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I will carry these poisoned arrows within me for the rest of my days and when they stir, I will rock them back into slumber until my last breath. . Puncture no more, they will. . I’ve declared their expiry and, with me, they will be put to eternal rest. So when it’s my time, I will ask that they be turned into a field of flowers or a forest lined with pines or two splendid rainbows. . I know, I know, because of my courage, that these poisons have been spread minimally into the human world. I suppose that’s what a giant salty ocean between you and your inevitably decaying roots can do. . I suppose that’s what a prayer running on love can do. . . This weekend marks the one-year anniversary since Arthur's birth and a month of being in the hospital after a uterine rupture, c-section, internal bleeding and infection. . Two days before the full moon I went to the grocery store and the amount due was my exact birthdate—day, month and year. . That night, I dreamt of a beautiful stag walking around our yard, looking towards our windows. . . And last night, on the full moon, we did a placenta, a "life mother / liv moder", ritual. . We dug a hole, lit candles and offered beautiful words to the earth, my frozen placenta and ourselves. We wrapped our healthy, beautiful 1-year old Arthur in a white blanket and when the four of us were finished singing and burying, Christian handed him to me, like I wanted it so, one year ago. And like a newborn baby, he cried and I cried and we cried and we were all reborn. . Amen ❤️🌹

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Can you hear it? Is it raining with you? . Yesterday I went grocery shopping and the receipt amount came to my exact birthday-day, month and year. That night I dreamt of a beautiful stag watching us from outside our window. And tonight, Ill bury my placenta, marking one-year since my release from the hospital after the birth of our kingly Arthur. . Mmmmmm. Full moon blessings. . “Here comes the rain again Falling on my head like a memory Falling on my head like a new emotion I want to walk in the open wind I want to talk like lovers do I want to dive into your ocean Is it raining with you” . #rain #fullnoonblessings #favoritelyrics #placentarituals

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The oppressors will continue to tell tales of fear while the oppressed will, until this paradigm shifts, tell stories of courage, survival and hope. . When I was a little girl, I had a recurring dream of the big bad wolf chasing me from the farthest point on our property-from the small pond, through the apple trees, up the hill from the garden. It was horrific and in slow motion. The only way to escape was for me to wake up. “Wake up, woman.” The dream said. “Wake up!” . @thugunicorn #bethehuntress #betheheroine

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I used to feel as if I had to run across that bridge. . That if I took one breath, that if I didn’t do it RIGHT NOW, I’d lose my chance. Someone else or someone better would take my seat on the bus to Healing and Revealing. . I used to think that if I didn’t panic, stress or put into action some rigid regime that who I was at my core would be left behind in the dust. . Then one lonely day amongst the trees I realised that the only one who can find and fill the hole in the world, that just happens to fit my exact shape is me—and that cut out won’t accept the wounded me that has tried to make herself small or look or be like someone else. . And it’s been there this entire time. . And will continue to be there until I find the courage to risk blossoming into wholeness, until I courageously choose to walk in its direction, to lean in to who I really am. . And when I do, I know it will wrap its arms around me and my pain and my purpose will become one. Amen. . #theshebook #paintopurpose @thugunicorn

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Sometimes I feel as if I've been wading in the waters of my woundedness for lifetimes. . Waiting and wading. Wading and waitng. . How do I move from this place? Do I change my thoughts? My heart? My perspective? . My dreams say that it is my soul, the great visionary, who's ahead of this game. . That it is me, in this form, that is trying to catch up, but my sight has been conditioned by this beautiful but tragic human expderience to rush, punish and shame again and again and again. . Meggan Watterson @megganwatterson said, “You can’t break a shell and still expect a little beak to one day peck its way out and into the world.” . So I tell myself: don’t rush the union of this mystical mystery, but do, my love, lean into its depths and let it carry you, as it will, back to Source. . Every breath weaves us, my body and soul, closer. . And to my surprise, the effort is less than the risk to become whole. . Do not stress this experience or get lost in the low caverns of over-thinking or doing. . You’re already free. . Your soul is devoted. . Treat the mind and body as your beloved child. It will blossom when ready. . #theshebook #heymermaid @thugunicorn . . Join me on June 25 @rort.copenhagen to #feelhealandreveal ❤️

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I want to tell the women in my life that their busyness doesn’t equal worthiness, that their age doesn’t determine their limits and that it’s their softness, not their hardness, that makes them so powerful. . #TheSheBook image by @lisapauley_yoga_wellness ❤️🌹 . Pre-order link in my profile 🌹❤️

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People often ask me why I’m telling my story. . I’m telling it because what happened to me killed my self-esteem and stole my aliveness. . It made me feel ugly and unlovable. It riddled me with shame and guilt. But more than anything, it buried who I really am. And I want to know who that is. Before I die. So I can give myself a chance. . Because since the day I was born, I’ve been wondering who I’d discover when the pain is gone. . And I’m inviting you to do the same. . Today. . . . Join me on June 25 @rort.copenhagen ❤️ . And June 9 #copenhagencoven w/@pernilleavenlupai @truenorthsisters 🌹 . And June 22 @womenofdenmark ❤️

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I’m not here to help the world with my prettiness but by all the ways I am courageous enough to heal my own heart. . There are so many experiences that can make us feel unpretty. There’s societal conditioning and conglomerate greed that leads us to believe we’re ugly. . And there is woundedness that’s passed down from mother to daughter that can lead us down a path of never feeling good enough, of chasing a prettiness that need not exist. . I remember being at my Grandmother’s house on a short visit with my mom. It was the typical 2-hour visit a few times a year. . My mother could never stay. She always had somewhere to be and”other things” to get back to. . I was looking through old photos while listening to their conversation. I can’t remember where it started or where it left off, but they were talking about me. . I heard my mother say, ”I went through an ugly stage, too.” . I was on the verge of becoming a teenager and hadn’t really considered my looks. . I slid away from the table and went into the bathroom to look at myself in the mirror. And for the first time, I became saddened by what I saw. . And from that point on, and for years and decades to come, all I could hear were my mother’s words, ”I went through an ugly stage, too.” . And that was the birth of my ugliness and my hunt for a prettiness that need not exist. . (Image : 2018, pregs with Arthur) . . . I’m writing my next book and this will be included. For now, if you want to support me, pre-order The She Book today. Link in my profile. #theshebook @thugunicorn

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Are you a “crazy woman” or been called nuts because of you ideas, intuition, craft, choices or lifestyle? . Are you out or on your way off the path of patriarchy’s fear and power-based rat race, or want to be inspired how to walk your own path? . Well, what are you doing on June 22? . Join @womenofdenmark at @unionkbh for a FULL DAY of great company and inspiring talks for only 90 kr! . Heck, you can buy a ticket and not show up and you'll still help us help @danner.dk! . We're coming together & helping to prevent and stop violence against women and children! . More here: womenofdenmark.com . #sheisoutofcontrol #letsmakeherstory . Image of #theshebook by Miriam Checa ❤️

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tanyamarkul. The She Book image by @lisapauley_yoga_wellness . . . {Pre-order The S

The She Book image by @lisapauley_yoga_wellness . . . {Pre-order The She Book, link in my profile} #shestrugglesandshesparkles #theshebook #paintopurpose

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I've heard many say that you need to forgive in order to heal. - Some will even go as far as to put the fear of disease within you—that if you don’t forgive you’ll get cancer or another terminal illness, that you'll never be beautiful or lose that extra weight if you don't let go. - And to some extent I believe this theory. Because I believe in the power of repressed, undigested and stuck emotions. But I also believe that this is an imperfect prescription for pain. - Some have scars that will never budge, respond or heal through the lens of forgiveness or forgetting. - But I do believe that emotional pain, even in its relentless, raw state, can become a source of empowered healing. - Emotional pain is a power-filled source of energy that's literally aching for our attention. And for some of us, it's a sustainable resource of power that can and will last a lifetime. - Forgiveness may come in time. And it may not. On my path, it's never felt right to make forgiveness my end-goal or solves-all-healing-mechanism. - I have found it easier to feel compassion for those who’ve abused, hurt and betrayed me, than to forgive them. - Because hurt people hurt people. I get this. But it doesn’t mean I have to forgive them. I can, however, feel for them, even send them love. - I believe, that if you have a scar that won’t heal, set forgiveness aside. And tell your story. - Tell your story to the most important person in your life: YOU. And when you're ready, share it with others. - From my experience, the more times you tell your story, it will start to live differently in you. - It will loosen its grip and become ready to transform into a creative healing power that will serve you. - You don’t have to fear living with what happened to you for the rest of your life—it was never meant to be your final destination. - What happened to you made you a torchbearer of pain and its given you a very important story. - That story, that has kept you hidden, confused, small and in a destructive state for so long, can and will co-create with you, with or without forgiveness or forgetting it, if you let it. - And that story can become your biggest ally and your soulful purpose in this life.

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Writing and poetry as my medicine... . In my late twenties, I returned to my craft: Writing. . And it has been this tool that has helped me to strip away my family's conditioning, to release the disbelief in myself and capabilities, to free the "not enough-ness" and "too much-ness" and has helped me to confidently step into myself as the artist and creator of my life. . Through writing, I've gained glimpses of my core self and purpose, have strengthened my intuition and have, stepped out of the role of victim. I am now able to make strong and healthy boundaries, nourish my body and soul with empowering choices, and heal and tell my story. . I've been able to move out of resentment, disappointment, anger and sadness, and when those things arrive in my life, I know what to do in order to not fall into any well of delusion for too long. . Writing helps to fill me with inner peace, empowerment, self-love and grace. I want you to know that there's another side of pain. . That when you are able to hold space for your own story, you can release a lifetime of heartache and pain, and all the feelings of not feeling supported, seen, heard or safe to be in your body and who you are. You don't have to do it all on your own. You can heal what hurts your soul. . Learning to write and express your trauma and wounds, will help to free self-hatred and a disbelief in your abilities, and it can fill you up with worthiness, beauty, compassion, and confidence and begin to invite you to what has felt impossible for so long. . I know because it has happened to me. It can all get better from here. . Join me on May 25 at @rort.copenhagen for the first LIVE Feel, Heal & Reveal the Story that is You. ❤️ . Spaces are filling fast! Booking here ::::: https://www.facebook.com/events/2700461289968509/

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This morning I started to write about how there’s no greener pasture than the wild field of flowers growing in your heart. Then Truth laughed from the corner of my room. . That wasn’t how I was feeling at all. . Truth is, I woke up today and my heart felt like it weighed 10,000 pounds. . I felt overwhelmed by the sadness held in my body, at the thought that time is an unrenewable resource, and from feeling the aches and pains in and of our world. . It’s been the kind of day when I find myself crying behind corners, in the bathroom and while making coffee. . After a couple of hours, I looked into the mirror. From behind pink and slightly swollen eyes, I asked myself, “What do you see?” . . . I see a person whose story has made her feel alone—and filled with shame. I see someone who’s beaten herself up by what wasn’t her fault. . I see a woman who’s considered suicide and has survived decades of self-sabotage and self-destruction. . And I see a torchbearer of pain and a descendant of emotional wounds. . I see a soft shell with a hard story. . I see a woman who’s taking responsibility for her story & getting real with herself, who’s trying to feel her way through the healing so that the other side of pain can be revealed. . @thugunicorn #cryday #grief #ripoldself #theshebook

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New moon blessings. Believe that you can. And you will in one way or another, love. ❤️✨🌹 . “This isn’t the time to look away but to lean in,” my dreams say.... . “And the stories you’ll hear will be lessons. Because it’s the storytellers who bring people together. And they share a common ache. And they do what no one else can or do for them, because you’ve had to have been there•••they understand what it’s like to have a scar that will never really heal, and to want to do something holy about it.” . Join me at @rort.copenhagen on May 25. #feelhealandreveal #bebrave #tellyourstory @thugunicorn

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The She Book image @silentg83 🌹 . Pre-order The She Book. Link in my profile ❤️✨❤️ #theshebook #seventyseven

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My son Arthur was born one year ago today. A day and time that represents my descent into the Underworld. A eulogy for the person I used to be. . The past twelve months have taken me deeper and farther into the dark than I’ve ever been before. . I’ve passed through a month in the hospital after a caesarean rupture, blood loss and infection. . I’ve clawed my way through sleep deprivation, post partum depressioin, and the shock of mothering two. . I’ve lost good friends along the way. . I’ve forgotten who I was. . It’s been a powerful initiation—a nudge by my guardian angels, guides and spirits, and a giant push from divinity toward the core of my being, back home to wholeness. I asked to heal, afterall. . It’s been a journey of witnessing my most hardened unprocessed pain, of feeling repressed ancestral emotions, and learning to let go of all of the excess that has been collected from what hasn’t been processed so it, like me, can be set free. . The pattern of not listening to my intuition. Over. . The habit of turning out vs. turning in. Over. . The cycle of self-destruction vs. self-love. Over. . Shaming myself for being vulnerable and honest. Over. . Unncessarily putting others comfort in front of my own. Over. . Abandoning my traumatised inner child. Over. . Refusing to slide both feet into the shoes of who I truly am. Over. . The ways of my wounded maiden are no longer in the driver’s seat. . I’m teaching the muscle memory of my childhood trauma that there’s a difference between daily stress and real danger. . I’m healing the addiction that runs through my veins, that’s been handed down for generations, that numbing isn’t the way through. . And I know now that my intuition is strong and fluid. It’s a divine guide, not a goal or intention. It’s a stream of holy water passing through this moment, carrying, if I am willing, me to Source. . . Blessed be. And So it is. . #kingarthur @thugunicorn

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The She Book is for everyone ❤️✨ At the talented & creative @audioresortdk with @larsvogn and @thomassaunter #theshebook @andrewsmcmeel

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Pain, when repressed, can create a wall of shame that starts from the core of our bones that extends out into the world. It creates a great distance from life to your heart. But this wall doesn’t make you feel safe. It keeps you locked away in fear. . It distorts your sense of self and it absorbs worthiness. It can debilitate you and make the thought of healing yourself seem impossible. . Not dealing with trauma can make us not feel safe in our bodies or lives. I know this from personal experience—of always feeling like I’ve had to be on alert, overly skeptical or judgmetnal. I’ve had trust issues and challenges bouncing back after failures and betrayals. . I’ve used so much precious energy on worrying and trying to fight off negative thoughts. . Repressed emotions have left me feeling stuck and spinning in self-sabotage and self-destructive habits for days, weeks, months and years. . But there is another way. And I believe that journey is to tell your story, starting with the most important person in your life: you. . Because telling your story gets your own attention. It puts a crack down the walls that surround your heart and it removes the veils that cover who you really are at your core. It’s a breaking of seal and a crossing of a threshold. It’s an initiation to heal... . It’s the first step toward the other side of pain, and the story that will connect you to a new world and different you. . Join me at @Rort.copenhagen on May 25 for a very special workshop: Feel, Heal & Reveal the Story that is You. . #theshebook #feelhealandreveal @thugunicorn

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