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david_drazil. This is one of the 5 concepts for a family house, which is the most pr

This is one of the 5 concepts for a family house, which is the most promising. Oriented towards south-west vistas, cantilevered to prevent from overheating in summer, taking advantage of the natural slope, both floors are accessible from #SketchLikeAnArchitect . . . . . #thearchitecturestudentblog #arch_more #perspective #dailydrawing #archi_students #sketch #illustration #architecture #archisketcher #instasketch #architecturesketch #archilovers #sketchoftheday #sketchcollector #arch_sketch #handdrawn #pensketch #arquitetapage #soarch #arch_cad #ARQSKETCH #architecturefactor #architecture_hunter #sketch_arq #architects_need #architects_vision #wisearchi #sketchlicious

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architecture_is_priceless. Marina One Singapore designed by @ingenhovenarchitects and realization

Marina One Singapore designed by @ingenhovenarchitects and realization video by 🎥 @hgeschphotography Winner of MIPIM award 2018 "Best Innovative Green Building". singapore

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maas_architecture. On the hills

On the hills

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[14/15] Église Notre-Dame-de-Prospérité de Montferrand … SI j’ai surtout parlé du patrimoine clermontois, il ne faaut pas oublier que Montferrand a aussi des lieux importants Entièrement bâtie en pierre de Volvic, en style gothique languedocien, Notre-Dame-de-Prospérité a été édifiée en plusieurs campagnes. Sa construction a commencé en 1304 pour s’achever par l’élévation des deux tours dans la deuxième moitié du XVIème siècle : la date 1566 apparaît gravée au sommet de la tour septentrionale. A proximité, on trouve le Musée d’art et le siège de la région qui gère une partie des financements européens attribués aux territoires. Parce que comme je l’ai déjà dit, l’Europe ne se trouve pas qu’a Bruxelles ou Strasbourg, elle est dispersée sur l’ensemble de nos territoires et vit à travers ceux qui, partout, lui donnent une utilité….

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While I am still injured and unable to sketch outside, I am revisiting some unpublished sketchs from my last trip to #nyc

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Studio/Residence..... 25 years ago I purchased this 1,600 SF school building and transformed it into a work/live environment. It provided inspiration and freedom to work creatively. — designed + constructed by @randybrownarchitects

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One of my first sketches from Greece last summer. Check out my Epidauros Highlight to see the process!

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adel_iarch. wonderful

wonderful @archi_philo

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blozeen. In love with this transformable table by @boulonblanc

In love with this transformable table by @boulonblanc @architecture_is_priceless

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Mat-building within 6 master plots to replace high rises whilst achieving the same sellable areas, resulting in a range of courtyards and plazas. The stacking and layering of floor plates also result in a significant increase of garden spaces.

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GM A-frame project completed. Beautiful way to start the year finishing this amazing project. We had a great time designing this cabin and we’re very excited to share it with you. Happy Hump Day. Architecture: @earthtonedesignstudio Visualization: @renderz_design

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