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roamanywhere. Calmness 
Photo by @elliothawkey
Share your adventure by tagging us or

Calmness Photo by @elliothawkey Share your adventure by tagging us or using #roamanywhere

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C’est quasiment la fin pour le domaine de @saintcolombandesvillards avec la fermeture ce dimanche. Mais le plaisir de la glisse pourra continuer jusqu’au 19 avril aux @lessybelles ! Avec le beau temps du printemps, y’a encore de quoi faire ! 🤩

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Remind me why we're taking a break...

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newzealand.nature. Our 3/4 silk PJ pants, match them with any PJ camisoles for your own c

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I’m someone that’s oddly passionate about water. Whether it be swimming, surfing, floating down a river, or jumping into frozen lakes I’ve always been obsessed. In Canada we’re incredibly blessed to not only be surrounded by beautiful rivers, lakes, and three Oceans, but we also have access to clean drinking water. Simply put we’re blessed, all around the world there are many who lack access to clean drinking water and while we don’t wake up waiting for rain, some do. I believe that water is a right, and not an item that should be bought and sold. So living in this beautiful country I encourage you to stop purchasing disposable water bottles and instead start carrying a water bottle around, and maybe even stick your head under the tap. Happy World Water Day.

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I miss eating curry for breakfast.

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Limitless 🌌 - To all those working a 9-5, inside a cubical, and day dreaming of a better life, I just want to say that you’re not alone. We all want it. We all dream of it. Most of those that are like me, posting decent pictures from dreamy locations, still have to go to work on Monday. We still have to report to a boss. We still have deadlines to meet. Still have bills and families to provide for. But the difference is, we’ve realized that life doesn’t have revolve around work. That’s what weekends are for. That’s what the other 4 hours of the day after 5 o’clock are for. We maximize our time, and although you don’t see our work life on our ig story, just know that’s it’s still there. Behind all the cool videos and breathtaking images, there is a regular guy/ girl living in the moment and making the most of life 🤟🏼 this image was shot in Southern Utah last weekend 🤗 . . . #sleepoutside

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Camping among giants in Northern California, back in 2016. Counting down the next week to a road trip back here 🤘🏻

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When the mind is still, the beauty of the self is reflected. 🙏❤

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taking a break from carnival prep

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Cliff Dweller

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kam_.tk. Tick tock.
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