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S T R E T C H. in this case: achilles+calf muscles. this one’s gold. 💫 the reformer provides some resistance + then your body weight adds the rest as your heel sinks down allowing for a deep stretch through the tendon that wraps around your heel all they way up into your calf even down through your TOES! so good. 😋 have you tried this one? need to work out those TIGHT FEET+CALVES? shoot me a DM to set up your private session this week!

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🤩 Reformer - Squat-Single Leg Opening . . . @centrozenpilates 🇨🇱 @bmcontroleducation 🇹🇷 @ibrahimclcmn 👨‍🏫 @pilates.nd 👩‍🏫 @gokceyavuzcan.samsunpilates 👩‍🏫 @melikemarazz 👩‍🏫

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머무르는 곳의 중요함😊 풍경을 바라보고만 있어도 좋은곳이에요 #다도🍵 #힐링 #취다선리조트 #울산기구필라테스 #basipilates #fitness #gym #health #muscle

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Fast Forward Friday: Introducing the @pilatessuspensionmethod- - Here is a little glimpse of what happens when you take Pilates exercises and put them on the TRX Suspension Trainer. - - This particular series is a stretch series. 🤸‍♂️ What makes these stretches different compared to doing them alone on the mat is the line of pull that the TRX gives your muscles. Anytime you give your body resistance or feedback your muscles respond by engaging deeper or stretching further. ⬇️⬆️ Pressing down into the strap in opposition to the line of pull from above creates the force your body needs to feel the work. - - - ❗️Come see for yourself. Classes on the TRX start next week Tuesday and Thursday 9:30am. ▫️Sign up link in bio - - -

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pregnancy.pilates.impact. 🔹I love Looking back at old pics -This first pic is of me in June 201

🔹I love Looking back at old pics -This first pic is of me in June 2015, 2 Weeks before Zech was born, (in the middle of a photo shoot.) The 2nd pic is of me teaching the Pregnancy Pilates Training at UNLV , also in June 2015. . I ALMOST gave up teaching prenatal Pilates, because I wasn’t getting pregnant myself. And I felt like if I was going to be teaching TEACHERS how to do this, I really wanted to have this experience of pregnancy. . Well, 1 MONTH AFTER a prayer for pregnancy, and a near decision to give all of this teaching up, I became pregnant ... After 8 years of infertility. . The next 3 pics are Zech and I, then and now. . Behind every brand-Pregnancy Pilates Impact in my case- is a story. . A passion and purpose that is SO much bigger than anyone can ever imagine...unless you have a passion and purpose as well. . MY passion and purpose is to help other Pilates Teachers be able to CONFIDENTLY teach pregnant and postnatal women-to have to ability to serve this very special population with THE MOST care and compassion possible. . ❓What is YOUR story ? Where does your passion stem from? I would LOVE to know in the comments below ⬇️⬇️

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Don’t fall behind on your CEC’s for the year. Sign up to reserve your spot now for our Fall conference September 7th and 8th. Check out our website for more info on the workshops being offered taught by Mary Jo Ketterhagen-Ida and Melanie Byford-Young

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pregnancy.pilates.impact. 🔹For Pilates Teachers Who teach Pregnant Women- Pick up your Free tea

🔹For Pilates Teachers Who teach Pregnant Women- Pick up your Free teaching guide on how to teach this simple technique to help your clients relieve discomforts of pregnancy 🤰🏻 . Visit the link in my Instagram Bio, or go to: https://www.pregnancypilatesimpact.com/HugtheBaby2019

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🤩 İSTANBUL 🤩 Hamilelik Sırası ve Sonrası Pilates . . . Eğitim Içeriği; ↗️ Hamilelik Sırası ve Sonrası vücutta meydana gelen, anatomik, fizyolojik ve psikolojik değişimler ↗️ Hamilelik döneminde oluşabilecek riskler ↗️Güvenli çalışma stratejileri ↗️ Hamilelik Donemlemeleri ↗️ Stretching-Matwork-Reformer-Cadillac-Chair ve Barrel Ekipmanlarinda genis bir hareket repertuarı . . . Detaylı bilgi ve kayıt için 0507 921 4537 - 0554 788 6050 veya www.bmcontroleducation.com . . Birlikte daha iyiye . . . @bmcontroleducation 🇹🇷 @centrozenpilates 🇨🇱 @turkiyegiryaakademi 🇹🇷 @ibrahimclcmn 👨‍🏫 @pilates.nd 👩‍🏫 @gokceyavuzcan.samsunpilates 👩‍🏫 @melikemarazz 👩‍🏫 @northpilatestudio 🏢

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02sso. #PMA-CPT has become #NCPT!🌞
I'm still struggling with the new website

#PMA-CPT has become #NCPT!🌞 I'm still struggling with the new website, but you can find my newly updated profile at the . 👉https://nationalpilatescertificationprogram.org/NPCP/Directory/CertifiedTeachersList.aspx . #PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher(PMA-CPT)가 "National Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT)"로 이름이 바뀌었습니다! PMA협회 일반회원과 PMA 시험 인증 선생님의 구분 및 대외적인 위상 고취 등등을 위해 이름이 바뀌었다고 메일이 왔는데, 사실 약간 새 사이트에 적응을 못하고 있지만😂 이 기회에 프로필 업데이트를 살짝 해보았어요 힣 . . #PilatesMethodAlliance #PMA #NationalPilatesCertificationProgram #NPCP #PMA_CPT #CertifiedPilatesTeacher #NationalCertifiedPilatesTeacher #NCPT #pilates #pilatesinstructor #pilatesteacher #영라테스

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welle_fisio. Power House  é um conceito desenvolvido por Joseph Pilates para design

Power House é um conceito desenvolvido por Joseph Pilates para designar um grupo de músculos que acionados promoverão fortalecimento da região central do corpo, estabilização distal e da coluna. Ele é composto por músculos profundos e estabilizadores, que são: reto abdominal, oblíquos, transverso do abdômen, multifídos, glúteo máximo, assoalho pélvico e diafragma. Para a realização dos exercícios de Pilates, essas musculaturas devem estar ativadas, a fim de proporcionar uma boa execução do movimento, deixando o centro (centro de gravidade do corpo) o mais estável possível, assim evitaremos lesões, teremos uma diminuição das dores, uma maior estabilização de tronco, melhora da postura e equilíbrio do cliente. Venha praticar Pilates conosco!!!! #pilatesanytime #reabilitação #fisioterapia #pilatesavancado #pilatesmethodalliance

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christagurka. I think that life is all about the “little things” so I try my best to

I think that life is all about the “little things” so I try my best to add unexpected touches for all of my clients and students. . Although my students love the actual work we do in our sessions., often it’s this “little thing” that causes them to leave a review or wonderful comment like this one I received last week from some of my business coaching superstars. . What are the “little things” that you look for or offer your customers? . If you get excited about the little things be sure to catch my Free Masterclass on Designing Effective Systems for your business so that you can generate 6 figures and beyond without running yourself into the ground. Register at the link in my bio or DM me your email address. There will be lots of exceeding expectations happening there! Like serious add ins and bonuses that will skyrocket your business to 6 figures and beyond 🚀🚀🚀

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mcwmovement. I forgot to mention this great workshop I attended last week with Ruth

I forgot to mention this great workshop I attended last week with Ruth Alpert @smartcoremethod ! I really enjoyed learning more about Pilates elder, Eve Gentry. I loved to hear more about her past as a dancer and how different somatic practices informed her work. This workshop sent me down a rabbit hole of learning more about great Pilates teachers and how we all got to where we are today. #evegentry #ruthalpert #smartcoremethod #franklintn #pilatesmethodalliance

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CONGRATULATIONS to the @pilatesmethodalliance Staff on a mammoth job, done so well. The all NEW PMA WEBSITE ⭐️ is LIVE! . Posted @withrepost@pilatesmethodalliance New PMA website is ready! Go there to check it out! www.pilatesmethodalliance.org (link in profile) . . . . . . . #PMAmember #pilatesprofessional #pmamembership #becomePMAmember #pilatespassion #pilatesprofessional #pilatesstudent #pilatesteacher #pilatesstudio #pilatesmethodalliance

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H I P. E X T E N S I O N. bridging is a great exercise for strengthening hip extensors, primarily- GLUTES + HAMSTRINGS 🍑 again, add that reformer and 🔥 bridging also allows us to work on SPINAL ARTICULATION which just means we’re trying to find movement through each segment of the spine 🌊 is pilates new to you? have you ever used a reformer? does it seem intimidating? I’d love to hear your thoughts about pilates and the reformer! looks fun? looks like a medieval torture device? it’s your favorites way to exercise? leave a COMMENT below and let me know 💚 and as always- shoot me a DM to schedule your first sesh!!

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The ocean gives me #balance, #strength, and a clear head. Grateful for this beautiful place I call #home. • • • Pilates can be practiced anywhere, all you need is yourself. ♡ If you want to join me for class, you can catch me @kinesismovementstudio tonight for a 5p #pilatestower class, reformer classes tomorrow at 12 or 1p, or a #PilatesCircuit class Saturday morning at 9a. ☆ I'll also be subbing the 930a class @thepilatesroomhb on Sunday morning. ☆ #workout #fitness #movement #pilatesclass #mindbody #spinehealth #contrology #stottpilates #josephpilates #corestrength #abs #glutes #fitnessmotivation #health #life #healthylifestyle #culvercity #losangeles #hermosabeach #manhattanbeach #venicebeach #pilatesmethodalliance #lifeisbetterbarefoot #solepilates #beachbabe 📷: @jenniferswarbrickfitness

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🤩 Pilates & Health Convention 1 - İzmir / Bosu Reformer 🤘 . . . 2. si için sende hemen yerini ayırt, dünyanın en iyi eğitmenlerinin bir arada olduğu bilginin saklanmadiğı bu organizasyonu kaçırma . . . @bmcontroleducation 🇹🇷 @ibrahimclcmn 🇹🇷 @centrozenpilates 🇨🇱 @turkiyegiryaakademi 🇹🇷 @muratsinikci 🇹🇷 @davidortegabenitez 🇪🇦 @ksjbodycontrol 🇬🇧 @korinnolanpilates 🇬🇧 @durakertan1 🇹🇷 @oryahavni 🇺🇸 @jacobogomezvazquez 🇪🇸 @snmbasipilates 🇹🇷

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pilatesmethodalliance. New PMA website is ready! Go there to check it out!

New PMA website is ready! Go there to check it out! www.pilatesmethodalliance.org (link in profile) . . . . . . . #PMAmember #pilatesprofessional #pmamembership #becomePMAmember #pilatespassion #pilatesprofessional #pilatesstudent #pilatesteacher #pilatesstudio #pilatesmethodalliance

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Con questo #esercizio e con il supporto del #pilatesarc la persona può imparare questi tipi di esercizi di inversione e come può controllare i movimenti dall’addome, andando indietro con la forza degli addominali e la flessibilità della schiena, mantenendo le spalle appoggiate al suolo in modo stabile. Durante tutta l’esecuzione compresa la bicicletta e le sforbiciate bisogna mantenere l’equilibrio sulle spalle senza muoverle 💎💎💎💎. . . . . . Questo è’ fondamentale per attivare i muscoli giusti che allenano veramente e correggono la nostra postura. Eseguire gli esercizi in modo superficiale , solo imitando ciò che si vede con gli occhi e senza sentire il proprio corpo, e’ inutile ! 💎💎💎💎💎💎 . . . . . Il #rollover e gli altri esercizi di inversione sono importantissimi! Chi non riesce a farli a corpo libero deve aiutarsi con il PILATES ARC e provare a farli con le opportune modifiche ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Buon ferragosto e buon pilates a tutti❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 💎💎💎💎.. . . . . . #josephpilates #pilateslovers #contrology #studiopilates #pilatesstudio #pilatesmethod #pilatesteacher #pilateseveryday #pilatesstyle #matpilates #pilatesmatwork #lovepilates #fitness #fitnesslovers #posturacorretta #fisioterapia #pilatesoriginal #balancedbody #pilatech #pilatesmethodalliance

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If you feel all kinds of energy coursing through your veins MOVE. Twist it out, shake it out, MOVE. Allow your body and your breath to take you through it. Don’t try to make sense of it or worse ignore it. Movement is not just to burn calories but a way to channel the energies we need to thrive and also to release the energies that aren’t serving our greater purpose. If you aren’t getting what you need from the type of movement you are choosing, choose something else. You’ll know when you find it. Yoga is the ultimate movement choice for me. I thought I knew who I was until yoga reintroduced me to my self, to the core of my being. One pose, one breath at a time. Take a leap of faith and give yoga a chance to do the same for you and release it all. #move #breathe #release 📸: @synima 👚: @lululemon

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✔️✔️✔️MERSIN✔️✔️✔️ Uluslararası Centro Zen Pilates kapsamlı eğitimlerinin ilk modülü olan Matwork Eğitmenliği 11-12-13 Ekim tarihinde Mersin'de. Bölmeden yarım kalmadan tam bir Matwork eğitmeni olmak ve eğitmenlik kariyerinize güzel bir başlagıç yapmak istiyorsanız kaçırmayın. Detaylı bilgi ve kayıt için posttaki numarayı arayabilir veya mesaj yoluyla iletişime geçebilirsiniz 🤗👌🙏 . . . Eğitimin İçeriği ve Başlıca Amaçları; Anatomiye Giriş Pilates yönteminin tarihçesi Pilates methodunun prensipleri Postural analiz ve değerlendirme Matwork repertuarı (Temel , Orta ve İleri Seviye) Seviyeye ve Postural özelliklere göre sınıf oluşturma Dokunma Teknikleri Klasik Pilates ve Modern Pilates Modifikasyonlar (swissball, theraband, miniball) . . . . @centrozenpilates 🇨🇱 @bmcontroleducation 🇹🇷 @ibrahimclcmn 👨‍🏫 @pilates.nd 👩‍🏫 @gokceyavuzcan.samsunpilates 🙇🏼‍♀️ @melikemarazz 🙇🏼‍♀️

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S I D E. P L A N K S. I mean, who doesn’t love a side plank? 😐 SIDE PLANKS are like the dark leafy greens of exercise. 🥬 maybe not your fave but PACKED with benefits for your body. you will strengthen CORE + OBLIQUES + GLUTES + SCAPULAR STABILIZERS to name a few 💪 and the REFORMER just spices things up a bit. 🥵 SPICY leafy greens, if you will 🌶 so what do you think? ready for a challenge? need to spice up your workout? shoot me a DM- let’s get you scheduled!

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