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8月30日20時から、興福禅寺(滋賀県東近江市今町46)さんで、キャンドルの灯りの中で陰陽ヨガを行います。 陰ヨガでは、静かにポーズを深める中で、「今ここ」を感じ、 陽ヨガでは、ダイナミックに動いて、身体のエネルギーを流していきたいと思います。 一日の終わりに、心を鎮め、体を気持ち良く動かす時間をつくりませんか? また、30日は、新月の日。夜空の暗さの中、キャンドルの灯りは、あなたを幻想的な世界に誘うでしょう。 お申し込みは、マタンギヨガホームページかお電話でお願いします。 料金は、イベント価格のワンコインです👐 ご参加お待ちしています^_^ #太極拳

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midnight_bibliophile. QOTD: What's your favorite standalone novel? As much as I love a good

QOTD: What's your favorite standalone novel? As much as I love a good series to bury myself into, sometimes you just need a book that starts and finishes the journey in one shot. To be honest, I feel like the creation of a great novel is kind of a lost art. While I've seen a lot of mixed reviews on To Kill a Kingdom, I devoured this book (and got a nasty book hangover)! 2019 has been full of truly fantastic reads, but nothing has topped this one for me as of yet! It definitely is my favorite reimagining of The Little Mermaid. There was so much action and adventure, and the main characters were so fantastically twisted and conniving. I loved it so much that I have delayed putting up a post because I just HAD to find the right props to go with it. 😂😂 Truly, I cannot rave enough about this gem! What were your thoughts? #bookstagram #booklover #tokillakingdom #siren #pirates #mermaidsandbooks #littlemermaid #fairytaleretelling #adventureoftheseas

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Today I‘m traveling to Paris 🗼 and I‘m super excited for the next weeks. So many things are changing right now: I just moved out of my flat and I‘m not going to be in Cologne until October, which feels very strange. Longboarding already brought me to many places and a new adventure is just waiting for me. In the past years I already had a few chances to travel. Especially through the support of the community I always found a couch somewhere to crush on for a few nights – otherwise many travels would have been impossible, as an always broke student. But this year has already been amazing, it was my first time outside of Europe and I saw a few more places I haven’t seen before. And this only because a few years ago I picked up a longboard and I just kept chasing my dream to dance on this board 💃🏻 In the next weeks I‘ll be traveling to the south of Europe, which will be the longest time I‘ll be traveling alone. But the first stop will be Paris, to me a very familiar place, it feels like my second home. I rediscovered this clip from the last year’s Paris und Paris session. Can’t wait for the next sessions in Paris this week 😍 f: @achelmachin

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Ula i Marek „Jak buduje sie samemu dom ze slomy i gliny?” 🏡 #mysligonitwa #evening #event #speech #people #lights

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oupsjack. #oups le chien qui tous les soirs réclame.. alors que j’ai déjà mangé�

#oups le chien qui tous les soirs réclame.. alors que j’ai déjà mangé🥴😇 #jackrussell #parsonrussell #parsonrussellterrier #instadog #instagram #billgates #pourquoicehashtag #lol #chien

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