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A diamond (bay) of a view!⠀ ✧✧✧✧✧⠀ Photo by Cherise @chereneo⠀ ✧✧✧✧✧⠀ Traveller Tip From Cherise ↠ Just 5 kilometers north of Bondi Beach, Diamond Bay Reserve is a beautiful gem with incredible views of the ocean. Make sure to take a sharp left turn when you reach the observation platform to head further down and find this peaceful spot!⠀ ✧✧✧✧✧⠀ Submit your photos and travel tips for a feature on our Instagram on WeAreTravelGirls.com/Photo-Submission/ ⠀ ✧✧✧✧✧⠀ #wearetravelgirls #diamondbayreserve #australia #visitaustralia

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Some important tips if you plan to visit the Sahara in Morocco!⠀ 1) First and foremost let's begin with the mistakes I am making in this picture. Do not get up at sunrise, put on all your warmest clothes, leggings, thermals tops, jumpers and scarfs and then undo all of your good work by taking off your shoes and walking in the freezing sand barefoot. This is a rookie mistake. ⠀ 2) Plan ahead. Seriously. This was my second time camping in the desert and I cannot tell you how different it was from the first time. I even wrote a blog post after my first experience warning people that camping in the Sahara is not what it looks like on Instagram. But what I discovered this time with careful planning and not a last minute booking on arrival in Marrakech, is that you can have an amazing experience camping you just need to plan ahead and book with a reputable tour company to ensure you get good and safe drivers and a decent camp.⠀ 3) Bring marshmallows. This is in fact my new tip for life, just carry a bag of marshmallows with you everywhere you go just in case there is a campfire!⠀ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧⠀ 📷 @flystayluxe #wearetravelgirls #travelgirlsgetaways #travelgirls #morocco #desert #sahara

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blue skies and fresh white snow up in the mountains of park city utah doin donuts on a snowmobile and sippin’ on hot cocoa ⛄️ what’s your favorite snow-tivity?

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narcissisticnomad. I chose to #optoutside on #BlackFriday in a secret corner of the world

I chose to #optoutside on #BlackFriday in a secret corner of the world that’s close yet oh so far away.. a place where special people come to gather to give thanks from places more far than near, clothes are mostly an afterthought, and money is not the currency... it was a special experience that I hope I never forget and I hope I go back again some day... —- If you don’t know, don’t ask, if you do know, don’t tell...

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it’s fascinating how much bigger nature really is. no matter how big we go, it always seems to one-up us. or in the case of alabama hills, seven-up. & i’m loving every sip. 🏕

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Another trip out to the oasis with friends; got two soaks in on our 24 hr adventure! It’s always interesting hearing everyone’s stories and learning where they’re from.. some have been traveling here for decades. —- “If you don’t know, don’t ask; if you do know, don’t tell...” -me —- Thank you @myravegas & @justinekish for this photo! —- Hair: @laceelooksee @laceejae Eyelashes: @beautybycourtneyking —- . . . . . #makemomentshappen #sheadventures #radgirlslife #getoutstayout #liveyouradventure #everytrailconnects #theoutbound #keepitwild #adventurevisuals #stayandwander #choosemountains #nationalparkgeek #she_explores #1020adventures #utahunique #idratherbeinnature #utahhdotcom #herwanderfullife I #outdoorbella #peoplewhohike #mtnchicks #thehikemovement #TODSL #wonderfulwildwomen #whyihike #wildernessbadass #peoplewhooutdoor

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it’s true that time really flies when you’re having fun. the science behind it is that when you are cognitively busy, you’re so focused on what you’re doing and not the passage of time. so take advantage of every opportunity instead of letting time pass you by💃🏻 That is why I love my combination from @paul_hewitt which always reminds me to make every moment count #paulhewitt #chronoline #getanchored #ad — P📷: @jesse__olson

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Remember all the fires in August? @missjessbess and I were exploring Utah at the time and got smoked out of a lot of photos... in spite of it all, this view is still so gorgeous! —- 📸 @missjessbess Camera pack: @tenbabags

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Went back to one job last night, the second this morning, and the third’s on Sunday, but I’ll probably be posting Arizona pics for forever and ever so feel free to unfollow whenever 🤷🏻‍♀️ . Also please tip your barista. Thank you, next.

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alison.wonderland.art. It’s a year of change, I can already feel it. Last year I focused a lo

It’s a year of change, I can already feel it. Last year I focused a lot on my art, I found a style that felt natural to me. But I became distracted from other things that make me happy. I’m hoping to balance that out this time, doing more of what I NEED, practicing self-discipline as self-care. And following my heart...that’s always necessary 😊

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zolacolortrend. Amazing color on an amazing day st the beach!  #newportoregon #she_exp

Amazing color on an amazing day st the beach! #newportoregon #she_explores #sisterday #lovemysister #bishopsisterfound

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tarawinward. One of my favorite winter time places! Hoping I can visit again soon #

One of my favorite winter time places! Hoping I can visit again soon #rmnp #nationalpark 📸@christianwinward

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That time I took an energizing swing on El Capitan. I thought I’d be scared, but surprisingly - wasn’t at all. Always looking forward to the next time! 😍👌 . Thanks for the rad video, Justin! 🙏🤙 🎥: @steeppathproductions

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narcissisticnomad. I don’t know how many times I have watched the sunset here but it’s co

I don’t know how many times I have watched the sunset here but it’s countless! No matter the crowds of people and the journey to get there, I have gone out of my way to sit on the rock to watch the sun disappear beyond the horizon. What place in this world does that for you?? —- 📸 @ftw_outdoorlife —- . . . . . #makemomentshappen #sheadventures #radgirlslife #getoutstayout #liveyouradventure #everytrailconnects #theoutbound #keepitwild #adventurevisuals #stayandwander #choosemountains #nationalparkgeek #she_explores #1020adventures #utahunique #idratherbeinnature #utahhdotcom #herwanderfullife I #outdoorbella #peoplewhohike #mtnchicks #thehikemovement #TODSL #wonderfulwildwomen #whyihike #wildernessbadass #peoplewhooutdoor

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Experienced the most perfect onsen the other night... walked outside in 8 degree weather in my birthday suit late at night while it was dumping snow. No one else was in the onsen and the flakes were piling up on my eyelashes and tickling my face. What a sense of serenity right before bed. Onsen water has been believed to have a multitude of healing properties basically since time began, and is packed full of minerals that are thought to be good for your skin, circulation and general health. Not sure what else goes better with skiing other than a cold beer! (📸hotel photo since cameras aren’t allowed) @legrandadventuretours #LGAJapan #epictripsforyoursoul

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📷@girl_vs_wild “How incredible is Arches NP! Unbelievable how nature made these!” 🤩🤩🤩 ↡↡↡ Share, tag & get featured👉🏼 #souladventurebabes #souladventurer #soulgood 💙

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thankyounewfoundland. A crashed ‘57 Chevy in the woods. It makes the song “Last Kiss” get st

A crashed ‘57 Chevy in the woods. It makes the song “Last Kiss” get stuck in my head every time I see it.

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souladventurebabes. 📷@crisclarag
✨”Y no vale la pena irse de este mundo sin haberse dado

📷@crisclarag ✨”Y no vale la pena irse de este mundo sin haberse dado tantito gusto en la vida✨ #fridakahlo . ☀️BUENOS DÍAS 💫BON DIA 🌍GOOD MORNING” ↡↡↡ Share, tag & get featured👉🏼 #souladventurebabes #souladventurer #soulgood 💙

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“Crying: Acceptable at funerals and the Grand Canyon” - Ron Swanson, Parks and Recreation • [Disclaimer: I’d also add scraping the ice off your car in the extended parking lot when your red eye gets in at 6am, but I always have been kind of a softie]

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beyondthesafari. A coyote, getting his courage up to eat the Canada goose (of my last p

A coyote, getting his courage up to eat the Canada goose (of my last post), which had been left behind by the resident coyote pack a few nights prior. At first I thought he was a transient coyote (ie, one who is just passing through this territory, which belongs to the resident pack), and I thought he was being careful not to dig right in to a cached food source, because the "owners" may be around the corner and ready to fend him off. After watching a few more times, I thought it could also be the case that he is one of the residents, and he is just hesitant to get this close to the camera. ... Either way, first, he comes by very cautiously, sniffing the ground to investigate, but not going up to the carcass.  Two hours later, he comes back more confidently and makes his way up to it, but doesn't eat.  Six hours after that, he is more confident still, and he helps himself, beginning with the head and neck (which make quite a crunch - sound up to hear). ... If he is a transient and therefore nervous about the residents, in between videos he has presumably explored the surrounding area well enough to feel assured that the resident pack is elsewhere. ... My current vote is that he is a transient, because while eating he keeps looking around in all directions, which the residents of the other night did not do. As a transient, he still shows hesitancy towards the camera, although his bigger concerns are elsewhere. . #trailcam #trailcamology #animalbehavior #animals #wildlife #nature #animaltracking #transientcoyote #canadagoose #ethology #ecology #naturalhistory #predator #residentpack #wildlife_seekers #wildlifeaddicts #naturevideos #wildlifevideos #intonature #intothewoods #coyote #canislatrans #wildlifeonearth #lifeonearth #ilovenature #she_explores #hiking #bethechange #conservation #landconservation

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When you come through the Siq and first catch glimpse of this hidden city...there are no words...

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travelkarma._. Never stop believing in hope because miracles happen everyday .... ☀️�

Never stop believing in hope because miracles happen everyday .... ☀️🍃💕💜 . Du suchst Möglichkeiten zur Entschleunigung? Vielleicht können wir dir die nötige Inspiration geben. Link in Bio #entschleunigung #slowtravel #bewusstsein #gesundheit #glücklichsein #sunset #outdoorpassion #standuppaddle #explore #liveoutdoors #outdooraddict #standuppaddling #freiheit #gooutside #stand_up_paddle #suptravel #theglobewanderer #adventureisoutthere #lakesup #paddleboarding #sunsetsup #supgirls #outdoorphotography #outdoor #outdoorwomen #she_explores #standuppaddleboarding #sonneimherzen #ferien | Werbung da Marken verlinkt |

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Si algún día nos perdemos, esta zona tiene muchos números para ser nuestro lugar de acogida... . . ¿conoces el #AltPirineu? . . Quizá es menos conocido q su vecino #Aigüestortes, pero precisamente eso, te permite disfrutarlo sin masificación Ya tenéis todos los detalles de esta ruta en la web . . 💻 www.furgoyporteo.com Os esperamos 👉🏼 Link en la bio #melodijofurgoyporteo

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Man oh man what a day to be out in the mountains of Fiordland! Thanks for joining me on a great adventure yesterday, @tarshoftheforest , it was just what the doctor prescribed! 😂

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The Middle East is bustling, chaotic, and lively. It’s also contemplative, spiritual, and silent. It is a place of contrasts and contradictions. It must be experienced to begin to touch the culture at all. This Is true of Petra too. Below is the hustle of camel rides, donkey rides, and a selfie fest galore. Up here...it is quiet, peaceful and you can sense the remnants of the times before Lawrence of Arabia and Indiana Jones put Petra on every travelers map ( for good reason). Throughout its history ( and it is an ancient city ... think Nabateans) Petra has vacillated, its been a bustle place of trade with 20,000 inhabitants and a quiet, fallen, hidden city home to a handful of nomads. Today it bustles again with growing global tourism. Once through the Siq we knew we want to find a high point to take it all in. The climb up was crazy. A teenager guiding the way and with one hand pulling us over gaps in the path. Up here...we have this place to ourselves ( well plus one teenager and a soda salesman😉). We can rest, breathe and try to connect a bit with this fascinating city’s past and present.

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After five days, three states, and over 1100 miles, I’m back in Vegas. Spending the first rainy day of my trip eating avocado toast and thrift shopping in the arts district (because, millennial) but also scrolling through pictures because places like this already seem unreal. It’s been an amazing week, but definitely looking forward to being reunited with my bed, my pup, and my people 🤗

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