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boutique_clubvip. Vem de vestido arraso ❤️❤️❤️ confira nossos looks! #socialmodel #socia

Vem de vestido arraso ❤️❤️❤️ confira nossos looks! #socialmodel #social #top #lindodeviver #moda #modaplussize #vem #clubvip

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At a "meet the funders" event in Norwich today. Talking to groups, charities and schools about obtaining funding and how to best share resources. #charitytuesday #equallives #norwich #disability #socialmodel

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localfeministkilljoy. I will be posting about the medical model soon! It is important to not

I will be posting about the medical model soon! It is important to note that I am able-bodied and can in no way speak on behalf of the disabled community. A great reading about the Social and Medical models of disability is called "Reformulating the Feminist Perspective: Giving Voice to Women with Disabilities" by Neita Kay Israelite and Karen Swartz, which is featured in Gender and Women's Studies in Canada pages 48-56. . . . Also! I just updated my Instagram and can now add Alt-Text to my photos, and have done so for this post. Does anyone know if this is better or worse than image descriptions in the caption/comments? Thanks! 💕 Edit: I included the image description in the caption as well to be accessible to as many as possible! . . . {ID: Slide 1: text that reads "Social Model of Disability". Slide 2: text that reads "The social model recognizes how many of the problems faced by people with disabilities are caused by a lack of accommodations provided by our society, and the ableist views within the society, culture, and medical community." Slide 3: Text that reads "The social model is important because it points out that our world is designed in a way that favours able-bodied people and disadvantages disabled people." Slide 4: Text that reads "The social model faces criticism because many disabled feel that while there are definitely social barriers that must be removed, their disability is not a social construct and should not be treated as such."}

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Don’t lose your sense of wonder ✨ . . . #peoplesportrait

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Epic couple of days at @parasportontario’s #niagaraparasports #festival So proud of the coaches that I trained last weekend from @paradisaea_circus #adaptivecircus #circusforeveryone #disability #socialmodel #aerialists #adaptive #flyingfootless [A photo collage with nine photos of amputee students and students with wheelchairs learning aerial silks, aerial hoop and trapeze.]

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Pictured here is Samiksha Mehra, a Delhi resident in India getting her infertility “treated” at a private clinic. She explains that her and her husband were pressured into taking immediate action to conceive children in whatever manner possible, and “told to consult with different ‘specialists’ in other clinics, on which we spent thousands more rupees”. Infertility has become a major issue in countries like India, spurring the growth of more than 3,000 fertility clinics in India. However, an even greater issue that has come about is the severe stigma and social oppression surrounding those who cannot conceive a child. By harnessing social oppression, infertility in this context can be defined as disability. To us as a Western culture, infertility may be a cause for internal sorrow, but by no means disables or inhibits one’s daily life. For understanding this different meaning of #infertility, we must utilize #thickdescription and the #socialmodel of disability. (Lal)

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Some Saturday morning renders for the soon to be "my rail" range of grab rails. Creating non stigmatising home environments by re-imagining grab rails as something other than mobility aids #productdesign #design #industrialdesign #myrail #scottishdesign #inclusivedesign #designer #designfordisability #designforall #socialdesign #socialmodel #versusarthritis #arthritis #mobility #myhome #interiors

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kaylee_young_. You can have your space, cowboy 🥀

You can have your space, cowboy 🥀 . . #peoplesportrait

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thatmodelchick. Photographed by @foxlyfefilmz📸

Photographed by @foxlyfefilmz📸 . . . . #photoshoot #focused

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itsmejermain. Do you like R&B Music ???
Comment your favourite song below 👇🏾👇🏾👇

Do you like R&B Music ??? Comment your favourite song below 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 My favourite R&B song is Deemer - Mis 💥 @ruben_deemer

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Just hip keys. I have been so busy lately it feels like there is very little time to train in the air. Trying to savour the few moments when it happens. I am going to carve out more time in April. I said it on social media so now it has to happen. #climbing #adaptive #aerialist #hipkeys #disability #notabadword #socialmodel [Erin is on aerial silks without her lower legs prostheses. She makes loops with the fabric and weaves her legs through, arches, rolls up and splits the two strands of fabric. She arches, upright, arms over head, splits her legs and then quickly hooks a knee]

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Great start to the morning recording podcasts. These will be released soon on our website, YouTube and shared by the EDP. Pictured TVs Christine Webber and Helen McDermott Thank you to the Assembly House, our guests and @shaunlawsonvid for the camerawork Together let's be part of the solution in ending Stigma and talking openly about mental health #mentalhealthwarriors #antistigma #socialmodel #2019 #littlebigwins #mentalhealthawareness #equallives

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"Ciao, se state leggendo questo messaggio è segno che non sono più a questo mondo. Beh non rattristatevi più di tanto, mi sta bene così; non ho rimpianti, sono morto facendo quello che ritenevo più giusto, difendendo i più deboli e rimanendo fedele ai miei ideali di giustizia, uguaglianza e libertà. Quindi nonostante questa prematura dipartita, la mia vita resta comunque un successo e sono quasi certo che me ne sono andato con il sorriso sulle labbra. Non avrei potuto chiedere di meglio. Vi auguro tutto il bene possibile e spero che anche voi un giorno (se non l'avete già fatto) decidiate di dare la vita per il prossimo, perché solo così si cambia il mondo. Solo sconfiggendo l'individualismo e l'egoismo in ciascuno di noi si può fare la differenza. Sono tempi difficili, lo so, ma non cedete alla rassegnazione, non abbandonate la speranza; mai! neppure un attimo. Anche quando tutto sembra perduto, e i mali che affliggono l'uomo e la terra sembrano insormontabili, cercate di trovare la forza, di infonderla nei vostri compagni. È proprio nei momenti più bui che la vostra luce serve. E ricordate sempre che 'ogni tempesta comincia con una singola goccia'. Cercate di essere voi quella goccia. Vi amo tutti spero farete tesoro di queste parole. Serkeftin! Orso, Lorenzo “. 🙏🏻♥️⚒⚖️🥊 #orso #hero #ypj #againstisis #eternalglory #fightforabetterworld #fighting #cryforyou #comrade #freekurdistan #communism #socialmodel #liberatedwomen #fightingforus #love #light #respect #ourson #justice #roses #tears #sadness #messagetous #messageforabetterworld #kurdistan #againstdaesh

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