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Pacific, Australia medley of mountains, deserts, reefs, forests, beaches and multicultural cities are an eternal draw for travellers. Remote, beautiful and friendly, the Pacific islands’ white sands and clear waters are almost dreamlike in their perfection.The Pacific is not just about relaxing on palm-fringed white-sand beaches, you’ll also discover dramatic coastlines built for long walks where the wind and sea-spray are your only companions. Double tap if you like this place❤️ Share this picture with the person who needs a vacation here Travel the world with @traveleroninsta Photo by @travhub 📍:Pacific, Australia )

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Day 81: Beer with a view😎

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Goggles united!

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Serenity at Lake Pukaki with view Mt. Cook, New Zealand

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Sometimes all the planning and drawing out an itinerary for the trip can’t beat the spontaneous decisions you make. It wasn’t on the plan but we saw a couple of tours going out to the Scottish Highlands from Edinburgh and decided to go for it! And we were glad we did! : : : It was a full day of traveling through the Highlands by bus. We would sit in the bus for a few hours each time before reaching the next stop on our route. Despite the packed schedule, we managed to see places such as the Loch Ness, Urquhart Castle, Ben Nevis (though it was hiding due to the weather!) and the breathtaking Glen Coe! : : : The Highlands were diverse, wild and beautiful! I could have spent hours there, perhaps taking the time to drive and slowly take in the sights. For now, I’ll look back on these photos (and there are plenty!) and put a pin on my plans to travel through the Highlands again in the near future!

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Day 79: Check out my latest video

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No picture ever truly capture the beauty of New Zealand. At Lake Pukaki and Mt. Cook from the distance (the highest mountain in New Zealand)

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Nice weather at Omarama countryside, New Zealand

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Happy Good Friday! Today, Christians around the world celebrate Good Friday. Wishing all who celebrate the blessed day. It is called a Good Friday because of the hope we have in him. Keep the faith, our God is faithful to the end.

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