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happy monday! what are you focused on this week?. ++ 📷 @funlifecrisis | #visitpoland

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Only just over a year ago I watched the sunrise through misty clouds and intermittent rain on Mackinnon Pass on the Milford Track. I felt fortunate to have this world-famous track to myself and to be able to the share the sunrise with only kea. Here Mount Hart shines in the first light of day. Spending 17 days living in the Clinton Valley is still one of my fondest memories. I can’t wait to return to this track in February of next year - this time with my parents in tow! 😂 #fiordlandnationalpark #MilfordTrack #she_explores #nzoutdoors #tramping

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bambootex. Happy Monday, y'all! 🙌
\"Animals are natural healers with a sixth se

Happy Monday, y'all! 🙌 + "Animals are natural healers with a sixth sense. What a beauty this pup is! Wearing this eco friendly beanie and scarf in one, makes spending time outdoors during Winter an absolute pleasure!! Made from 100% bamboo it’s my favourite item at the moment! @bamboovillageau" - @chantelletranchina +++ #lovelife #selflove #freespirit #beanie #body #selfworth #vintage #bamboo #australia #photoshoot #funtimes #free #expression #blackandwhite #she_explores #adventuregirl #outdoorbella #nature #beautifuldestinations #mustsee #gypsy #winter #elwood #rustic - #picoftheday #happy #happymonday #livin #lovin

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I’m unsure what’s up ahead, but I am sure it’s going to be a great adventure! . . . . Tambopata Research Center, Peru - After an 8 hour boat ride we arrived at a beautiful lodge in the middle of the Amazon. Miles from civilization and surrounded by beautiful rainforest 😍 . . #peru #earth_focus #special_shots #refugiosamazonas #puertomaldonado #rainforestexpeditions #perutourism21 #she_explores #photography #photooftheday #perutravel #visitperu #ig_peru #nationalgeographic #wonderful_places #wonderlust #ig_americas

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solo_ventures. Sometimes you just gonna spread your wings and fly away towards summer

Sometimes you just gonna spread your wings and fly away towards summer sunset over horizon. Photo credit: @amnouda_25

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Feel like flying!!!! This was really the single one activity I could think of that would include outdoors combined with a small dose of adrenaline, which I would be capable of now considering my #shouldersurgery. Do you have any other suggestions for fun things to do?? Would be grateful to hear them😊. #MentalFocusForRecovery #CanIGoAgain After a short hike up in #biokovonationalpark we were ready to jump of. Slide right to see a short video of the start; We went straight of a cliff, and that definitely kicked in that sought adrenaline 😉. This place is not very common for paragliding as one needs to be very experienced to fly there (the pilot came all the way from Zagreb!); but such a stunning place!!! Floating in the air, the silence, and then these views of the Adriatic sea, endless mountain peaks ... amazing. Due to the thermal we flew for over 1 hour! If you ever want to go paragliding in Croatia you should go to this spot. @skyridersparaglidingcro 🦅 🦅 🦅 🦅 #paraglidinggirls #flyinglikeabird #loveoutdoorsports #upintheair #adventureblogger #adrenalinjunkie #womenwhoexplore #mountaingirls #exploringcroatia #she_explores #adventuregirls #outdoorenthusiasts

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3 nights camping with the dinosaurs. Not a lot of sleep at night, but that just meant more time hanging out...right? Co-sleeping is a lot harder when you never do it. All she wants to do at 2am is show me all her tricks. • • • • • #hike #hike365 #hike365july #hiking #hikeitbaby #babieswhohike #momswhohike #carcampingadventures #carcamping #camping #ab #alberta #explorealberta #travelalberta #canada #ohcanada #dinosaurprovincialpark #dinosaurs #badlands #babeswhohike #wildchild #prairies #childrenofthewild #she_explores #girlswhohike #ospreypacks #womenwhoexplore #womenwhoexplorealberta #liveoutthere #outthere

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This may look easy...but oh boy, going back up was hard! The steepness and the gravely sands does not help. BUCKET LIST 18 ✅ HIKE DOWN A CRATER ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Looks like an explosion had happened here? 💥 Yup! Steam and gas explosions! Crowe, 1973 mapped the area and found that there are 16 craters! 2 of them are due to phreatic eruptions, meaning, created by steam and gas explosions when hot magma rising up from the depths, reached ground water. The intense heat flashed the water into steam which then expanded until the pressure was released as a tremendous explosion through fanglomerates! Fanglomerate is an alluvial fan deposit hardened into rock. I just learned this word today too.

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Girls day with the best 💕

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janevareverie. Hoping to get out and enjoy some water with my baby this weekend. It's

Hoping to get out and enjoy some water with my baby this weekend. It's been a long week and we are ready to chill. Where's everyone's favorite Sconnie swimming holes? #idratherbepaddling #gooutside #optoutside #kayak #canoe #paddle #naturalwisconsin #travelwisconsin #roamwisconsin #paddlewisconsin #wisconsinwater #womenwhowander #momswhowander #adventuremom #hikeitbaby #she_explores

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The van is finally coming together (for the second time). Can we get an AMEN! If I had thought this would take over three months to get to this point, I probably would have started nervous laughing. And then maybe crying. But now we are here, everything is wired and patiently waiting for my @mightymaxbattery replacement to get in, I wired the lights the opposite of what I had planned (wire color change, no big deal), and just yesterday, 90% of the walls and ceiling were finally completed. This is huge, and I’m planning on getting the bed up today. We are hitting the road at the beginning of August for @theheartbreakroadtrip, and I’m only kind of freaking out! • • But can I be brutally honest? I’ve been fucking depressed recently and having a really hard time. Pouring my soul into work, the van and trying to maintain my sanity has absolutely drained me. But last night felt different. I felt excited and inspired again. A little overwhelmed by the though of drawers and cabinets, but excited nonetheless. • • I guess the point of that is to keep going. Even when things get tough, the finish line comes pretty quickly when you keep pace.

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photosbyangieandpaul. Really looking forward to some great adventures and family time this w

Really looking forward to some great adventures and family time this weekend! With that, we will be unplugging for the weekend ;) see you all on Monday!! Hope you all have a great weekend ✌🏼 • • • • #igclub_world

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To our future journeys _____________________________________________ * Red Rocks Canyon, CA • - - #redrocks #journey #latewcw😍

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🌷Texas Beauty 🌷

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Lovers Lane + Sol Duc Falls - Olympic National Park, Washington

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I had such a lovely time at the Green River Reservoir, watching the loons, and floating around listening to the sounds of nature. It's such a beautiful place!

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I had full intentions of posting today about how I hit a big financial goal, a month earlier then expected. I can’t though. ⠀ ⠀ At the end of June, an adulting emergency came up and I had to cash flow about $600 worth of house repairs. This alone would have allowed me to still hit my goal though.⠀ ⠀ The reason I didn’t hit my goal comes down to 2 financial stumbles in my freelance game.⠀ ⠀ 1️⃣ When the adulting situation happened, I had to give up a day of freelance coverage to attened to it. Given it was freelance coverage, and not work for my full time employer, I completely lost out on the income from the gig. Total loss $225.⠀ ⠀ 2️⃣ A gig I had marked was a “payment at time of service” term, insisted they were an invoice NET30 term. I spent an hour looking through emails trying to find where they agreed to my terms and I couldn’t fit it. I will defiantly get paid, but it didn’t come in time for me to hit my goal. Total not in pocket $540.⠀ ⠀ $ short of hitting my goal $757. Ouch.⠀ ⠀ Failing to hit a goal when I expected to hit it, sucks. BUT I WILL still hit it. I WILL move on to the next goal and work my backside off to catch up and get back on track to hit my other financial goals this year.⠀ ⠀ These situations are just part of life.⠀ ⠀ Part of business.⠀ ⠀ Part of being an adult who owns a home and other material stuff.⠀ ⠀ I can be sour about it or I can learn from each situation.⠀ ⠀ I can do things differently next time to work towards a more favorable outcome.⠀ ⠀ I can use it as fuel to work harder and smarter in the future.⠀ ——⠀ So that post I was going to make today- I will have to save it for later this month. This is me calling my shot- I will accomplish this goal by July 26th, one day after my birthday and it will be the best present I give myself.⠀ ⠀ 📷 related to this goal 😉⠀ ⠀

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