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S/O to everyone that voted for Jango in the @merrell dog ambassador contest. We didn't make the top 10 but we still going to keep doing our thing. Spreading the good word of sustainable health, fitness, and outdoor adventures. Stay tuned for ways to help raise funds and awareness for the #wausharacountyanimalshelter All fur pals deserve a great home and support system. Let's go! #teamearlyAF #jangothegundog #GTFOside #health #wellness #springerspaniel #dogsofinstagram

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Friday! Let's go!

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Surround yourself with epic people to keep raising that bar and changing the world. Stay tuned for some rad guests for motivation, gardening, hunting, coaching, wellness, and competition as we get closer to game day! Reposted from @bulletpointcompetitionseries - We are proud to announce our friends over at Team Early AF Podcast have signed on as a premier partner of the 2019 Bullet Point Faction Games. If you are not listening to this podcast currently make sure you sign on and check this content out. Highlighting some of the most interesting people in Central Wisconsin and beyond around the topics of fitness, health, wellness, mental heath, outdoors and sustainable living. They are currently available on the Patreon platform. The content is free but the Patreon platform allows you to support artists and content generators with your dollars! Become a patron. Listen and if you like what you hear become a patron for as little as $1 a month. This help support these guys with equipment and expense incurred by producing this epic content. You can find them on Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/user/posts?u=10594390 or via their website at http://www.teamearlyaf.com/ And if you are not already, make sure you get registered for the Faction Games at http://register.bulletpointcompetition.com/ • • • See You at the🔝 #bebrute #competition #factiongames #community #comradery #crossfit #fitness #train #grind #dowork #workharder #failfuckingharder #strong #lift #wisconsin #bestoftheday #motivation #inspiration #positivity #determination #encourage #powerlifting #positive #weightlifting #powerful #fit #gym #happy #challenge #enlistyourfaction @bebrute @wodcast @wisco_elitefitness @teamearlyaf

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How we perceive challenge, failure, and change are under our control. In todays climate it is all too easy to say fuck it and never start. I'm too busy to eat healthy, exercise, meditate, or love myself...that is a mindset. Excited to be partnering up with some awesome local peeps to talk finding our WHY at the Wisconsin Athletic Trainers symposium and @createpoco for a FREE wellness workshop. Time to embrace challenge. Reposted from @catalystathletics - Too many of us sit back and allow life to happen to us as if we’re spectators instead of participants. . You make the choice every day how to react to what’s outside your control, and how to do what isn’t. . A failure to be active in these decisions will nearly always produce undesired consequences, and will always make you progressively weaker and less capable. . Take control, take responsibility, and you’ll find you have a lot less to complain about. - #teamearlyAF

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Here we go Wednesday!

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In honor of Athletic Training month and this weeks guest! Reposted from @activeathletictraining - 💥The Power Of Habits💥 _ Your habits are a reflection of your life. Are you not happy with something in your life? Start changing your habits and align them with your goals! _ _ _ #habit #habits #successhabits #habitsforsuccess #futuresuccess #futuregoals - #teamearlyAF

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Rolling into Tuesday... #GTFOside #owntheday #mindset #jangothesnowdog

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Monday podcast drop with Hannah Fredrickson. Talking Athletic Training, sportsmedicine, allied healthcare, gainz, nutrition, training, and lifting heavy ass weights. Full video episode on youtube. Subscribe and stay up to date on future video content. Google play, iTunes, patreon, stitcher for audio only. Search Teamearlyaf. Attack the day! #teamearlyAF #podcast #athletictrainingmonth #sportsmedicine #health #fitness #leadbyexample #yagottaeat

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Monday! Rolling into another week.

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Registration for the first annual Harlegh Games is up on the FB page. Courtesy of @bulletpointcompetitionseries And @wodcast Link in bio. Compete, volunteer, donate. Help make this community event possible. #communtyAF #fitnessforareason

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Sunday morning seed starts for the garden and enjoying this months subscription coffee from @rubyroasters Personal visits Sustainably sourced Wisconsin roasted Master Quality Each bag tells a story. Gets me all fired up every morning! Visit their website and order yours today! Code TEAMEARLYAF gets you 50% off your first two months. #coffeeup #sustainableAF #colorfulcoffees #wisconsin

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Post morning walkabout and grateful for all the amazing friends and guests on the podcast. "Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well." - Theodore Roosevelt #thankfulAF #weekendvibes #coffeeup #GTFOside #embracechallenge #sharpentheaxe

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Strength, determination, and an unbreakable spirit. "You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it." -Margaret Thatcher Happy 3 month remission @half_lunged_badass Was great meeting you today. #life #fuckcancer #cancerfree

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Athletic Training Month! Early release episode for Patrons of the podcast. Hannah sharing her journey from soccer player, to runner, to CrossFitter, to Olympic weightlifter while providing world class athletic training....and spreading the word of how we all gotta eat. Follow the link and support the show! #teamearlyAF #sportsmedicine #ATgainz #healthcare #passion #yagottaeat #crossfit #weightlifting

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Friday vibes. Let's go!

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Awesome to finally meet AJ of @project_upland To talk millennials in hunting, the outdoors, and how cute our dogs are. Connecting on how we both fell out of hunting and WHY we each found our way back to one of human kinds longest traditions. I love a good story. "To find nature no matter where it is. To live the traditions of mankind. To inspire generations to come. To rediscover the outdoors."

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