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My new bestie… In tanning products... duh 😉 So tanning can be quite a daunting thing… and boy, have I seen terrible tans before! I prefer to look tanned all year around and lying in the sun is not an option nowadays. (It's super boring and so bad for your skin 😩) What makes @skinnytan_sa so amazing (and different from the rest)? Hmm... it got me at improving cellulite!! Just kidding, or maybe not. 🤭😉 All their products are vegan, eco-friendly and of natural origin. It is super easy to apply, looks natural and amazing in photos! It's got that golden glow, no orange, no yellow, just a beautiful, evenly tanned look. And another great thing about @skinnytan_sa , it doesn't dry out my skin! It's full of antioxidants and vitamin C, E and hydrators... Yay! Oh... and did I mention it smells amazing? (There is nothing worse than that self tan lotion/burny flesh smell... Skinny Tan smells all coconutty! Summer vibes all day! 😃🌞 Couldn't love it more!! I can go on and on and on, but best is to try it out for yourself! Let me know what you think 😉 #productreview @skinnytan_sa Location: @lunikhy_game_farm Mua: @flawlessmakeup_by_donique 📸 @carlosfrazao.photography Hair: @garyromhair #skinnytan #selftanning #lifestyle #flawlessmakeup #tannedgirl #flawlessbydonique #summertime #goldenglow #garyromhair #bronzed

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sehersays. Probably my favourite hand cream 💁🏻‍♀️ (photo via Pinterest) ✨✨✨

Probably my favourite hand cream 💁🏻‍♀️ (photo via Pinterest) ✨✨✨

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Time for another product review!! @feynlab has a new tire and wheel cleaner available for both consumers and professionals to purchase! It’s high lighter green in color, has a neutral smell and works very well for a non fall out remover cleaner! Watch my video to see it in action! https://youtu.be/qwWcHyoJwXk Give me a call for luxury In home service! Wicked Mobile Protection 617-901-1417 Www.wickedautoprotection.com IG: @wicked_mobile_protection YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvil21V1Sdl8J_8UQWGF5Ww . . . . . . . #detailing #feynlab #shinesupply #e63samg #mercedesbenz #e63amg #autodetailing #detailingsupply #productreview #amg #amgprivatelounge #amgsocallounge #taxman #detailersofinstagram #orangecounty #irvine #mobiledetail #amge63 #amggang #bodenautohaus #youtube #detailingyoutube #wickedautoprotection #socal #detailingcars #subscribetomychannel #amazingcars247 #carswithoutlimits #cargram

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alittlebitofbohoinapt304. Some fall favorites!
I absolutely lovr false eyelashes and have been w

Some fall favorites! I absolutely lovr false eyelashes and have been wearing them since beauty school. Now I obsessed don't wear them every day but when I do I feel so much more myself. I love a good dramatic eye. 3ith that being said a fluffy natural brow is a definite must and this NYX mascara brow wand does the trick... Top the face off with some plum blush which is newer to me and you have a beautiful fall makeup look! . . . . . #fall #makeup #makeupasthetic #makeuponpoint #favorites #beaurymusts #beautyproducts #snakeskin #blush #fluffybrows #brows #aesthetic #hipster #musthaves #productlove #productalert #productreview #nyx #eyelashes #lashesfordays #falsies #girly #mymakeup

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juniskenshi. Aku paling stress kalau Jaey flu.Dan tipe Jaey flu itu, susah banget k

Aku paling stress kalau Jaey flu.Dan tipe Jaey flu itu, susah banget kalau mau keluarin ingusnya, karna dia gak mau disedot ( pakai alat) dan juga belum ngerti kita suruh hempaskan ingusnya sendiri. Jadi sering banget lendirnya itu nyangkut di dalam hidung numpuk dan mengeras juga. Dan Jaey juga sensitif banget kalau mau dibersihin dengan cottonbud. Dan akhirnya aku ketemu Momami @momami.id ,ada Salin Wipes, buat encerkan lendir, dan it really works loh moms. Jadi, kita lap hidung si kecil seperti biasa, tapi lendirnya itu bisa keluar dan setelah aku check lebih, ternyata Salin Wipes itu mengandung garam ( antiseptik alami) jadi bener2 bagus ya untuk si Kecil yang lagi pilek dan gak lecet juga hidungnya. Setelah itu, aku langsung beli 1 set wipes Momami: 1 Anti Bacterial Wipes Ini buat ganti popok, mengandung aloe vera jadi bener2 menjaga dan melembabkan kulit si kecil 2 Water Wipes Aku paling suka pakai ini, karna ini bisa dipakai buat apa aja, lap tangan, mulut, wajah, karna ini 99% air yang sudah didemineralisasikan dan mengandung aloe juga 3 Salin Wipes Ini yang Jaey pakai waktu pilek, ini rekomen bgt jadi kalian boleh coba moms 4 Pacifier and Bottle Wipes Ini aku beli buat ntar mau bawa travelling jadi gak usah pusing lagi bersiin botol dan alat makan Jaey 5 Tooth and Gum Wipes Jaey uda gosok gigi, tapi lidahnya suka ada jamur, jadi aku sekarang coba bantu bersihkan pakai wipes 6 Citrapela Wipes Aku pnasaran banget sama ini, dan coba pakai pas ngajar moms, karna di rumah murid banyak nyamuk dan ternyata bisa loh. Tapi aku belum coba bisa tahan berapa jam. Jadi, aku suka banget Wipes dari Momami @momami.id ini, menurut aku bener2 sesuai untuk fungsi dan kebutuhan aku, dan semuanya alami, no paraben, no alkohol, no fragnance. • #momami #jaeychen #mamijaeyreview #1moms1411 #4moms1411 #gofmnov1419 #tsl14NOV19 #sls141119 #antisepticwipes #babywipes #endorse #endorsement #mamijaeysharing #jaeyendorse #productreview

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iamcindyfoo. #媚儿范
我平时没有戴首饰的习惯,第一次戴上 @brandqueens_malaysia 他们家的香精扩散器项链和手链,感觉轻奢白搭!戴

#媚儿范 ✨ 我平时没有戴首饰的习惯,第一次戴上 @brandqueens_malaysia 他们家的香精扩散器项链和手链,感觉轻奢白搭!戴着舒服,还能随意调整长度。 ✨ 优质纯铜材质加上电镀防脱色18K/24K,可保存1-3年不变色,一年之内变质将获得一次换新机会。饰品构造没有可造成肌肤敏感的成份(因个人肤质而异)。 ✨ 想看我的Brand Queen's Perfume Jewelry开箱影片吗?锁定今晚8PM准时上传Facebook和IGTV! ✨ 欲购买或查看更多产品,可浏览: https://brandqueensmalaysia. com FB: BrandQueen's Perfume Jewellery IG: @brandqueens_malaysia#brandqueen #brandqueenmalaysia #perfumejewellery

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PRODUCT REVIEW 🧐 If your like me and looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly and conscious, then continue reading.. 💙🌎 Single use plastics - From straws to water bottles, shampoo and conditioner. All these products only get used once then end up in the landfill or ocean. These products are not biodegradable but do break down over many, many years while realising toxic chemicals into our water and food supply. In my quest to find alternative options to these single use items, I was recommended by my dear cousin to give @lushcosmetics bar shampoo a try. I have been using the same shampoo and conditioner for well over 15 years and this is because it has worked for my difficult hair. As many of you know I have thick, curly (sometimes), course and LONG hair. I have trusted Head and Shoulders to keep my dandruff free for, oh gees, about 20 years. I live in a dry climate so I need a shampoo that will keep the flakes away and a conditioner that will keep my hair feeling silky. I didn't believe that a bar of shampoo could do for me what H&S has done for years, but I needed to try. I went in to try a sample and the staff were very knowledgable! I told her my hair issues and she suggested I try the "Soak and Float" bar. I received a quarter size sample and immediately went home to try it out. Three weeks later and the tiny quarter size sample is done and I AM STILL DANDRUFF FREE! I am so impressed that this product worked and so happy that I no longer need to buy single use shampoo bottles!! The shampoo bar lathers up so well and clearly lasts a long time! I simply rub it around the crown of my scalp, rub it in to create a good bubbling and work it down the tips. My hair feels and looks just as nice as it did with the previous products but I can sleep a little better knowing that my family had made a change that will help this planet. And yours can too 🤗 @lushcosmetics uses the freshest and ethical products, their products are vegan or vegetarian, are never tested on animals and lastly they use less packaging or accept some packages back to be properly recycled!! If you've been looking to make a change like this in your home, make sure to visit Lush!

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Do you know clay mask is in same way beneficial for hair and scalp as it can be for skin? If you have oily scalp, clay mask will be the great option. It removes toxins to give you a clean and healthy scalp. And we all know that healthy scalp gives nice sheen to your hair. Well let's talk about @wild_organica_home oily scalp hair pack. . . . 🍃 Ingredients: Bentonite clay, Charcoal, Aloe vera, Amla, Bhringraj, Hibiscus, Neem, Nettle leaves, Shikakai. . . . 🍀 To activate add water or curd. I use plenty of water to make a smooth paste (swipe to see the texture). Then I apply the treatment on my scalp only. As my hair is dry, I skip applying on hair. Keep for 15 to 20 minutes wash off with mild shampoo followed by a good conditioner and serum (A must if you have dry, frizzy hair). . . . 🌸 This clay pack works as a good detoxifier giving me a clean scalp. I see much dirt and pollutants on my scalp and hair as I go out every day. On the first use it makes my scalp squeaky clean that I didn't like. I don't love this tight feeling. Actually, it's dry weather here and hence, the dryness. So, I oil my hair before applying it. Then, after 2nd and 3rd use I got the result I wanted to see. I feel very clean and light after each wash. 🍄 So, I can say that this pack will work superb during humid summer days when I sweat a lot and end up with super oily, irritated scalp. 🌷 . . 🏵️ Have you used any product from @wild_organica_home ? What's your take on them?🍀🌸 . . . . . . #shreemayee4 #organichaircare #productreview #healthylifestyle #healthy_hair_journey_ #healthyscalp #scalppack #oilyscalp #claymask #indiangirls #l4like #lifestyleblogger #fblogger #prpackage

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We were NOT prepared for this. ⁣ ⁣ Is this product a ONE Wilson product? A THREE Wilsons product? Ahhhh! The stress is real, people.⁣ ⁣ It’s up to you to decide. Are you Team Sheena and willing to pay the $14.99 for a “fair” product or Team Natasha and staying away from what is, in all fairness, a noose?! ⁣ ⁣ #productreview #necktraction #amazonreview #notanad #crashtestdummies #igtv #letustryit #producttesting #funnyproductreview #bff #backpain #neckpain #spinalstretch #notadoctor⁣

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patrickmua10. Guess who tiene un nuevo favorito? ✨✨ Como bien lo saben, para el diar

Guess who tiene un nuevo favorito? ✨✨ Como bien lo saben, para el diario me maquillo bastante leve y siempre estoy probando nuevas foundations que cumplan justo con ese objetivo: looking groomed! Boy de @chanel.beauty es una línea diseñada para el Grooming de los hombres y AMO la idea! Le Teint es una base súper ligera y además, cubre justo lo necesario! La textura es ligera y es indetectable en la piel. Hope you love 💕! #chanelbeauty #chanel #boydechanel #makeupblogger #makeupblog #beautyblogger #beautyblog #meninmakeup #productreview #makeupreview #taptap #boywithmakeup #instagay #grooming #patrickmua1011

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✨Product review✨⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Love, love, love this @farmacybeauty Honeymoon Glow AHA resurfacing serum! It has 10% AHA, 1% BHA and 3% gentle flower acids from hibiscus. The AHA in this is lactic acid and glycolic acid whereas willow bark extract is the main BHA. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ✨I was looking for a good chemical exfoliator and after using a couple of unsuitable products, stumbled upon this. My skin doesn’t exfoliate well by itself and I often get blackheads/whiteheads. This serum has really helped my skin turnover rate. My acne, blackheads and whiteheads have reduced tremendously.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ✨I’m not kidding when I tell you that it actually reduced the size of my mild acne overnight. As with all other AHAs/BHAs, it’s also helped me with my old acne pigmentations. It’s been my holy grail exfoliator since 7-8 months now. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ✨However, with 14% exfoliators, it is very potent so be careful if you’re new to chemical exfoliators. My skin is pretty sensitive to acids so when I started using this, I used it only once a week. I’ve now bumped it to 3 times a week but it still stings me some days. On days my skin is drier, I avoid using it near the edges of my nose as it’s drier than other parts of my face. I use a hydrating toner before and follow it up with a rich moisturizer. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ✨It also consists of some hydrating and soothing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, honey extract, propolis extract, Royal jelly extract, etc. so that’s an additional bonus if you’re looking for an excellently formulated chemical exfoliator. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ✨Lastly, it’s a clean beauty at @sephora, so it’s free of the nasties (including synthetic fragrance) that you’d wanna avoid. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ✨Repurchase : Totally yes! ⁣ ⁣ Happy #skincaring 💝⁣ ⁣ The Skincare Aficionado⁣ #farmacy #skincarereview #skincare #productreview #beauty #skincareblogger #skincareaddiction #skincaretips #skinobsessed #skincareblog #skincareproducts #skincareroutine #skincarediary #skinblogger #skincarecommunity #skintips

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beauty.lovers18. Feedback Sobella Lipmatte,kalau yang dah try pasti puas hati dengan te

Feedback Sobella Lipmatte,kalau yang dah try pasti puas hati dengan texture Sobella Lipmatte bukan sahaja mencantikkan bibir uolls tapi merawat juga tau. Sobella limited edition ye uolls. Berminat? Boleh klik link wasap Eira di bio yer. #sobella #fruitliptintsobella #lipmatte #eyeshadow2minitsobella #matteedition #shimmeredition #wonderblushsobella #sobellahoneygoldserum #socantik #jomcantik #lipstick #gorgeous #productreview #productterbaru #jadicantik #jomcantik #johor #gelangpatah #trustedsellermalaysia #wawavengers

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Oiamik Blue Light blocking glasses #oiamik #bluelightblocking #productreview Reduce eye strain, fewer headaches from your screen, and improve your sleep 📣Çheck out a full review on my blog📣 http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07XC57MC4

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templebabies. Collecting the entire Little Learners Science Series is now easier tha

Collecting the entire Little Learners Science Series is now easier than ever before! By downloading PDF you save $24! The #1 representation in STEM for young black children! Invest in their dreams today and buy now at www.templebabies.com #templebabies . . . . . . . #science #temple #blackhomeschoolers #buyfromablackwoman #blackhistory #buyblack #positiveblackimages #supportblackowned #redefineblack #2danimation #melaninkids #animation #art #womenownedbusiness #black #drawing #blackanime #childrenbook #productreview #blackownedbusiness #blackhomeschool #blackhomeschoolers #dopeblackartist #coloringbook #blackwomenlead #blackhistoryfacts #homeschool #blackhomeschoolers

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bubbleboat_. A Happy customer she used
🎉Cocoa body butter
🎉Aleovera fash wash
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gram.handmade.soap. We would like to know your feedback!


We would like to know your feedback! At GRAM HANDMADE SOAP, we aim to provide the best quality of our products. Are you satisfied with our products? Let us know in the comment below! . . . #customerfeedback #beautyproduct #feedback #productreview #productreviews #skincareproduct #beauty

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haileyfrew. product review✨

You guys, this diaper bag is sooo good. Made by @momi

product review✨ You guys, this diaper bag is sooo good. Made by @mominside_official I have so much to rant and rave about, but I will keep it short and sweet. It has: •multiple zippered pockets •padded back with a hidden pocket •pockets inside to keep you organized •roomy enough to fit all your essentials •hidden wet/dry pouch •amazing price point at $35.00 CAD •gorgeous colour outside and inside If you are on the hunt for a good diaper bag, you mid as well get yourself one of these♥ COMPANY👶🏻: @mominside_official

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free_amazon_reviewer_agent. #kidssmartwatch #kidswatch #kidswatches  Us only !  re.fund by PP +fee

#kidssmartwatch #kidswatch #kidswatches Us only !  re.fund by PP +fee ,Need re.view . PM me if you are interested.. #freeamazonproducts

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