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This is so cool @vitalproteins finally going mainstream so WE ALL CAN BE BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY AND STRONG. So nice to know when I run out it’s a hop and a skip down the street @vitaminshoppe and I spy a 20% off coupon in my local paper too! ♥️💪🏼♥️👍🏼 #collagen #vitalproteins #stayvital #skin #hair #nail #muscle #strength #bench #natural #alltheway #workharder #smarter #keeppushing #theother23 #fatloss #positivity #allwomenwholift #allwomen #everysingleoneofus can do it ♥️💪🏼 #innerstrength #love #kindness #compassion and #humility will radiate, grow inside and win every single time...

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complete_body_approach. MOVEMENT SNACKS
In order to create change in our bodies w

MOVEMENT SNACKS ------------ In order to create change in our bodies we must first start to observe what we do habitually every single day . By becoming aware of what movements we do or postures we fall into the most, we can begin to understand the why . You can get tge best rehab program to complete once or twice a day but what happens to the rest of the time? . That is why I prescribe specific #movementsnacks to clients first to address their main issues . This includes small and simple mocements that you can do anywhere, any time and as much as you like . By utilising these snacks, you can begin to create real lasting change in your body --- #cbahealth #eatplaylive #thecompletebodyapproach #EPL4Longevity #thebrightermama

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complete_body_approach. Movement & Lifestyle Coaching
As a Movement Therapist, I c

Movement & Lifestyle Coaching ----------- As a Movement Therapist, I combine my Honors Degree in Sports & Exercise Rehabilitation with Anatomy in Motion, Movement Exploration, Energetic Healing, Mindfulness, Lifestyle Coaching and more... I provide clients with tailored practical, physical and emotional tools to empower them to Unlock Their True Potential. . My passion for this started long ago while still in Uni. I couldn't run more than 5km before my hole foot & calf would go numb. I was shocked when many of my tutors & physios tried to tell me that I would need surgery for compartment syndrome in my legs, however I knew that this was not the case. . I began researching about Fascia, functional movement & everything else that I could find (this was long before any of this was common practice). . After working through my own rehab program, working on my posture, my core, my glutes, my gait and a whole heap of other things I was able to run pain-free and began training for sprint triathlons & 1/2 marathons . This was what lit me up with excitement over the human body and started me on a path of looking at the Complete Body Approach long before my clinic was even formed . I am so grateful to be able to help many others through their injuries, limitations and movement restrictions and allow them to regain confidence and belief in their bodies . If you are looking for assistance, feel free to get in contact and book in for a Complete Body Map --- #cbahealth #eatplaylive #thecompletebodyapproach #EPL4Longevity #thebrightermama

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“You may hate the war, but never hate the ones that fight. For they do not choose when or where to fight. All they chose was to protect who they love and even the people they don't know.” -Millie . . @theother23org #theother23 . . #freedompaidforbythebrave #lifebydesign #neverforgotten #fallensoldiers #texasveterans #fieldofheros #legendsatrest #military #motivationalquotes #thegoodinlife #positiveinfluence #freedomisntfree #reallifehero #unknownsoldier #restinpeace

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Who Am I ----------- It has been a while since sharing a bit about me so here it goes :) . My name is Fin, I am 31y/o and I am a Movement Therapist/Coach & founder of @CompleteBodyApproach; a Movement Therapy & Lifestyle Coaching practice in Perth, WA . I am a husband to the amazing @thebrightermama & father of two amazing star children Bonnie Boo (3y/o) & Bree Rua (2.5weeks). . I come from Ireland and have been living in Australia 7 years, Perth 6 of them . I love learning and exploring all things health & wellness related and use myself as a guinea pig for a lot of experiments ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I love being out in nature, so much so I recently resigned from my full-time job to work part time in a tree nursery as well as within my coaching practice . I am here to be of service to others so if there is anything that I can do, please get in contact . Yours in Health & Happiness Fin --- #cbahealth #eatplaylive #thecompletebodyapproach #EPL4Longevity #thebrightermama

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BROTHERHOOD -------------- Yesterday I had the pleasure of bringing 24 amazing men through some movement and games as part of @timmorrison__ Conscious Kings . It is such an honour stepping up to this calling and sharing my passion with the brotherhood . When men come together Connect deeper with their bodies Connect deeper with their breath Open their hearts And share with radical honesty Only magic can follow 🤘 . If this seems like your jam then hit up myself or @timmorrison__ and/or tag other men who need to get involved ❤ -------------- #cbahealth #eatplaylive #thecompletebodyapproach #EPL4Longevity #thebrightermama --------------

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complete_body_approach. ROUTINE
How many of you have a morning routine or ritual?

ROUTINE ----------- How many of you have a morning routine or ritual? How many of you wish you had one? How many of you have tried to establish one but it never sticks? . If you are like me, you may be swayed to the latter of the above options, however over the past few months I have been really making more of a conscious effort to create a routine that allows me some flexibility & variability so I can fit it in to help start my day. . When I am on fire, it can take up to an hour, however other days it may be a quick 5 minute check-in or anything between . If you need some inspiration then hit me up or even better, join my newsletter to receive my free Complete Body Check-in eBook with loads of follow along exercises plus a 10 minute Morning Movement Meditation --- #cbahealth #eatplaylive #thecompletebodyapproach #EPL4Longevity #thebrightermama

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♥️♥️Happiness is just Vital♥️♥️ This right here saves my very soul every morning since I bumped into that Pretty Blue Box at my door. **@vitalproteins thank you for strengthening our fitness journey** ❄️❄️ #babyitscoldoutside❄️❄️ #bodybuilding #health #coffeeislife☕️ #theother23 #muscle #creaminess #gym #life #vitality #strong #mindmuscleconnection #vitalproteins #stayfocused #herestomynewfriend #stayvital #fireuptheblender #gains #aminoacids #healthyskin #momandherfryingpan meet #momandherblender #bcaas #jointsupport #collagen #dairyfree #nobloat #coconutmilk #staytunedformore... #MomandtheBlueBox the saga continues.....

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PLANNING ----------- Not a bad location for a bit of business planning . I am so excited to share some more of what I have been creating behind the scenes and will be sending out an e-mail to personal clients as well as my newsletter clan tonight with all lots more details . If you are not yet on the list, sign up via my linktree and you will also get my Complete Body Check-in eBook 🤘 --- #cbahealth #eatplaylive #thecompletebodyapproach #EPL4Longevity #thebrightermama

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2hotdating. ☝🏼 one time someone told me my smile was “too big” ...now i just do t

☝🏼 one time someone told me my smile was “too big” ...now i just do the work show em where they can kiss 💋 it 🤷🏼‍♀️ // hope you’re having a dick Kickin day… yaaa...That’s definitely how I just hung up with my mother. - - #smile #beyou #selflove #selfcare #love #life #health #wellness #healthylifestyle #fitness #nutrition #mindset #Theother23 #lifestyle #positivity #getfit

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BALANCE ----------- When life can get a bit crazy at times what do you do to find balance for yourself? . For me, the top two thing of late have been to manage my expectations and don't compare! . Expectations can really screw you over, especially when you are like me and think you can do 100 things at once . However, having a very active toddler, a new born and shuffling around my whole career I have been paying more attention to my expectations of each day, what tasks I "need" to get done and what actually gets done . Secondly, I have made a big promise to myself this year to do things for me and me only. . The big aspect of this is the comparison that we can create for ourselves towards other awesome peeps on Insta . Rather than compare myself to someone who lives a total different life to me, with different stresses, and different objectives, I am taking more appreciation for what I can learn from them and then adapt to my own circumstances . Just some ramblings and food for thought 😊 --- #cbahealth #eatplaylive #thecompletebodyapproach #EPL4Longevity #thebrightermama

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BELIEF ----------- Last year while working FIFO I would come to the South Perth foreshore on my week off and dream . ☆Dream of my return back to Perth ☆My return back to my family ☆Dream of following my passion ☆And stepping into my truth . I have been so lucky to be back almost 4 months now , however this week I have took a MASSIVE leap of faith in myself . 5 days after the birth of my second daughter I resigned from my full time job in the city . 5 days after witnessing my amazing Queen @thebrightermama birth our beautiful daughter on her own I followed my heart and took a leap . @completebodyapproach is my passion but I have been holding back from stepping into it . I have been stopping myself from sharing my knowledge and gifts fully . As of next week I am opening the doors to more face to face time with clients for assessments, treatments, coaching and education . If you feel you resonate with me and what I do, then please get in contact and I would love to chat more . I will be launching more of what I do and more of what is coming over the next few weeks so keep a look out 🤘 . And for those not in Perth, there are online options available as well as courses and retreats in the pipeline ❤ --- #cbahealth #eatplaylive #thecompletebodyapproach #EPL4Longevity #thebrightermama

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With all this cold weather better stay strong! Safe to say it’s going down tonight! Get those legs ready.... #gains #bodybuilding #protein #theother23 #shihtzu #legs #back #biceps #triceps #traps #glutes #hams #calves #forearms #abdominals #itsallmadeinthekitchen #learnit #northjerseyhealthandfitness #shihtzu #momandherfryingpan

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CHANGE -------------- Along with the birth of my daughter last week, there is even more creation taking place right now and I cannot wait to share the details with you all very soon 🤘 . Lets just say it includes more time to follow my passions and share more of what I love 😊 -------------- #cbahealth #eatplaylive #thecompletebodyapproach #EPL4Longevity #thebrightermama --------------

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CONNECTION ----------- This morning I am gifting myself some precious time in nature to reconnect, breathe and just be . It is very easy to get caught up in the craziness of life and stuck in our heads . However, if we regularly spend more time in nature we can learn to switch off that monkey mind and slow back down to the rhythm of pachamama . Don't wait for the need to do it because that is too late - make it a non negotiable for your daily life 🤘 . This message is for me, more than anyone else ❤ --- #cbahealth #eatplaylive #thecompletebodyapproach #EPL4Longevity #thebrightermama

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complete_body_approach. PLAY
Do you like to play and explore your abilities?
I hav

PLAY ----------- Do you like to play and explore your abilities? I have set a wee challenge to give a crack . You can do off rings or a straight bar as well ☆Let go of one hand and regain grip ☆Perform pull up, chin, or anything else after alternating each hand grip ☆Let me know how you go 😊 . Dont forget to tag me in your upload and challenge a mate as well🤘 --- #cbahealth #eatplaylive #thecompletebodyapproach #EPL4Longevity #thebrightermama

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A inaudible ring of a boxing bell 🔔 reminds me of the ones I was addicted to. The ones rang as the engine revved on one hell of a ride 💨 // 👉🏼At the time I was pursuing a lifelong dream of acting 🎭 with a paid admission to a leading acting school in Los Angeles👇🏼 .. When Boxing/MMA 🥊 sent me for a whirlwind; without even realizing it I began ditching acting — and college 📖 — classes, to train. .. 👉🏼It began with one hour sessions, then two. Boxing, then muay thai and a bit of Ju-Jitsu.⚔️ .. 👉🏼This coach believed in the magic of training so much, he transformed his garage into a gym. With bags, mitts, and wraps ready to go. 👉🏼Even a pink / purple set for his feisty dynamic duo of daughters ⚡️under the age of 12. // “Ready to die?” 💀 He’d greet me, I was. .. Ready to die and resurrect every round. […] 🥊Focus mitts became whatever you needed them to be, to ensure a 🐍 viper-like-strike. The music 🎶 was the metronome for the “combo,” and uppercuts were an opportunity to test the pack of your punch 💥 . .. ⚔️A chance to try the impact of the power you thought was all pixie 🧚🏼‍♀️ dust. .. Every session ended with a recap, a life talk. Every second of work, was an exercise in dedication, persistence, and focus. It was life’s rehearsal -- and a knockout every time. // It was wasn’t the physical beating that lit my heart 🖤a blaze 🔥 .. 👉🏼It was realization of a power that had gone mute. The ability to fight ⚡️with everything I had to “dig deeper,” go darker, and discover levels of strength I didn’t know were there; mentally or physically.👇🏼 // It was in this garage ⚔️that I gained the confidence, and courage to evolve into — what I knew to be — a “coach.” .. 👉🏼The person who believed in you enough to push your limits -- knowing what was hiding within you all along. ⚡️The human who “got it,” who was there for you mentally, physically, and emotionally. .. 👉🏼It wasn’t someone who “knew it all,” or fit some standard physique 🍑 .. ⚡️It was a person who knew they weren’t done growing, and neither were the humans in front of them. ⚔️Their mission: to ruthlessly nurture, and guide the growth of, human beings.👇🏼 [ ⚡️continued in comments⚡️ ]

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Influence (n.) having the power ⚡️— and ability — to make a lasting impact on another’s character, behavior, development and/or actions.👇🏼 .. ⚔️Real impact. .. 👉🏼The kind of permanent imprint made by that of your favorite coach, teacher or mentor. .. The word has since gained a consonant —influence(r)👇🏼 .. 📲 (n.) a term coined by the internet to describe individuals with “social influence.” .. ⚔️Considered a valuable 💰 asset to major organizations who fear missing the mark 🎯 on the millennial demographic.👇🏼 .. #influencer 📸 is a new breed of Internet-human conceived by an insta-hungry generation. Itching for a hit of Insta-money, insta-gratification, insta-fame.👇🏼 .. Every day they roll out of the factory 🏭 — one behind the other. The 🍪 cookie-cutter cyclically makes its mark over, and over again.👇🏼 .. The focus placed on values 💰that can be bought as easily as pushy-protein sales, and push up bras.👇🏼 // 👉🏼What if we brought real-life influence — lasting impact — to an influencer generation? .. ⚔️The kind that uses a platform to push boundaries, beg questions, and promote real change? .. In the way we think🧠, treat one another — and yes — train!👇🏼 .. 👉🏼What if — instead of follow — we connect. .. 📲What if — we realize a tool that’s become part of our daily lives, has the power to positively influence humans around the world 🌎 // I’m will not ⚔️ say I’m an influencer. .. I’m #HUMANAF 🙌🏼 a lover and true believer in the magic of others (especially if they haven’t realized it yet)👇🏼 .. The only “influencing” goin’ down on this page is with the soul-intention ⚡️ of helping you realize how much “influence” YOU have in YOUR journey👇🏼. // You’re loved. You’re worth it. Your social numbers will never have a say in either. .. Be HUMAN. Be real. Be you. ‘Cause honey that’s the stuff 💰 can’t buy. - - #hviiibrandgoods BEMAC 10% OFF ⚔️ #writersofinstagram #positivity #quotes #inspirationalquotes #motivationalquotes #blog 💻 #theother23 #bmfmafia #photooftheday #healthylifestyle #coach #athlete #mindset #photographer @stereolabstudio #dtsp

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MINDFUL MOVEMENT -------------- This morning I was gifted time to explore my body and connect with how I was feeling . This is 10 minutes of exploration condensed into 3 for insta . There was no specific direction for the movements, I just started off with what felt nice and went from there . The more we learn to listen to our bodies and move how we were intended, the better our bodies will stand up to the world around us . ☆You don't need to live in pain ☆You don't have to hold onto your BS stories ☆You can let go of your old injuries ☆You can move every day! . If you want some guidance to start the process, sign up to my newsletter via my linktree and get the Complete Body Check-in eBook 🤘 -------------- #cbahealth #eatplaylive #thecompletebodyapproach #EPL4Longevity #thebrightermama --------------

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In every cinematic 🎥 super-hero-saga there are the good guys, and the bad guys. One you wanna root for, and the other you wanna see destroyed.👇🏼⚔️ // In #life we like to see things sort of the same way. 👉🏼The good guys v. the bad guys The Empire v. The Rebellion👇🏼 .. 👉🏼We do the same with our thoughts and emotions. 🧠 ⚡️Two clumsy piles of good thoughts, and ones you’d rather not acknowledge. .. ⚔️Emotions you will, and will not experience. .. What if it wasn’t so black and white. // What if we realized that the world 🌍 would stop spinning, if one were to submit its universal resignation.⚔️ .. 👉🏼Without dark, there would be no light. ✨No stars, or planets. No mystifying constellations, intimacy of darkness, or silence. .. It takes storm ⛈ clouds, downpour ☔️ , and a resilient ray of sunshine ☀️ to create a 🌈 // Ya just can’t 🤷🏼‍♀️have one without the other. It’s just not how it works. .. That means that in every situation, you have the human right to choose what feels good for you — and it isn’t always black and white.👇🏼 .. 🖤You need to process darkness, in order to appreciate the #goodtimes 🙏🏼If it never rained, we wouldn’t appreciate the next day’s warmth, sunshine, or clarity. // Bring it in, welcome it and ask what there is for you to learn 📚 .. 👀 Watch as the symptoms of stress 🧠 dissipate, time is no longer of the essence, and laughter is the anecdote👇🏼 .. Embrace every moment for what it is. // Accept the dark 🖤times as lectures — a time to shut up and take notes.👇🏼 .. The good times — recess — where you get to put what you learn into practice, rejoice ✨and reflect on just how far you’ve come. .. 👉🏼Without the darker times all the good would just be… normal — and who wants that? // #bmfmafia #mindset #mindfulness #dedication #healthylifestyle #fitness #fitnessmotivation #motivation #blog #positivity #writersofinstagram #inspiration #inspirationalquotes #motivationalquotes #quotes #lifequotes #life ⚔️ #healthylifestyle #coach ⚔️👉🏼 #applynow 🙌🏼

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LIFE ----------- The more we focus on Radical Consistency within ourselves and our practice, the more we will see the results that we are looking for come to fruition . This counts for all aspects of our life; Movement Business Relationships You name it 🤘 --- #cbahealth #eatplaylive #thecompletebodyapproach #EPL4Longevity #thebrightermama

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complete_body_approach. CONSISTENCY
Consistency is something that I struggle wi

CONSISTENCY -------------- Consistency is something that I struggle with hard but in 2018 I have learned to listen to my BS stories and stop them in their tracks before I start actually believing them . This year I am striving to improve on myself in many areas, bur a big one is ny self care and movement practice . The more I consistently GIVE TO ME the better I feel . However when "life gets busy" or I come up with another way to sabotage my upper limits of happiness and health, the less consistent I am . It is like a vicious circle that can trap me! . This year I aim to keep my practice simple, realistic but consistent and I cannot wait to see what I can achieve 🤘 -------------- #cbahealth #eatplaylive #thecompletebodyapproach #EPL4Longevity #thebrightermama --------------

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What promises are you keeping to yourself in 2019?! Comment Below 👇🏼⚡️🖤 - - #newyearseve #goals #dedication #motiavtion #fitness #fit #getfit #question #quote #results #boss #writersofinstagram #coach #athlete #writer //

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MOVE -------------- It was a short session today with some play and flow work . I love combining elements from a few different areas to explore and open up my body whenever I feel locked up . This was an awesome hip and chest opening sequence that also got the heart rate pumping . Thanks @animalflowofficial & @gmbfitness for your awesome work 🤘 -------------- #cbahealth #eatplaylive #thecompletebodyapproach #EPL4Longevity #thebrightermama --------------

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SELF CARE ----------- How do you plan on finding balance over the festive season? . Have you made a game plan or are you going to wing it? . I for one cannot wait for some down time with my girls before the 3 of us become 4, however I also plan on upping my self care love as well . I plan to rise before anyone else and give time to me to connect with my breath and my body . I plan to nourish myself with movement and play, and use the break to catch up with some mates for training . I plan on nourishing myself with amazing, wholesome food and listening to my body and what it wants . What is your game plan? --- #cbahealth #eatplaylive #thecompletebodyapproach #EPL4Longevity #thebrightermama

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☝🏼 one time someone told me my smile was “too big” ...now i just do the work show em where they can kiss 💋 it 🤷🏼‍♀️ // hope you’re having a dick Kickin day… yaaa...That’s definitely how I just hung up with my mother. - - #smile #beyou #selflove #selfcare #love #life #health #wellness #healthylifestyle #fitness #nutrition #mindset #Theother23 #lifestyle #positivity #getfit

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My name is (be)Mac(fit) and I’m healthy lifestyle coach, and former “personal trainer,” here on a mthrfckin mission👇🏼 // While training is what lights my heart up, I found that there was so much more to fitness than just that one hour in the gym. .. The whole experience, and evolution, of both client and coach, reside within the other 23 hours of the day. .. 👉🏼The other 23 hours of the day were life happens. The other 23 hours of the day where growth, #love, happiness, trauma, heart ache, and a real #results transpire. // I realized that I didn’t want to just be a “trainer.” The workout would only get that human so far. .. I knew that there was more to life than just building aesthetics, working like cattle for a corporate gym, and taking bogus measurements. .. I wanted to be a #coach ⚔️ .. 👉🏼The person I wish I had when things were at their worst. Having battled ⚡️dementors & stood toe to toe with my demons via nutrition/fitness/mindset/lifestyle — I knew that this process had more to offer humans still battling the beasts of toxic relationships, traumas, and #mentalhealth. // In the last year I’ve taken this concept of The Other 23, entirely online. .. With my degree in digital and mass media communications, I took to @instagram to bring #humanity back to #fitspo festering social media // It’s my personal belief that social media is the most anthropologically advanced piece of technology we have yet to discover as a species👇🏼 .. The most essential #human need for survival is connection. .. More than sustancence, is socialization. Having a tribe — even if it is just one other person — that believes in you that shares love with you, communicates with you, and moreover, connects with you as on an authentic human level.🖤 // ⚔️ It’s my mission, to share love, inspire, educate, and dedicate myself to sharing this message of authentic human evolution. // As a coach, I believe in building humans from the inside out. It is my mission to be there for you — in those 23 hours — no holds bar.👇🏼 .. As your friend/mentor/coach via fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset. ‘Cause ya reaaaally can’t have one without the other. - - #mission #health #coach ⚔️

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KINGS -------------- I am feeling so grateful for my brother @timmorrison__ for giving me the opportunity to lead the Perth Conscious Kings through an epic movement session Sunday morning . By allowing yourself to tap into your body ☆To feel more ☆To become aware of your strengths ☆To become aware of your weaknesses ☆To move from a place of love rather than ego ☆And to work consciously and consistently towards growth and change is key . There is a lot awakening within me and there is lots more of this work to come in 2019 🤘 -------------- #cbahealth #eatplaylive #thecompletebodyapproach #EPL4Longevity #thebrightermama -------------- #Repost @timmorrison__ ・・・ KINGS - Conscious Brotherhood!! 🦁👑 _ Oomph! _ Solid turn out for our first KINGS meet up! Opening up with movement, conscious communication, creating intimacy and finishing of with some Breathwork and swim! _ Much love to all the brothers out there stepping on to this path, doing the deep inner work, stepping up their game and becoming Conscious Men, leaders and game changers for the evolution of our consciousness and shift in the paradigm for the Masculine energy. _ Stoked to have my brother Fin from @complete_body_approach taking us through some primal movement, freeing up and bringing more flow to our bodies! _ We no longer have to walked this path solo, we have a tribe of brother there to hold and support us through anything that arises. _ The strength, power and bond of a conscious brotherhood is phenomenal! _ If you’re interested in coming along and joining our online community the send me a DM or use the link in my profile to join the KINGS - CONSCIOUS BROTHERHOOD _ TAG YOUR MEN BELOW AND SPREAD THE LOVE 🦁👑 #sacredmasculine #consciouskings #menswork

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Couple goals..... When the strength of protein drips through your pores. SOS #sameoldsalmon #nevergetsold #theother23 #bodybuilding #dancingwiththestars #gains #muscle #gym #keepgrinding #momsinthekitchenagain ???

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complete_body_approach. NATURE
We need to give to ourselves more
☆ By being more

NATURE ............. We need to give to ourselves more ☆ By being more present ☆ By tuning into our breath ☆ By spending more time in nature ... It is human nature after all --- #cbahealth #eatplaylive #thecompletebodyapproach #EPL4Longevity #thebrightermama

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MOVE ----------- My Movement Practice has been great lately as I have removed expectations and pressure off myself . With so much going on lately it has been tough to find my balance with everything and I found training was totally neglected because I couldnt find the consistent hour or so each day . Since releasing expectations on myself, jumping at any opportunity to grab a quick 10-15 minutes here and there and fitting in some solid sessions every few days I feel like I am finding my flow again . Here is a snippet of todays offering between clients at @aspiregroup --- #cbahealth #eatplaylive #thecompletebodyapproach #EPL4Longevity #thebrightermama

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surffitsimone. #bankshot #nolittering 
I don’t usually chug a beer when I surf - but

#bankshot #nolittering I don’t usually chug a beer when I surf - but when I do - You better believe its one of the badass brews from @oasistxbrewing #elgrito #metamodernipa 🚤📸@wesleypriest12 Thank you guys for supporting what we do @theother23org 🇺🇸👊 P.S. Mark your calendars for Sunday Dec16th 12-6pm! Join us at the Oasis for some good food, good brew, good views and even better company! Percentage of the food & beer sales will go towards helping us at TheOther23 put on more #surftherapy camps for veterans in 2019! #buds #brews #views #charity #nonprofit #lakecommunity #lakeaustin #laketravis #oasis #oasistexasbrewingco #theother23 #austinwakesurfclub @austinwakesurfclub 🎶”2am” Slightly Stoopid

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complete_body_approach. MOVE
You most likely have an exercise regiem where you tra

MOVE ----------- You most likely have an exercise regiem where you train x days per week . How many of you look at your movement regiem? . ☆When you eat, are you seated in a chair, or on the floor? . ☆When you are on your computer/phone how are you positioned and do you take breaks regularly to move your body? . ☆When you go to the shops, do you use a trolley or carry your bags? . ☆When you go to work do you drive or run/cycle? . The more we look at ways of building our life around movement the less we need to pressure ourself around our exercise as everything you do is nourishing our body 🤘 --- #cbahealth #eatplaylive #thecompletebodyapproach #EPL4Longevity #thebrightermama

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fitflexnutrition. 🏆Wednesday Wins🏅
Yesterday we posted about visualizing the person yo

🏆Wednesday Wins🏅 Yesterday we posted about visualizing the person you want to be and believing you are that person. 📣We want to hear something you did today that will make your future self proud of you! Tell us in the comments below.👇 #believeinyourself #visualizeyourgoals #theother23 #holidayweightloss #macrocoach #weightlossjourney #leaveyourpastbehind #aliceinwonderland #learnandgrow #nutritioncoach #onegoodchoiceatatime #goodchoicesaddup #smallchangebigresults #webelieveinyou #yourweightlosscoach #fitmoms #healthylifestyle #itsnotadietitsalifestyle #noneedforwillpower #creategoodhabits #winningwednesdays #deepthoughts #visualization #wednesdaywins #wednesdaywisdom

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fitflexnutrition. Are your beliefs about yourself preventing you from being able to lose

Are your beliefs about yourself preventing you from being able to lose weight and keep it off? Don’t get stuck believing you are the person you were in the past. We learn and grow every day. Change your mindset and make decisions as the person you want to be and not as the person you used to be. Every decision you make that aligns with the person you visualize yourself as will help you to become that person. I hear so many times from clients that in their mind they see themselves as overweight or the person that binge eats or the person that fails to lose weight…again. If this is you, I encourage you to change your self-talk...I will have the body I want; I will lose weight and keep it off this time; I am a person that eats healthy and exercises. And remember - if you make a mistake, that’s ok! No one is perfect! It doesn’t mean you aren’t making changes or learning new habits. Commit to your next decision being a better one. Mistakes are how we learn and grow - not a reason to go back to old habits or feel guilty. #believeinyourself #visualizeyourgoals #theother23 #holidayweightloss #macrocoach #weightlossjourney #leaveyourpastbehind #aliceinwonderland #learnandgrow #nutritioncoach #onegoodchoiceatatime #goodchoicesaddup #smallchangebigresults #webelieveinyou #yourweightlosscoach #fitmoms #healthylifestyle #itsnotadietitsalifestyle #noneedforwillpower #creategoodhabits #tuesdaytip #tuesdaythought #deepthoughts #visualization

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