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kuteblackson. Your challenges are gifts in disguise sent by the universe to strength

Your challenges are gifts in disguise sent by the universe to strengthen your character. Your dreams chose you for a reason. And your dream will take you on a journey of having to become the person who is capable of fulfilling the vision. . It’s often when things are challenging that we grow the most. So trust that you wouldn’t be going through the difficult situation if you weren’t ready or capable of handling it. . In these times you can either feel like a victim or you can take the first step and take full responsibility for your situation. . Rather than asking “Why ME?” . Ask “WHY am I going through this experience and WHAT is my soul seeking to learn?” . Recognize that you are not a victim. . Your current situation is simply the product of the total combined actions, thoughts, feelings and intentions of your past. Everything you have lived up until now has contributed to where you are. So it’s no accident. . What you sow you will reap. You cannot cheat life. . Whilst you cannot change what has happened in the past, you can choose what you do in this moment. And the actions you take in this moment will determine your future. . Here are some simple steps to shift your “karma”: . 1- Take full responsibility for your situation. 2- Feel the impact of your actions in your life and those around you. 3- Communicate and apologize as needed to yourself or others. 4- Forgive yourself, and if necessary, forgive others involved. 5- Make amends by taking specific actions to rectify the situation in the real world. 6- Let go and surrender to the universe. . Life is too short to stay stuck in a rut or old patterns. . The quicker you take responsibility, the quicker you are able to shift the energy in your life and get back into the flow. . Just because you made your bed a certain way doesn’t mean you have to lie in it. . You hold the lock and you hold the key. . You are powerful. . Own it. . Tag 3 friends! . . . . . . . #kuteblackson #boundlessblissbali #yatobook #lovenow #life #people #positivity #trust #everyone #journey #youaretheone #focus #world #inspiration #love

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oracleofyoursoul. What If you were actually the ONE?  Now that this relationship has end

What If you were actually the ONE? Now that this relationship has ended and you are sitting in a pool of emotions. What If it was actually you, who deep down knew that you are better and deserve more than what you were getting? . 🌹 What if that’s why it didn’t work out. What if it wasn’t all about what you did wrong or how you weren’t enough? . 🌹 What if it was that?... what if it was actually really about deep down that you knew deserved more. . 🌹 Better. . 🌹 What if all the little things that you’re compromising on you weren’t meant to compromise on? What if you didn’t have to give anything up to get what you really wanted? How much would that actually be scary? What if it’s about you...that small part of you that believes you really can’t have it all and so YOU compromised? . 🌹 What if the loss of this relationship is actually a blessing? What if you actually realize that you deserve more, more love, more affection, more attention, more companionship, more intimacy, mind blowing good sex? . 🌹 What if all those times you were trying to reach him...you were just reaching for yourSELF? . 🌹 What if it’s you that actually created the end of the relationship because there were bigger things, better things, better potential’s waiting for you because now, somehow you’re bigger now, somehow you are more worthy of a present, devoted and loving relationship with a partner and what if that’s exactly what you weren’t getting and what if you created a break because what you actually really desired was not matching up with what you had? . 🌹 In this moment of letting go,...feel it all. Feel all the feels. Feel all the things and then notice where you were compromising. Notice how deep down you really wanted something different but you were allowing it because you really felt like you couldn’t have everything you wanted. . 🌹 What if that’s the what if? . ♥️🌹♥️ #youaretheone #whatif #nocompromise #beunapologeticallyyou

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kuteblackson. Sometimes we are afraid to speak up and take a stand for ourselves out

Sometimes we are afraid to speak up and take a stand for ourselves out of fear of losing those we love. We are afraid of making waves, not being liked, facing rejection. . Consider this: The friends that you lose when you love and respect yourself weren’t your real friends to begin with. . Friendship that’s based on anything less than respect is not self-loving. If you lose friends because you said “No”, then consider that you are simply clearing the way to make room for those that can truly respect you. . If you have to constantly tell someone the same thing over and over again and they don’t change, understand that they don’t respect you. . A true friend will encourage and respect the fact that you are honoring yourself and setting boundaries. A true friend will listen to what you have to say, sincerely take it to heart and do their best to honor your request. . If you betray yourself in order to make someone happy, they don’t really have your authentic friendship anyways. . Sacrificing your truth, integrity and essence to make someone happy is not love. You don’t need to set yourself on fire to keep others warm. . Compassion must begin with you, and you don’t need to feel guilty for saying “No.” You can’t truly be of any good to others if you aren’t being good to yourself. It won’t be sustainable. . So take time to respect yourself by deeply feeling what your needs are and be honest with yourself, as well as communicate clearly with those around you. . Give up the false expectation that those in your life should be mind-readers and automatically know what you need. This will only make you resentful. . Communicating clearly with compassion what works for you and what doesn’t work is an act of self-respect and honoring yourself. Don’t wait until you have reached your limit, do so in the moment of feeling something is not right. When you do so, you not only respect yourself but those around you. . Remember, people treat you how you teach them to treat you. . So how will you teach people to treat you? . . . . . . #kuteblackson #boundlessblissbali #yatobook #lovenow #life #people #positivity #trust #everyone #journey #youaretheone #focus #world #inspiration #love

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Don’t play games with yourself. You don’t have an obligation to take shit from anyone. This is not love. Eating shit isn’t love. Abuse isn’t love. Don’t mistake being kind for abuse. You teach people how to treat you with your actions. Honor yourself. You are Divine. Be the shit but don’t eat the shit. Tag 3 friends that need this message. And let me know your thoughts in comments below! #youaretheone #selflove #inspirationalquotes #kuteblackson #motivationalquotes #yato #yoga #selfresoect #meditation

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The lies you tell yourself keep you stuck in living a limited life and cause suffering. We have all lied to ourselves and others at some point of our lives, about who we are, what we think, what we have done. Deep down our fear is " If you really know who I am or what I have done then you won't love me." We are afraid of losing love or losing the life that we have. Living in fear is not freedom. The truth will set you free and open you to receiving all the bigger blessings that life has in store for you. It requires real courage. It requires the willingness to not compromise your heart, even if it means being alone. It's true that in the process of speaking your truth, you may lose people, relationships may end, old structures might crumble. Know that you are clearing the space to be open to what is right for you. Whatever falls away as a result of speaking your truth,is likely no longer aligned with who you are now. Speaking your truth clears out whatever is no longer in sync with your highest good. You must be willing to let go of what no longer works to experience the life you really want. Our fear sometimes convinces us that we shouldn't speak our truth with a loved one because they will be hurt or that they can't handle it. When the truth is WE are a actually afraid. The truth serves everyone even if it doesn't seem that way at first. It's when you speak your truth, with love of course, that you serve another souls evolution. The truth brings to the surface whatever may have been unresolved in order to be released. The truth invites all those involved to get real with what they feel, where they stand and what they really want. The truth is a gift. Here's some key questions to ask yourself: What lies have you been telling yourself? What are you pretending to not know? What has it been costing you? What is it that you are afraid will happen if you speak your truth? What great things may happen as a result of speaking your truth? Who do you need to be truthful with? Tag 3 friends that need this ! #loveyourself #lovenow #kuteblackdon #youaretheone #meditation #surrender #inspirationalquotes #yoga #positivequotes

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kuteblackson. You may come to a point with someone who was a friend in your life, an

You may come to a point with someone who was a friend in your life, and you no longer resonate together. Rather than being angry, or making them wrong, simply acknowledge where things are at today. . Friendship is a sacred privilege not a right. Anytime you get to spend with another soul in this journey of life is a precious gift. . Any moment that another human being trusts you with their heart is an honor not to be taken lightly. . So even though the form of your friendship may be growing apart, honor the time that you had and bless their soul’s journey onwards. . Also, when you are on a path of personal and spiritual development you may find that you outgrow friends that aren’t. . It’s O.K. . When you refuse to let go of a friendship that is clearly over or not serving the highest good for your soul, you block the flow of goodness into your life. Likely other areas of your life will stagnate. . If your friendship is ending with someone you love, don’t consider it a failure, instead consider it a success. You have both fulfilled your purpose for coming together in this lifetime. . It’s a graduation. . Focus on the gift this person was in your life. Chances are their presence in your life has impacted your soul’s evolution forever. And vice versa. Even though you may no longer be in each other’s lives, in the same way you will always be a part of each other’s souls. . Know that your responsibility is to love, and by loving fully you can never lose. When you love you gain the capacity to not only love more but receive at the same level of loving. . The love that you gave in your friendship will come back to you, even if it’s not from that particular friend. . There is an abundance of love in the universe. So when you let go of a friendship that has served it’s time and purpose, you create more space for more love that is aligned with who you are today. . So who do you need to let go of in your life? . Set them free. Bless them. Let them go. Let more love in. . . . . . . . #kuteblackson #boundlessblissbali #yatobook #lovenow #life #people #positivity #trust #everyone #journey #youaretheone #focus #world #inspiration #love

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kuteblackson. Your body is beautiful just because you have a body.
No other reason

Your body is beautiful just because you have a body. . No other reason needed. . It is a living work of art. A masterpiece and magical expression of the Divine. . But how often do we really appreciate and love our bodies? . We have been conditioned and brainwashed by the media to believe that “You are not enough as you are”. . This is a lie. . This creates so much shame, judgment, non-acceptance of our naturalness. We end up hating our bodies, disconnecting from it’s innate intelligence, and comparing ourselves to others. . We base our self-worth on being the perfect shape, weight, or size. . You are worthy and lovable just because you ARE. . Your body serves you each moment and is so incredibly loyal. Your body gives to you unconditionally and is a profound reminder of God’s grace and love. . It doesn’t have to be or look perfect. Just that you have a body is an incredible thing of itself. . Your body is a gift. . Your body is the temple that houses your soul, and you only have one in this lifetime. . 1- Acknowledge that you have a body, and it’s a part of you. Your body is a physical manifestation of your consciousness. . 2- Appreciate it daily. Affirm things about it that you do love. Cultivate gratitude for all it does for you and the miracle that it is. . 3- Listen to it’s wisdom and intuition. Your body communicates to you constantly. . 4- Love it and take great care of it by feeding it healthy nutrition, sleep and positivity. . Your body is a living miracle. . The more you love your body, the more your body will love you back. . The more healthy and vibrant your body is, the more you can express yourself through it and live your dreams. . Your body is beautiful just because you have a body! . Tag 3 friends! . . . . . . . #kuteblackson #boundlessblissbali #yatobook #lovenow #life #people #positivity #trust #everyone #journey #youaretheone #focus #world #inspiration #love #women #body

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ryanvhook40. Happy Birthday to the best woman I know!!! Crazy to think that this dr

Happy Birthday to the best woman I know!!! Crazy to think that this drop dead, gorgeous woman is my fiance 💍 You will always have my ♥. I hope her smile brightens your day, like her smile always brightens mine. I Love You Ruth Moore!!! 😍😘💕💞💍💞💕😘😍 #Birthday #Happybirthday #Iloveyou #youaretheone #fiance #girlfriend

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dianaharket. Prety Guys in Tux ❤❤❤
#youaretheone #aha #1988

Prety Guys in Tux ❤❤❤ #youaretheone #aha #1988

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zita_fonseca. Nesta foto há um pouco de tudo ! Amor , orgulho, dedicação ... ter tid

Nesta foto há um pouco de tudo ! Amor , orgulho, dedicação ... ter tido o prazer de ver os teus olhos brilharem e o teu sorriso a descreverem a tua alma é inesquecível ! Voa voa que tenho a certeza que vais longe ... sabes que eu adivinho quase tudo ... #proud #loveyou #beautiful #makeup #youaretheone #soproudofyou

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atomikkkittie. Because you should never have to choose between your normal dorky self

Because you should never have to choose between your normal dorky selfie face and a kissy face. Treadmill Karaoke w/ Dory has been brought to you by TKA and Sarina Paris. #operationsixpack #buttwatch #fitness #workout #postworkout #exercise #treadmill #intervals #cardio #treadmillkaraoke #tka #youaretheone #sarinaparis #you #freestylemusic #eurobeats #ginobeats #selfie #postworkoutselfie #smile #kissyface #foodieinfatpants

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amleathershop. คุณภาพที่ดีเพื่อภาพลักษณ์ที่ดีของผู้ใช้งาน
Metalic Style 4 colors avai

คุณภาพที่ดีเพื่อภาพลักษณ์ที่ดีของผู้ใช้งาน Metalic Style 4 colors available (Golden, Silver, Bronze, Pink Gold) Real work real stitched งานจริงปักจริง Your name, your proud. Your name bag. #limitededition #amleather #youaretheone #กระเป๋าปักชื่อ #personalizenamebag #youaretheluckyperson #designbyyou #yourbag #ออกแบบกระเป๋า #canvas #canvasbag #canvasnamebag #แคนวาส #กระเป๋าแคนวาส #กระเป๋าผ้าแคนวาส #กระเป๋าแคนวาสหนังแท้ #กระเป๋าแคนวาสหนังแท้ปักชื่อ #custombag #personalized #personalizedbag #leatherbag #namebag #yourname #yournamehere #yourproud #yourproudbag #tag #leathertag #canvastag #tagname สนใจดูเพิ่มเติมได้ที่ 💟 FB: amleathershop 🖼 IG: amleathershop 👜 Line@ ID: @fya0978n

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strictlybiz810. The Are NO Limits To What You Can Accomplish.... We Live In A Day And

The Are NO Limits To What You Can Accomplish.... We Live In A Day And Age Where You Can Achieve The Greatness You Seek..... The Sky Was Never The Limit #yourtheplug🔌 #yourthebag💰 #youaretheone #anythingispossible #achievement #accomplishyourgoals #youcan #putGod1st🛐

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jessiemegrelishvili. Ok, maybe I won’t go that far...
But I promise to give you 100% of

Ok, maybe I won’t go that far... • • But I promise to give you 100% of my best. If you have found it difficult to find balance in your life, or would love a detailed action plan that would ACTUALLY support you in achieving your goals this year... • • Direct Message me NOW and we can make this happen together! • • And I promise not to play you like they did at the #fyrefestival

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A happiest birthday to the most precious, beautiful, loving, caring, second mother, annoying, backbone of my life, without you we cannot imagine our life.you faced many hard days for us.you are the reason for our exists.as a being brother I am not able to support you .you deserve a better brother .but trust me I'll bounce back and hit much #superwoman #youaretheone I guaranteed this year will be yours 😎

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lisariesnerinlight. If you are searching for someone standing Behind your back Totally. It

If you are searching for someone standing Behind your back Totally. It can only be Yourself that loves you unconditonal. Forgives every mistake. Kisses every scar and is ready to stand up for you every Single time. #Yourself #selflove #youaretheone #doitforlove

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thomasgotze. Så blev Summers tattoo endelige færdig🙏♥️#youaretheone #familyguy #no

Så blev Summers tattoo endelige #youaretheone #familyguy #nothingbutlove #renkærlighed #mysummer #tattoo #mygirl

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« L'intérêt nous met sous les yeux des verres de couleurs différentes. » Antoine Claude Gabriel Jobert. Les yeux dans les yeux avec Mekamelys pour le projet [Be Original, Be You]. Model: @mekamelys Makeup by herself #Preview #shooting #seriephotographique #portraits #differences #againstprejudices #workinprogress #exposition #book #realpeople #realfaces #peoplearebeautiful #alternativmodels #differenceisbeautiful #betrue #beyou #beoriginal #youaretheone #youareunique #alexisdevigan #lappartementstudio #villekb #paris

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Lover Series “Heart Line” You are the One ❤️ Welcome to send message to ask for details if have an interest in purchasing. By Instagram, LINE or email... Email: cforexample@yahoo.com #heartline #youaretheone #fashiontee #madebytaiwan #hongkongdesign #100%cotton #limitededition

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d0nny_wats0n. #Repost @oneextraordinarymarriage with @get_repost
What you observ

#Repost @oneextraordinarymarriage with @get_repost ・・・ What you observed in your parents marriage growing up has an impact on how you show up in your marriage. As a child you watched your parents and other marriages around you and begin to internalize how you will or will not do marriage when you grow up. . . It's time to live your marriage. Not what someone else lived, but what you want your marriage to be. It's time to take off the masks, open up, express yourself honestly, stop unhealthy habits, be transparent and most of all love your spouse. Don't rely on your feelings as they come and go. Love is a verb. It's about action. Do something today that will express your love to your spouse. Then do it again and again and again. . . If you don't know, we're Tony & Alisa. We've known each other for 24 years. Tony was 21 years old and Alisa was 19 years old when we first met. Yes, we had the butterflies back then and for some time afterwards. . . We've now have been married for 22 years and we have come to realize that if we stuck with the feelings of love we wouldn't be married today. We almost got divorced twice because we didn't have "feelings for each other". When we learned that love is something we do not something we feel that's when our marriage changed. . . Make a commitment today to start loving your spouse in a new way that will impact the next generation and leave a legacy for your family to remember. Click the link in our bio to partner with us to be the spouse you've been called to be. . . #InTheMoment #whatcanido #legacy #love #loveyou #lovingyou #loveisaverb #takeaction #youaretheone #liftyouup #speaklife #youandme #wegotthis #children #kids #marriage #marriedlife #powerofprayer #new #blessed #ittimeforchange #mindset #growth #podcast #oneextraordinaymarriage #loveyouguys

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johjo_rs. Wir warten alle immer auf diesen einen besonderen Moment, doch merken

Wir warten alle immer auf diesen einen besonderen Moment, doch merken wir dabei nicht wieviel andere besondere Momente wir verpassen. Lebe jeden Tag als wäre es dein letzter, aber mit Verstand und bedacht. Du hast nur das eine Leben. #goout #liveyourlife #enjoy #youonlylifeonce #music #soulfood #lifeyourdreams #youaretheone

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ricardochavez33. It’s time...
It’s time to wake up!
It’s time to shine!
It’s time to ge

It’s time... It’s time to wake up! It’s time to shine! It’s time to get your power back! It’s time to conquer joy and make it your best friend! It’s time you use your talents to serve others! It’s time you love more than what you want to be loved! It’s time you stop wasting your time! The planet’s transition is happening now! What are you waiting for? IT’S TIME!!! 🦋 🦋 🦋 🦋 🦋 🦋 🦋 #PlanetaryTransition #QuantumLove #LetsMakeItHappen #StartNow #2019 #DareToBeHappy #BeatDepression #ItsTime #ConquerLove #JustLove #YouAreTheOne #SelfLove #RicardoChavez #Coach #Actor #RenaissanceMan

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lyudmila_dryga. #villevalo#him#drawing#insta#creation#art#himband#рисунки#gothicrock#y


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