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My longest run, is your warm up My fastest time, is your cool down Yet you root for me and I cheer for you. We are runners, we are impressed with EFFORT. -Reist 125 days until the Burning River 50/100 miler....I need to run more... #runhardalwaysfinish - Effort is inspiring #RunTheYear2019 - Run all the Miles #RunDonna - I love my wife

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Two years, minus 3 days, since my last PR and today I set a new one by 8:09! . My main goal was to not take any walk, stretch or bathroom breaks. SUCCESS! My hips and knees began to hurt around mile 8 and walking crossed my mind for about 1.2 seconds. At mile 11 I almost had to stop due to traffic control but thankfully the CHP let the runners through when I was about 40 feet away. . I definitely went out too fast and it was WAY hillier than the website touted...I kept a 11:15/mile pace for miles 2 & 3 which were mostly uphill, but I felt so damn good and going slower felt harder. I was really hurting the last 4 miles, so instead of pushing it as I originally planned, I just held on. . I did visit the med tent for a bit cuz I was super dizzy. They forced me to eat a banana, protein bar and drink two bottles of @nuunhydration. I’m never hungry for the first 30-60 min so it was good to have someone bug me to eat. With all that tho, my legs and feet didn’t really hurt. I felt like I was (and still am) walking normal. . My next half is @runrocknroll in Seattle in June. It has some hills so will be sure to let @run4prs.coach.victoria know so I can be more prepared! . #seetameerun #beatyesterday #runlikeagirl #womensrunningcommunity #psyougotthis #running4real #ihavearunnersbody #run4prs #igrunner #run4prsathlete #strongereveryday #teamrun4prs

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rungallowaygirls. #latergram Stick a fork in us! .
We flipped this weekend and next we

#latergram Stick a fork in us! . . We flipped this weekend and next weekends workouts due to my {@coachlizruns} travel/work schedule, figuring 12x1 mile would be TOUGH after getting off a red eye from Phoenix {I’m @beautycounter L.E.A.D. bound on Thursday!} - so after high mileage {for us} and high stress weeks, we bombed {equal parts mentally and physically} this morning. . . We tapped out at 9ish repeats: @runnaomi had physical struggles which challenged her from rep 2, while I let my ego get ahead of my fitness and struggled because of it! . . The real-real is that we hit amazing paces, but the run didn’t live up to our expectations. And because of that, we were both left feeling defeated {for different reasons} at first. But isn’t that the thing about expectations? And ONE run does not define a training cycle! {good or bad} and I’m not sure anyone would call 7:40s a “bad” pace!! . . Reflecting on it, 12 hours after we started, I know we gave a good effort and are ready to keep training {and recovering} with our eyes on our main goal: to have a great, FUN race in California! . . #progressnotperfection #womensrunningcommunity #running4real #goodr #youllthankuslater #teamcep #cepcompression #teamsparkle #jeffing #runwalkrun #gallowaymethod #intervalrunning #milerepeats #mountains2beach

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carriesrunningdiaries. Yesterday the biggest was super sick with a fever and cough, today it’

Yesterday the biggest was super sick with a fever and cough, today it’s the littlest. Biggest feels much better today but still has a bit of a fever and a bad cough. The only question now is when will the middle kid get sick? 😑 Hoping it’s not the flu, I don’t really think it is since the oldest feels so much better today after a couple of doses of ibuprofen, but it looks like I’ll be calling the doc tomorrow to check. I wasn’t sure I’d get this recovery run in once baby started running a fever, but I snuck out while dinner simmered on the stove, he slept on the couch, and the other two played with playdough (and hubby was home, of course 😜). #motherrunner #running4real #runnersofinstagram #marathontraining #runhappy #womensrunningcommunity #pleasedontbetheflu

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2:28:27 (11:20/mile) . Mostly flat my ASS, but I crushed it! Ran the whole way and was faster than I expected. Time for In N Out. . #seetameerun #beatyesterday #runlikeagirl #womensrunningcommunity #psyougotthis #running4real #ihavearunnersbody #run4prs #igrunner #run4prsathlete #strongereveryday #teamrun4prs

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tinamuir88. Going down the stairs after a race is always where you really find out

Going down the stairs after a race is always where you really find out how sore you are from the day before...especially when you are carrying a 20lb baby...and all her “friends”. I am already dreading going down the stairs the day after Boston with all those downhills. Today, not so bad, but definitely a little soreness. We know that a good meal within 30 mins after a hard run or race will get the recovery process going, and allow your body to start healing those microtears running has created. But really friends, how many times have you missed that window? After a race, things are kinda hectic and you are in the moment of celebrating (or stewing :p). And often, in those first minutes post race, eating doesn’t actually even sound good. I don’t know about you, but I have missed it a LOT over the years, especially after a race...but those practice races (like mine yesterday) are critical to getting the recovery process going, because these races are the ones you need to practice racing, but it matters! You still have the goal race coming. For me, this is where BodyHealth comes in. I have been talking about Perfect Amino for YEARS because I do love it, and it is so easy to just take it with water after the race, and know that at least I have all the essential amino acids in my body, working hard to rebuild my muscles. @bodyhealthoptimized has a 100% money back guarantee, so if you don’t like it, you can get your money back AND if you use my code TINAMUIR10 you can get 10% off. If you have kids to run around after, or a bit of a habit of missing that critical window, you can relax a little with Perfect Amino, then enjoy that post race meal when you get to it (although hopefully you can get to it sooner, rather than later). #ad #running4real #runningforreal

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#flattamee is ready to go for the Inaugural Napa Women’s Half Marathon! This is my 6th half marathon and first race since joining @run4prs.coach.victoria last April after taking a long break from running. . The last year of training has had its fair share of ups and downs as far as health and consistency go, but I have come a long way! I don’t have any pace goals for tomorrow. The big goal is I’d love to run the entire 13.1 miles (I’ve taken stretch, walk or bathroom breaks in my previous races). The plan is to run the first 10 like a normal easy long run, and then based on how I’m feeling, push the last 5k. . My hotel as a tub, so I’m gonna go soak the legs, do some rolling and then pass out early. . #seetameerun #beatyesterday #runlikeagirl #womensrunningcommunity #psyougotthis #running4real #ihavearunnersbody #run4prs #igrunner #run4prsathlete #strongereveryday #teamrun4prs

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I may not have won the race, but bringing home my first GIANT check (literally ha), was pretty cool. Had fun in the @papajohns10miler this morning in Louisville, finishing as second place woman. Steve gave me strict instructions to keep the effort 5-6 for the first 5 miles, and so I had to check my ego at the door...or more accurately, at the start line. Cranked it as much as I could the final few miles, but just couldn’t get my legs moving fast enough to quite catch the lead woman. I guess that’s where me skipping strides and drills for...oh you know, months, has come back to bite me 😜 This was a fun event, finishing inside the University of Louisville football stadium, and was just the right amount of challenging with hills and flat parts. Hope to come back to this one, and highly recommend if you ever get the opportunity. So the big question is, what to do with the GIANT check? I’m thinking using a sharpie to add a few zeros to it, and placing it somewhere I can see it often...knowing someday I will earn a real life check with that number. What would you do?

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Planning on running the Chicago Shamrock Shuffle tomorrow? You should probably have one or two of Chef Amanda’s amazing croissants today. Even if you are not planning on any running tomorrow, you should start your weekend with one of her croissants

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running4thehills. Not pictured : the 25mph wind gusts! I hadn’t planned on running fast

Not pictured : the 25mph wind gusts! I hadn’t planned on running fast today, but my first mile was downhill with a strong headwind, and I was pushing into the wind so hard I ended up with a sub 7:45 pace. So then I wanted to try to keep my run that fast...It helped having a tailwind on one of the bigger hills! I quit at 9 miles when I’d been struggling to maintain for a mile or so, and then jogged 1 more mile to cool down. Super pleased with how good I felt while maintaining those paces for 9 miles! Not super pleased about the blister I got from my hokas. I love hokas, but this is the second pair that has rubbed the top of my toe raw and it is not fun! My 2nd pair of Clifton’s did it, and now my 2nd pair of Machs. @hokaoneone 😭 #marathontraining #koalaclip #hokaoneone #boston2019 #countdowntoboston #windyrun #temporun #runlikeagirl #nopainnogain #jumpforjoy #runhappy #running4real #trainhardrecovereasy #epaoaksport

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isaiah4031mom. Well that just sucked.
Two miles into a really good tempo run at half

Well that just sucked. Two miles into a really good tempo run at half marathon pace, I suddenly had to 💩. I tried to push through her next quarter mile, but my body wasn’t having it. I had to speed walk the rest of the way home clenching my butt cheeks 🤬 Oh well. Not all runs go well. Happy Friday running peeps. #runnermomof5 #motherrunner #backofthepack #hansonsmethod #isaiah4031 #headsweats #bolderband #nuunlife #runhappy #running4real #camelback #fitafter45 #familyfitness #marathonmom #halfmarathonmom #dopey2020 #revelrockies #BAMR #lowcarb #lowcarblife #procompression

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High school tennis jacket for the win on this windy wet day! Last long-long run before @starofhopehalfmarathon. It was TERRIBLE but since I didn't think I was going to get it done at all, I am satisfied. And hey, it wasn't terrible because of my knee, so that's a win! . . . . . #fylstrafit #halfmarathontraining #onlyhalfcrazy #project159 #IRUNTHISBODY #running4real #BAMR #runlikeagirl #Runner #Running #runnersofig #runnersofinstagram #runnersoftheworld  #RunnersUnite #runnerscommunity #runnershigh #runnerforlife #runnerd #runnerlove #RunningAddict #runningtime #runningislife #runhappy #runforfun #runtastic #runninglove #ilovetorun #justkeeprunning #halfmarathoner #HalfMarathonRunner

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shorterandfaster. When this photo was taken at mile 12 of last weekend’s New Bedford hal

When this photo was taken at mile 12 of last weekend’s New Bedford half, I felt like I was trudging through sand. The race was a struggle from start to finish, reflecting an 🤢stomach due to some bad fueling choices (no more heavy, cheesy 🍝 before races!!) I was done in by the insane headwinds and this hill that wouldn’t end. BUT! A bad race teaches you a lot more than a good one: ➡️ One race does not determine my fitness. ➡️ If I could still squeak out a PR on an off day, imagine what my potential could be on a good day. ➡️ I still ran my fastest half marathon at a 7:08 average pace, hitting my C goal of a PR on a tough course. ➡️ Eyes on the prize—crossing the @bostonmarathon finish line for the first time 💙💛 #running4real #oisellevolée #oisellemari #instarunners #boston2019 #halfmarathon #marathontraining #bostonrunners #raceeverything #goalchaser

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rungallowaygirls. #FBF to our Chicago International 5k jumping finisher photo! .

#FBF to our Chicago International 5k jumping finisher photo! . . We’re so excited it’s spring {even though it’s still super cold 🥶 this morning} and can’t wait for our fun workout this weekend: {S}mile repeats! 😁 . . Did you know, studies show that your running economy increases when you smile {some also show that you slow down a bit... but let’s just focus on the benefits} during a race or workout? Did you know that I {@coachlizruns}have more fun when I smile when I’m running!? I bet you might too! . . So what’s on your plan this weekend? Are you jumping for joy that it’s Friday too!? . . #friday #friyay #womensrunningcommunity #running4real #smilerepeats #chicagomarathon #chicagointernational5k #teamsparkle #teamcep #pressurebuilds #youllthankuslater #sockandskirts @runnaomi

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rungallowaygirls. 🌞 Who needs a pep talk today? I think we all can be too hard on ourse

🌞 Who needs a pep talk today? I think we all can be too hard on ourselves at various times, feeling like we just don't have what it takes, in running, or in our professional lives #impostersyndrome anyone?) But guess what: you do have unique abilities and only *you* can tap into them. Your potential is much greater than you think! . . Hope you allow yourself some kindness and compassion today, friends!🤗 . . #quotestoliveby #quoteoftheday #inspiringwomenrunners #rungallowaygirls #running4real #peptalk #motivation #runnergirls #runlikeagirl #thursdaythoughts #believeinyourself

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thequiettrail. Alright folks I need a little encouragement/feedback. I’m in week 6/18

Alright folks I need a little encouragement/feedback. I’m in week 6/18 of marathon training, and I sprained my ankle a week ago. I can walk on it but it’s tender with decreased mobility on the outer side. I haven’t run but have done cycling/elliptical. AND I HAVE NO CHILL. Will I lose all my accumulated endurance should I quit the marathon will I ever run again 😭😭😭 (for real my coping skill is running so when I can’t run I’m like OMG EVERYTHING IS BAD) Basically I just need your general advice and experience haha. Have you dealt with ankle sprains? When did you start running again? Is my cross-training doing good enough? Is this a non-lethal blow and am I just being over dramatic? 😬

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rungallowaygirls. Run all the miles, drink all the {dairy free} lattes! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Run all the miles, drink all the {dairy free} lattes! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . Our marathon plan requires the bulk of our mileage to be easy effort {+2 min/mile from GMP or HR zone 2 or ‘conversational’ pace} but we do have consistent Wednesday workouts {drills or tempo or repeats or hills} that supplement our 3 week cycle training {long, mile repeats, down - and repeat}. We went back and forth last night over doing 1 mile repeats, 2 mile repeats, or a 30 minute threshold run... and since we’re trying to work on being less watch driven and more effort based, we decided the 30 minute threshold today. . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 😊21 min warm up {:45/:30} 😝30* min threshold {2/:22} 🤩13.5 min cool down {:45/:30} 🥳.5 mile Starbucks walk *it was actually 29 minutes . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ☕️ Why lattes? Fuel+Recovery, of course!! They have carbs and protein and deliciousness, perfect after a hard effort!! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . 🐄 Why dairy free? @naomi_gal is vegan and gets soy, I {@coachlizruns} am lactose intolerant and LOVE Starbucks’ coconut milk! But diary is a great choice post run if you can stomach it! Carbs✔️ Protein ✔️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . Another bonus to getting coffee after - it ends our runs with a social moment, so that it’s not all the ‘business of running’ and that’s important to our mental health! . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #progressnotperfection #womensrunningcommunity #running4real #starbucks #marathontraining #runwiththemarines #mountains2beach #workoutwednesday #jeffing #intervalrunner #runwalkrun #gallowaymethod #psirantoday #ihavearunnersbody #restonmarathon

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Even voelen hoe snel ik kan en daarna rustig uitlopen. Ondertussen de bloesem zien groeien. 🌸💮🏵🌹🍎🍏 #morningrun #shakeoutrun #5kbefore9am #morningshakeout #hardlopenisfijn #ikloophard #running4real #whenirunitakepictures

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isaiah4031mom. 5 easy miles. I bargained with myself the first two miles...I’ll just

5 easy miles. I bargained with myself the first two miles...I’ll just do a quick 3 miles...wait, I feel okay so I’ll do 4 miles...but I have 6 miles on the schedule...okay, I will do 5 miles since my legs are so heavy. The weather has set my training back a bit, so I’m trying not to ramp up my miles too fast, but 5 easy seemed right on target. Tomorrow is the first day of spring. In CO, that means the snowiest 30 days is upon us. I am so ready for shorts weather. It was close today: 38 degrees, but we aren’t quite there yet. #runnermomof5 #motherrunner #backofthepack #hansonsmethod #isaiah4031 #headsweats #bolderband #nuunlife #runhappy #running4real #camelback #fitafter45 #familyfitness #marathonmom #halfmarathonmom #dopey2020 #revelrockies #BAMR #lowcarb #lowcarblife #procompression

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Okay, confessions week day two, and this one is a big one. So big in fact, that I think it is gonna span two days. On Sunday I was doing my final LOOOONNG run of this marathon training block, and I had 2:30-2:40 on my schedule. I chose to do 2:32, why? Because that was close enough to the car to walk there in a few minutes (and I just wanted to sit down!), but long enough to be over the minimum. Friends, this may have been the first time ever, or at least as long as I can remember, where I chose the lower end of the range. And this is not the first time in this segment. I have often chosen the lower end, and it doesn’t bother me. Thinking about this on Sunday, I decided early on I was going to stop at 2:30, but why? Was I becoming weak? Did I not want to prove I could do it anymore? No, it was none of those. In the past I had always chosen the higher end, always pushed for more miles for one reason. More miles meant more calories burned. And more calories burned meant I could eat more food...or more accurately, more sweets. Over the past few months, with a new freedom I never had before, I have realized that my eating patterns really were disordered. I did see food as a reward, I did restrict when I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from going crazy in a restaurant, and although I would eat those high fat, high carb, high calorie foods, I only did it when it felt earned. My mileage was something to hide behind, a safety net, that meant I could eat those foods. Another reason an injury was terrifying, it removed those calories burned, and made me fear not being able to eat those foods. For those of you who see yourself in my words, who resonate, my words tomorrow will be for you. For now, I’m enjoying being able to eat these foods when I want them, not only on long run or workout days. So today, a trio of over the top pancakes with bacon, yes please! No guilt whatsoever. Yes, that is possible, I promise, check back tomorrow...

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the nyc half marathon is officially my fave half marathon ever✨✨ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ nope, I didn’t PR, but gosh did I have an an amazing race. the course was truly spectacular and I enjoyed every minute of racing through the familiar Prospect Park & streets of Brooklyn, I was obsessed with the gorgeous view over the Manhattan Bridge of my fave city in the world 🌎, enjoyed zooming over the FDR where I usually sit in standstill traffic, and literally cried even I was able to freely zoom through Times Square without a single tourist in my way! this race is SPECIAL. I cannot recommend it enough and can’t wait to run it again next year (way more prepared for hills). ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I will say, my fueling strategy is 💣 the best (& I am someone with a super sensitive stomach & blood sugar issues), and I felt strong and capable THE whole race... which I have to say I usually feel like death at some point, so that was a really amazing feeling✨i didn’t necessarily feel speedy, but that’s ok... there’s always next time! 😉 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ did you race this past weekend? how did it go? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #racedayrecap #unitednychalf #halfmarathontraining #runnersofnewyork #runnersofinsta #runrunrun #running4real #runlikeagirl #nyrr #runtheearth #brooklynrunner #prospectpark #beautifulmemory #running #runningmotivation #runchat #runnersofinstagram #eatlikeanathlete #therunninglifestyleshow

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carriesrunningdiaries. Today was a day I was just lucky to have gotten this run done 😑. Let’

Today was a day I was just lucky to have gotten this run done 😑. Let’s say we went to the gym this morning but before I was even able to leave the locker room I got called to the front desk because my 2 kids (led by the 4 year old) managed to find the flaws in the daycare security and escaped. It was a matter of several small mistakes/flaws and luckily everything was fine except my 4 year old being a bit traumatized I think. At least they stuck together? 🤷🏻‍♀️ And now the childcare security protocol is getting an overhaul thanks to my kids. Anyway, I managed to run on the garage treadmill during naptime. I was not feeling it though, plus my hammie is a bit tight so I just got it done. I will be looking forward to more garage treadmill sessions now that taking my kids to the gym is not an option, at least for the time being. 😒 #motherrunner #marathontraining #treadmillrunning #running4real #runnersofig

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kate.fylstra. Soooo glad the contractors didn't show up today (well, kind of annoyed

Soooo glad the contractors didn't show up today (well, kind of annoyed, but also happy) so I could do #project159 week 7 (even though I am actually on week 8, but hills on the treadmill doesn't work). Strides (slower intervals) are important during training to prepare your body run faster at race time. Less than three weeks until my next #halfmarathon! . . . . . #halfmarathontraining #onlyhalfcrazy #running4real #BAMR #Runner #Running #runnersofig #runnersofinstagram #runnersoftheworld #RunnersUnite #runnerscommunity #runnershigh #runnerforlife #runnerd #runnerlove #RunningAddict #runningtime #runningislife #runhappy #runforfun #runtastic #runninglove #ilovetorun #justkeeprunning

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carriesrunningdiaries. I am developing a running shoe problem 🙈. In my quest for the perfect

I am developing a running shoe problem 🙈. In my quest for the perfect shoe to run my marathon in I now own three pairs 😬 and I’m not 💯 on which ones it will be. But it will be one of these because I am not buying any more!! I wanted to be able to rotate my shoes anyway and now I figure these 3 shoes will last me through the rest of the year! 😂 I just bought my yearly allotment of shoes all at once? Ha! I was a bit sore from yesterday’s long run so tried to take it easy today. I have been noticing that my easy effort is getting faster so I guess that’s good! #marathontraining #runstagram #runnersofig #motherrunner #sundayrunday #runhappy #running4real

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Do you use your long run as more than just a slog to just survive through to help you believe you can, you know, actually complete a marathon? Trust me, I know how important that aspect is. I still find myself wondering how the heck I am gonna make it 26.2 miles through a hilly city when 20 is really damn hard. BUT another way you can go into the race feeling confident is to learn little things about you and your body along your training journey. And your peak volume/distance/time long run should be a test of everything to make sure you can go into the race confident that you have controlled what you can control. Today, I did a run, a 2hr 32 minute run (there was no reason for the 32, just where I ended) and I practiced all the things I will do on the day. So what did I learn? ✍️I learned that when you make your UCAN super concentrated (I only want to take one bottle with me), it can make your mouth dry, so I need to be sure I take on water every few miles during the race.🥵 ✍️I learned from my previous long run chafing where to put anti-chafe, and I think I have located all my ouchie spots (none today 🎉) ✍️ I learned that I may need a long sleeve for the first hour, which, I can throw (and therefore donate) on the day (but wear round my waist if need be). ✍️ I learned that all the food and drink I consumed before is okay with my stomach, no stomach issues with UCAN bars and powder or superhero muffins 🎉 ✍️I learned that my clothing choices are right for me, and my shoes and socks are comfortable enough to wear for the marathon 🎉 And last, but certainly not least, ✍️ I learned...or was once again reminded, that long runs are damn tiring, and my hips still ache...even if they are still 5 miles short of race distance (or even 10 miles for that matter).😵 Long runs used to feel smooth and dare I say, easy, but for now, they are a struggle, from early on. I may not be running 24 miles in a long run anymore, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to call it hard. Ps. If you are fed up of reading, there’s an adorable little photobomber who would rather you pay attention to her. What is something you learned about yourself on a long run?

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Perfect way to charge batteries after a sunday 27km #sundayrun #nopcafe #garmin #bananabread #running4real

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isaiah4031mom. My love and I are heading up to the mountains tonight to a hot tub wit

My love and I are heading up to the mountains tonight to a hot tub with a Mountain View, so I hammered out my long run today. I am so glad I did; parts of the path still have some serious snow pack, but most of it is clear. I am really craving the trail portions of my runs, so hurry up spring!! 11 weeks to the Revel Rockies Half Marathon. #runnermomof5 #motherrunner #backofthepack #hansonsmethod #isaiah4031 #headsweats #bolderband #nuunlife #runhappy #running4real #camelback #fitafter45 #familyfitness #marathonmom #halfmarathonmom #dopey2020 #revelrockies #BAMR #lowcarb #lowcarblife #procompression

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irunlikea_girl. 3 hours on the ⏱️ done ✔️ Today was my second last long run before I s

3 hours on the ⏱️ done ✔️ Today was my second last long run before I start to taper. The hardest thing I struggled with today was my head. Fighting negative thoughts and the little demons telling me I couldn't do it. I'm a true believer of " Where the mind goes, the body will follow". At points when I was struggling today I just kept saying this to myself over and over until the demon shut up. I'm so close to Boston, it's the final hurdle now. Do you have any tips on how to quash negative thoughts on a run (or before a run)? I'd love to know. Wearing @ospreyeurope and @suunto both #gifted. #BostonMarathon #marathontraining #bmq #bostonqualifier #runnerscommunity #runlikeagirl #thisgirlcanrun #thisgirlcan #womensrunningcommunity #womensrunning #ukrunning #ukrunchat #running4real #runningmotivation

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Have ToePro, will travel! Excited to start using this to help strengthen my feet & ankle muscles, and hopefully run injury free! 🏃🏼‍♀️ Thanks to @tinamuir88 for interviewing Tom Michaud of @human_locomotion and opening my eyes to ways to strengthen my feet! . . . . . #tinamuir #toepro #podcast #running4real #smartrunner #healthyrunner #injuriessuck

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kate.fylstra. I was scared this long run was going to end up hurting me.
I took the

I was scared this long run was going to end up hurting me. I took the week off, partly because of my knee, partly because of the contractors, partly because of sick kid(s) home. So I decided today I would go for it, on the treadmill to ease in. And I felt great! 12 mile long run DONE and feeling much more confident for the @starofhopehalfmarathon in 3 WEEKS! Big shout-out to @kttape for keeping my knee going! . . . . . #fylstrafit #halfmarathontraining #onlyhalfcrazy #project159 #IRUNTHISBODY #running4real #BAMR #Runner #Running #runnersofig #runnersofinstagram #runnersoftheworld #RunnersUnite #runnerscommunity #runnershigh #runnerforlife #runnerd #runnerlove #RunningAddict #runningtime #runhappy #runtastic #runninglove #ilovetorun #justkeeprunning #runninggoals #runnerproblems #Halfmarathon #halfmarathoner #HalfMarathonRunner

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carriesrunningdiaries. Hello 18 miles 👋🏼. Woke up earlier then planned due to crying baby a

Hello 18 miles 👋🏼. Woke up earlier then planned due to crying baby at 5am (he’s 2 now, how long can I keep calling him a baby? 😂 He’s THE baby of the family, at any rate, so I’ll keep on keeping on, ha). So I was able to get in 5.5 before meeting my two running buddies for 10 middle miles. Then I just had to do 2.5 after they finished! Ran a lot of the marathon course today, not necessarily in order but was able to experience the section that covers miles 21-25, which @kentucky_indiana_realtor told me was the worst part of the course. Boring, low crowd support and a long gradual hill. So at least now I know what to expect! #marathontraining #longrunsaturday #motherrunner #runnersofinstagram #running4real #runhappy

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rungallowaygirls. Took our girls out with us tonight! .
In about an hour we did a soli

Took our girls out with us tonight! . . In about an hour we did a solid 40 minute fartlek run with plenty of stops to scratch 😂 and a million races to imaginary finish lines! . . We’re lucky our girls get along so well! 👣 🐾 . . #womensrunningcommunity #running4real #runnergirl #motherrunner #runnermom #dogmom #goldenretriever #girlpower #pressurebuilds #teamcep #youllthankuslater #socksandshorts #shortsweather #macrogas #oisellevolée

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tinamuir88. 🤷‍♀️Having ZERO idea of your goal pace when race day is closing in.

🤷‍♀️Having ZERO idea of your goal pace when race day is closing in. The other day, I ran a 50 minute tempo as my workout of the week. That tempo, when marathon training, has always been the way steve and I have looked at where my fitness is at, and made a guess at the range my goal time will be within. Except this time, we couldn’t, because we still have absolutely no idea (or maybe steve just isn’t telling me!). The tempo was over hills, something we have never done before (will explain about that another day), and it is just too difficult for us to judge with the way I am training right now. I have completed EVERY SINGLE RUN since baileys birth by time, not one has been by pace or distance. And friends, I LOVE it this way. It is freeing and refreshing, and just so rewarding not having that comparison monster or pressure to hit paces, but instead running what feels right...and honestly, over hills, I often get it wrong and am hanging on in the final parts, but learning from it a little more each time. We are ONE MONTH from the Boston Marathon, and we literally have no clue what I am going to run, but one thing I am starting to feel very confident in, is my ability to understand my body and know how to trust it. I love my GPS watch, don’t get me wrong, it is still ON my wrist every day, but just not being used to validate myself or tell me what I “should” be doing at this point or that. I know I talk about #nowatchme a lot (and once again, that doesn’t mean NO WATCH, just not looking during your run), but it really does help you to focus on what you can control, what you can do RIGHT NOW, and that’s all that we really can do. Anything else is just added complications. So my friends, will you give it a try? Even on an easy run if you never have before. Cover up the watch, and just run what feels right. You may end up running slower on your easy day than you usually would, but guess what? If you do, your body NEEDED THAT!! So trust it and stop letting your GPS tell you what to do. Tag a friend who can hold you accountable (and you them), and give this a try. Tell me what you think! 📸 @southbayphoto

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coachlizruns. What a GORGEOUS night for a run!!! .
Run 🏃🏼‍♀️ details are over ➡️

What a GORGEOUS night for a run!!! . . Run 🏃🏼‍♀️ details are over ➡️@rungallowaygirls . . But the BIG announcement is that both @naomi_gal and I are part of #teamCEP!!! Our fave socks chose us to help rep them!!! ❤️ seriously, it’s all the feels 🥰! . . When I was blogging I worked with brands just because I thought it was cool that someone wanted to work with me. But with running, starting @rungallowaygirls, and coaching, Naomi and I decided we’d only work with brands we 💯 LOVE! @cepcompression totally fits that bill!!!! I mean, the proof is in the YEARS of race photos in ONLY their socks!!! . . So yeah, beautiful weather, daylight running, pup running, AND finding this out - it’s been a GOOD day!! . . #cepcompression #embracethepressure #runnergirl #girlswhorun #jeffing #runwalkrun #running4real #womensrunningcommunity #celiacdisease #oisellevolée #womensrunning #ehlersdanlossyndrome

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rungallowaygirls. Ahhhh!!! We’re so freaking excited to be a part of #teamCEP!!!! .

Ahhhh!!! We’re so freaking excited to be a part of #teamCEP!!!! . . If you’ve followed either of us for any amount of time, you know we’re 💯 about our “tall socks and shorts” combo! And CEP are hands down THE BEST! . . So when we were stocking up on socks and sleeves at the #CEPcompression booth at the @runrocknroll expo, we chatted with Torrie and BOOM, next thing we know, we have our first ambassadorship!!!! . . We’ve talked a lot about if we would work with brands and decided that the only way we would is if it was something we truly loved and used - like left and right socks, this is literally the PERFECT match!! . . Why compression? I {@coachlizruns} started because @jeffgallowayolympian told me to 😂 and @naomi_gal started wearing them regularly when we started running together👯‍♀️! We find it gives an extra spring to out legs on race days {and hard workouts} and feels good during long slow runs and recovery runs too! . . Do you incorporate compression? When do you wear it? . . Tonight’s run: 70 minutes • 30 with the pup • :45/:30 intervals • all fun! . . #pressurebuilds #youllthankuslater #cepcompression #truecompression #runwalkrun #gallowaymethod #jeffing #girlswhorun #runlikeagirl #shortshorts #oisellevolée #womensrunningcommunity #running4real

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tinamuir88. Friends, I cannot tell you how DAMN GOOD IT FEELS to be able to use th

Friends, I cannot tell you how DAMN GOOD IT FEELS to be able to use this app, like actually USE a period tracking app...and know I have something to Track!! After ten years of ZERO periods (remember I skipped the bleeding part with Bailey, falling pregnant before my body had the chance), and with my history of not having one, I was REALLY nervous that I was not going to get it back. That I would be the one who would have written a book on overcoming Amenorrhea, but who was the hypocrite who didn’t have it either. When I got my first period while still breastfeeding and training for my goal half marathon @rundisney I could not have been more relieved...yes, even with it starting while we were traveling to the UK from the US. From there, I had a 40 day window before the next one, and started to worry, I was sure I was eating a lot to balance my training, but was it enough?...I was now marathon training, was I headed back towards none? NO! This month I got it on the 32nd day, which I am classing as normal, and even though it adds a few things to figure out (especially with a toddler wanting to follow you everywhere 🙈), it feels SO GOOD to be running 70 miles a week (20 more miles a week than I was running when they stopped in the first place), still be breastfeeding (although down to only one small feed per day), and doing harder runs For all those women still in the fight to get it back, I hope I can be a beacon of hope for you that you CAN get back to running, and running hard too. You have some work to do, and it may or may not require time off sport to get there, but it will require eating a lot more. I know it is scary, but I promise it is worth it to have the empowering freedom of knowing your body is functioning as it should be. You CAN do this, i know you can and deep down, you do too. Ps. The app I am now using is @fitrwoman after hearing about it through my conversation with @emeliagorecka. They are doing some pretty amazing things, and it connects with your @strava account, which is cool to see :) Pps. I have not been paid or given anything to say this, just pure excitement!

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