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bomberclimbingmemes. The new climber go to shoe. (Not an add, just an observation)

The new climber go to shoe. (Not an add, just an observation)

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initforthelongrun2019. I haven’t ran in almost three weeks, so I was a little nervous about g

I haven’t ran in almost three weeks, so I was a little nervous about getting back out for bootcamp this morning, especially as I was the Q (aka the group leader). We covered around 6.6km in the 60 minute session, with an extra ten minutes either side for my run to and from park. It’s so difficult to keep up with my distance when I’m on a work trip as I don’t have access to a bicycle and I shouldn’t really be running; today proved that as I am now in agony after such a small and slow run. I guess I’ve got lots of cycling to look forward to when I get back 😩 #running #runningmotivation #morningrun #morningworkout #bootcamp #plantarfasciitis #tendonitis #runninginjury #bangkok #benjakitipark #benjakittipark #bangkokrunners #parkrun #travelrunning #veganrunners #runnersofinstagram #initforthelongrun2019 @actionaiduk

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thebarefootdaddy. Dual post today as got distracted. Took a slightly shorter distance, a

Dual post today as got distracted. Took a slightly shorter distance, as I seem to of developed a case of Achilles Tendonitis, at least the early stages of it. It would be good if @therunningphysio could give me some tips to contain/ repair or fix it, I would be grateful.

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A classic case of acute peroneus longus and brevis tendinopathy. 52yr old female Loves to cycle and has had 3 days of lateral ankle swelling around the lateral malleolus. Querie aetiology. Ultrasound assess the whole tendon and documents images at various sites along the tendon. There is fluid around both tendons with inflammation in the peratenon. Increased flow( hyperaemia) is evident. Increased echogenicity around both tendons demonstrated. Patient will see a physiotherapist to help with treatment. #thesonographer #diagnosticmedicalimaging #medicalimaging #medical #diagnosticmedicalsonograph #ankle #tendonitis #tendinopathy #peroneuslongus #peroneusbrevis #lovemyjob❤️

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inpeak. Fascia is a sheathe of tissue that envelops everything in our body, bo

Fascia is a sheathe of tissue that envelops everything in our body, bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments,nerves, vessels and even our organs. Fascia is the environment that everything lives in. The superficial (top layer) fascia runs in sequences and spirals around the body. Spirals explain integrated movements like a spinning back flip for instance. Fascia works in synchronisation with the muscles, communicating to create movements, allow stability or stretch. Fascia has multiple layers of collagen fibres that slide over the top of each other, with the use of a ground substance made up of hyaluronic acid..this is a lubricant that enables the sliding system. The ground substance can easily become densified, causing a breakdown in the sliding system, this can then affect the way muscles work, (imagine the lubricant going from watery to sticky) this causes an altered sensation on pain receptors, and can affect the whole sequence or spiral, causing symptoms further up or down the line. This is called the centre of coordination and may not be where the symptoms are being produced! Over use, trauma, operation, cold, bio mechanical dysfunction or various types of metabolic syndromes can affect this. Most musculoskeletal skeletal (and organ) related issues can present them selves in the lines of fascia and can be identified. A thorough examination and hypothesis must be carried out before treatment. Manipulation of the densification can then be carried out (think returning the compacted lubricant back to its fluid state) restoring the fascial centre of coordination back to health, this can then can affect not just that area, but the whole sequence or spiral! An instant improvement of pain can be seen when the right centre of coordination has been manipulated. This could well be the answer to numerous ailments and the future of rehabilitation. #fascia #tendonitis #lowerbackpain #jointpain #rehabilitation #painrelief #alderleyedge #wilmslow #cheshire #inpeak

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unisolesmobilefootclinic. 👣 Warm Wax Therapy Treatment Now Available 👣
Conditions that benef

👣 Warm Wax Therapy Treatment Now Available 👣 . Conditions that benefit from my Warm wax therapy treatment are:~ 👣 #arthritis 👣 #chilblains 👣 #eczema and #psoriasis 👣 #plantarfascitiis 👣 #musclespasms 👣 #bursitis 👣 #soremuscles 👣 #healpain and #archpain 👣 #tendonitis 👣 #sportsinjury 👣 #scleroderma 👣 #scartissue 👣 #inflammation 👣 #stiffjoints 👣 #poorcirculation . A heated oil massage of foot and lower leg followed by the wax which stays on for 10 mins with you feet in cotton boots then wax removed followed by a massage with cream. . This wonderful treatment takes approximately 35 mins and is £35.00 . . #otford #summerfeetready #treatyourfeet #footcarenurse #warmwaxtherapy #eynsford #swanley #dartford #bexley #sevenoaks

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🦵Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy🦵 . This is the first video of a 3️⃣ part series. So be prepared for more proximal hamstring tendinopathy videos. . Proximal hamstring tendinopathy presents as pain on the upper portion of the hamstring where it attaches onto the pelvis. . It is generally worse with flexing the hip, so movements like waking, running 🏃, squatting 🏋️‍♂️, and lunging tend to cause pain on the top of the hamstring. . Generally the first stage of rehab are isometric exercises, where the muscle is contracting but the joint isn't moving. . The 2️⃣ isometric exercises that are often used for PHT are: . Long lever holds and standing hip extensions. . These are a great exercise to start loading the hamstring tendon and can be used for highly irritated tendon. . There is some research on the patellar tendon that heavy isometric exercises can have a pain relieving effect. However, this hasn't been shown in other tendons including the proximal hamstring. . Stay tuned for the next two videos on the progressions for proximal hamstring tendinopathy. Or you can head to my YouTube channel to see the entire exercise progression now (@michaelbraccio) . #proximalhamstringtendinopathy #upperhamstring #tendinopathy #tendinitis #tendinosis #tendonitis #rehab #exercise #rehabchiropractor #chiropractor #chiropractic #physicaltherapy #runningrehab #running #movementismedicine #training

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💪 Self Massage for Elbow Pain If you're having some elbow pain, this might be a good thing to provide a little relief. Take a lacrosse, tennis, or golf ball and roll out both sides of the forearm. Roll slow with relatively firm pressure. You do not need to mash away at it because we cannot deform or break up tissue (contrary to popular belief). What this will ideally do is reduce muscular tone which is the perception of muscle tightness. Sometimes it just provides some relief by giving a different input to the muscle. The important thing to note though is that this won't fix it alone. Always follow up with some active strengthening of tolerated. That could include wrist flex/ext or grip strength activities like farmer carries. I also would recommend that you find a PT or other qualified health professional to guide you through the rehab process. Now Accepting Clients Call to Book an Appointment! 📞: (607) 425-3369 📧: brett@limitlessptny.com

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Meet Twyla! Twyla is a compassionate individual who is focused on treating soft tissue injuries, chronic pain, headaches and migraines with the general goal of helping people to improve their quality of life and stay active, pain-free. She uses NeuroFascial Reset as the foundation of her practice. Book your session with Twyla at https://intrinsi.janeapp.com

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smartart.physiotherapy. Eccentric exercise has been the most supported modality of contraction

Eccentric exercise has been the most supported modality of contraction for tendinopathy rehab. However last research suggest that volume, load and speed of contraction are more important rather than the mode of contraction. Volume of exercise described in previous post: 'Exercise patellar tendinopathy' #physiotherapy #physio #physiofordancers #dancers #dance #tendonitis #concentric #knowyourbody #knowledgeiskey #knowledgeispower #keeplearningkeepgrowing

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augustusgarrett. Common climbing injuries: • Carpal tunnel syndrome
•Climber's finger

Common climbing injuries: • Carpal tunnel syndrome •Climber's finger •Golfer's elbow •Repetitive strain injury •Radial tunnel syndrome •Tennis elbow It’s not just about how hard you climb, it’s about how long you can climb. Longevity is a goal for any climber. One of the main keys to that is how you take care of your body. Finding a company like @recoupfitness helps you stock up your tools to get the job done. With their cryosphere and leg/elbow sleeve will for sure help with the after session pains. Being able to add frozen compression to your targeted areas helps ease your mind on getting to the next training session. Before, after, and even during my training days I’ll have the sphere on me. To be a professional you need to conduct and take care of your most valuable asset... YOU. Contact me so I can help get these in your hands!! #recovery #recoup #recoupfitness #pain #recover #athlete #tendonitis #elbowtendonitis #therapy #cyrotherapy #therapytools

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samthegrumpyoldman. How do you remove a double oven, by yourself, with tendonitis?

Very s

How do you remove a double oven, by yourself, with tendonitis? Very slowly and methodically... #doubleoven #itsheavy #tendonitis #yeahithurts #smarterthanilook #lunchtime

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• What is K Laser Therapy?
Laser therapy uses infrared wavelengths of light to stimulate the bodys natural ability to heal.  Laser therapy has often been described as warm and soothing, as the infrared light emits a small amount of heat during application. • • Benefits of K Laser Therapy
Along with laser therapy being a drug free option, laser also reduces inflammation and swelling, along with stiffness and pain. Laser therapy also increases circulation which enhances tissue repair. • • Here are a few example of afflictions helped by laser therapy: Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel, Fibromyalgia, Tennis Elbow, Strains, Sprains, Sports Injuries, Muscle Strains, Venous Ulcers, Repetitive Stress Injuries, Low back issues, Plantar Fasciitis, Bone Fractures, Arthritis management, and more! • • Treatment can be done at both the East Paris and Cascade offices.

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georgekramermd. Suffering from a rotator cuff tear, impingement syndrome, shoulder ins

Suffering from a rotator cuff tear, impingement syndrome, shoulder instability or frequent dislocations? Prolozone and Prolotherapy can be an effective treatment! Contact us for a consultation!⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #naturalmedicine⠀ #naturalhealth⠀ #healing⠀ #regenerativemedicine⠀ #innovativehealth⠀ #sportsmedicine⠀ #alternativemedicine⠀ #prolozone⠀ #prolotherapy⠀ #wellness⠀ #healthybody⠀ #painrelief⠀ #healthylifestyle⠀ #healthy⠀ #athlete⠀ #shoulderpain⠀ #inflamation⠀ #tendonitis⠀ #dislocation⠀ #rotatorcuff

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Being "Below the Line" means something in your system is going wrong -- 🚫Check out the pic above for some common problems🚫 -- Training for any kind of gains while you are below the line is simply a recipe for failure -- At best your gains (if any) will be slower and fewer than what they could be -- At worst you can end up with MORE problems and a LONGER delay in getting back to baseline -- (And of course you may well be setting yourself up for a major injury or illness) -- The solution is simple (though not always easy)... Address the issue(s) with care from an expert and get back to a healthy you -- This may require some testing to find the root causes of the problem -- And it will definitely require time and diligence -- Take care of yourself just like you would take care of a loved one -- You are worth it! -- #physiotherapy #physicaltherapy #rehab #prehab #sprain #strain #ligaments #tendon #tendinitis #tendonitis #injury #injuryprevention #recovery #balance #ifbb #symmetry #crossfit #bodybuilding #mobility #stability

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divorcedgirl. So this stuff seems to be helping me with my tendonitis since Saturday

So this stuff seems to be helping me with my tendonitis since Saturday. Might have to order more. I paid $25 at the Oysterfest on Saturday. I will do more research on this, but it’s helping. The only downside, if there is one, is walking around smelling like Vick’s Vapor Rub scent this has. I’m desperate for relief, so I don’t care! #cbd #painrelief #rolloncbd #pain #relief #tendonitis #notsleeping #cantmove #cantdomyhair #theshit #works #itworks #worthit

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