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A few days back, Seattle graced us with a gorgeous sunrise! Predictions were for some foggy clouds, burning sky, and maybe even some fog carpets over the city. Across the hour or so I was there, we definitely got all three. *** Given the prediction, I naturally hit up @wolfmercuryphotography and like any avid photographer, he said “Ill be there”. Alas, joe is joe and joe overslept -_- I looked like a total loser walking around looking for him. Despite his shortcoming ;) I was able to meet two new PNW photographers in @journeyofanomad and @lotsasmilesphoto who made for some great company on an otherwise cold morning. *** Hope you enjoy the shot! Prints always available of course. Check out my story for the behind the scenes action! *** ———————————— @Sonyalpha Sony a7rii + 24-70 f4 Zeiss Length: 70mm Shutter: 2.5s Aperture: f13 ISO: 100 Filter: N/A Edit: Lightroom • • • • • #seattle #washington #pnw #visitseattle #seattlewa #seattlepulse #igers_seattle #livewashington #seattlelife #upperleftusa #thatpnwlife #pacificnorthwest #spaceneedle #washingtonstate #emeraldcity #pnwlife #seattlephotographer #wa #northwestisbest #northwest #206 #seattlemet #discoverwashington #washingtondiscovered #seattle_sites #destinationWA #whereinwashington #wanderwashington #sunrise

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That amazing stormy #sunset from last night in #seattle... those clouds were out of this world! #spaceneedle #cloudporn

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foxandthegremlin. Living their best life 👍

Living their best life 👍

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#моя_иммиграция_в_сша №19 ⠀ Иногда я получаю такие истории, что мне самой не верится, что это вообще вообще возможно. История героини сегодняшней рубрики похожа на настоящий фильм. И вот уже в который раз я убеждаюсь, что нет ничего не возможного, если верить в свои силы. ⠀ Не забудьте оставить ваш лайк =) Чем больше мы соберем лайков, тем больше других людей увидят наше интервью, тем более счастливой стану я =) И, конечно, любой эмоджи в комментарии, если хотите сказать нам с героиней спасибо за работу! ⠀ ✖️ Анастасия, 32 года; 2 года в США ✖️ Москва, Россия 📍Чикаго, Иллинойс ⠀ ❓Почему решилась на переезд? Как с точки зрения документов все прошло? ⠀ В Америке был один из самых старых цирков мира — Ringling Broz and Barnum & Bailey. Они предложили нам контракт. ⠀ Я с мужем приехала в штаты по визе P-1, виза спортсмена и артиста международного уровня. Так как нас приглашал такой знаменитый Цирк, проблем с визой вообще не было. ⠀ Но как мы приехали в штаты, через неделю нам объявили, что цирк закрывается... цирку было 147 лет! В этот момент нас уже ждало пару контрактов в Европу и Китай… Но мы решили остаться... ⠀ ❓Что было самым тяжелым в переезде? ⠀ Когда мы уезжали, мы даже не думали, что останемся тут жить. Поэтому все тяжести начались позже ) ⠀ ❓Чем занимаешься сейчас? ⠀ Недавно закончили работу в конном шоу. Сейчас тренируем лошадок, тренируем детей и взрослых… Одним словом работаем по профессии. ⠀ ❓Что тебе больше всего нравится в жизни в США? ⠀ Америка дает возможности. Если у человека нет лени, то все мечты тут можно осуществить. ⠀ ❓Бывало ли такое, что хотелось все бросить и уехать домой? ⠀ Конечно... не видела маму 2 года( ⠀ Герой: @liberrti

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Yo DJ Trolly Troll let’s get this weekend started! 📷 @rudy_willingham #SeattleLife #Seattle #fremonttroll

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A perfect way to end the week 🎡🌃 • • 📷: @sherryhe (thanks for sharing using our hashtag, #visitseattle)#HappyFriday #thatviewthough #datenight #ElliotBay #PugetSound #SeattleLife #pnwonderland

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November sunrises are gorgeous, May be other months are too, but I usually sleep through them! #seattle #sunrise #spaceneedle

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Pastrami and Corned Beef HASH Saturdays and Sundays all day ask for an egg with it for an extra #dingfeldersdeli #seattlelife #hashwithanegg #jewish #loveeveryone

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foxandthegremlin. Hop in fool, we're going explorin'!

Hop in fool, we're going explorin'!

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Evergrowing #seattle #seattlelife

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Want to be blonde only for an evening? . Let’s get wiggy with it! Blondes are back in stock! . Best Beauty Est. 1994💁‍♀️

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Celebrate with us on a day reserved for friends, family, and delicious food. Skip the stress, enjoy welcome cocktails at The Nest then a family-style feast at Scout PNW, and let us do the work... and the dishes. We still have a few more openings at 12pm!

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Nature and noise. The view of Mt Rainier from the Chief Sealth Trail.

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do206. Cruised along the Chief Sealth Trail and enjoyed the view of Mount Rai

Cruised along the Chief Sealth Trail and enjoyed the view of Mount Rainier. #seattleviews #seattlelife

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And then some candy for the Holiday Season! Cause everything in moderation right 😉❤️ #hyderabadiinseattle #seattlefall #bellevuesquare #seescandy

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Anyone a Greys Anatomy fan? Filming was done on these ferrys. Decided to take a trip from Seattle over Puget Sound to Brainbridge Island! #pugetsound #ferryride #discoverseattle #seattlelife #Seattle

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🌙 ✨ ♡ w a s h i n g t o n ♡ w h e r e t h e m o u n t a i n s m e e t t h e o c e a n ✨ #boutique

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Blood Orange and OG | ~$5.50 |3/5 🥚 . . Tastes fine is good soda. Especially like the blood orange flavor. Just wouldn't spend this much money on soda with ginger added to it. But glad I tried it.

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On the biggest high right now after our team call 🤘💕🦋 I love that my business + this community allows me to give and share in so many ways. I also love how those I’m surrounded by are always lifting me up and pushing me to be better. Who do you surround yourself with that’s supporting + challenging you every day? Tag your best friend(s) 🙏🌻💫 #dowhatyoulove #sharethelove #sweaterweather #mycozyfallhome

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beware_the_erinyes. BB Squad. Because of them my house is really never “clean” but damn if

BB Squad. Because of them my house is really never “clean” but damn if it isn’t cute. ——————————————- #artlife #seattle #seattlelife #seattlelifestyle #dogsofinstagram #pitbull #pitsofinstagram #staffygram #staffordshirebullterrier #catlife #catsofinstagram #thetruthaboutcatsanddogs

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One more weekend for me please😎 #weekendvibes #seattlelife

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Seattle showed off today! And I enjoyed every minute of it. Now, I’m home prepping for the week ahead. How are you spending your Sunday evening. 💙 #seattle #pnwonderland #lakeunion #pnwlife #fall #beauty

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日本語は☟Japanese handmade scrunchie"Chrysanthemum", it is nice and soft Japanese fabric called "Amundsen", which has pear-like texture on surface (kind of like chirimen, but even finer). 日本ではたくさんの方にご購入いただいた「着物風和柄シュシュ◎大菊文様◎赤」、残り僅かとなってまいりました。 Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/234349945 Creema 着物風和柄シュシュ◎大菊文様◎赤 https://www.creema.jp/item/1566802 . .

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Your night may be going pretty well, but there’s no way it’s “a cardboard cut out of you super imposed on Elvis’ body while you stand next to it in a fur coat” kinda night . . . #elvis #jelvis #ghostofelvis #drinkballard #seattlelife #beerstagram #instabeer #ballardbeer #drinklocal #craftbeer #brewerylife

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Yoghurt that is seriously to die for 😍 ft. Marionberry Pie #icanteven

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pupsbytaylor. Thanks to everyone that suggested Christmas themed names and to my wai

Thanks to everyone that suggested Christmas themed names and to my waitlist families for being so patient. “Santa” is 2 weeks old today. We all need a Santa, right?? He is a full sibling to our future Mommy Cardi B. Parents are both goldendoodles 18 and 20 pounds.

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Pro tip: Wear a hat in overhead lighting. You can’t see my face but accenting the bags under my eyes with shadows isn’t cute so... hat.

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