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We made it to... TAHITI! However, in the spirit of being completely honest, we’re welcoming week 2 with a lot of exhaustion after a sleepless redeye flight. Coming from such rigid routine and structure, all the changes we’ve encountered thus far haven’t been the easiest. We’ve each had our fare share of short tempers, but we’re finding our way. We’re remembering to give ourselves grace through these changes: sleep patterns, time changes, dietary changes, and even the changes of being used to doing a lot of things separately to now doing everything together as a family. We get tired and cranky and short-tempered, and this doesn’t always make us want to spend every moment together. But that’s part of why we’re here. We’re here to take back time for our family and to see that God’s grace is sufficient enough for us even when we don’t sleep for 48 hours and lose patience toward each other, because His patience toward us never runs dry. We hope that this encourages anyone who sees what we’re doing — and maybe you want to pursue the same thing for your family — and thinks that every moment must be totally and completely over-the-top magical. It’s over-the-top magical because of the God we serve who sustains us through every trial and change that comes our way!

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The quote that comes to mind is “Everyone is dealing with something you know nothing about, be kind always.” July 31st 2006 was the day my life changed forever. In late 2004 I was diagnosed with sever scoliosis. Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine, the cause is still unknown to this day. The staff at @childrensla was truly amazing especially my nurse who I’ll never forget, her name was Phylis and she truly was an angel. The surgery was a total of 8 hours and aside from the risk of a deadly infection and possible paralysis, when the doctor tells you if you do not undergo this surgery your ribs would eventually crush your lungs and other organs by the time you’re in your 30s. What do you do? Well I’m turning 30 this year and 2 Titanium Rods and 24 Screws later I’ve decided to share my story with complete transparency. I’ve been intentionally private throughout the years, as you can see I’ve posted maybe a 4-6 times a year for last few years, which is pretty weird for a millennial right? I am a millennial beyond my years and moving forward I want to inspire people with my story and hope if anyone out there is going through any kind of medical struggle no matter how small or large you can reach out to me. 💫 A wise man once said “Life does not happen to you it happens for you!” the last 2 years have completely changed me thanks to you @edmylett and @therealwfg I am in the process of discovering that purpose and sharing it with all of you. This is my journey and I hope you all know that your struggle is not something to loathe but something to embrace. I’ve learned so many lessons of life over the past 13+ years and I am ready to share them all with you. I love you all and I hope you find your reasons to persevere. 💚 #love #life #kindness #bekindalways #inspire #transparency #scoliosis #scoliosissurgery #scoliosisexercise #childrenshospitalla #titanium #iamtitanium #ironman #wolverine #backpain #pain #recovery #surgery #journey #emotional #lifechanging #everythinghappensforareason #10yearchallenge #millennials #itsokaynottobeokay

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Today is a new day. Yesterday’s shit doesn’t get to ruin your today. Shake it off bb you got this. 📷 @beau_roulette

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supa_blackgirl. Since producers & record labels are out here handing out songs to just

Since producers & record labels are out here handing out songs to just anybody, somebody might as well give me one! It's been a longgg few weeks prepping for #Revelation2019 and this video by @jorditorro and his friends using my voice just made my day😂😂😂! All the way from Spain!! Now I'm ready for tonight's rehearsal! Let's go #YCDT #SupaStudio #SupaBlackGirl #YoungContemporaryDanceTheatre #Isolate #Elevation #Transparency #Clarity #Unveiling

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Fresh colors of the Batea tray tables and Etna Mini candleholders designed by @woodendot / make sure to check out www.designnetwork.space (link in bio) to match your creativity with distributors and manufacturers in the furniture industry

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sistah_iminah. #ghetto2goddess 2007 to 2019. When I say From Ghetto 2 Goddess I am sp

#ghetto2goddess 2007 to 2019. When I say From Ghetto 2 Goddess I am speaking FIRST of my personal journey . The photo on the left was taken in Atlanta 2007. I had just gotten released from jail the night before, had recently dropped out of college and was stripping full time at the top clubs in Atlanta & Miami. I lived the life many people rap about & glamorize now....but for me, being deeply engulfed in Atlanta’s Black Hollywood/Underworld scene brought me a barrage of hellish and near-death experiences. A major turning point was almost being shot in a planned assassination inside of Onyx Atlanta, where I was working. 4 people were shot inside the club that night....it could have been me... I was just about to walk where the hit was carried out. Living in the fast lane, I saw many crash & burn. So many stories I can tell, yes the book is coming soon. Truly Ifa, my destiny, my family & ancestors have divinely blessed me. Healing from this era is a continual journey FROM GHETTO 2 GODDESS. As I’ve healed, life pushes me to share the healing with others. Today I am an IYANIFA (Ifa Priestess) , Singer, Dancer, Educational Consultant, Educator and Activist. I use all these mediums to advance ‘From Ghetto 2 Goddess’. Through policies, programs, music and living the GODDESS LIFE, I’ve been able to impact the lives of thousands of girls....and am en route to enhance the lives of millions. People see where I am now, but most don’t know my journey. May we all have a successful journey back to self love thru knowledge of our legacy & destiny. FROM GHETTO 2 GODDESS. AŚE #ghetto2goddess #sistahiminah #afrodiva #divinewill #divineway #positivevibes #ase #oya #ori #ifa #goddesslife #destiny #victory #blackgirlmagic #blackgirlsrock #womensempowerment #stripper #atlanta #cardib #transformation #truth #transparency #education #musicheals #musicislife #fortheculture #givethanks #ase #ancestors #malcolmx #howharddidaginghituchallenge

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This new emotional maturity will be catalyzed by a disillusionment of global population - and in the US, in particular, of the ‘old paradigm’ business practices - Previously accepted methods of conducting business, such as greed, ‘survival of the fittest’ or ‘an eye for an eye’ won’t last - The disregard for causing environmental harm, and lack of transparency, will be increasingly viewed as a ‘broken’ model, which no longer serves our highest interests - But more importantly, humanity will begin to want to find a balance within the capitalistic system - whereby we are able to make a profit, but at the same time leave society and the world better for it - Humanity is aspiring to a new level of conscious capitalism - - #conscious #humanity #environmental #transparency #new #knowledge #truth #lies #broken #emotional #maturity #society #educateyourself #pittsburgh #adaptordie

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directhealthdelivery. Direct Health Delivery LLC offers superior outcomes with shorter recov

Direct Health Delivery LLC offers superior outcomes with shorter recovery times to your employees with their transparent pricing and high-quality health care delivery. Access to proper care, no-fuss healthcare delivery without intervention and the highest quality healthcare professionals has never been easier. Visit directhealthdelivery.com or call (866) 343-4255 to learn more about how we're revolutionizing the healthcare industry one patient at a time. #AdamKhattab #DirectHealthDelivery #HealthCare #Revolutionize #Original #Transparency #Trust #Promise #Future #HealthCareCosts #Torrance #California #SoCal #Health #DHD

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A new baby brings excitement, love, joy, new hopes and dreams. But, those dreams may not ever come to light. Carlos and I were waiting to share outside of our closest family and friends that we were expecting. After years of unexplained infertility and multiple miscarriages we thought, finally our moment to add to our family. Sadly, God had other plans and we lost another pregnancy. Instead of new hopes and dreams there is emptiness, confusion, and pain. Sometimes our bodies as women do as they are programmed to do and your body miscarries. Other times your body continues on with symptoms and feel pregnant. It’s a confusing situation and makes you question what’s going on. The sadness is unimaginable, the pain never quite goes away, many questions are left unanswered, and the guilt always seems to linger. I wanted to take a moment to let you see that my life is not always a highlight reel. Because we need more transparency despite the vulnerability that comes with it. For all the women who have endured this pain, and for those who long to fill their womb I pray for you. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #miscarriage #secondaryinfertility #infertility #transparency #missedmiscarriage #motherhood #pregnancy #love #prayers #mom

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soarwithbonnie. On social media it’s so easy to make everything look so simple, so if

On social media it’s so easy to make everything look so simple, so if I’ve ever given that impression, let this video set the record straight! Lol 😂 Me trying to knock out the last 20 seconds...very sloppily!! 💦 : It’s hard to get up at 4 am and workout!! Especially this morning on only 4 hours of sleep and I’m still trying to get over an pneumonia!! : I looked like a hot mess!! And I don’t mean the sexy kind! 🥵🤪 : So why do I do it? : I have my clients depending on me AND because it’s always worth it once I complete it!! 💕👊🏼🙌🏼👊🏼💕 #transparency #thestruggleisreal

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shell_worships. All of this stuff was just cluttering up my bathroom...some of it was

All of this stuff was just cluttering up my bathroom...some of it was just too expensive to throw out. I think I was hoping I could find homes for some of them. One of those bottles was an ungodly amount of cash and a lot of others were darn expensive. I am posting this for 3 reasons. 1. Because this is an outward showing of what I am doing mentally and emotionally on the inside. We carry so much potential that gets wasted. I'm cleaning out more than my closet. I don't need drama. Fake people. Bs. I need my people. Those I love and the rest as good as they are can #bye #peaceout 2. When I hear people say I am so invested in my hair products,all I can think about is how invested I was too. That one bottle was $160 and it was my go-to I had a routine I had to stick to or my hair was wack. So I get it. Change is hard. 3.most importantly authenticity and transparency are beliefs of mine. I want you to see my message. I am never perfect. I apparently hoard Vick's vapor rub and do so many other silly human things. Life is messy people get over yourselves and have some fun with it. Freaking love people as is. Side note: Tidying Up on Netflix will get into your soul hahahaha #tidyingupwithmariekondo #hairstuff #transparency #imnotjesus #hoarding #cleaningoutmycloset #mentalshift

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For this of you who have moved from my main account over here, thank you. I’m going to take this as an opportunity to be more honest and speak to mommies where they’re at. So let me first say, maternity photography is extremely important to me and this little sweetie (my baby Indie) is the reason why: When I got pregnant, it was a shock (to say the least), I had such conflicting emotions and feelings about my pregnancy because I had never seen myself as a mother. Bob and I had decided we weren’t going to have kids two weeks before we found out we were pregnant. And honestly, life changed pretty rapidly after I found out I was going to be a mama: I was sick often, I felt overwhelmed by what on earth to buy for a baby, we bought a new house, and frankly I was afraid that I wouldn’t be enough for this little person I was growing. However, getting a maternity session done at that time was extremely healing for me because it was documentation of this new chapter and it was honest. I think sometimes as mamas we put ourselves or each other into very unfair boxes that not everyone can fulfill; not all our journeys or stories into motherhood are the same and that’s okay (in fact, it’s kinda beautiful, right?!). We can’t all have the same emotions or experiences related to birth, pregnancy and motherhood because we all have such varying pasts and goals. I am here to meet you where you’re at and to take the most beautiful and honest photos possible. Whatever that looks like. PS I’m totally and completely in love with my little girl! Isn’t she the cutest?! #honesty #transparency #motherhood #maternityphotographer #amotherslove #oregonportraitphotographer #pdxportraiture #pnwportraits #mamatobe #authenticity

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lucyteardrop. Using some of my dad’s old photo transparencies in some new work. Also

Using some of my dad’s old photo transparencies in some new work. Also I’ll never get sick of this ketchup & mustard color scheme. #illustration #drawing #linedrawing #inkdrawing #marker #mixedmedia #mixedmediaart #transparency #stilllife

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rhachellenicol. Thank you all for continuing to share my quote. “I show my scars so th

Thank you all for continuing to share my quote. “I show my scars so that others know they can heal.” God gave me these words in 2011 after I finished writing my book Sunday Mourning. It was as if He was answering my question, “Why me?” Now I want you to finish this sentence in your own words. “I show my scars so...” leave it in the comments, post it on your status and tag me, write a blog post on your website and use the hashtag #MyScars then end with “Someone needs to see your scars”. You could never imagine how many people are living in the shadows of their pain. . . . . . #healingwords #RNBrand #RhachelleNicol #transparency #christianbloggers #mentalhealthblogger #healingfromabuse #wellnesswednesday #blacklivesmatter #blackwoman #blackgirlmagic #blackcommunity #higherself #trusttheprocess #blackblogger #buyblack #shoppingonline #wellness #MyScars #famousquotes #wordstoliveby #WhyMe

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mr.oak.space. A lack of transparency results in distrust and a #deep sense of insecu

A lack of transparency results in distrust and a #deep sense of insecurity. #transparency #is #antidote #for #all

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Inspiration, material, pattern, density, & construction. #trusttheprocess #textiledesign #interiordesign #patternandornament #scale #transparency #pinstripe

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heatherishthings. #bestfriendship #walks are the bestest💜 Hanging out in Woodinville wi

#bestfriendship #walks are the bestest💜 Hanging out in Woodinville with @rebekahs_sunny_booked_farm - we’ve been #soulmates since we met in college over a decade ago, and it’s the best thing eVeR now that she’s moved back to #washingtonstate and we get to hangout all the time. #connection , #vulnerability and #transparency are the things that #love and #relationship are made of. If you want any relationship to work, find those special #souls that you can work on #communication and be #honest with. You can have a full life and have a billion soulmates but you have to put in the work. #loveyourneighbor #bellevue #kirkland #naturewalks #getoutnabout #sunnydays #pnw #pnwonderland 🖤 #heatherishthings

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