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✨Yoga é para todos!✨ . Marque sua aula avulsa e experimente o que é uma aula de Iyengar Yoga! . As professoras do Iyengar Yoga Leblon são qualificadas e certificadas pela Associação Brasileira de Iyengar Yoga e pelo Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute, em Pune, Índia. . . Local: Tex - Rua General Venâncio Flores, 305 - Sala 302, Leblon (pertinho da estação do Metrô da Antero de Quental). . Informações: iyengaryogaleblon@gmail.com @iyengaryogaleblon @denise.resende.585 @nizasimoes Carla Andréa . . #iyengaryogaleblon #bharadvajasana #iyengaryoga #bksiyengar #rimyi #abiy #yoga #props #alinement #yogaparatodos #acessoriosdeyoga #texart #atmazen #estudiomalabares #yogaposes #asana #yogarestaurativo #yogateachers #professoresdeyoga #yogastudents #yogariodejaneiro #yogabrazil #riodejaneiro #leblon #peaceandlove

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quanshotyoga. Only 10 days left for our Fall In Love with Yoga Deal. Get ready for y

Only 10 days left for our Fall In Love with Yoga Deal. Get ready for your Fall Yoga Maintenance. $11/class. Visit quanshotyoga.com and purchase online, call 3065851515 or drop in around class time to purchase in studio we'd be glad to help you out. #yqr #reginask #reginayoga #yoga #yogapants #yogaposes #yogafalldeal #yogateachers #yogalife #yogabalance #yogapractice #yinyogaflow #yin #yinyoga #hathayoga #flowyoga #prenatalyoga #hotyoga #gentleyoga #warmyin #pilates #barre #fitness #quanshotyoga #quanshotyogaeast #quanshotyogaharbourlanding #harbourlanding #grasslands #gardinerparkvillage #chairyoga

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What should you expect after a retreat at @anamayaresort? - "Feeling elevated after a week long yoga retreat led by @natasjafreespirityogi @anamayaresort in Costa Rica. This was the first yoga retreat I’d ever gone on, and I’m amazed at the amount of clarity I was able to bring back with me. I’ve been able to dive back into my projects with less nervous energy and a deeper sense of peace with my decisions. If it’s something you’ve considered doing, but haven’t... DO IT. I’ve already decided I’ll be penciling one in annually. #selfcarewriteoff "

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Autumn Equinox Fall is more than a time of pumpkin flavored everything (I've made chocolate pumpkin bread and pumpkin spice pancakes this weekend alone), and the imminent arrival of costumed children to the door, it is the symbolic representation of a endings. The shades of ocher that mark autumn are simply a reminder of nature's journey from the vibrancy of summer to the dormancy of fall. The autumn equinox is a reminder that we must prepare and reflect upon the year as we march to its end. Its the perfect time to reevaluate where we have been and where we intend to go. Tomorrow is day one of #IntentionallyIntoFall and we are using #spinaltwists as an opportunity to wring out limiting beliefs. This year I've had a cheerleader, who not only became a close and trusted friend, but who opened my eyes to my own self-worth. She reminded me that I am worthy of what I want and must be open to opportunities however they present themselves. With this in mind, I'm not only twisting, but inverting. I am flipping my persepective and breaking down self-built barriers to change. I am open to receiving all the abundance the universe has in store for me. Join us tomorrow and move intentionally into fall! Leggings: @gd_fashionn Crop: @omsoulshop Mala: @yourbondhu Mat: @2ndwindhealth Daily Line Up Day 1 - Spinal twist: Wring out limiting beliefs Day 2 - Hip opener: Explore what you’re feeling Day 3 - Heart opener: Invite love in Day 4 - Shoulder opener: Relieve an old burden Day 5 - Throat opener: Find your voice Day 6 - Balance: Intention for the new season Intentional Hosts @matcha.inspired.yogi @omwithmelissa @kara_moves @darbvader_ Generous Sponsors @sacredgoddessnyc @purepranalabel @yourbondhu @vayumudra @gd_fashionn To join & have a chance to win some awesome prizes: Follow all of the hosts and sponsors. Repost this flyer and tag some friends to join in. Post a photo or video each day. Tag all hosts and sponsors in your posts & pics Make sure your profile is set to public and you use #IntentionallyIntoFall so we can see your posts! #yoga #pinchamayurasana #forearmbalance #myyogajourney #yogateachers #yogainspo

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First yoga class 🧘🏻‍♂️. Flow & Restorative with @whatmelsydoes #wedidit #yogateachers #teaching #theroamingyogis #dancerspose

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This day truly was filled with Peace... and a whole lot of love... and a tad of hustle ✌️ Today I volunteered my time to chat with people about yoga, enjoyed great music, great food, and the company of so many great people who have positively impacted our family. We left Peace Day to catch a boat where we enjoyed more great company and saw the most amount of dolphins I have ever seen at once! We also met a baby dolphin that was estimated to be a month old! Then on to a fabulous lunch on the water. And then back to Peace Day to lay in the grass and listen to the music and enjoy everyone’s wonderful art and smiles. And the entire I day I grew my business!! I networked with so many like-minded people at Peace Day. I stepped aside to do a quick live video to help me team reach their goals. I worked in the car in between adventures to chat with my ladies about getting them started with a program that suits them. And now I take some time out this evening while the kiddos cool down (or wear out 😉) in the pool to tell you all that this business is amazing. I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to grow something meaningful and positive in pockets of my day, while working full time, and trying to be a good mama. Send me a message if you think this sounds like something that YOU would love to do. All you need is a smart phone and a desire to help others... I’ll teach you the rest!

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yogaallianceaustralia. “The yoga pose you avoid the most you need the most.”

“The yoga pose you avoid the most you need the most.”

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Demonstration was and is a part of the Ghosh lineage. Today we moved #backbendingclub outside. We saw people across the parking lot mimicking us and people videoing us and of course many pictures were taken. We even inspired one gentleman to come try with us. This yoga is accessible to every body. All that is required is a desire to learn. . . Bishnu Ghosh, Buddha Bose and Parmahansa Yogananda used to travel around and display postures for public awareness. There’s something intriguing about seeing another human move their bodies into what seems to be impossible possessions. What is possible for one person is possible for us all. . . What we hope to do is inspire you to realize what you are truly capable of. . . . . . #bethdavisyoga #postureclub #yogainspiration #yogacrew #yogajournal #yogateachers #yogastudent #demonstration #parkinglotyoga #humanpotential #movementculture #spinehealth #mindbody #connection #community #yyccommunity #yycyoga #calgaryyoga #canadianyogi

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🔱🦢SwanYogaSadhana🦢🔱 __________________________________ Photo by @vladraw I am not this body I am not this mind I am not the thoughts 🕉Immortal Self Am I🕉 I am not my past I am not the future I am the present moment 🕉Immortal Self Am I🕉 I am not my Ego I am not my greed I am A Peaceful Warrior 🕉Immortal Self Am I🕉 #spiritual #wellnesscoach #wellnessjourney #sadhana #virabhadrasana #nature #natureyoga #awareness #iamthatiam #selfgrowthjourney #santosha #satya #shaucha #asanarebel #yogateachers #travellingyogi

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Come join me this week and let go of all your problems! Monday: 8:30am Slow Your Flow and 5:30pm Find Your Flow (subbing for Amber) at @fytkeywest Tuesday and Saturday: 8am Gentle Yoga at @perrykeywest (Thursday is cancelled) Wednesday: 8:30am Find Your Flow at @fytkeywest Thursday: 10am - @ashbegard is subbing for me at @fytkeywest Thursday: 6pm Slow Your Flow (subbing for Amber) at @fytkeywest Sunday: 9:30am Gentle Yoga at @fytkeywest #yoga #yogalife #yogagirl #yogapractice #yogainspiration #doyouyoga #yogateachers #yogaeverywhere #yogainthefloridakeys #yogainkeywest #keywest #keyslife #keywestflorida #stockisland #lovewhatyoudo #dowhatyoulove

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rahki_yoga. Hey PNW Yogis and Yoginis!
I’m super excited to announce that I’ll be

Hey PNW Yogis and Yoginis! I’m super excited to announce that I’ll be adding another regular class on to my schedule @yarrowyoga ! Join me Wednesdays 6-7:30 for Power BAPTISTE at the Beautiful Yarrow Yoga Studio! ——— In this class we will be turning up the heat and working our way through the Baptiste Power Vinyasa Sequence. This is an all levels class, so please come and check it out, enjoy the heat and have some fun with us! Dm me with questions or register on MINDBODY! Fall specials are going on now, so be sure to checkout our class-passes and memberships! Namasté Friends 🙏🏻💛✨

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fithealthysoul. This journey has elevated my spiritual awareness and has awakened a pa

This journey has elevated my spiritual awareness and has awakened a part of me that has changed forever. I will never forget this journey and the wonderful profound spirits I’ve met along the way. They are all apart me now and who I become to be in my future as Yoga 🧘‍♀️ teacher. Thank you for helping me stay grounded, elevated and tapping into my awareness of who I am. Many blessings to my 200HR YTT @skyhouseyoga tribe and many blessings to @skyhouseyoga. Namaste 🙏🏾 #yoga #yogi #yogaeverydamnday #yogateachers #ytt #yogajourney #fit #fitspo #fitnessgirl #fitnessmotivation #yogalife #yogainspiration #yogainstructor

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HOW I UNAPOLOGETICALLY CHARGE $29 FOR A SINGLE CLASS AT MY YOGA STUDIO (AND YOU CAN, TOO) ✨ It's not a secret that a strategy for encouraging larger, committed purchases at your studio is pricing the drop in high. That's common sense. But I challenge you to ask yourself, what is one of your classes REALLY worth? What do you REALLY give to your students? I'll let you in on a secret -- the yoga is the HOW. It's never been the WHAT. We're giving our studio clients a sense of safety and belonging. We're giving them access to experts. We're introducing them the first way of moving their bodies they've ever enjoyed. We're helping them release their longest-held tensions. We're teaching them a method for becoming more intimate with their souls. What is that worth? Notice I said "worth," not "cost." We are GIVING to them, not taking their money away. I'd like to ask yourself: What do you REALLY give to your students? Remember, when someone tells you they've achieved a result, there are 2 or 3 deeper layers there. So, for example, if someone says, "You helped me heal my lower back," they could really be saying, "I can now pick up my daughter to play with her." If someone says, "Your classes helped me lose weight," they could really be saying, "I finally feel comfortable enough to date." If someone says, "I have a tool for managing my anxiety," they could really be saying, "I can now go out to dinner with my friends without feeling stressed." What is that worth? I bet it's way more than $29. I'd like you to think about ✨ VALUE-BASED PRICING ✨ Forget about your "competition" or the "industry standard." How can you price your result instead of your service? I'm here to help you stand in your power. If you're ready to stop playing small and charge your worth (to watch your profits soar and your workload sink), book a free 60 Minute Studio Strategy Session with me and we'll get started: bit.ly/freestudiostrategy ✨

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janine.liebich. What inspires you to move? 🦋 Asana means something new to me everyday

What inspires you to move? 🦋 Asana means something new to me everyday. _ Allowing me to feel the subtleties of my body. Noticing where the energy flows, and where it’s stuck. Allowing emotion to surface and be embodied. Reaffirming that change, is the only constant. That the journey is in fact, not linear. That sometimes five steps forwards, also means two steps back. That acceptance of whatever is, is uncovering the highest form of love. _ And because of this, I am brought back to the practice of movement. Finding myself re-inspired over and over and over again. 🙏🏻 . . . . . . . #yogaanywhere #alomoves #yogateachers #plantbasedlife #myyoga #yogini #myyogajourney #yogaflow #lizardpose #dametraveler #yogateacherlife #alomoveschallenge #aloyoga #yogatravel #aloyogachallenge #wherefocusgoesenergyflows #myyogalife #yogatime #yogainspiration #yogacommunity #plantlady #aloaligned #aloyogachallenge #myyogalifestyle #homeyogapractice #yogapants #yogapose #myyogapractice #yogateacher #balancepose #yogaflow #cultivatethelove

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As the year is passing us by so quickly we just wanted to advise everyone that’s interested that this unique Yin Yoga & Chinese Meridians Teacher Training is not even 12 months away. @annie_au_yoga is both @annamartinyoga & @beckhallyoga‘s Yin Teacher and we are thrilled to host Annie in Australia next year! We are offering a special early bird price of just $1,999 if booked and paid for by 01 February, 2020. We have limited numbers available and we will be offering payment plans to those accepted for this training and no you do not need to already be a yoga teacher to benefit. This training will be held @unionyogacollective on the Sunshine Coast from 06-17 September, 2020. Please follow this link for further details or go to our website for more information: https://gypsyyogaretreats.com 💜 . . . #yinyoga #teachertraining #chinesemeridians #meditation #education #expansive #progressive #yintraining #unionyogacollective #sunshinecoast #yogateachers

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Full of so much love after a great few days in NYC 🏙⠀ ⠀ One of our friends said that the reason it’s so hard for us to leave is because it’s where we feel seen. Like yea, the city is special af, but it’s not reallyyyy about the city. ⠀ ⠀ It’s about the people. The people who have chosen to call this city home are the people who see us in our wholeness. People who are real, bold, loud, and ever-evolving. Our people. ⠀ ⠀ And that’s what feels like home. 😘

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crystalroseyoga. Monday Magic ☀🌈💦🙏 Last week of yoga this week, let's make it a good

Monday Magic ☀🌈💦🙏 Last week of yoga this week, let's make it a good one, though all weeks are great when they include some yoga practise. Pranayama week! A favourite really.. A chance to build up our energy... I'll be taking two weeks off to spend with my darling daughter who turns five these holidays! How the time flies when your having fun 💚 Class is on Tuesday 10 Wednesday 10 Thursday 1 All Welcome Happy Monday. Hope you find the magic 🌈🎉 Blessings😉 Namaste 🙏 #crystalroseyoga #mondaymotivation #mondaymagic #restorativeyoga #kissingtheshin #utthitahastapadangusthasana #holidays #vallabeach #yogaatthebeach #yogaeverywhere #yogaeveryday #yogalover #yogalife #yogaforbeginners #yogafam #yogateachers #yogastudent #yogastretches #yogastrength #yogastudents #yogaclass #yogajoy #yogainaustralia

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A small glimpse into the group of 30 incredible and radiant yogis who have spent the last 8 months with us, putting in the deep work and giving their whole hearts to the 8-limbed path of yoga. These beautiful, diverse, authentic yogis are now yoga TEACHERS! They graduated from our 2019 Classical Yoga Teacher Training and became an indelible part of our Kali Natha Yoga lineage this afternoon, and we could not be more joyful or proud. We’re so grateful for the incomparable staff of Kashi teachers who make this work possible, and for the grace and wisdom of our beloved spiritual teacher, @swamijayadevi. Ma Jaya, Guru of this lineage, was certainly dancing to the beat of The Mother’s footsteps as we sang and celebrated the afternoon away. Jai HO! 💯💓

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My dad found this picture of me at 3 years old. Swipe to see my current car. 🤯

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The more light you allow within you, the brighter the world you live in will be💛🌴 Soaking up the SUNLIGHT 💛With wonderful FRIENDS 💙. #miamibeach #beachday #beachlife #yogagirl #yogafitlife #yogafit #yogajourney #yogateachers #yogavibes #lifeisbeautiful

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carinablasczkievscki. Aproveitando o cenário convidativo, aproveitei  pra treinar algumas po

Aproveitando o cenário convidativo, aproveitei pra treinar algumas posturas q são mais desafiadoras pra mim. Fazer uma torção com meu volume muscular não é nada fácil, sem falar na falta de mobilidade de algumas articulações. Fico olhando e babando nas séries dos praticantes de Ashtanga e sonhando em um dia conseguir executar uma das séries 😍... falta muito hehe, mas continuo firme na prática. ☺️🤸🏻‍♀️ #matsyendrásana #posturadosabio #yoga #tantrayoga #sunday #treino #desafio

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Trying to create lightness in my practice so that it may create lightness in my life. That may seem like a weird concept to some, but the thoughts and feelings that you bring to your mat could positively or negatively affect your practice, so why should the opposite be any different? This is one of my favorite drills that I learned from @patrickbeach. The goal isn’t to hold the handstand, it’s to see how lightly you can move forward on your mat, and instantly letting that moment go and trying again. Rinse and repeat on the other side, and remember to just enjoy the process for what it is instead of what it could be ✌🏼

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#Halasana or #PloughPose is named so because it resembles a plow, an agricultural equipment. This inversion asana increases the blood flow to the abdominal organs, which is why it is one of the most recommended yoga poses for menopausal women. This pose is to be avoided during the below conditions: -Diarrhea -Menstruation -Pregnancy -Neck injury -Asthma & high blood pressure: (Practice Halasana with the legs supported on props.) #Plough #PlowPose #Hala #YogaPose #IntermediateLevel #IncreaseBloodFlow #YogaForMenopause #Inversion #YogaForHealth #HealthyLife #SpineStretch #SpineHealth #YogaForThyroid #ThroatChakra #Vishuddhi #PoornaHalasana #TraditionalYoga #YoginiOfInstagram #YogaTeachers #YogaPic #AbuDhabiYogis #YogaHelps #CelebrateEverything #HealthFirst #YogaInstructor #YogaClass #EveryoneCanDoYoga

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