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The Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi 🕌 Took a day trip from Dubai to get a feel for Abu Dhabi. Such a great day and mind boggling experience The first stop was Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. An incredibly luxurious place of worship, covered in gold and decorated with intricate details throughout What I found surprising was that although it looks like a structure that has been there forever, it was actually only completed in 2007. Emphasising how relatively new the mammoth structures and luxurious palaces are to the UAE. 🇦🇪

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The beautiful souks of Camden 😍

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Iceland Are you ready for your next vacation? - Tag your travel mates and show them this breathtaking spot. - Picture by: @arnarkristjans_photography - Great shot! 🌍 Please visit his/her fantastic gallery for more and show some love! -

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| ℙ𝕒𝕝𝕤 | ➰ Nous voilà dans l’un des villages les plus charmants de la Costa Brava. 👌🏼 ➰ Pals est perchée sur une colline. Sa beauté est authentique et nous avons adoré nous promener dans les petites rues qui nous ont plongé dans une autre époque ! Celle des chevaliers !

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Happy Easter from paradise 🐣☀️🌴

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This is the last one from this shoot (for now) I promise! Haha. My friend Mark took this of me last Friday, 19 April 2019. I had spent the whole morning crying, because it was the fifth birthday of my dad’s without him here with us. I ugly cried for hours that morning, more than I’ve cried about him for a long time. I was looking at the rest of my life and realizing that he won’t be there for any of it. He won’t see me traveling the world. He will not be there to congratulate me on my promotions at work. He will never meet the love of my life. He will never meet my child. It was a truly tragic, bitter feeling. I’m still dealing with that feeling, two days later. Still trying to figure out how to accept that he won’t be there for my life. . He was such a good dad. I remember, when I came out to him, he didn’t blink an eyelid. He told me that nothing has changed, and that he loves me no matter what. I wish for more men to be like my dad was. This world would have more love and acceptance in it. . . . #beautifuldestinations #gay #gaytravel #doyoutravel #goplayoutside #instapassport #instatravel #lonelyplanet #openmyworld #passionpassport #passportable #passportexpress #planetdiscovery #roamtheplanet #stayandwander #tasteintravel #travel #travelawesome #traveldeeper #travelgram #travelnow #travelon #travelstoke #welltravelled #worlderlust #wearetravelgays #gaystraveltoo #minimalism @wearetravelgays @gaystraveltoo @minimalism @gayswithstories

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Si vous voulez lire un texte qui n'a rien avoir avec cette photo, c'est juste là ⬇️ . J-5 et je m'envole vers Tahiti pour un mois auprès de ma famille après 4 ans en France ☀️😀 . Bien sûr, je prévois aussi de vadrouiller et de prendre des photos de mes aventures ! 👣 . Au programme : randonnées, plongée, parapente, visites des îles de moorea et raiatea, mangeeeer (ce qui me manque le plus je crois), danser (la deuxième chose qui me manque le plus)... Et puis la suite viendra au fur et à mesure ! . Stay tunned 🤙🏻

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frutti di mare

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goodwin_adventures. Экспедиция в Южную Африку: ЮАР, Мозамбик, Лесото, Свазиленд


Экспедиция в Южную Африку: ЮАР, Мозамбик, Лесото, Свазиленд Отправляемся в захватывающее путешествие в 4 страны Южной Африки. Каждое из этих государств отличается уникальной природой и самобытным населением Мы побываем в местах, которые поражают даже самых искушенных путешественников ⚡увидим Большую Африканскую Пятерку: буйвола, слона, носорога, льва и леопарда ⚡побываем в гостях у африканских племен ⚡проедем через национальный парк Крюгера с самым большим количеством животных в ЮАР ⚡доставим гуманитарную помощь в изолированный поселок Булембу ⚡испытаем 3 вида сафари: дневное, ночное, водное ⚡зайдем к деревенскому шаману на таинственный ритуал

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jazminesjournal. Dear diary,
Today was another awesome day. I discovered “Boondocking”

Dear diary, Today was another awesome day. I discovered “Boondocking” the possibilities truly will be endless on my roadtrip! Love, Me

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✨So crazy to see how lavishly these hotels decorate their walkways and lobby’s. Truly an eye candy. ✨

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枚方 T-SITE Are you ready for your next vacation? - Tag your buddys and show them this beautiful place. - Picture by: @een_wasbeer - Great photo! ☀️ Please visit his/her stunning gallery for more and show some love! -

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📍London 🇬🇧

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To travel at Cinque Terre you can hike, take train, or do the combination. Train is 4€/way or 25€ for one day pass. If you decide to take trains, do yourself a favor by using day pass since there is always a significant long line to buy ticket and a shorter line to validate your ticket. I don't want to lose my precious time in this beautiful villages. . Eat fish & chips and calamari fried by the locals! Delizioso😘 . #cinqueterre #manarola #italy🇮🇹 #welltravelled #passportexpress #passionpassport #goplayoutside #openmyworld #exploremore #bestvacations #wonderful_places #ilovetravel #travelgram #lonelyplanet #travelawesome #travelnow #traveldeeper #passportable #instatravel #instapassport #exploringtheglobe #beautifuldestinations #neverstopexploring #exploreeverywhere #outdoorwomen #girlsthatwander #femmetravel #archilovers

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natecracker. If these trees can talk, what stories they'll tell us? #WorldWarII #Hi

If these trees can talk, what stories they'll tell us? #WorldWarII #History #Philippines #Japan #USA

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[ TRVL ]

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[ TRVL ]

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The main façade of Plaza de España surrounded by a half-circle of subtle horseshoe archs. Each arch segment features a tiled alcove of Spain's 50 provinces and a mural of how it was retaken from the Moors during the Reconquista. The main façade was used in many movies, notably for Star War's City of Theed, The Dictator and Lawrence of Arabia.

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natecracker. Thanks for comming! Philippines × USA

Thanks for comming! Philippines × USA WorldWarII

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