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Wrapping up Spectacular Postmark Saturday is this fascinating card from Maria (@ameliecards) that includes wonderful stamps and a special postmark. Simply wow. #postcardist

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Because this is Spectacular Postmark Saturday, I lead with this Sapporo Postmark from Eric (@bestwisheseric) who was so generous on his extensive travels in Japan to send this and other cards. And seriously, look at the card, too. Photos cannot do justice to how terrific the metallized printing is in the card. #postcardist

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Spectacular Postmark Saturday continues with this fly fishing art from Frances (@francesmc) who knows how to tie fly fishing lures. #postcardist

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Next up on Spectacular Postmark Saturday is this stunner from leading postcard collector and world traveler, Mark Routh (@marks_postcard_chat). Look at those Checkpoint Charlie cachets Mark got for me on this very special card. Thank you, Mark. #postcardist #checkpointcharlie #berlin #postcard

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Today is Spectacular Postmark Saturday at Postcardist World HQ. And with a nod to Dr. Russ Romano, the Professor of Philately, I will show these stamp first. And first up is this First Day of Issue card from the inimitable Ashli (@mailboxmemories) who went to the ceremony for the Post Office Murals release and sent this great card. Look at both sides. It’s really something. Thank you, Ashli. #postcardist #fdoi

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jessinabq. I received this lovely postcard from @postcardist ! I love the matchin

I received this lovely postcard from @postcardist ! I love the matching stamp! Thank you Frank!! #postcards #postcardist #keepsnailmailalive #postcardaddict

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Ever watched Mr. Sherman & Peabody? It was a cartoon when I was a kid. Back when Saturdays were cartoon days. All of which has nothing to do with this fabulous card my friend Ashli (@mailboxmemories) sent from her stay there. Tell ‘em about the walk of the ducklings, Ash. #postcardist

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Do something. Thank you, Jessie (@indemand_communications). My something today is jury duty. Nobody will want me on their jury in this mood. #postcardist

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Vegemite. And maybe it won’t. I’ve never had it, but Jess (@snailmailstore) tells me it tastes like the grease they use in the tram wheels on the City Circle line. I want to ask her how she knows. #postcardist

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I’m sending an all points bulletin out to the universe to help me find Michelle and thank her for this fabulous card. Beam me up, Michelle. #postcardist

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What do people in New Zealand’s second largest city say at the end of their meal? Dunedin. That’s what Jessica (@jessdoesdiy) told me. #postcardist

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Appropriate for this week, my friend Kristen (@kristensdelight) is like a freebird in her element, spreading her wings acting a big production movie that started principal filming this week. #postcardist

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“Eclat vingt et un” by Kasia Charko (1976). A true collector’s item from my good friend, Russ (@russromano). This reminds me of our misspent youth, when Russ and I amassed a small fortune as ensemble players in the world tour of La Cage aux Folles. Yeah, we spent all the money, but we have the memories. #postcardist

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In this amazing coincidence, Magda (@traveltrinketscanada) became so familiar with Bigfoot that she started the National Sasquatch Preservation Fund. #postcardist #sasquatch #bigfoot

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Magda (@stamp_and_away) went camping on Mt. Hood. And this is a sketch she made of the Sasquatch that visited her campsite. Amazing. #postcardist #sasquatch #bigfoot

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Jessica (@jessdoesdiy) rode her bicycle all the way from New Zealand to Connecticut wearing a skirt and a hat. And look at how good she looked as she dropped off this card. I mean, how does she do it? She runs a great postcard store by day (@snailmailstore) and delivers the cards herself by bicycle at night. #postcardist #fables

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This throwback card from the days of my youth is so terrific. And Serece (@your.sweet.cherry.pie) wrote something so terrific on the card. Wow. Thank you! #postcardist 🍒 🥧

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Love this throwback card from Shannon (@takeahikepodcast). Must have been some great days racing in Malibu. #postcardist #motorcycleracing

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Even if you know me a little bit, you know this is my favorite author. When you know me as well as Shanny (@shmaaac), you know this card will make me smile. #postcardist #hemingway #papa

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And Jessie (@auntieaplus) sent this one from Puerto Rico. Just stop and say aaaahhhhhh. #postcardist #puertorico

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World traveler Justin (@pamplin9704) sent this city view from New Orleans. #postcardist

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The Magic Flute. Now we know the inspiration thanks to Louise (@wilelouise). #postcardist

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Food photos at Chipotle from the talented photographer @dave.wolanski #postcardist #guacamole

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This card sat on my desk for at too long. But on this bright day in New England I feature this splash of green from Frances (@francesmc) in Seattle. #postcardist

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One of my favorite songs all-time is Bob Dylan’s “Girl from the North Country.” And imagine how pleased I would get this card from my good friend Nicole, who is, indeed, a girl from the North Country. #postcardist

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There’s pretty architecture and then there’s architecture that takes my breath away. This card from Michelle (@modified_happymail) is the latter. Minnesota gets a lot of snow...but buildings like this makes it worth it. #postcardist

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The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. And with this naughty card from my buddy, Russ (@russromano), that axiom is laid bare. #postcardist

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Peep this postcard from my friend Susan. What a beauty. #postcardist

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Love these chairs featured on this postcard Denise sent me. Charles Eames. What a designer. #postcardist

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Look at this beauty sent to me by my friend Fi (@fi.austin). Those are fireworks over Edinburgh Castle...one of the prettiest places in one of the prettiest cities anywhere. And oh...that stamp! Postcard by @rachelle.w_ #postcardist

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Just to give you some perspective, I of course used a banana for scale next to this gigantic postcard of Mt. Fuji from my friend Jim (@jlynch9923). What a scene. #postcardist #bananaforscale

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I got this wonderful card from Shanny (@shmaaac) a while ago. And I saved it for today because...it made me happy and why not today? Have you been following her adventures in Yosemite on Take a Hike (@takeahikepodcast)? #postcardist

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Do what Einstein said. I just walked past the place where Jessie (@indemand_communications) got this card. Fab. #postcardist

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Groeten uit Schaijk. A wonderful hello from my friend Margeux (@geuxieee_sm). #postcardist

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A fantastic card from Mack (@mattgrillo_) featuring The Fantastic Four. Don’t stop for anything! #postcardist #thefantasticfour

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mistymail. I continue being eerily charmed by the very first postcard I received

I continue being eerily charmed by the very first postcard I received from @postcardist six months ago. Frank absolutely hit it out of the park for me on this first go and I still enjoy searching for that ball. #benjaminlancombe #postcardist #postcard #snailmail #postcardvault #philately #philatelist #uspostage #postmark #mail #penpal #penpals #penfriend

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