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11 months progress! Jan 15-to today! I’m looking for 10 ladies who are ready to dedicate 2019 to a year of consistency to their health. And it’s not about just the scale you guys! There is only a 3 pound difference between these two pictures. But I’ve lost over 18 inches and 4% body fat. It’s about making exercise a daily habit you enjoy. Its about choosing to ditch processed foods and eat more Whole Foods and make real progress without starving yourself. It’s about changing your mindset to how you see yourself, exercise and your food. It’s about making a change that lasts. What you get? Access to our online library of workouts (think Netflix for fitness) nutrition plans, recipes, healthy cooking show, tracker books, and having the support from me and my community so you aren’t going it alone! DM me to chat so we can get you set up and ready tot ale on the new year with a plan in place for success! #fitness #fitmom #fitmoms #fitginger #pcosfighter #gainz #closereveryday #imworthit #workforit #healthtips #liift4 #imobsessed #plussize #plussizefitness #curvyandfit #smile #weightloss #weightlossjourney #momof3 #mombod #strongmom #strongbody #strongaf #busymomlife #busymoms #progress #beforeandafter #weightloss

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gmpolicastro. #Repost @TheRock
Over 10,000 insanely athletic people applied for

#Repost @TheRock ・・・ Over 10,000 insanely athletic people applied for our @nbctitangames. I only chose 64. That’s it. 64. I wanted to create a platform for everyday men and women with passion and athleticism to shine and become TITANS. Here’s my 64 TITAN hopefuls for our inaugural season 1 of TITAN GAMES. JANUARY 3RD ON @NBC. #DJs64 💪🏾 #StrongAF #CFGCstrong

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marisa.amara. Blessed to have the most amazing and supportive (and annoying) mini in

Blessed to have the most amazing and supportive (and annoying) mini in the world. You’re cool, totally a nerd, and are going to have so many different experiences than I. To think I have the front row seat to your life is mind boggling. I’d never trade it. As always, you want it? You got it, kid. 💜

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• Treat your body with respect.. 💎 #selflove #tuesdaymotivation

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I used to go to the gym religiously. I rarely missed a workout, but if I did, no one noticed. The person the treadmill next to me, didn't know my goals, share my struggles or celebrate my victories with me. I didn't have anyone pushing me to try something new to challenge my body and my muscles in a new way. The people at the front desk certainly didn't give me meal plans complete with a grocery list, or help me understand the importance of moderation and portion control. . At the gym I was on my own. It wasn't easy navigating my way through life, trying to find balance and hoping to one day love my body. I was caught in a vicious cycle of counting calories, depriving myself of nutritious food to make up for the calories spent binge eating, only to abuse my body at the gym. No one knew this struggle, no one was there to help pull me out of it. . A large part of why I have been successful is because of the support and motivation of my challenge group. I workout at home, follow our meal plans and plug into the support of the group. They know my goals, they understand my struggles and they keep me accountable by checking in with me every day. We are there for each other step by step through the entire process, the good and the bad. There is no more "going at it alone.” . Break out of the norm, try something a little different and you may just be surprised at how amazing the results will be. . I am enrolling for my January online bootcamp and I have 10 spots open. We will be focusing on short 20 min daily workouts and an easy to follow meal plan. If you are ready to work towards your goals alongside some amazing people and be given the tools to make it work with your crazy schedule, shoot me a message so we can chat 💋

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“If you don’t like something, CHANGE IT. If you can’t change it, then change your ATTITUDE “. Still my fav quote by the one and only Ms. Angelou and truely how look at every challenge I encounter. 👖: @culture.athletics

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I did it. I bought a fanny pack.

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punkypins. A week from Christmas with all your Christmas shopping still do like..

A week from Christmas with all your Christmas shopping still do like... 👀 #ohfuck #strongAF #pingame #pingamestrong

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joaniebstrong. Here's a little taste of STRONG by Zumba and this was after 2 hours of

Here's a little taste of STRONG by Zumba and this was after 2 hours of weights and walking around the track. . . . #strongbyzumba #strongaf #plank #plankjump #burpee #sweatharderthanme #myfacetho #gymflow #fitfam #cardiohardio #needsomegrub #sweat #workout #girlswhogym

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anytimefitnessyorkton. Aloha to our Anytime Fitness Members.  This fella here ( a.k.a. Sam) j

Aloha to our Anytime Fitness Members. This fella here ( a.k.a. Sam) just finished a marathon in beautiful Honolulu in 4:39:38. Congrats to you Sam on an incredible accomplishment!! #anytimefitnessyorkton #strongAF #letsmakehealthyhappen #strongertogether

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These sets are 🔥😍 Coming out soon!! Thank you @briannabavi for having us at @tilyoucollapse Can’t wait to show you guys the cute fits we got 😏

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Slowly rehabbing my shoulder back. Sometimes you have to take step back and be patience, all I want to do is go #beastmode n lift those heavy weights. But unfortunately proper healing and recovery is more important so when I'm ready I'll come back bigger and stronger. #leaveegoatthedoor . . . #ladyjacked #girlgains #girlpower #tattednfit #trainhard #progress #chickswithmuscle #badass #thickthighssaveslives #personaltrainer #transformation #motivation #bodygoals #gains #strongaf #STRONGISSEXY #alphafemale #fitchicks #neversettle #beautiful #loveyourself #gymlife #recovery #rehab #paitence

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Have you struggled with making daily exercise a habit. Most people, including myself for YEARS, especially at the beginning of the new year, have made a goal to exercise more right? It never stuck for me you guys. I was that girl that signed up for a new gym membership at the beginning of the year, went for the first day, busted my butt, got so sore i didn’t show up for a few days then did it again. and by week 3, I stopped. UNTIL THIS YEAR! This is the first year in my life that Day in and day I’ve shown up. I have stuck with it. I’ve pushed myself hard and showed up through the soreness, the sleepiness with kids who didn’t sleep through the night and made it work in my life with being a mom of 3 and 2 home businesses. What was the change? I finally made a plan on when I was going to exercise and stuck with it. Plus I followed the workout calendar and checked off my workouts daily. Having a countdown to completing a program has been huge for me. It was like a game! It’s about making a small goal and repeating it. I repeated this process 4 times this year. That’s it. Made a plan and stuck with it! I’m a work in progress you guys! I know I’ve still got a ways to go and a lot to learn. I’m here to be honest that the journey takes time. And it starts with showing up daily for you to work on you! Ready to start your journey with someone who’s been through the struggle but has come out stronger mentally and physically in the end. You don’t have to go through this journey alone! Let’s do it together! DM me to get started or answer questions! #wod #workout #fitness #fitmom #fitmoms #fitginger #pcosfighter #pcosweightloss #gainz #closereveryday #imworthit #workforit #healthtips #imobsessed #teamac #plussize #plussizefitness #curvyandfit #weightloss #weightlossjourney #momof3 #mombod #strongmom #strongbody #fitmomlife #strongaf #womenwhoinspire #busymom

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Scaps and tats with @a.silverfox ————- Thanks chick for doing a bad ass video with me.

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Last night's session was a blast. We love having good energy in the room...thanks for joining us @axlgreasemcwoodchop . We also enjoyed our Barbarian gift exchange to celebrate the holiday! And I just love this team...hard working, thoughtful, fun loving, most random collection of freaks! Happy Holidays you weirdos... ********************************************** Don't just watch the fun from afar. Sign up for: **BEGINNER CLASS** Register on our website: www.barbarianbarbell.com (Memberships & Programming > Beginner Class) **2x per week: Tue/Thur @6-7pm.** **No experience necessary. ********************************************* #beginner #gifts #happyholidays #training #secretsanta #weightlifting #tarzana #getstrong #competition #learnweightlifting #barbarian #olympiclifting #weightlifting #getstrong #competition #snatch #cleanandjerk #squats #barbarian #usaweightlifting #usaw #coaching #levelup #snatch #tarzana #sanfernandovalley #valley #barbell #strongaf #losangeles

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She’s the perfect example of grace because she’s a butterfly with bullet holes in her wings that never regretted learning how to fly 🦋. ... Teaching Wednesday: 8:15 am #yoga - YJ SOUTH 🦄. 9:30 am #core45 - YJ SOUTH 💪🏼. 4 pm #yoga - YJ SOUTH 🤸🏽‍♀️. ... #yogajoint #hotfusionflow #perserverance #butterfly #grace #fly #trusttheprocess #selflove #wings #strongaf

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melissakinmartin_tri_fit_mom. This is what a \"full\" day in the life of a 60hr Keto Reboot looks like

This is what a "full" day in the life of a 60hr Keto Reboot looks like! . By conquering a 60 hour reboot, you engage your body to use fat as an energy source while gradually shifting into Keto Adaptation. . Are you REBOOTing with us in January? Our group is still rocking it and we will be optimized in the AM! . If you aren't, get ready to join the next one with us? . Interested let me know you can get on my next waiting list for the January reboot! . #strongaf

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Bae said I’m gettin jacked 🤷🏽‍♂️ • • #Jacked #Powerlifter #Powerlifting #PowerBuilding #StrongAF #SoberAF #Bodybuilding #Hybrid 📸cred: @courteney_vanek

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cynicallycynth. Me - \"Megs, how many pullups am I doing here? Six hundred forty-six th

Me - "Megs, how many pullups am I doing here? Six hundred forty-six thousand five hundred sixty-six?!?" Megs - "No, you're just counting 64, 65, 66!" Me - *sighs relief and thinks thank goodness* I'm pretty sure this 11-year-old gymnast I babysit could beat me in a pullup contest, and I didn't want to be challenged to 646,566 of them 😂😂😂 #personaltrainer #pullups #nycpersonaltrainer #murph #pullupcontest #strongaf #strongladies #ladieswholift #womenwholift #gymmermaid #gymhairdontcare #gymbraids #ilooklikewendyslogo #christmas2018

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gbfnyc. #gbfnyc banded dumbbell #squats allow me to place the load more effici

#gbfnyc banded dumbbell #squats allow me to place the load more efficiently onto my my quads and gluts with added resistance to my shoulders . . . #squats #dumbbellsquats #bandeddumbbellsquats #squatthrusts #squattherapy #efficientlifting #legday #legs #run365 #runnerslife #runeveryday #fitdad doing #fitshit #prerunworkout #runnerssecret #fast #faster #fastAF #strong #stronger #strongAF

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flowinlikewater. Pull ups - awkard grip (another use for KB ! ) ...but still full range

Pull ups - awkard grip (another use for KB ! ) ...but still full range. No kipping No swinging No worries ..but it won't be able to get lots of likes tho..as I don't wear the latest gym gear or am not a Gym Bro... I'm not narcissistic and Vain enough like the fitnesprenuer IG models with good genetics.. I just like what exercise done to my mental health and wellbeing Hard work isn't pretty nor pleasant.. Hard work sucks but rewarding experience! Hardwork will beat Talents , when talents wont work hard! #flowinlikewater

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vfittobehealthy. WOW, it’s AMAZING what a year can do to do you.  It really is all abou

WOW, it’s AMAZING what a year can do to do you. It really is all about what you decide to choose. I chose to change my lifestyle. My journey has brought me so much in finding myself again, knowing my worth, and loving myself for who I am now. It also has helped me join forces with like minded friends who uplift me and encourage me daily to be the best version of me. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ The only thing that I pray that continues into the New Year is my COMMITMENT and CONSISTENCY through my journey, my family, my business, and everything else in between! ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Friend if you are looking for all this well there is still available spots for you to join me in 2019. 💌💌💌 Let’s do this!

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$12 stocking stuffers for your fellow Accolade FitFam! Get them while they last ~ New black and gold #StrongAF tees! (@West gym only) . . . #accoladefitness #fitfam #fitnessgifts #coloradosprings #gymlife #accoladefitfam #workout #cosprings

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Who loves an empty gym? 🙋🏻‍♀️💙 • Getting these squats in 🍑😅

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anytimefitnessdallastx. We have YOGA! Coach Audra invites you to join one of her yoga sessions

We have YOGA! Coach Audra invites you to join one of her yoga sessions Mondays at 4:30 pm or Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 am. Rates are 10 sessions for $160 or $20 drop-ins! #anytimefitnessdallastx #anytimefitness #yoga #oakcliff #strongaf #bishopartsdistrict #dallas #functionaltraining

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marisa.amara. Today was speedy boob stuff and rly rly difficult push ups. I noticed

Today was speedy boob stuff and rly rly difficult push ups. I noticed like 3 technical difficulties in my press. Sometimes it be like that. I encourage those who haven’t to also try banded push ups. Pro tip: wear a shirt with sleeves cause the bands pinch back fat ):

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Training at Trimhuset Horten for christmas til year. It's a really good gym. Missed it a lot after moving away from Horten. 500 NOK for three weeks is money well spent. Also got this Wahlander.se powerlifting belt as a birthday gift from my parents. It's as great as expected, and gives the needed stability at squat and deadlift. #powerlifting #bodybuilding #powerbuilding #goodoldgym #fitness #wahlander #powerliftingbelt #strongaf #posingatagym

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I freaking love my job. Sometimes as a trainer we get glorified for being the best trainer having the craziest workouts or exercises. I have found over the years its how you motivate people how you speak to them and it has to be all about them remove your ego from Their training. They are the ones putting in the work at the end of the day. I am just guiding them. I am very lucky to found my passion in life which is helping people reach their goals. Believe me this wasn’t my first choice but that’s life and we live and learn. My post today is not about me it’s about my good friend @kellycray . I have been training her for about a year now. She has been consistent and dedicated to becoming stronger. She listened to every word when I told her that heavy weights won’t make her “bulky” She has stuck by me from Gym to gym and to my small basement lifting weights and never complaining about not having the fancy equipment. All we needed was a bar and a squat rack and we are good. Her body weight has gone up and her fat percentage has gone down as she put on lean muscle mass. She is now squatting 165lbs, and deadlifting 180lbs these are very impressive. I am very lucky to be able to train Kelly as she is reaching new limits with her training. Looking forward to more PR. 💪🏻 This is just one example of the Amazing people I train. I could post everyday about someone new and how they are crushing their workouts. Thanks to all my clients that believe in me and trust in my system. Your are all very much appreciated.

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liftlaughlove_withlauram. Getting in the Christmas spirit!! #chestandtris

Getting in the Christmas spirit!! #chestandtris

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