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International mail is sometimes amazing. Magda (@stamp_and_away) sent this blueberry cupcake and it came through the mail perfectly. I ate it in just six bites. Do you ever cut the bottom off your cupcake postcards and sandwich the icing before you eat them? #postcardist #cupcake #blueberry #blue

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Um...no, it wasn’t me. The card is blank. You can [fill in the blank] with any name you like. Tell me...did you think of someone who should get this card right away? Don’t comment on the name. Just yes or no. And thanks to Jess (@jessdoesdiy) for this thought experiment. #postcardist

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Papa’s got a brand new bag. Go ahead, explain those lyrics. Or how my buddy Bill (@bill.haines1959) found this soul classic postcard. #postcardist #toohotinthehottub #jamesbrown

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Some days don’t have themes. But they do have dang great postcards. This one from Shanny (@shmaaac) is that. A really beautiful watercolor. And a place I’m sure she’d talk about on @takeahikepodcast #postcardist

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We had it all Just like Bogie and Bacall Starring in our old late, late show Sailing away to Key Largo 🏝 Thanks to Diane (@diantian7) this sunrise from Key Largo. #postcardist #keylargo #frankpalmer #tropicalday

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And what place in Louisiana do we love on State of Mind Day? Yep. NOLA. Again, thanks to Justin. #postcardist #stateofmind #louisiana #nola #neworleans

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The tenth card on State of Mind Day is this classic from Bill (@bill.haines1959 #postcardist #tennessee

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Don’t pass me by, don’t make me cry, don’t make me blue / ‘cause you know darlin’ I love only you. 🎸 Imagine opening a package, only to discover your buddy Bill (@bill.haines1959) has sent you the brand new Beatles White Album. It’s now the soundtrack to my December days. Thanks, buddy. #postcardist #whitealbum #beatles

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“My wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death. One or the other of us has to go.” - Oscar Wilde on his death bed. Jessie (@auntieaplus) asks if this is the wallpaper he referred to. #postcardist #wallpaper #oscarwilde

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Elk crossing Highway 101 at Brinnon, Washington. I want to see this sight where Akasha sees this as part of her daily drive. Spectacular. #postcardist #olympicmountainrange

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I’m chuffed to have won the @artonapostcard auction for this one-of-kind postcard by the celebrated artist Peter Layzell. He titled this oil painting “Masked Figure.” Scroll through to see more detail on this postcard. I feel honored to have it. @peterlayzellpainter #postcardist #peterlayzell

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I’ve got a couple ideas. And Jessie (@auntieaplus) has a lot of them with her consultancy (@indemand_communication). No comments required...but what’s the coolest idea you came up with this week? And if you’re not doing it, why not? #postcardist #oscarwilde

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Santa Mail in the train station. #postcardist #santa #santamail

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Sometimes a postcard whispers, “Look at me. And don’t look away.” That’s this card from Jess (@jessdoesdiy). #postcardist #newzealand #kiyomizudo

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Okay, here’s a state of mind...meaning I should have done this yesterday during Beach Day. This wonderful card is from Michal. #postcardist #maldives

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Can Provinces fit on State of Mind Day? Sure...why not? Love this set from Magda (@stamp_and_away). #postcardist #vancouver

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I want to get my a** to New Mexico. Thanks for the cards and the laugh @rockitnrebel #postcardist #santafe #newmexico

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The New York state of mind is so well known there’s a song about it. Thank you, Bia (@bialoveee). #postcardist #newyorkcity #playbill #atelier

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Its State of Mind Day at the Postcardist State Capitol Building. And we start with Louisiana from Justin. #postcardist #stateofmind #louisiana

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Just sit back for 15 seconds and look at this original art postcard that Jessica’s (@jessdoesdiy) friend created and signed. Thanks so much, Jess, for this special card. And this moment of zen. #postcardist #waves #flowing #tropicalday

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I’ve never surfed the Bonzai Pipeline but I have web surfed. And that’s kinda like hanging ten, right Tara (@tbt924)? I give this gorgeous lenticular card form friend a 10, that’s for certain. #postcardist #lenticular #postcard #tropicalday

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Evan (@thepostlandia) went to a post office. He took a picture. As Phoebe Buffay said: Lather. Rinse. Repeat as needed. In Evan’s case, that’s approaching 10,000 times. I think he needs a theme song. #postcardist #longbranch #postoffice

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Let us harken back to kinder and more genteel times. Plus, doesn’t Tara’s (@tbt924) great grandmother look cute in her bonnet and parasol? #postcardist

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So, one time Jessica (@jessdoesdiy) asked if I wanted to join her for a brunch cruise on Lake Superior. But I misheard what she said. I thought she said, “Let’s meet at 10am. The ship you’ll be looking for is the S.S. Moronic.” 🚢 I missed out on the eggs Benedict. #postcardist #ssnoronic #greatlakes

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Long before there was The Postcardist Podcast, Bill (@bill.haines1959) and I used to put on white tuxedo jackets, black pants, and patent leather shoes while we recorded The Zion-Benton Blues using nothing but xylophones, oboes, and triangles. #postcardist

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A souvenir of that summer when Guillaume (@bill.haines1959) and I worked as teenage fishing guides by day and moonshine distillers by night. #postcardist

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Across we travel to St. Andrews with Harper (@harperrdaniels), whose mom (@jill.beda.daniels) suggested Harper send me a postcard from her travels. Thanks so much, Harper! And thank you, Jill! What a wonderful card. #postcardist #scotland #standrews

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Kitty in Quebec City. Has a certain charm to it. Thank you, Katrinka (@this.kitty). #postcardist #quebeccity #citydaycontinues

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I call it Shan Diego because Shanny (@shmaaac) went there and sent this cool card. Notice a theme today? #postcardist #sandiego

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Funny. Amazon Prime says hello to me every day. I’m starting to have the definitive collection of box sizes from all the prime deliveries to my house. So imagine my delight when I got this postcard from them. No...wait...I’m just kidding. I got this card from Sara (@snailmailsuperstar) from when she was visiting their geodesic dome one day. #postcardist

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Tara (@tbt924) sent me a reminder. Washington slept here. And I need to soon. #postcardist #pnw

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Spoonbridge & Cherry by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen. Fab card from @mnmailcrafter. #postcardist

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Every once in a while, when it’s especially cold in New England, I skate to my mailbox and amaze my neighbors with pirouettes that allow my red cape to flow like a muleta. Here’s a painting of that moment captured by Hieronymous Bosch as I was gliding on wooden skates one wintery day. Thank you, Zan (@postcardzania) for sending this from Bosch to me. #postcardist

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If I had a hammer I'd hammer in the morning I'd hammer in the evening All over this land I'd hammer out danger I'd hammer out a warning I'd hammer out love between My brothers and my sisters, ah-ah All over this land ☀️ That’s the song I sang when I got this card from Margeux (@geuxieee_sm). #postcardist

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As Stephen (@stevemroche) wrote, “Who knew the Devil’s lettuce could lead to such loose morals?” What a great card from 1960 by the artist, Santos. #postcardist #partyist #maryjane #isabadgirl

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