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The sun sets on a day, just as quickly as a window closes on opportunity. Take that opportunity, because it rarely rises again tomorrow.

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On avance au fur et à mesure au Mexique et les lieux et rencontres sont de plus en plus sympathiques. Le Mexique est un pays magnifique et nous sommes qu'à la moitier du pays. Que nous réserve le sud ? Vous avez des endroits à conseiller? ° ° We move progressively in Mexico and places and meetings are more and more beautiful. Mexico is a beautiful country and we are only half of the country. What does the south reserve for us? Do you have places to recommend? ° ° ° ° ° #mexico #perfectplace #beautifulcolors #lovethisplace #backpacktraveller #lovemylife #monespritoutdoor #picoftheday #worldcitizen #discoverearth #nikon #adventurers #nikonfr #bluewater #wonderfulearth #welivetoexplore #panamericana #wonderfulMexico #socool #ownphotography #outdoor #wanderlust #traveladdicted #travelshots #boat #awesomeearth

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Kayak trip #2 🏞 #langkawi #andaman #malaysia

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Happy #ThrowbackThursday to a wonderful waterfall hike in which Lakota clearly lost is left ear 👀

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Hello Arizona, you’re looking exceptionally beautiful. • Views from a rest stop somewhere in the middle of The Grand Canyon State. Can anyone guess where the next stop might be??

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🌟⛺️ G I V E A W A Y 🌟⛺️ . . Hi guys! I’m am so happy to be partnering with LuminAID to give each of you a chance to win one of their PackLite Max 2-in-1 phone chargers! It’s a solar inflatable lantern & phone charger that packs flat for easy carrying and charging on the go. It was named “best camping lantern” by @rei for 2019! I have used mine for over a year now and I take it with me as part of my essentials when I’m backpacking! I strap it on my pack as a night light when hiking at night, it’s perfect for lighting up my tent and I use it as my backup power to charge my devices. . . The lantern provides over 150 lumens of bright LED light on Turbo mode and can run for up to 50 hours on Low mode. It recharges via solar power in 14 hours of sunlight or by USB input in 1-2 hours. The 5V USB output port will recharge your phone in 2-4 hours depending on your type of phone. . To enter: 🌟🌟 🌟 Follow me @spirithiker and @luminaid 🌟Tag two of your adventure buddies Contest will go through April 30th. Winner will be announced on April 31st! Good luck friends!! ❤️

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Last year at this time I was trompin around Cambodia half covered in sweat, the other half mud and rain. The year before that I was in Paris eating baguettes and drinking wine looking up at the Eiffel Tower. . This year I am happily employed. Saving for and plotting many more adventures. . Travel has become a part of me. Being able to explore another culture and appreciate how others thrive. Immersing yourself in a foreign land and wandering the day away because you can truly never be lost in a place you don’t know. Creating bonds with people you don’t share a language with, but finding other ways to connect. Meeting fellow travelers from all over the world and sharing stories of your own culture. . Travel makes me feel absolutely whole. Do you travel? What’s your favorite destination so far and what’s next?! . . #tbt #travelgram

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Crazy weather last weekend at 4,000 ft up on Dolly Sods. At Bear Rocks this particular morning, there was a storm brewing to the west and clear sunny skies to the east, which created this sweet rainbow 🌈 . We experienced every season a several times in two days. Woke up to 30 degree temps and freezing rain, which turned to a cool, moody fog, but then it was 65 and sunny a few hours later. Adding and shedding layers of clothes all day. Reminded me of CLE 😆 . . . . . #rainbow #purplehaze #crazyweather #dollysods #bearrocks #wildandwonderful #westvirginia #theweatherchannel #choosemountains #appalachia #landscape_lovers #nature_brilliance #moodynature #watersheddrybags #naturalwestvirginia #wvexplored #wvstateparks #sheisnotlost #travelstoke #igshotz #skysultans #exploremore #theimaged #sky_brilliance #visitwv #welivetoexplore #skyporn #stayandwander #adventurenthusiasts #wildandfree

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A day in the villa. 🌾✨ Tordi Garh. Rajasthan, India. New personal project coming soon... #camilagh #india

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openuptam. Just imagine hearing the Legend of Ashitaka and seeing Princess Monono

Just imagine hearing the Legend of Ashitaka and seeing Princess Mononoke riding her wolf friend down the mountain...

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