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❌✅ Last time I posted one of these you guys loved it, so here we go again with another episode of DOS and DONTS. Comment bellow if you promise not to ever do these movements incorrectly! You can injure yourself and nobody got time for that. 🙅🏻‍♀️ Tag a friend and save for later! LEG EXTENSIONS ❌Don’t swing the weight up using momentum. ❌Don’t stop before full extension. ❌Don’t let your bottom to come off the seat. ❌Don’t go too heavy. ✅Go slow and controlled. ✅Keep hips and bottom on the seat the entire time. ✅Press your bottom and hamstrings into the seat. ✅Pause for a moment at the top, making sure to get a full contraction. Imagine bringing your knee cap towards your hip. ✅Control the eccentric. HIP THRUST ❌Don’t look up towards the ceiling. This creates hyperextension in your lower back. ❌Don’t set up too low on bench. ❌Don’t put your feet too far out. ✅Gaze straight forward. Keep chin tucked. ✅Play around with foot position to see how you feel it best for your body anatomy. I feel it best when my knees are about 90 degree at the top of the movement. ✅Squeeze your glutes at the top. DEADLIFT ❌Don’t round your back. ❌Don’t lean forward. ❌Don’t look up. ✅Use double overhand grip. It’s usually fine to use reverse grip, but if you are training for aesthetics, this can create imbalance. ✅Keep spine neutral. ✅Lead with the hips. SPLIT SQUAT ❌Don’t set up too wide. This does nothing. ❌Don’t allow your knee to pass over your toes. ✅Keep weight on heel. ✅Think of sitting back into the movement. ✅Keep knee in line with middle toes.

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wasabi.fitness. Comment below \"PUSHUPS\" if you enjoy the content/post.

Comment below "PUSHUPS" if you enjoy the content/post. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Follow me @wasabi.fitness daily nutritional & training advice! 😉 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ *FIX YOUR PUSHUPS!* by @skiman.factual.fitness @achievefitnessboston ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Awesome post by @achievefitnessboston. Push ups are one of the most basic exercises and they are done improperly quite often. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Here the top image shows us the incorrect way with the shoulders shrugged and elbows pointed output. This puts you in a compromising position in which the load is heavily on the shoulders which could cause issues down the road. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ On the bottom we have a correct yet safer position where the shoulders are not compromised and instead of having the angle from the body being 90 degrees we are at a 45 degree angle which allows us to focus the load correctly to the chest and triceps. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I love pushups at the end of a workout, they are great finishers to any push routine. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Hope this helps! If you made it this far please comment below "PUSHUPS" as it helps me to see that I'm making a difference in your fitness goals. As always have a great day. . . . . . . . #transformationtuesday #pushyourself #pushupchallenge #pushup #fitnesspro #transformationchallenge #bbgcommunity #strongnotskinny💪 #girlswhotrain #fitfam #fitgirlsofig #strongcore #gymfit #tricepsworkout #eatcleantrainmean #properform #cleaneatingaddict #girlgains #workout💪 #weightlosstips #girlswholiftheavy #girlswhotrain #positivemindset #positiveenergy #findyourpassion #girlswhoworkout #exercisemotivation #healthyhabit #wasabifitness

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📌Barbell curl egzersizini yaparken yapılan hatalar ve doğru yapılışı 👉Hatalar genellikle ; Kontrolsuz , sallanarak ve omuz kaslarını fazladan devreye sokarak yapılıyor. 👉Kontrollü ve sallanmadan ,videodaki şekilde yapin👌 . . . 📌Daha fazla bilgi için takip edin! Thx @skiman.factual.fitness #barbell #hata #mistake #properform #gymlife

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trainingtutorials. What big triceps? Try this.
What you should be focusing on is full ran

What big triceps? Try this. What you should be focusing on is full range of motion and slow and controlled reps along with keeping the elbows tucked for maximum load on the triceps. Keeping your upper arms close to your head with elbows in and perpendicular to the floor, lower the resistance in a semicircular motion behind your head until your forearms touch your biceps. Bonus Tip: The upper arms should remain stationary and only the forearms should move. . Credit 📽 @skiman.factual.fitness

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yogaalignment. 💃 #Natarajasana ↔ #LordoftheDancePose or #KingDancerPose on 👉@yogaal

💃 #Natarajasana#LordoftheDancePose or #KingDancerPose on 👉@yogaalignment with @melisfit_ ・ ・ ・ Flexibility vs. Proper Form: Because you shouldn’t always compare yourself to the yoga you see in Instagram photos!! 👉🏼 Dancer’s pose always felt like an easy pose for me. Practicing gymnastics for a large part of my life, I am naturally more hyper-flexible in my hips allowing me to take my leg up super high. I also loved how getting my leg super high and straight looked in my instagram photos and showcased my flexibility. What I didn’t realize is by practicing the pose the improper way, and favoring flexibility over proper form, I wasn’t squaring my hips and I was actually causing stress injury to my shoulder and hips over time (and I started to feel it!). Although it’s not as easy, comfortable or instagram worthy to keep my hips square and my chest more lifted - I know in the long run this is going to help me build strength around those joints and engage my core. 👉🏼It is so common to see a flexible, strong, beautiful pose on instagram and feel as though we don’t measure up. What you must remember is you have to prioritize how your body feels vs how it looks and that’s what is right for YOUR body when you’re practicing on your mat (and it may be more flexible or strong than others or less!). Practice YOUR yoga and no one else’s. I promise your practice is already so beautiful because it is unique to you!!! 💓 Xo Melis . . . #yogaalignment #yoga #ImproveYourPractice

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j.trev.fitness. I LOVE SITTING ALL DAY...says no one ever.
After working all day you

I LOVE SITTING ALL DAY...says no one ever. . After working all day your hips and hip flexors are tight. You get to the gym and foam roll for 3 min and then hit the squat bar. . Lol . Professional athletes do dynamic warms up because it gets your body and brain working together. Set yourself up for a good lift. . Give these a try on your next lower body day, comment below what you think . I guarantee you will be able to lift more and decrease pain. . This is part 1 of my hip mobility series. Will show you more soon! . . . . #hipmobility #mobility #romwod #athlete #dynamicwarmup #weighttrainingforwomen #myofuntionalblueprint #bbgtransformation #kaylaitsines #squats #deadlift #properform #giveaway #fitness #fitnessmotivation #bestself #fitnessgoals #moveu #myodetox #gains #carbbackloading #rehab #trainforlife #health #booty #onnit #alphalete

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workoutprogramsapp. It's Day 4 of our chest focused program. We're going to work out SHOUL

It's Day 4 of our chest focused program. We're going to work out SHOULDERS today and give our chest a rest. Keep the reps slow and steady for this workout. Pick a weight that you can do the full amount of reps while keeping proper form. The first two exercises are a superset. This means to do one set of each excercise with no rest in between. Then repeat the rotation. 90 second rest between the other normal lifting sets. LIKE, comment, and share this workout with your gym buddies and get started! For more workouts, download the app FREE👇 iOS: apple.co/2M6Znpg Android: bit.ly/WorkoutProgramsGoogle DB Side Lateral Raises 5 x 10 Superset with: DB Front Raises 5 x 10 BB Shoulder Press 5 x 10-12 DB Arnold Press 5 x 10-12 DB Shrugs 5 x 10-12 Plate Front Raise 5 x 10-12 Reverse Pec Dec Fly 5 x 15-20 HIIT - Treadmill 10 mins (30 sec sprint; 30 sec off) #workoutprogram #fitness #bodybuilding #gym #muscles #pump #workoutprograms #weightlifting #workoutroutines #legs #properform #workouttrainer #workoutplanner #bodybuilding

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Cable curls✅❌ ( @shreddedacademy ) . To perform cable curls, you should lean back slightly, keep your elbows at your sides, and then control the weight while completing a full range of motion. The constant tension on these is one of the main reasons why I like them so much. Don’t let the slight back lean become an exaggerated one where you end up doing cheat reps by using your back. Let your biceps do all the work 💪🏼 . Video by📽 @apfau #shreddedacademy #shredded_academy #gains #bicep #bicepcurls #curls #arms #armday #properform #formcheck #fitness

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hannahbower2. One of my biggest pet peeves I see floating around the internet is the

One of my biggest pet peeves I see floating around the internet is these two exercises demonstrated as core and booty work...but in reality aren’t really doing either. 🙈😅 . This is just to show proper and improper form so you can actually work the correct muscles safely & get benefits out of the exercise.🙏🏼🙌🏽 . . ⭐️Plank Work: Yes, I think it’s innate we all want better angles or to make our bums appear larger...but here’s the deal. Your butt is already cute and poking it out in plank work doesn’t benefit you, at all. . TIPS: 👉🏽Engage your TVA ( transverse abdominus: deepest core muscle) before entering into your plank: This does two things. Helps control intra-abdominal pressure & sets you up for better form. Think of exhaling strongly with a “sss” sound. 👉🏽 Maintain TVA activation entire set. If you lose it. Stop. Activate. Begin again. 👉🏽If there’s a lot if hip movement or torso movement... your core really isn’t being engaged. 👉🏽 You should be able to balance a bottle of water anywhere on your back during a plank. 👉🏽 Stand up and practice proper body alignment before trying a plank. 💥When you engage and do core work properly you can FEEL the engagement. . . . 🍑 Glute kick backs| Donkey kicks: When doing any extension of the hip, don’t arch your back! Placing your hips in an anterior pelvic tilt doesn’t allow your glutes to be fully recruited and places unnecessary stress on your lumbar. . TIPS: 👉🏽 Keep your pelvis neutral or even the placing in a posterior pelvic tilt. Thus optimizes glute engagement. 👉🏽 Slow the movements down and feel your glutes. Don’t go through the motions. 👉🏽 These are accessory movements. Don’t forget your compound lifts to truly make some growth in the glutes. Core guide is in the link in my bio ♥️ Outfit @ptulaactive ...the seamless line launches soon!

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🚫Stop doing these when doing chest press (whether that’s dumbbell or barbell).🚫 ✅ Do this instead to have proper form. Your body will thank you later 😘✅

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h.o.p.e_fit. 🚨 Upper body blast🚨 SAVE | TRY |  TAG A FRIEND! ➡️@h.o.p.e_fit 

🚨 Upper body blast🚨 SAVE | TRY | TAG A FRIEND! ➡️@h.o.p.e_fit _ _ 🔄 Resistance bands are a great Exercise to Target multiple muscles groups in one monster 👹set!! _ _ 👹👺MONSTER SET👺👹 ▶️BACK◀️ 🔥W,Y,T -4 sets of 8(each) ▶️Frontal upper body◀️ 🔥Curls 🔥Chest raises 🔥Angel raises 🔥 Shoulder press -3sets of 15(each) ▶️Posterior chain◀️ 🔥Triceps 🔥 Straight arm pull down 🔥Lat pulldown (not👀) 🔥 Diamond pushup( not 👀) -3sets of 15 ------------------------------------------------------- _ _ 🔓Unlock your shape with functional toning _ _ 🙌Exercises designed for you!!🙌 _ _ Our system focus on your goals, lifestyle,and fitness level give the most unique experience for fast results _ _ ☎️Call today for free fitness assessment (Learn secrets about your body) #fitness #dynamicwarmup #dynamicassesment #fitnessballs #resistancebands #properworkout #properform #hardwork #upperbodyworkout #curl #tricepsworkout

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bba.fitness. Intense Shoulder & Back Exercises Today.....Ain’t Nothing Slowing Us D

Intense Shoulder & Back Exercises Today.....Ain’t Nothing Slowing Us Down.....And It’s Definitely No One That Can Compete Besides My Man @realworld_tactical . Step Your Game Up When It Comes To This Fitness World @jimjonescapo 😂😂😂. #BodyByArty #ProperForm NeverQuit #NoFlabbyZone #TeamWork #TeamStrong

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chai.anns. I was doing 85 lbs of sumo deadlifts, I know it's \" light weight\" but

I was doing 85 lbs of sumo deadlifts, I know it's " light weight" but with any workout it is important to have proper form first, before you start adding on any/more weight. • It may feel degrading starting at a certain weight, but hey.. everybody starts off somewhere. It's an accomplishment you even got yourself to the gym💃🏻 • Now this post is to point out that when you're trying out an exercise that you've never really dabbled with, focus on how to do it correctly, get the hang of it, make sure you don't force any muscles to a point where it can cause damage. Your form may be lacking in the beginning, but that's okay. Keep going and you will get the proper form 🚨💪🏼🏋🏻‍♀️ • • #determination

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Back Superset 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 - Straight arm pushdowns: great exercise for your lats to start developing your straight arm scapular strength that will translate into more advance exercises like the deadlift - Face pulls: shift the work from your lats to your upper back by changing your hand placement and go right into facepulls - Tag a friend and incorporate this superset into your next back workout (3 sets of 12 each with 45 seconds rest between each sets) - . . . . . #gymcoach #sundaymotivation #beavisionary #fitnesscoaching #motivation #letsgetthisbread #doitanyway #lifefitness #healthybody #gympump #fitnesslife #gymfit #workoutplan #superset #workoutideas #workoutvideos #fitnesstransformation #gymvideos #lats #backworkout #backgains #properform #헬스 #휘트니스 #피트니스 #youvsyou

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bearpit. Bear Pit 101 will help provide you with early applicable tools to help

Bear Pit 101 will help provide you with early applicable tools to help you get the most out of each and every workout here at The Bear Pit. By learning proper form right from the start, each exercise and movement will be accomplished with efficiency and injury prevention! Think of this class as an investment to your workout experience, so that on your official day one you are dialed in on the striking knowledge and common exercises that we use and comfortable in the setting! @xtjames23 https://bearpit.com/product/bear-pit-101/ #bearpit #bearpitfitness #bearpitfit #anaheim #anaheimhills #yorbalinda #health #properform #kicking #striking #kinesiologymajor #coach #trainer

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mky_84. Keep this in mind! No joke: I had a rotator cuff impingment last year

Keep this in mind! No joke: I had a rotator cuff impingment last year shoveling 12” snow throughout my driveway. Use proper form to prevent injury! Otherwise, call me and I’ll manipulate your muscles back to normal 😅 (It’s true: massage fixes almost everything and anything) #properform #snow #snowshoveling #stronglegs

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donnafeelgoodfitness. Bad posture? First things first. Strengthen your BACK. The muscles of

Bad posture? First things first. Strengthen your BACK. The muscles of your upper and mid back are key for stabilizing your shoulder joints. They pull your shoulders down and back, so that you can stand tall and straight, instead of hunched over. Proper technique is crucial for back exercises to be effective. #strongback #goodposture #standtall #confidence #fitness #latpulldown #bentoverrow #properform #sundayfit #whiterockbc #surreybc #strengthtraining #fitover40 #backhealth #feelgoodfitness

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Why everyone squats differently, splits differently, bends differently, moves differently.... Our bodies are unique and understanding the natural alignment of your body is one way @headtoheel helps you grow as a person/dancer. Knowing your natural alignment helps you train in healthier ways - whether you’re training strength or flexibility. Having the tools to better yourself and helping you get there is our goal. Now officially taking on clients! • #headtoheella #biomechanics #structuralintegration #bodyalignment #properform #bettertraining #aerial #poledance

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fit_frenchchick. Push day ( I still start every workout with pull ups.. Regardless of b

Push day ( I still start every workout with pull ups.. Regardless of body part I'm training) I do 4 sets to failure. Warm up... 4 minute Tabata with battle ropes. 20 seconds active work 10 second rest. Compile e 8 rounds Pyramid sets 5 sets 12-10-8-6-4 Flat bench press Close grip bench press Incline DB press Military presses Seated lateral raise 4 sets 8-10 rep Dips superset with skull crusher #HIIT #crossfit #athlete #weightloss #pushday #fitchick #bodybuilding #gunshow #cleaneating #fitnessresults #weightloss #weightlifting #passion #goals #hotchick #musclegirl #properform #physique #gymguys #ironchicks #fitnessgoals #prep #muscles

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No slav, no squat, no service.

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muvz_fitness. Let’s keep it safe and 💯 y’all !!
If your squat doesn’t look like thi

Let’s keep it safe and 💯 y’all !! If your squat doesn’t look like this, let’s fix it to get our ultimate results 🔥. . . . #squats #squatworkout #muvzfitness #trainsafely #keeplearningkeepgrowing #properform #functionaltraining #crosstraining #inshapehealthclubs #backtobasic #fitness #healthylifestyle #healthgoals #ilovemyknees #safety #formandtechnique

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sammit_fit. Day 13: DEADLIFTS FOR DAYYYYYS. Putting all that protein from last nig

Day 13: DEADLIFTS FOR DAYYYYYS. Putting all that protein from last night to good use 😝. I’ve been working on increasing weight while trying to maintain appropriate form... it’s been a slower progress than I anticipated but I know this is the best way to do it. #progressionnotperfection #slowandsteadywinstherace #properform #lifting #deadliftsfordays #protein #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitgirls #fit #change #betterme #fitnessjourney2019

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The bench press is probably the most popular of the compound movements. Most think this is the best chest exercise, fact is there are better ones out there (dumbbell chest press). However, the bench press is a great all around upper body exercise that will target the chest, anterior delts, triceps and lats. . . While it looks really simple, there’s a lot of details within the movement that you need to ensure you’re doing right. If done incorrectly, there’s a strong chance for injury, most commonly the shoulder rotator cuff. One tip not mentioned in the video is the position of the elbows. Make sure they are at a 45 degree angle. Elbows should not be flared out (parallel to your shoulder) at the bottom of the movement. . What’s your favorite compound exercise? . . #chestworkout #chest #chestday #howto #tipsandtricks #beastmode #ripped #compoundexercises #triceps #delts #lats #bulking #formoverweight #properform #gym #homegym #benchpress #plates #imhungry #garageworkout #getit #getfit #getstrong #neverquit #noexcuses . 🎵 @edwardmayaofficial 🎶 Stereo Love

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thefemmephysique. I haven’t been able to post much lately. Finding the time to keep up w

I haven’t been able to post much lately. Finding the time to keep up with social media has been a challenge with four kids. I’m still learning my new rhythm and how to manage my time (on little sleep) But...I was able to put together a couple quick form videos yesterday. If you come to my classes, you will know that the “basic” barre squat, is really not so basic after all. There is so much to think about and do with your body to get everything out of this movement and see results. A squat is a very functional movement. We squat countless times a day (especially if you have young kids) without even realizing it. Although a barre squat is different from a functional squat (will demo this in another post) the alignment is generally the same for optimal movement. In this video I’ve demonstrated the correct way to squat at the barre, with form tips included and then two not so effective (but commonly seen) ways. Mindful movement = real, long lasting results and strong injury free bodies. Remember to keep it slow. It allows for more effective and intentional muscle activation. Fire up those leg muscles, especially the booty 🍑 by squeezing them and hugging them into the bones. You will be stronger and more solid in your movements. #mindfulmovement #muscleactivation #squats #core #barre #properform #gluteactivation #engageyourcore #workouttips

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FROG PUMPS as a finisher after my heavy hip thrusters and dl’s... you can use it in the beginning of your training as activator. Either way is amazing to isolate the Glute muscles, taking hams and erectors out of the equation . . . I did 4 rounds 30bw 👉🏽30weighted 👉🏽30bw 👉🏽30weighted . . pay attention that I am resting my neck not my back on the bosu ball, that is because I don’t want to put to much tension on my neck and making it a neck workout . . . So how to do it ? •Get into a glute bridge position •Flatten out lumbar spine (back) •Tuck neck into chest, touch chin to chest •Dig elbows into ground and touch your boobies 😆 •Put bottoms of feet together and scoot heels as close to butt as possible •Bridge into the air while maintaining position, repeat for desired # of reps

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correndoatraasfitness. Certo x Errado 👇
Trabalhe na sobrecarga progressiva, na conexão muscu

Certo x Errado 👇 Trabalhe na sobrecarga progressiva, na conexão muscular da mente e no tempo sob tensão para construir os glúteos dos seus sonhos! Espremer os glúteos não só irá ajudá-lo a cultivá-los, mas também ativá-los para evitar lesões na parte inferior das costas por ter músculos mais fortes do glúteo! Crédito de vídeo📽 @suse_urrutia . #shredded_academy #gains #bootyfordays #bootygainz #glutas #glutteroutout # dicas de exploração #properform #formcheck #squeezing #fitness . .

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NEW PRs 🥳😭 Today was Shoulders & Biceps and I wanted to push myself a little since I had a lot of energy. I finally hit 30lbs worth of dumbbells for Alternating Shoulder Press ✊🏽, 25lbs of dumbbells for Alternative Bicep Curls 😳, and finally 75lbs of regular Shoulder Press!!!! I’m so geeked out today with my PRs that it pushes me to the next level to keep grinding hard. I gotta say I use to HATE upper body for a while but now...... I’m starting to fall in love 🥰 and another note on that is while I record my workouts for you beautiful people. I noticed I don’t get self-conscious anymore while I do record in front of people 🤓 it’s one of those things where once you put yourself out there in the world and you forget about what other people think. It’s almost creating a new you 🌺 As I post this I encourage you to yet again put yourself out there for a confidence booster. Try something out of the norm that you normally wouldn’t do 👻 cause nothing and no one matters when you are trying to be the best you can be!! 🌱 start small and go after what you love ❤️ • • • Outfit- shirt: @nike Leggings: @ptulaactive Wrist Wraps: @amazon #upperbodyworkout #shoulders #biceps #personalrecord #gainz #focusonyourself #livinglifetothefullest #properform #growingslowly #ptulaactive #nike #powerlifting #latinastrong #militarywoman #muscles #breath #corebraced #nextlevel #challenge #outofthebox #selfconscious #selfconfidence #beautifulday

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Just a man and his van... that needs snow tires lol. #stevenspasssnowboarders #passholesofstevens #properform

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itz_all_my_fault_1791. I’ve set my #goals to #20 #continuous #swimlaps -
Now I’m half way t

I’ve set my #goals to #20 #continuous #swimlaps - . Now I’m half way there in quantity I don’t want to move on #without #quality - . Now that I have the #endurance - I’m taking it to the #nextlevel with aiming for #properform . I primarily 🏊‍♀️ #freestyle , #breaststroke and #backstroke so I’ll begin with making these #swimforms #mybitch first. . #nextmove - more #speedo #swimcap #colors . #swimmingpools #swimmers #swimmersforlife #swimmerslife #healthifestyle #ketoweightloss #ketotransformation #femaleveterans #introvertlife #jennlin1791

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