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built_from_pain_. #knowing#selfawareness#spirituality#wisewoman#warrior


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moonomens. .....People & things that are meant
to be part of your journey will be

.....People & things that are meant to be part of your journey will be part of your journey. Focus on being. Focus on being better, more aligned with your core values, more in touch with who you truly are. Focus on self care, self love. Focus on unconditional love and how you can bring more value wherever you go and whatever you do. ~@lukasnotes 💟 Drop a 🖤 if you needed this message & share with others ✨ #moonomens 📸 @diztantdreamer

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miriam.rouziek. I haven't been in the best place from a mental health standpoint latel

I haven't been in the best place from a mental health standpoint lately. The holidays tend to do that to me and I have to be extra mindful of taking time for self care, stepping away from social media when I need to, making sure I'm sticking to my workouts and eating well because I tend to crawl under the blankets (literally and figuratively) and ignore my needs. . So I've been trying to take a step back and reassess where I want and need to be, why I'm doubting myself, why I'm being down on myself, why I keep telling myself I can't or I shouldn't. Some days can be kind of tough and you just have to do your best to ride it out and make sure you check off all the basics on your list - drink water, take your meds, eat food, work out, shower, sleep. Some days are better than others. But I've found that daily affirmations help. Even if it's hard to really believe them at first, repeating them and telling myself that I'm allowed to believe good things about myself helps. I keep working out and reminding myself that my body is worthy of being cared for. . I just keep going and I keep pushing for that light at the end of the tunnel. Life is a marathon, not a sprint, and you have to keep reminding yourself that these self care days are important. You can't pour from an empty cup.

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✨WHAT DRIVES YOU?✨ The main cause of stress and anxiety in life is wishing for something you don’t have and avoiding something you don’t want! Practicing letting go of fear and non-attachment is a simple recipe for happiness. But not so easy, hah? . The essence of the work I do is digging deep into the motivation of human behaviour. What makes you tick? What triggers the emotional response? Why? What is it costing you and your body? Why is it there on the first place? Bringing things to the surface creates self-awareness which is absolutely essential for the change! . Once you know, you can’t unknow! You will see that pattern of yours in everything you do and eventually you will let go, cause it just doesn’t make sense anymore to run it:) . Those aha moments are the most satisfying to see in my clinic and in my own life 💞🙏 . . #ahamoment #selfawareness #selfawarenessjourney #motivatorsinlife #humanbehaviour #humanbehaviourchange #drivenbyfear #fearbased #desiretosucceed #desiretoinspire #wisekinesiology #kinesiology #kinesiologymajor #kinesiologysydney #kinesiologyzone #whatdrivesyou #internalmotivation #motivationalquotes #motivation💯 #motivation💪 #gratefulforwork #lovewhatyoudo💞

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deb_walsh_rocks. This magical journey of self discovery 💕
#selfdiscovery #selfawar

This magical journey of self discovery 💕 . . #selfdiscovery #selfawareness #iam #love #choosepeace

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blessedchildfougy. Having an evening of love and enlightenment is always fun amongst peop

Having an evening of love and enlightenment is always fun amongst people with like minds. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. #weekendvibes #selfcare #selflove #selfawareness 😘😘😘

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How connected are you to the heart? Do you feel hurt, intense love, softness or closed spaces? Now....how about even the most subtle sensations - a quiet heartbeat or tiny flutter of joy or melting of warmth at any moment and on call? Do you know your heart speaks to you constantly? It’s up to us and our choice to listen. If we don’t know, it’s time to learn. #stopconnectlistentrust . . I didn’t know how to do this until I was 41. Yup - 41. Had no clue. I didn’t even know it was possible until I actually tried. Through a few Tantric and meditation courses I was able to connect with my body on a cellular level. There are many amazing meditation and energy practices that help us with connecting with the body and truly listening to the voice within, our intuition. Curious about more? Interested in some suggestions? DM me. . . #heartchakra #heartchakrahealing #heartchakra #selfawareness #selfcare #selfhealing #earthtantra #wellness #wellnessjourney @anniegerber 🤗

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yvngin.559. a crisis, never acknowledged, and buried in rubble.. hidden from media

a crisis, never acknowledged, and buried in rubble.. hidden from media, but a national emergency 💔 #nomorestolensisters #mmiw #mmiwg #selfawareness

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akashiclightacademy. Your beliefs create your limits. 
In turn, they seed your expectations

Your beliefs create your limits. In turn, they seed your expectations, your bias and intricately they form a web colouring your views of the world. They seed your experience and our emotions, how we have reacted or responded, create the world around us. Your inner world creates your outer world. To create a world of joy, peace and harmony, we must first become aware of our thoughts or what and how we say things in conversation with ourselves or others, as they come up, to learn what they tell you about our bias, our judgement, our expectations and yes, our beliefs. While our intentions can be pure, but if a belief we have about a given situation can also oppose the intention, and it causes disharmony and chaos. Energetically, this needs to be clarified, and it can be done by sparing a few moments to uncover the origins of those initial thoughts, or feelings, to free yourself to change it. Accessing your Akashic Records allows you to easily become aware of those initial thoughts and emotions associated with it. They can then be energetically ‘flushed’ from your system, using the Akashic Light Clearings & Activations, as situations come up during the day. And best of all, those changes are permanent when done in the Akashic Realm; as you make energetic changes at the point of origin. 📌Next Class: 10-12 Jan 2020 @FullCircleSG with @tarra_tae in #singapore Link in bio. OR https://www.akashiclightacademy.com/pages/akashic-records-alca

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#ProjekTongkat In support of Amputees & Paralympics Athletes in M’sia, Awi dgn brader2 @tajamustapha @altimet ++ & team @imaret_my played a game of futsal as a bonding session & to raise awareness for these inspiring community! It’s not easy to play with crutches man. Bersyukur dgn apa yg kita ada guys.. #TheJoyOfGiving. • Dapatlah score satu gol penalty hahahah ❤️😛 #SupportEachOther #ThereIsMoreToLife #SelfAwareness

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hannahshucksmith. Joy to the world! 💖 👼🏼 🎵
And to you!! Here’s my early Christmas gi

Joy to the world! 💖 👼🏼 🎵 And to you!! Here’s my early Christmas gift (exercise) to you for extracting your joy sources so you can get a little more joy in your life! It’s actually essential so go be joyful! You can download the full printable from link in bio... think this is my all time favourite one! 💪🏻💘 ... did you know every piece of jewellery comes with one of these Journal Time cards? That’s because I love jewellery just because it’s pretty and what I really care about is you - and all my jewellery is designed to remind you of who you are... so these cards are little moments for you to grow a little in self awareness and this case JOY!! . . . #joy #journaltime #selflove #selfgrowth #selfawareness #selfdevelopment #lifecoach #jewellery #nlpjewellery #anchored #joytotheworld #joyfuljewellery

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grlbehindscreen. You can’t stay comfortable forever ⭐️

You can’t stay comfortable forever ⭐️

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positive_vibe_tribe. Drop a 🙏🏼 to affirm 💕 Tag and share with someone who needs this rig

Drop a 🙏🏼 to affirm 💕 Tag and share with someone who needs this right now . . . 👉🏼 @positive_vibe_tribe 👈🏼 join the tribe for daily inspiration and positivity

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survivorsofcolor. Just a little something to add to my list of \"daily reminders\".

Just a little something to add to my list of "daily reminders".

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bossladybw. SELF AWARENESS 101: CHANGE IS NECESSARY ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
What did depr

SELF AWARENESS 101: CHANGE IS NECESSARY ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ . What did depression do for me? It gave me a wake up call....You can be healthy and fit in your body, but be super unhealthy in your mind and your soul...What did this mean for my Personal Training Career? It meant that it was time to EVOLVE.Holistic Wellness, MIND BODY AND SOUL....not just BODY...Consciousness is always going to push you in the direction of growth through a meltdown. Embrace it🤔💆🏾‍♀️ . Whatever your profession, HR, Branding, Marketing, Accounting...if you feel like it's time to EVOLVE, then it's time to EVOLVE...but change is scary😓😥. Our personalities are different...I'm Choleric which means I'm not afraid to just go out there and just do crazy shit. If my environment is toxic, I make a plan, I don't blame other people. I'm fully aware that I can only change me, and thats POWER✊🏾. If things don't go according to plan, I haven't failed, I've just learned a new way of how not to do it🤷🏾‍♀️😂....In 2009 my colleagues thought I was nuts when I quit my job to do nothing for a year. Luckily for me, I figured out what I wanted to do within a month of leaving.If I had known about coaching back then, I wouldnt have left my job so abruptly...but I grew from the experience....10 years later here we are, transitioning into WellBeing Coaching. . Helping people become the best version of themselves is my life's purpose...I have Personal Training Clients who turn into Personal Development Clients... whether its dealing better with the people they work with, their stressful jobs, promoting Work-Life Balance, starting a business not knowing where to begin, or designing an exit strategy that will usher them into a new career, or their lifes purpose.....whatever it is, change cannot come, before we understand ourselves, what our limiting beliefs are, what our strengths and weaknesses are, or what our values and beliefs are. . 2020.....Love❤ yourself enough to make the changes that need to be made in order for you to flourish😘 . . #WellnessInMotion #IkageMotswana #WellBeingCoach #HolisticWellness #MindBodyAndSoul #2020NewYearNewMeMindBodyAndSoul #SelfAwareness #SelfLove #SundayGrind

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thelittleblondetraveller. Doubting yourself, doesn't mean you a less worthy, it means you are hu

Doubting yourself, doesn't mean you a less worthy, it means you are human! . so I am curious do you doubt yourself? ... because I do daily.... so Why do we doubt ourselves? . Honestly, I am not exactly sure but it could come down to past pain experiences, trauma or simply because everyone does it and it's considered the 'norm'. Heck I think our society & the attitude of others often influences the self doubt we experience... . So when was the last time you consciously became aware of your own thoughts? . Are you letting your mind control you or are you creating your reality and controlling your mind? . I guess everyone is different though, you could be loud and out going and still doubt yourself or you could be shy, quite & held back at times (like me) and still struggle with self doubt and the fear of failure. . I guess the thing to note is that just because you have those self doubting moments, where you feel vulnerable, unstable and uneasy it DOES NOT make you less worthy and it certainly does not mean those thoughts are true! . After all, thoughts are thoughts not facts! but what I do know is that your thoughts are creating your reality, the longer you give energy to those negative thoughts the more influence they have on your life. The key is to become aware, acknowledge those thoughts and move past them.... . So what do you do when those self doubting moments creep over you? . Do you have strategies & techniques in place that you practise to overcome those self doubt thoughts and negativity? . For myself I often address those thoughts immediately & flip the negative into a positive. I start to think about at least 3 things that I have achieved recently. I also tend to journal thoughts of gratitude, I will note down the little & the big wins I've had too. . Remember, just because you have negative or bad thoughts doesn't mean you are in a negative or bad place. We are human, we have thoughts, they don't need to be good or bad. Just start to realise and bring about awareness around those thoughts, are they serving you? . and start to only feed the thoughts that serve you! . #Thelittleblondetraveller

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Our newest article is up on #wordpress , link in bio "It's not about the obstacles. It's about your perspective of the things that are happening that make those happenings appear as obstacles. " - Erik Oliva #awaken24 #motivation #yoga #wellness #nyc #statenisland #mma #lifecoach #meditation #mindfulness  #lifestyle #selfawareness #instadaily #goodvibes #health #life #meditationtime #wisdom #entrepreneur #growthmindset #coaching #success #life #transformation #blog #writer #change #personaldevelopment #WordPress

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Feng Shui Your Life in 3 Simple Steps: 1. Declutter, to create change in your life by removing what is no longer working or supporting you in order to create space for new energy to come in. 2. Rearrange, and decide what you want and need in your life. 3. Energize, by adding things that inspire and excite you. . . . #fengshui #fengshuilifestyle #fengshuimaster #fengshuiexpert #coaching #lifecoach #lifestyle #design #5elements #spirituality #consciousliving #consciouslifestyle #abundance #vintagestyle #guidelines #fengshuitips #fengshuivibes #thefengshuispace #balancedlife #harmonyinlife #selfawareness #mindfulness #selfhelptools #minimalism #mindbodysoul #designjunkie #nurtureyourself #selfhelp #selfdevelopment #declutter

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