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Wanna tropic like it's hot... 🌴👙☀️🎵 Also, does that cloud above the hill in the background look like snow to anyone else? 😋 Beau Vallon was a beautiful beach just minutes away from an even more beautiful viewpoint up the mountains! It seems to be a local favourite as we saw so many families taking home their freshly caught fish! I wish I had time to run away from responsibility and be a little beachy... #visitseychelles #Seychelles #beach #nikonphotography #nikon #travelphotography #travelthroughthelenses #travel #nature #naturephotography #naturegeography #wonderful_places #africa #aroundtheworldpix #sand #sun #gophotohere #nature_perfection #natgeoyourshot #letsguide #thephotosociety #itravelbecause @allianztravelus @aphotohere @travelthroughthelenses @earth.best.photos @aroundtheworldpix @thephotosociety

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X marks the spot. Mood today is still with a change of rainfall. But here’s to wishing for a sunny day.😂🤷🏼‍♂️ . Shot on @sonyphinc #SonyA7iii // #SEL1224G #SinoPinas

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Iván Piña @ivanpina22 // Barquisimeto 2017 #caracascaos

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Room with a View | May 2019

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flashback to clearer skies ✨

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A couple gettin’ all love up below signage for massages and vape juice

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adeska. Incredible view, just like a painting ❤️

Incredible view, just like a painting ❤️

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lioon_alpha. Houw Would YOU Caption This? 🦁
Like Four Your Daily Pictures and Vide

Houw Would YOU Caption This? 🦁 Like Four Your Daily Pictures and Videos.. Tage Your Friend ❤️ Follow@lioon_alpha . . . #instagood #photooftheday #wallpaper

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• Flying a Kite •

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Do·er noun the person who does something. "the doer of the action" synonyms: performer, perpetrator, executor, accomplisher, effectuator, operator, operative, agent, author "she is the doer of unspeakable deeds" a person who acts rather than merely talking or thinking. "I'm a doer, not a moaner" synonyms: worker, organizer, activist, man/woman of action, achiever, high achiever, succeeder, hustler, entrepreneur

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Photograph by @fraudfix — New York, NY • #thesestreetsmag

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Female Eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly enjoying a butterfly bush

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lauborszcz. Chorrillo del Salto.
El Chalten, Argentina.

#chorrillodelsalto #autum

Chorrillo del Salto. El Chalten, Argentina. #chorrillodelsalto #autumn #road #elchalten #argentina

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mama.shoots. Thank you @acefanningphotography for teaching me how to not let the su

Thank you @acefanningphotography for teaching me how to not let the sun explode on my camera lens and ruin my pictures 😂 even tho you didn’t want to touch my camera, we made magic. And thanks to these beautiful humans, @hannahheddleman and @_chaseem for going thru the ringer so we could get our shots! There is so much I want to learn, and guided shoots are absolutely the best! I’m a total hands on learner, and I must do it myself before it becomes habit. How do you learn?! . . . . #tucsonphotographer #tucsonfamilyphotographer #let_there_be_delight #editedwithsoul #goldenhour #lifewellcaptured #thephotosociety #beunraveled

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“Care Free”

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| Col pugnale e col bicchier, nessun vale il masnadier! #teatroallascala

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Old Colorado City (Colorado Springs, USA 2019) Old Colorado City was founded during the Pikes Peak Gold Rush of 1859 and was involved in the mining industry, both as a supply hub and as a gold ore processing center beginning in the 1890s. Residents of Colorado City worked at some of the 50 coal mines of the Colorado Springs area. It was briefly the capital of the Colorado Territory. For many years, Colorado Springs prohibited the use of alcohol within its border due to the lifestyle of Colorado City's opium dens, bordellos, and saloons. It is now a tourist area, with boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants. I am so happy to be back in Colorado after so many years. So much has changed, yet it's charm is still very much alive! .
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