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epices_fonds_de_placards. Voilà voilà... Pourquoi j'ai beaucoup de mal avec la religion en génér

Voilà voilà... Pourquoi j'ai beaucoup de mal avec la religion en général et les intégristes en particulier.... #instapicture #instaphoto #religion #obscurantisme #intolerance #deni #retrograde #opiumdupeuple #religionkills

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empyrerock. .... 31st May .... 8 Days....

.... 31st May .... 8 Days....

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RELIGION DISAPPEARS: Prophets and Gods have graced the human world since the beginning of time. Early scriptures documenting their existence and teaching quickly became mainstream literature. We know this. Then something strange happened. In the same way that an aging adult finds themselves stuck in an era, sporting the style, binging the movies and playing the songs of the time, the human conscious got stuck in an early era spiritually. • • Prophets, Gods and Masters like Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and Krishna became accepted as the truth. And they were! Failure for the human to realize their own potential caused stagnation in regards to spiritual growth from this point forward. Unable to look past their own perception of reality, future prophets were shrugged off and disregarded, being called mad. Many were driven to the point of self harm, killed or, even worst, imprisoned within institutions. Dreamers, artists and creators became terms used to discredit the prophet, isolating their thoughts as illusions and creations of the solo mind. Stopping short of the message, and seeing only the entertainment value in their wisdom, the prophets and gods were enslaved for thousands of years. • • As the reemergence and acceptance of the New Gods began, the entire religious structure began to dissolve. Many let go of their religious beliefs with ease. Others clung to old beliefs, refusing to let go. False Prophets, those who had taken advantage of the spiritual lack during the periods of stagnation, recognized the fear in those who refused to let go and gathered them by the masses. Their power grew tremendously. Power, Control and Judgment became synonymous with the false prophets. False symbols of status and happiness became their obsessions and lures. Fear became their magic. Truth their only weakness. • • As far as structures go, what happened to the churches was very unique. Earth would become the largest in the galaxy, at least in the minds of the human. If you know the purpose of the church this would probably make sense though. Especially when you know the context. • • One question still remains: Where did all the humans go? #religion #prophets #newgods

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atheism_autumn. I never know why theists are against atheists over other religions , m

I never know why theists are against atheists over other religions , most of us are just saying “provide prove of claims” other religions are not only saying they found a god , but it’s not yours anddd most likely you’ll burn; If you don’t believe in their sky dude... 🙋🏻‍♀️I’m just asking for him to talk to me like he talks to you 💁🏻‍♀️ . I’m not saying if there were to be a god I would “worship” ... I right now don’t see a god worth worshipping, if I go to work , I get paid , in turn I eat, pay bills ect. He ignores around 550,000+ homeless people in the United States on a given night. More than 20+ percent of the world's population, may lack adequate housing. If you can choose a god , why choose that 🍆? I can get behind the possibility of there maybe being a creator , but a all loving ,all knowing ,all just god ... 😬 nah 🖕 . . #atheist #atheists #atheism #atheistic #atheistposts #atheisthumor #agnosticatheist #agnostic #atheists #atheistcommunity #proudatheist #militantatheist #atheistsofinstagram #igatheist #science #godfree #godisfake #antitheist #noreligion #nogodneeded #godless #antireligion #nogod #nogods #secularism #secular #religionfree #religionkills (brain cells)

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I appreciate I may not have my finger totally on the pulse, but until two years ago today, I had never heard of #adrianagrande . #religionkills #religionisbullshit #religionkillskillreligion

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quintensheriff. Trick'd Ya! A locust makes his way across a tangle of green organic br

Trick'd Ya! A locust makes his way across a tangle of green organic branches. I chose the locust for religion as I have seen firsthand how destructive these creatures can be. Growing up in Zimbabwe, Africa, for many years we had swarms of locusts devouring all the crops. In the same way, the world of the internet and media has started to show us a similar picture around the world. Stories of religious leaders abusing their privileges, hiding their actions and continuing their damage behind the facade of their churches and temples. The corruption and ongoing insistence that it is a positive force in the world, while the facts show the opposite. When will enough be enough? How many children need to be abused, raped women turned away from abortion clinics, and men will be protected from the evil they commit. God is good? Yeah right. @quintensheriff #montreal #montrealart #artforsale #instaart #inthestudio #iliketoartyhard #artforthehome #calledtobecreative #abstract #acrylic #philately #stamps #environment #inspire #CommunityOverCompetition #MakersMovement #newartwork #artnews #artinfo #creative #follow #Saatchiart #artFido @lemupfest #lemupfest #religion #religionkills #embarrassedtobecatholic

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faithlessgoddess. I suck at social media.

I suck at social media.

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