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bonsaibuzz. 🐍 #kiratheclero gets her first haircut and is due for a repot! Yew! C

🐍 #kiratheclero gets her first haircut and is due for a repot! Yew! Cuttings are also in play @beau_pett. #bonsaibuzz #privetbonsaibuzz #indianprivet #clero #tropical #bonsaiworld #summer2019 #propagationbonsaibuzz

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Ellos vienen a moverse porque el calor apreta o la maya les incomoda, pero nosotros en ese corto tiempo que nos dan debemos corporalizar la importancia del movimiento. Siempre ellos encontrarán algo mejor que a hacer hasta que la enfermedad les toque la puerta o se cansen de estar en el mismo punto. Al final no corremos contra ellos sino con el tiempo de hacerles un clic para siempre. 💫 nombre: Silvana 💫 tiempo que entrena en corpo: 2 años 💫 tiempo que nos conocemos 3 años. 💫 rol en corpo: socia fundadora. 💫 algo que la caracteriza: nunca se dio por vencida. 💫 algo que nos regalo: confianza. 💫 algo que cambio: ya no le roba las medias a los nenes para entrenar. Queremos darte las gracias y reconocerte todo lo que nos devuelves en cada clase. . . @silvana.morelli.54 . . . . . . Resultados visibles y trabajados! . . #sistemaemi #plan.10

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Mornings in Bondi #vacayswimwear

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After our regular spot here in Canberra, Southside Village, started getting overly strict with their rules, hiked their prices up without improving their facilities in any way...we've decided to try another park! 🚐 . Yes, it's more expensive, but it has a swimming pool (trying this out tonight!), a nicer playground for Bodhi, friendlier reception staff & a private little shady nook for our caravan 🌳 They even gave us a night free for having to buy an extra long hose because their closest water tap had no water to it 👍 . Think we might stay here til Christmas...then we're finally trying our hand at house sitting! Does anyone else do that to help with costs when traveling around Australia? Love to hear your thoughts! 🏡🏕🛣

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Think for a long time about what caption to use for this one. But nothing too outstanding comes up. Guess it’s because no nice words can be put to the situation when you tried three times to enter Berghain but all you got is “sorry, have a good day:)” I even put classic #clockworkorange eyeliner on this man’s face to neutralize his American soldier’s look. But ya know, the man’s straight as an ice cold rod. #story #summer2019 #europeansummer #berlin #toocoolforyou #Berghain #ootdfashion

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calypsotowerlll. Sun and fun have helped put Panama City Beach, Florida on the map for

Sun and fun have helped put Panama City Beach, Florida on the map for tourists for decades, but ease of living, convenient travel and gorgeous surroundings are swaying visitors make the move to want to live here full-time or invest in a getaway at Calypso Tower III. #summer2019 #panamacitybeach #condo #luxurycondo #calypsotowerlll #resort #vacation #sun #paradise

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