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Happy Easter Sunday!!! Greetings from lovely Yangshuo 🐰✨🇨🇳

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Five years ago this week Erik and I got engaged. And let me tell you it was quite the story. I immediately got awkward the minute I saw the very cute set up Erik had prepared for us. You could say I was acting like I was on a very awkward first day even though we had been dating for almost 2 years. There were adorable lights and we were supposed to paint the sunset except it was pitch black by the time we got there. Then the sprinklers turned on. I thought maybe this was part of the proposal and tried to go along with it.. you know like "dancing in the rain" or something. Except it wasn't part of the proposal so Erik dodged the sprinklers and I ended up getting soaked. Needles to say it was a night to remember. 🤣

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Me and baby B out here living our best life. Alternating between chocolate Easter eggs, beach walks and naps. 🙌🏼

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Just a few of my favourite things 🌿

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balinesefolks_. Today's photo from : @watchluke ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

Today's photo from : @watchluke ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• dont forget to follow 👉🏻 @balinesefolks_ and use our hashtag #balinesefolks to be featured ________________________________________________________ :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ________________________________________________________ LOCATION 📍: Ulun danu Temple, Bedugul, Bali ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ NOTE : Keep Bali Clean And Green 🌿 ________________________________________________________ #takemoreadventures #peoplescreatives #pesonanusantara #thecreatorclass #travel #artofvisuals #exploretocreate #thebalibible #balinesefolks #stayandwander #wondermore #wildernessnation #pesonanusantara #visualsofearth #folkvibe #folkgood #kompasnusantara #visualwanderlust #beautifuldestinations #parapejalan #folkindonesia #earthfocus #watchthisinstagood #wildernessculture #freedomthinkers #earthfocus #awesomeeart #bestvacations

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Nothing like sipping on a cocktail looking over the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range. 🍸🤙🏻

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outside_project. Best selfie ever? 
Photo | Anti Poaching Rangers 

Best selfie ever? Photo | Anti Poaching Rangers #outside_project

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We are heading camping next week for 4 days and it can not come soon enough!! Tell me some of your favourite memories, traditions, things you like to do or eat while camping?! I would love to adopt some of your suggestions next week! PS - I’m still super proud of myself for my solo camping trip (with Stella) a couple weeks ago and my home away from home in the @hyundaicanada Santa Fe!

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qathryneee. May you find the God-predestined path for your life 🍃

May you find the God-predestined path for your life 🍃

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Made our way to a land of many colors today! At 17,000 ft above sea level, Rainbow Mountain definitely pushed our altitude limits, but it was well worth it! As with most scenic photos, these don't do the sights or colors justice, but I had to try anyway! 🌈⛰🦙 • • • #rainbowmountain #colors #landscape #llama #alpaca #howhighistoohigh #cusco #peru #southamerica #travel #travelcouple #travelcouplelife #digitalnomad #didzunduo #instatravel #travelgram #wanderlust #beautifulplaces #adventure #travelmoments #travelbugs #staywander #takemoreadventures #traveltime #worldtrip #weekendactivities #dayhike #17000ftabovesealevel

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On a road to a lake that is probably beautiful right now, but I won’t find out until the road reopens this summer 😭

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gavindowse. iso a mom

iso a mom

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Happy #NationalParkWeek ⛰! To celebrate, we will be posting some of our favorite National Parks. First up, my favorite hike of 2018: The Subway in Zion National Park. . . Most people just hike from the bottom up to the “Subway” section and then back out. If you have the ability & gear to hike/canyoneer it all the way from the top down, do it! There are so many beautiful sections like this one ☝️ all along the way. . . We have also teamed up with some other great outdoor family accounts @wilsontribe5 @parents_who_travel @travelingchus @exploring_with_five_kids @oursaltytribes @junior_ranger_bry @justrolandwithit @50stateschallenge . So watch in stories for some fun national park trivia throughout the week.

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craghoppersofficial. \"The place I find myself being transported to with every moment of fre

"The place I find myself being transported to with every moment of free thinking I have. After twenty two hours on a bus, we’ve ditched the bustling city of Lima and exchanged it for that place exactly. Couldn’t be more excited to get on the trail and into the mountains. Such a special place Peru is.." 📸@lukekonarzewski • Where is your special place?

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Easter In The Hills 💛

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🇳🇴 Goodbye Bergen, Norway. Until next time! Definitely one of the most beautiful cities I've visited. . . Currently I'm waiting at the airport for my next flight to Copenhagen, Denmark. 🇩🇰 I'm running with no sleep as our flight is at 6am so hopefully our room will be available at our hotel so we can sleep a bit before we walk around. I'm passing the time by starting to read The Raven Boys. Currently I'm enjoying it so far! . . I was tagged by the lovely @bookaholicthrone to do the #nextbookstoread tag! Thanks hun. 💕 . . 🌹Next to read: The Dream Thieves 🌹Book you bought because of the cover: The Last Magician 🌹Book that keeps waiting on your cart: A Curse So Dark & Lonely 🌹Book you want to read because of the plot: Vortex Visions

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🥕 🐰 🥚

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Go on an adventure, doesn’t matter how big or extravagant ✨

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Not I, not any one else can travel that road for you, you must travel it for yourself - Whitman

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visiting this park never gets old 🥰✨

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Spring Big Line. I stood the drop point at 9500ft altitude alone. I had the whole slope to myself. It’s amazing! . 昨日は中央アルプスで2度目のシーズンイン!Spring BCを楽しんで来ました。これまで未滑走だった黒川源頭カールと2911ピークを落としてきました(中ア3大カールコンプリート✌️)。 麓の駒ヶ根は桜満開春本番、2900mの山の上ではBCシーズン本番といった感じでした(中央アルプスは厳冬期は危険過ぎて近付けないんですよね〜) 写真は誰もいない黒川源頭のファーストを気持ち良く滑った時のです。サイコーでした🙏 . #中央アルプス #木曽駒ヶ岳 #黒川源頭カール #バックカントリー #GoPro #GoProSnow #MsrGear #k2snowboarding #OptOutside #GetOutside

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📍Loveland, Colorado _ 4th trail run in the books. This one was my best and fastest one yet, but I truly felt like it was my worst...until I got to the end. Sometimes, it feels like you aren’t making progress or the road is hard, but keep your head down, work through it, and when you make it til the end, you just might surprise yourself😉 _ When I came to a stopping point, I kept thinking about the disciples and what they were probably thinking about on today. Feeling hopeless, useless, betraying Jesus, maybe? I can relate to brother Peter maaaaan. But, oh, Sunday is coming and what a glorious day it will be🙌🏽!

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You give life to what you give energy to

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Beautiful Austria 🇦🇹📍 📷 by @ecem.bayar #CabinStory | Tag a Friend

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