that it would be cool to start a trend of this in the writer communities of places like Instagram, FaceBook, and Tumblr! Writers, plug in your latest story or chapter, choose some colors and a font for the text, maybe choose a shape to show an important theme in the text, and share it on social media! I've been calling this StoryCloud - kind of a parody off of the whole "word cloud" thing and also off of how I'm using it in tandem with my stories. :P So maybe if y’all wanna do this, we could use the hashtag #) storycloud (story cloud) and storyclouds (story clouds) to sort of compile them all together?? Anyways, if this seems like something that you might like to do, here's the link to the website that I used! https://www.wordclouds.com/ And do tell me if you post your StoryCloud! I would love to see it :D . . . #writing #writings #writer #writers #author #authors #story #stories #fiction #fictitious #creative #creativewriting #originalwriting #originalwritings #originalstories #originalstory #words #word #au #writingprompts #wattpad #wordcloud #storycloud #storyclouds

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soulstocomein. Ae Dil,

Tu hai itna pyaara
Kahan se aaya
Kidhar jaega?

Kiske paas...

Ae Dil, Tu hai itna pyaara Kahan se aaya Kidhar jaega? Kiske paas...? Uske paas! Wahi.. Jo Tere saans ko seene se apnaye Tu hai itna pyaara Yaara Tere bin na ho guzara... #soulstocomein #originalwritings

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-This Won’t Ever End- My stomach won’t stop dropping whenever I pass that theater and I’ll have to keep forcing down the bile when I think about the apartment just down the road from there and how my burnt out tire treads are still right there by the entrance from when I sped out of that parking lot. I still can’t figure out how to take a shower hot enough to get the slimy feeling off my skin that was left by him or wear enough chapstick to get the damned sandpaper feel of his lips against mine to disappear. This feeling of insanity won’t ever end, will it?? #originalphotography

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uncertifiedwritings. #emptiness#sorrowness#scras#love#lovequotes#spilledink#writers#wrtiter


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The Daisy Chain She skipped down the lane, in her silken, pink dress, Quietly humming, her smile, effortless. A spirit of innocence, as nature intends, Her days full of wonder, where time never ends. The noonday sun mirrored, on golden brown hair, Ribbon-tied ringlets held high, in midair. In rhythm, they bounced with her large, pink frock bow, The crafted, bright flowers of the skirt, hung below. She tripped through the daylight, the world at her feet, Her white, leather sandals, unscuffed, and still neat. This elfin enchantress with soft, dimpled knees, Could charm every songbird from all of the trees! Soon, she sat down upon, cool, long, green grass, Where the wild flowers & clover entwined it, en masse. Her pretty dress; buoyant, sank slowly to ground, As plump, putty fingers gathered daisies she’d found. Breaking the skin of the stem she found tricky, Her half-bitten nails didn’t help, more’s the pity! Determined & careful, her treasure complete, A delicate daisy chain, precious and sweet. Savour the memories, remember the scene, In a heartbeat, only daisies grow where she had been. The grains from the hourglass, fallen & gone, A blink of an eye, fades, where beauty had shone. Now the pink dress lies sleeping, forlorn in a drawer, And the memories lie scattered all over the floor, They’re silken, they’re crumpled, They’re all that remain, Lain on childhood’s grave with the sweet daisy chain. 13th April 2019 Seeing the little daisies springing up through the grass, always reminds me of sitting & making daisy chains, as a child. Splitting the stems to thread each flower through could be difficult, trying not to slice the loop completely, and making sure the stems were as long as possible, in case of breakage. We wore them round our necks, wrists & as little crowns on our heads. Simple pleasures to while away the day, during endless Summers...poor flowers, we didn’t realise, & there were so many!

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