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Hi! ✌🏼I’m interrupting your IG feed with this bathroom selfie .. to remind you to ...... . BOOK your bikes for this week! The hubby and I leave THIS Saturday (the 26th) for CO ⛷ ... so I need to get as much of YOU as I can before I take off for a week of R+R ❤️ . LETS RIDE BABY! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 . MONDAY 545 AM + 815 AM + 530 PM @gritcycle Monarch Beach . TUESDAY 815 AM @gritcycle Costa Mesa . WEDNESDAY 545 AM + 815 AM + 530 PM @gritcycle Monarch Beach . THURSDAY 815 AM @gritcycle Costa Mesa . FRIDAY 545 AM @gritcycle Monarch Beach + 815 AM + 530 PM @gritcycle Costa Mesa . I CANT WAIT to see you in the saddleroom!! Lets CLIP IN. CONNECT. COMMIT.

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slim chance I’d survive without these two #sweetbutpsycho

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I’m just trying to get @iamcardib to come to one class. I just want to show her that dancing on a bike is a part of a well balanced breakfast.

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GritCycle Long Beach! Book those bikes and catch me in the saddle room this week 💙 • MON/WED 6:45pm and SAT 8:15am, can’t wait to see you all! • • • #gritcycle #spinclass #cycle #itsawething #fitness #dedication #family #grittygang #lb #longbeach #letsride #tapitback #instructor #spininstructor #sweatitout💦

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My mentor, my boss, my friend, my sister, my spiritual guide 🙏🏽 @jeneas_ I love you and appreciate the shit outta you ❤️ - There are times when this girl really kills me. Like reeeeeallly kills me (example: today cycling for 105 mins🙃). With J it’s a lot of tough love. She pushes me WAY past my limits because she believes in me, and even if I don’t always “like” what she asks of me, I know she has my best interest in mind. - Jenea, thank you for providing me with a home and a family out here at @edge_cycle 🖤✨ . . . #edgecycle #fuckbasic #evgang #eastvillagesd #indoorcycling #spin #tapitback #sundaysweat #chakra #love #bestself #FitFam #youvsyou #bevisionary #ImprovementSeason #Fitness #FitnessMotivation #mindset #beauty #fitspo #sandiego #pacificbeach #wellness #Spirituality #ThirdEyeFirst #FitnessJourney #SpiritualJourney #LifeJourney #TrustTheProcess #braids

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soundridecycling. Sometimes the most impactful moment in class, is when you and your rid

Sometimes the most impactful moment in class, is when you and your riders......... . Just ride. . I get asked all the time, “how do you prepare for a meditative ride?” . Guiding your riders through a song with just the beat and your voice can be scary and intimidating. But I’ve experienced the power a moment like this, has on riders, so my hope is that this post helps you feel confident to take on a guided meditative ride. Common concerns are.. What do you say? How do you remember everything you want to say? What kind of song do you use? How long should the song be? There are lots of ways to approach this, but here’s my input. . ➡️Start with a song the moves you. A song that inspires you. Because the song is what will bring out YOUR words and YOUR emotions, and that creates authenticity. These moments can’t and shouldn’t be forced. In MY opinion, the song should be between 5 and 7 minutes, 4 mins being the minimum. It takes the brain at LEAST 2 minutes just to shut off and give into the moment. ➡️Next pic a topic - and a topic that YOUR passionate about. Examples of topics: finding inner / mental strength / determination, overcoming adversity, letting go and moving forward, or embracing the true self... & obvi there are TONS more. ➡️Next, make sure the topic GOES with the song. For example, if you are talking about inner strength, the song should sound & FEEL powerful. ➡️Last, write it out and practice. Prepare. Know your words so that you can deliver them authentically. When you teach it, it doesn’t have to be exactly what you wrote. But getting it on paper is the first step. . To this day I remember my FIRST meditative ride. I was terrified. Because it takes vulnerability from the instructor to GET vulnerability from their riders. And being vulnerable is scary. BUT.... more so, it’s incredibly rewarding ❤️ so JUMP IN! Go for it! And don’t worry if you mess up. We all start somewhere.

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soundridecycling. WEIGHTS + BPM… or Beats Per Minute....

As far as I know there are

WEIGHTS + BPM… or Beats Per Minute.... . . As far as I know there aren’t black and white rules in our industry for BPM’s in your weight songs…. SOOOO, I’m going to share with YOU what I feel works best!  It’s not the end-all-be-all.... . . In my opinion the best BPM range to stay between for weights, is 100 – 125.  Below 100 starts to feel a little slow, and closer to 130+ starts to feel too fast.  So focus your efforts in the 100 – 125 range  If you’re unsure what that means, or what that sounds like, head to your app store and just download a free metronome.  This is an awesome tool to have on your phone for when you are trying to determine the BPM’s for a song.... . . Once you start to get a feel for this BPM range, you won’t have to use the metronome… you’ll be able to “feel” the right beat for your weights.  But to begin, a metronome is a super handy-dandy tool.... . . #soundridedotcom #soundridecycling

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One of our instructors in training, Andra, shared the podium with Megan today and it was lit.🔥 If you missed her today, catch her on the podium tomorrow with Allissa at 7AM. #BookThoseBikes

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this morning’s 5 mi shakeout after yesterday’s 15.2! went out saying i was gonna run 1 mi whoops 🤷‍♀️ last night’s fun is this morning’s run lmao 🍻 another week of training done ✔️ was supposed to take a rest day but really just wanted to get out there. one of those days when it really doesn’t feel like you’re training. you’re just doing it because you want to and it’s what your heart knows 😌 a focus for this week: chug dat h2o 💦 — school starts in 2 days. last semester babyyy! scared and anxious but let’s bring it home @ucberkeley

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The coldest day of the year calls for some extra time indoors❄️💨 Stay warm with us at the ‘bar this Monday! We’ll be rocking modified holiday hours with 4️⃣ Classic Ride opportunities to get your morning workout in! • ❤️8AM - @dynamite_dwayne ❤️9:15AM - @sashaspins ❤️10:30AM - @courtdoescardio ❤️11:45AM - @courtdoescardio

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Join us on Sunday 1/27 at 11:30am as we ride for Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue! Cost is $30 & all funds go to DLRR! @cyclestarbarbie3 will be instructing! Link to register in bio or at the bitly on post. #charity #werideasone #cyclebar #cyclebarscottsdale101 #desertlabradorretrieverrescue #labradorrescue #dogsofinstagram #tapitback #dogrescue #indoorcycling

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Watching this team support each other is one of my favorite things about @highridecycle. Loved sharing the podium with Andra this morning. Can’t wait for you to hit that podium full time! You’re gonna fit right in with all of these crazies. Welcome to the fam.🖤

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Had a blast with y'all for Ariana today! Enjoy the rest of the weekend and get ready to kick off the week strong: Monday - 6:30am 🚲 Friday - 6:30am Battle of the Decades (DM me or comment with your fav 80s, 90s, 00s, and 2010s jams!) 👯‍♂️ . . . . . #cyclebar #sawyerheights #cbsh #cyclebarsawyerheights #houston #spinclass #indoorcycling #houstonfitness #fitnessinstructor #gay #gayfit #htx #hou #tapitback #sawyeryardshtx #meetmeatthebar #findyourstrong #betterforit #beastmode #fitlife

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Oh you thought we were done with the ridiculous pics? SWIPE ➡️ JUMPING INTO THIS WEEK LIKE... 🐰SCHEDULE🐿 MONDAY 5:30PM WEDNESDAY 5:30PM THURSDAY 6:30AM 5:45PM 🐿DUAL RIDE + @cailynduval 🐰 FRIDAY 6:30PM 🍺HAPPY HOUR🍺 @hollerbeer SATURDAY 11:00AM 🌴WELCOME TO MIAMI🍹 @kgeezy35 . . . . . . #cyclebar #spinvibes #muvvement #sweatii #fitnessintheloop #houstonfitness #fitnesshouston #houston #hou #sawyerheights #houstonheights #tapitback #spinclass #heightsfitness #thesweatlife #indoorcycling

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When you walk in our doors you know you're in for a full-body sweat session. Get your mind right, clip in and #LetsSweat

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Saturday #structorspotlight 🐺 Check out the amazing @jessicaforseth - Killer instructor at @flywheelsports Bay Area! She has insane energy, is so encouraging and enthusiastic, and has the incredible ability to push you to your max, because she believes in you even when you may not believe in yourself! 💪🏼

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Surprise! Guess who joined the #soulfam this month?? . I always knew how happy @soulcycle made me. After every class I would leave feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. From my first class in WCRK to my most recent class in BVHL... the feeling doesn’t go away, I still leave class feeling better than when I came in. And more than that, I feel genuine happiness. . Which is why it brings me such great joy and sincere happiness to be around it all of the time now. . I literally could not be more STOKED than I already am 🥳😍. . Thank you @lizbuono4 for leading me here. I’m forever grateful. 💗

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“ sometimes the weight you need to lose isn’t your body. ” - @juleshough || we tend to focus on our appearances and fail to see that how we feel is equally important. Take your time to make your soul happy. #thesweatlife #behappy #justdoit #findyoursoul #fitlife #livelovelaugh #soulcyclehappinesschallenge #tapitback #soulsurvivor #strongerthanyesterday #smilemore #loveyourbody

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martinamcflyy. Great morning today DJ'ing @soulcycle BKHD's 1st LIVE DJ RIDE--- thank

Great morning today DJ'ing @soulcycle BKHD's 1st LIVE DJ RIDE--- thanks for having me-- it went off! 🎧🚲💦⚡️✌🏾

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Come spend your #SundayFUNday with @alyssa_arnett_ tomorrow! 🥳She’s subbing for the 10 and 11 AM brunch rides and we are TOO excited 🥂 Have you hooked your bike yet?! #togetherweride ♥️

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Our 6am riders are on 🔥🔥🔥 Join the morning ride tribe! . . . . #cyclebar #cyclebarscottsdale101 #rideitout #rideordie #riseandgrind

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15.2 mi ✔️ W5D6 long run in the books 💃 had so much fun this morning 😌 easily the highlight of my week every week. followed by me stuffing my face w a huge fluffy veggie super burrito from el farolito 🌯

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Teaming up with my boy, DJ Ricky Prime to bring some smoke to this cold winter, with a live DJ ride!! 🔥🕺🚴🏻‍♀️🎧 Sat, January 26th @ 9am! Sample some juices and elixirs afterwards from @juicebythesea_mv! 🗣sign up ASAP, bikes go fast. #dj #heymrdj #bikeandbeats #spinning #danceparty #tapitback #letsride #funfitness #workout #dopebeats #128bpm

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Join us 1/26 as we ride to support Bike MS: Arizona 2019. Help move us closer to a world free of MS! Cost is $30 and all funds go to the organization. Book your bike with @fitrhi543 at the Bitly or link in our bio #bikems #mssociety #cyclebar #nationalmssociety #cyclebarscottsdale101 #rideitout #werideasone #charity #bikems #bikemsazchapter

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WARcycle Appreciation Ride! Thanks to everyone for making this an awesome ride. See you guys next Saturday! #spinclass #dmvfitness #dmvfitnessfam #veteranowned #tapitback #SpinJunkies #WARcycleReady

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THANK YOU to all my amazing riders this morning! Fulll houseee 💙 SATURDAY 8:15AM CREW we brought the heat, the sweat, we pushed through the burn, we raged, threw towels in the air, we popped bottles🍾 One of my favorite memories with @gritcycle so far. Such a fun Birthday ride for @mikejwilliams always the best time having Mike riding shot gun on the podium with me! #itsawething Every Saturday come join the party and get your workout in at GritCycle Long Beach. Feel feel to tag yourself if I didn’t catch ya! Love you all 🎉 • • • #gritcycle #spinclass #cycle #cycleclass #instructorlife #lovemyjob #birthday #celebrate #neverends #gritty #grittygang #grittybabes #family #longbeach #lbc #fullhouse #sweatitout #rideitout #tapitback #itsawething

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When you look ahead to Sunday & can’t help but to smile when you notice that recently added 4PM class🤩 5️⃣ chances to get in on the good times & out of the cold tomorrow❄️ • 🚲8AM - @shuckraspins [Performance] 🚲9AM - @dynamite_dwayne [Classic] 🚲10:15AM - @shaneycakes1027 [Brunch Ride] 🚲4PM - @sylvacb [Classic] 🚲5PM - @dynamite_dwayne & @moveswithmeg [Tandem Ride]

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I have never met a beat drop that I didn’t like! A little sneak peek at Monday’s final song! We have arms💯, we have sprints💯, and we have jumps 💯!! #TapItBack #PartyOnABike #CycleTrainElevate

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