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It took being betrayed to #sundaytheshebookreading #thirtyfive #theshebook . . . The She Book is less than 7 bucks on @amazon today ✨💫❤️🌹

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If I ever have a little girl I will teach her what it means to be naïve that monsters are real that she doesn’t have to please anyone or anything especially those who take ‘no’ as ‘yes’ or even maybe that she alone is a queen and that never ever requires her to bow down or need a king. @thugunicorn #theshebooktwo

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Oh girl. How you ache. How you break. The way you go. The way you stay. How you bleed. How you breathe. The way you love. The way you hate. How you rage. How you sage. The way you give a damn. The way you say, “I am.” How you give. How you take. The way you lure. The way you cure. How you ache. How you break. Oh girl, I love you madly. @thugunicorn . . #theshebook #ohgirl . The She Book is at @target 🌹

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At the 11th hour, she heard the mountain sing. She took the salt from her satchel and let it follow her like Spring. Her sage heart's on fire and she's praying to the trees. She's nothing left to say and earth on her knees. She can't stay inside that house anymore. She's dream ash and ready to be reborn. She’s realised she could midwife this new self. 🔥 And so she did. . . . #newending #anewfairytale #midwifethenewyou #theshebook #phoenixwoman #thirtyseven . . Ps: The She Book is available at @target!

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Back when I didn't have any self-esteem, and I didn't know the currency of my worth, I hung and clung to people who were also being devoured by their pain—whose habits reflected the brokenness of my upbringing, of my own blood and bone... . those, who couldn't share a space unless it was tainted with alcohol, drugs, gossip, vanity, superficiality, manipulation or abuse. . But when I started to transform, over years and years, I went from feeling like an empty house to fully inhabiting my body. . I became my own safe place. And as my own safe house, I no longer took in the company of misery. . And, today, I no longer have tolerance for peer pressure, jealousy or a low-key evil eye. . I've left and lost many "friends" along the way. But I can tell you, I found a few that aren't afraid of doing their inner dragon work, the demon taming or the dream manifesting. . The few that aren't seeking "happiness" but consciousness in the vast ocean of human emotion. . The few that choose to plant flowers from their pain and to see those they love (and who love them back) despite their own shit. . . The She Book is available @target in-store and online TODAY. . Get it and get 30 Days Of She free. Sign-up at theshebook.com/shop 🌹 . #bestieseries @thugunicorn

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Did you know that trees can see? Did you know they drink gallons of water every day that keeps us from living on the sea? Did you know that trees don't live by the patriarchy, but by love, wisdom and peace fully? 🌳❤️ . The She Book is available at Target in-store & online! Online here (or search on their site): https://intl.target.com/p/she-book-by-tanya-ma…/-/A-76434578 . Take a selfie with The She Book in-store at Target & I'll send you a FREE signed copy! I'm giving away 3! Tag me on Instagram @tanyamarkul & @thugunicorn & @target. ❤️ . #theshebook #thepoweroftrees #target

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I giggle inside when people ask me if I'm going to "get a job soon". Like, Tanya, "When are you going back to work?" "Isn't writing a hobby?" "Shouldn't he be in school?!" . Haha. Hehehe. . As if being with this one isn't 'round the clock duty (and like writing poems isn't "24-7 work"). And like Life isn't schooling all of us. . Loving you, Arthur Holger. #mylittlebuttermilkbiscuit @thugunicorn

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Full moon blessings, love. . . Full moon GIVE-AWAY, my bestie-pack of 4 books — an extra book for YOU and THREE gifts for THREE people you choose! All you have to do is follow me here and at @thugunicorn and leave a comment below! I’ll let the winner know in 72 hours. . This GIVE-AWAY is for the US, Europe, Canada and Australia. . . Ps : Sign-up to my mailing list and be informed when my NEW online shop opens (sign-up: thugunicorn.com). #comingsoon #theshebook #fullmoon #giveaway

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I just found out that I've sold more than 20K The She Books! I mean, this is amazing to me! I remember hearing @mrsrachelhollis on the @lewishowes show talk about how her first book sold like 14K, or something like that, then her next book took off to be a New York's Times Best Seller! #goals #theshebooktwo #theshebook . So YEAH, when she...gave up the bullshit for what her heart really longed for. ;) <3 . . . . Get 30 Days Of She FREE with purchase of the new ed of The She Book . theshebook.com/shop . Image: @wellbeingbythesea . . . . THE SHE BOOK is available at @target in-store & online: https://intl.target.com/p/she-book-by-tanya-ma…/-/A-76434578 . #target #eightyone

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Help the salt and water....blessed be. . #augustthirteen #fullmoonrising @thugunicorn

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I felt rejected by the day. And that kind of makes me laugh and cry (and I cried a lot today). I also lost my shit. So I put on a dress with polka dots and made my wrists smell like vanilla, but inanimate objects still bit my elbows and tripped my feet. And all the inner shit has me questioning my self-esteem. So I cleaned up my house and changed the sheets. And now I’m kind of like, “August 9, it’s not you, it’s me.” ❤️ . . #theshebook theshebook.com/shop @thugunicorn #morejoyplease

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This summer this amazing human and I celebrated 6 years of marriage and 14 truly blessed, love-filled years together. . #thebestyearsofmylife #babes #loveyou #earthangel #denmark #arthurandalbert #miamore . Love, don’t you know yet That your heart is like the sun That burns away my pain Your embrace is like the moon That soothes my aches Love, don’t you know yet That your light Creates a path Day and night From my heart to yours . Photo: Paris, 2012 @thugunicorn #love #theshebook #paris

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She. #theshebook @thugunicorn #fortyfive . 30 Days Of She . Free w purchase of the new Ed Of The She Book . theshebook.com/shop

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Ya know?! @twentyfive @theshebook @thugunicorn

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Gosh. #theshebook @thugunicorn

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This new moon has been INTENSE. And a bit of a cold bitch. ❤️ . I’m witnessing my SLBs (self-limiting beliefs) like a mofo and a huge part of it is self-doubt... . How am I not myself? Can I do this? What am I doing? Where is my voice? What is my message? Where is my art going? How can I use this body? Why am I afraid to be judged? . In and out of being and seeking, awakening and dreaming. . I don't know where this ride is going or when it's going to end, but I'm trying to relax my heart while in this fog the best I can. . Some benefits of being in the fog (maybe): 🦄 You can only see what's right in front of you. 🦄 You must be still or move slowly. 🦄 Patience becomes empowering & wise. 🦄 Gives you time to relax & feel your body. 🦄 It's a fruitful time to give thanks and dance on earth between air and water. . What else? . (Remember, this too shall pass, lovvie.) . . #newmoonblessings #theshebook . ☾ 30 Days Of She is FREE w/ purchase of the new ed. of The She ark books​. . . 30 : writing prompts + nature explorations + creative exercises . . Reg + info : theshebook.com/shop

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I was 16 when I was sexually assaulted. . No one made me drink the beer that was handed to me. No one made me go to the party I really didn’t want to go to. . No one made me say yes to my friend’s invitation, the friend I knew would ditch me for her boyfriend as soon as we got to the party. . And no one made me say ’yes’ to the senior who offered to drive me home because I wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t find my friend. . I was dizzy and nauseous. I had 4-5 sips of Miller Lite. I didn’t drink in highschool. I pretended or would stop at the first sign of a buzz. . I was too sensitive to be drunk and too afraid to be out of control in that way. I didn’t trust anyone. So why did I trust this guy? He was popular. He was a way home. . By the time we reached his ride, I was out of it. I felt weak and wanted to sleep. He started kissing me. I didn’t want to. . He kept saying, ”If you don’t, I won’t take you home. I’ll leave you outside and you’ll have to find your way home in the dark.” . I was in a neighborhood I didn’t know. It was a long way home and it was the middle of the night. . I could barely lift my arms and my legs felt numb. I was petrified, a terrified statue. And I couldn’t believe what was happening. . He lifted me into his backseat. I had no strength. I kept saying, ”No! No! No! Please!” He did it anyway. I said ’stop’ a hundred times while crying and trying to break free. . He did it anyway. . The entire way home, I shook like a leaf while tears covered my face and the front of my wind breaker. He didn’t say a word. He sat me on my doorstep because I could barely walk and he pulled away. . The next day I threw all the clothes I was wearing the night before in a dumpster. And on Monday, at school, the rumors began. He was a stud and I was slut shamed. . I look back on this horrific + traumatic experience and I try to think about what I could have done to prevent it, not to blame myself but to help others. . Check out my best advice in the comments and please leave yours! . #metoo @taranajaneen #protectyourself #theshebook @thugunicorn

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Mmmm, the end of July asks, "If this story of pain could be described as water, would it be womb like or disguised as a geyser? Can you swim? How are you breathing? Are there mermaids?” . “If your story of pain could be described as sky, would it be vast or a ceiling with hanging clouds? Would it cast a spell of blue? Do you dare dive in? Is there a prayer?” . “If your story of pain could be described as earth, would it be solid and motherly? Would it feel like awe and mystery? What are your roots? How do you tend to your bearings? Who is the storyteller and who is listening within you?” . . . 30 Days Of She free w the latest The She Book . theshebook.com/shop . #theshebook #july #water #bookbonus #yourstory

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