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To elevate you must get your thoughts straight! ♡

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musicmatch2love.com.llc. @anaamalyzenmusic (🔊✨) “Your heart is the size of an ocean. Go find y

@anaamalyzenmusic (🔊✨) “Your heart is the size of an ocean. Go find yourself in its hidden depths” ― Rumi 💙✨. . . . . . . Here’s to all of the baby Starseeds bringing their love and wisdom into the world. 🙏🏽👽💚✨ . . . Art by: @ktrent8 ✨ Motion by: @javografo ✨ Music in 432 Hz by: @anaamalyzenmusic (unreleased). . . . #pleiadian #sirian #arcturian #starseed #indigochild #highvibes #awakening #raisevibration #lovefrequency #healingmusic #savetheocean #cosmicconsciousness #sleepmusic #chakrasaligned #chakrahealing #soundhealer #alchemist #soulfamily #familyoflight #ambient #animationart #meditationmusic #oceanart #432hz #rumiquotes #natgeocreative #blueplanet #movingart #higherconsciousness #higherfrequency

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You've a good heart. Sometimes that's enough to see you safe wherever you go - Neil Gaiman

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thelifecoachempress. ....somewhere in the universe...I heard, \"Let it stream. Void trying t

....somewhere in the universe...I heard, "Let it stream. Void trying to control what hasn't happened yet. Let the manifestation of the thought as IS develop simply by BEing true to you." That higher directive can be used in every aspect of our life. @thelifecoachempress #ankhdna #Ilovepoetry #poetess #poet #poetry #ankhdnalife #letgo #truth #writer #nerdyass #huritnitika #men #women #relationships #letgoand letgod #friends #lifecoach #pleiadian #whatsyourfrequency #energy #vibrations #energist #thelifecoachempress #ebony #ExpressYourself #spirituallifecoach #multidimensional #Spirituality

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mariaportas. Hey QUANTUM BEING!!
It’s who you are at the very core.
Its your Being

Hey QUANTUM BEING!! It’s who you are at the very core. Its your Being ON FIRE. Its you being, creating more. It’s your Power that you possess and live, and others are just unaware. There is a way to live, breathe and create through this world. There is a purpose for each and every one of you. But there is also a way to bring it into this world. QUANTUM is an Energy. It is the energy of the All, the Energy of Oneness and Creation. It is the precipice of all of Creation There I AM. There you find Me. Your Soul, your True Being. We all got the physical down right. But what does it mean to live in the Quantum? To move and create and understand Creation like it’s truly our power To move mountains and make things become visible before our very eyes. This is the life that we are meant to live The life that we dream of The life that we can believe in. What you are seeing every day is a small figment of your mind. What if everything was there for you to create EVERYTHING. Every single thing is yours to obtain, as long as you know it , feel it and believe it. IT’S YOURS :) Now, here is where we begin: Set yourself apart from the life that you are in, unless you are living your dream, otherwise close your eyes to what you see, and imagine what you dream. Imagine what is truly possible for you. Imagine ALL of this. If you see it, if it truly is your desire, it is already in the ethereal plain, waiting for you to SEE IT, BE IT and EMBODY IT. IT’S ALREADY YOURS. You get to believe that everything you DESIRE is possible for you. Because let’s get this straight. It’s not about your desires. It's about who you become when you get those desires So its not oh I'll be this when I get that No you have to BE that to get that So what is it that you want. What is the true outcome of that desire? Get clear on that. And then you can go about bringing in your every desire. You are one with the All. By the way.... >> You ready to create your epic dreams and have them come alive before your very eyes? 🤩 THE 'I AM' MIRACULOUS MENTORSHIP 🤩 only 1 SPOT now available this month. 2 epic women have just signed up!! Will you claim your dreams? PM Me!! Let’s do this!

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Golden Lioness, Hazel eyed feline, Sweet serene Sirian siren, Spiritually Royal Lyran, calling my long lost wild starborn soul ashore from roaring Gaian seas back home to the northern elven forest and the fairy glen trees. Back home to the resting grounds of my earthen ancestors where the old gods are all now found dead and we the new gods are reborn and found crowned in their stead. We are the golden lions, the white wolves, the dogstar clan come to lay claim to this earth for the return of the star people. With ancient song and spells from infinite wells we cast the runes upon blood and stone and dance around the sacred fire as one. The ancients have returned to cleanse the soil of curse and toil and now our cauldrons boil with witches brew of divine nectar and honey dew. A celebration millennias in the waiting the time has finally come, The birth of our great galactic central sun. Now hear the lions roar and hear the wolves howl, The sounding of the clarion call. The royals have returned to rule again and facilitate the long awaited Gaian Ascent. The battle is won as sure as the sun and the interdimensional council of worlds are now all one and the Kings and Queens of tomorrow shall be crowned. - Sirian Starchild Model and muse: @celestinaiam #femaleappreciation #spiritualroyalty #starseed #starchild #lyran #sirian #andromedan #orion #zetireticulian #pleiadian #starborn #gaian

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raven.e123. 💙🕯🌎🕯💙
I've hid myself,  then found myself aching 
to be revealed.

💙🕯🌎🕯💙 I've hid myself, then found myself aching to be revealed. Revelation, is a continuos process. But I will no longer deny my neccessities, my desires, my callings, my higher wisdom. I will embrace any vision of mine, that I possess. With gratitude, I will bathe the heart that beats in my chest. I will not refrain from using this voice. I will aim for truth and the acceptance of the truth of all. I will allow myself to be cradled in the arms of the love most high, without fear or doubt of my beauty and validity. I will say no word to put a man down and I will strive for the rise of all kinds. 💙🕯🌎🕯💙 . . #equality #starseed #pleiadian #hollowearth #dragon #spirit #universe #create #twospirit #nonbinary #genderequality #trans #transgendermodel #ftm #freedom #lgbtq🌈 #lgbt #poetry #poet #loveislove #higherself #genderlessfashion #respect #unity #spiritualawakening #consciousness #extraterrestrial #compassion #meditation #selflove

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...pretty much 🤷🏻‍♀️ ▫️ I don't understand "normal" sorry 😎 ▫️ My starseed fam are the Arcturians what's yours?🧞‍♀️🛸 ▫️ Tag your best friend! Follow 👉🏼 @goldenagealchemy for more ✅ ▫️ Pic by @innermystic via @divine_will_144 . #goldenagealchemy

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sarabeharrytheoneandonly. You can’t let other people tell you who you are, you have to decide th

You can’t let other people tell you who you are, you have to decide that yourself. #knowledgeoftheday

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mariaportas. The Love that lives within You 
cannot be captured here on Earth. 

The Love that lives within You cannot be captured here on Earth. It is Wild and it belongs to something beyond this world. It is Done. In One, In All, In Love.

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starseedfae_. Saturday nights out; feeling witchy in my moon& stars constellations t

Saturday nights out; feeling witchy in my moon& stars constellations top!🌙✨ #saturdaynight #hippie #witch #witchy #redhead #starseed #pleiadian #alien #constellations #moonchild #stargazer #allblack #everyday

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love_inspiration1111. نعمتِ بیکرانِ شعله یِ طلایی 《نطفه یِ کیهانی》 را بارور میکند. 
ای اعضای

نعمتِ بیکرانِ شعله یِ طلایی 《نطفه یِ کیهانی》 را بارور میکند. ای اعضایِ عزیزِ خانوادهیِ نوری، در این زمان گامهایِ بزرگِ روبه جلویی را که در زمین برداشته میشود با شما جشن میگیریم. به راستی، در روزگاری پُر از هم همه و پُر از تغییر بهسر میبریم و چون این تغییر بزرگ است، فشاری که از آن ناشی میشود میتواند بعضی اوقات زیاد باشد. بدانید، ای عزیزان، که نورِ الهی همه چیز را در بر دارد و زمین در مسیرِ تکاملِ معنویاش به پیش میرود. چیزی که اسمش را »آشوبِ اقتصادی« گذاشته اند فرصتی است برایِ کُلِ بشر که بهراستی به درونشان رجوع کنند و به جریانِ نعمتِ بیکران متصل شوند، جریانی که در قالبِ موهبت و عشقِ منشأ برایِ هر کدامتان نمایان میشود. دارید یاد میگیرید که برایِ امنیتتان، از اعتمادکردن به نظامهایِ خیالینِ دنیایِ بیرون دست بردارید؛ دارید یاد میگیرید که عشق، و حمایت، و هدایتی را که از سویِ خودِ الهیتان برایتان ارسال میشود دریابید. همانطور که سالهایِ زیادی است که به شما میگوییم، هر آنچه نیاز دارید در درونتان هست. شما، به عنوانِ استادانِ نوری که در آزادی به سر میبرید، قادر اید هر آنچه نیاز دارید یا میخواهید بالفاصله متجلّی سازید. یادگیریِ اعتمادکردن به این فرایندِ درونی کمکتان میکند تا از شرِ این ترس و خشمی که از جانبِ آنهایی که هنوز گرفتارِ توهمِ آشوب و کمبود اند خالص شوید. ای عزیزان، در این زمان، نورِ درخشانِ شعله یِ طلایی، یا چیزی که ما آن را »نورِ مسیح« مینامیم، زمینتان را احاطه کرده است و پیوسته بر قدرتش افزوده میشود. این امر باعث میشود چیزی که ما »نطفه یِ کیهانی« مینامیمش فعال شود. این همان »قالبِ بزرگ« یا طرحِ اصیلِ سیارهیِ زمین است، که در بر دارنده یِ همه یِ انواعِ محتملِ حیات و موجودات و نیز همه یِ انواعِ ترکیبهایِ محتملِ انرژی، نور، و عشق و تجلّیهایِ فُرم گرفتهشان میشود. با افزایشِ ارتعاشاتِ جمعی، و با شدّتگرفتنِ نورِ مسیح در هر قلب و در شبکه یِ قلبی، »نطفهیِ کیهانی« فعال و بارور میشود تا پتانسیلها و امکانهایِ جدیدی از حیات را در سطحِ برتری از آگاهی و وجود پدید آورَد. ای اعضایِ عزیزِ خانواده یِ نوری، این یعنی اینکه زمین آماده است تاگونه هایِ جدیدی از حیات را بیافریند و کُدهایِ حیاتِ جدید و فناوریهایِ نوینی را که با عشق و نعمتِ بیشتری از این کُدها پشتیبانی کنند در خود به اجرا در آورَد. Telegram: https://t.me/love_inspiration1111 #michael #Archangle_Michael #Gaia #blue_star #5d #light #lightworker #pleiadian #mevlana پیلدیان #نور #لایت_ورکر #کارگر_نور

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indi_amo_ra. Cheat Codes ~

What about yourself or your magick are you hiding or no

Cheat Codes ~ What about yourself or your magick are you hiding or not letting others see? You have the power to create all of your reality intentionally. You only leave it up to “chance” if you allow others to control or manipulate you. And even then you’re still creating your reality. There really is no “chance”. You’re just giving your power away at that point. ~ So recognize that you are the creator, you are the magician, and in this state of mind you have the opportunity to obtain whatever you want. You have the opportunity to claim it all. ~ When this is done from a place of love and divine connection others will look to you as a leader. They will see what you are able to create and want to emulate and understand this. ~ We all bring different gifts and tools to the table so being able to master and share what you love is invaluable to all. ~ Also recognizing the fact that we all bring something different forward and can learn from one another creates an environment of equality and love among the collective and those around us. Though some may see you as a leader, your example will be teaching them how to be a leader themselves. ~ No one individual is greater than the whole. Each of us have something we love or are passionate about and that’s the beautiful thing about it all. We are all unique in our own respect and all have something to contribute. ~ So do your best to see what you’re hiding from the world (because maybe you don’t think it will be good enough). Then allow yourself to open up about it and let yourself shine with it. It’s your superpower and you are a Magickal being. ~ Love to All! ~ For a personal reading, karmic release session, past life release session or energy session DM me for details. Also go to the link on my bio for more readings.

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“You belong among the wildflowers You belong in a boat out at sea Sail away, kill off the hours You belong somewhere you feel free“ 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈 #saturday #chakras #pleiadian #colour #art #saturdaymorning #mindfulness #meditation #theatre #lookatme #compassion #fashion #spa #poem #cannabis #artgallery #celebrity #connecticut #yoga #contemporaryart #sagesmudge #medicine #paris #losangeles #soho #newyorknewyork #brooklyn #vitaecure #famous #karma @g_o720 Video by: Cindy Jorif-Zayas

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