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nomadnesshere. Airplane ✈️ mode #airplanemode #airtravel #worldtraveler #nomadlife #a

Airplane ✈️ mode #airplanemode #airtravel #worldtraveler #nomadlife #appreciate

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Of the 12 stone circle, not much remains...but you can still feel the significant energy that comes from this magickal henge.

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So grateful for the opportunity to connect with the people and lands of my ancestors. The Orkney Islands hold a very special place in my heart. An experience I’ll not soon forget...

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Breakfast is served. Who’s hungry? _________________________ We are a full service travel company located in Abuja, Nigeria. We offer a wide range of tourism and travel related services which includes but not limited to travel and tourism, visa appointments, customized experiences (for individuals, families or corporates), bus/car hire, airport pickup and drop off, travel events, an online travel store e.t.c Interested in any of our products or services? Get In touch! Call us on 0813 860 5291 today to plan that trip for you. #SuaveTravels

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#Jablan gölüne giden patikada şöyle bir durup soluma dönünce bu manzara ile karşılaştım. Görkemli ormanların arasındaki Karadağ’ın Karagöl’ü Crna Jezero. Yaklaşık 1500 mt irtifada bulunan buzul gölünün güzelliği dillere destan.

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Today we docked at Shimizu Port. 🚢🌊 it’s the first time that Majestic Princess docked at this port. Lots of locals came to see the ship. Unfortunately we couldn’t see Mount Fuji across the water from us coz it was too cloudy... ☁️🗻☁️ We had Sushi today for lunch at my usual restaurant.🍣🥢 the owner recognized me from previous times. She thanked me for coming back every time and bringing more people to the restaurant. 😂😂😂 Tomorrow we’re in OSAKA!! #KATEI #katei_violin #sushi #shinizu #lunch #japan #mountfuji #regular #shiplife #majesticprincess #princesscruises #worldtraveler #pirateslife

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Hakuna matata

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"Our first stop was red square, the heart of Moscow — if Moscow has one." - Bob Hope #saintbasilscatherdral #moscow #russia #russiatourists #moscowviews #travel #reiseliebe #travelcommunity

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Cheers to the good life 🥂

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Power is not power if you do not know you have it - Shonda Rhimes # Location - 20 Fenchurch Street(The Walkie-Talkie), London, England, United Kingdom # If reposting the picture, mention me in the credits.

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