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Guest share coming in hot from @mvvespa Love the idea of focusing on GAINING a new skill, outlook, or habit. It is so easy to dwell on the negative or removal of something. Reposted from @ruthlessinpursuit - SACRIFICE . . “an act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy.” . . Make it intentional. Make it a positive action not a negative loss. . . #coach #mindset #sacrifice #belief - #teamearlyAF

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This page is from "Boys in the boat." It sparked an idea for writing. First was the resolution, the want for change, our why. Now we want resiliency. Realizing we are stronger than we know. Our WHY is more important then our past excuses, our perceived limitations, and self imposed obstacles. Time to embrace challenge, talk about our mindset, emotions, and dig deeper into why we self sabotage. Your initial goal may be to lose x weight, lift x, or finish x race, but by embracing the process you find the new and improved you is not just the end goal. "While we all want change, making change happen is really why we’re here. It is important to us and we want the change to represent a new version of ourselves that makes us and our loved ones happy. It is unlikely that our actual path through life will be the one we had in mind."_@derekbell6 Your goal gets the momentum moving but your consistency forges the axe. #teamearlyAF #resolutionsandshit #change #mindset #growth #embracechallenge #resilience #health #rentsdue

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Guest share coming at you! Talking about change! Check out the latest podcast on iTunes, stitcher Google play - search TeamearlyAF Reposted from @risingtideperformance - Today is a fresh start. . The perfect time to #RISEUP to your true potential on your journey of becoming. . Becoming the person you have been gifted to be. . Without limits. . Change starts with the feeling of being uncomfortable. Because in order to change a habit we have to FORCE change. . It won’t just happen by thinking about it. You have to take action. . And it has to be REPETITIVE action. Not just once in awhile. . So let’s talk about habit change - what habit are you trying to add into your life or a current one you’re trying to eliminate? . How are you holding yourself accountable? . How long are you planning on implementing this change before adding to it? . Do you have a plan? . Because to change and grow into the best version of ourselves, we must become comfortable with feeling uncomfortable and forcing consistent actions to inhibit change. . That’s incredibly hard to do alone. . Ways we can help: 🔥1. Join our online Facebook community so that we can answer your questions and help you along your journey! DM us for the link! . 🔥2. Sign up for our one on one personalized coaching - specifically designed for YOU and your goals. . 🔥3. Follow our coaches for inspiration and education! @emmaschilter @amynader_rtp @ryanschilter @kelly.cordio @randi_.rose . . Tag your accountability buddy below! 👇🏻 -

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Wednesday Forget the cold shower. Just walk around in the freezing rain at 4am. Invigorating #teamearlyAF #resilience

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You would think I would know what to do with my hands after 3 weeks...nope. Link in bio for the Team Early AF crews take on @bulletpointcompetitionseries "Dime Bag" Be present Mindful Get it. @derekbell6 @stephayrunner13 @natasha.fatale @ashley @jackipodoll S/O @land_of_the_blind_productions for stellar videography #teamearlyAF #crossfit #fitness #competitionseason #bangers

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Podcast teaser. With Kory of @farmland_fitness talking training, health, performance, local meat, and how we all gotta eat real food. Kory is a wealth of knowledge and has a unique mix of over 20years in strength and conditioning with a life long history in farming. Stay tuned. #teamearlyAF #sustainable #JERF #localfood #wisconsinAF #farming #crossfit #training #health #fitness

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Episode 46 coming in hot! Resolutions Finding our WHY pursuing excellence Leaderboard cheaters And a damn good time. @emmaschilter @rychiabosman @mvvespa @thebillkoepke #teamearlyAF #podcast #coachescorner #fitness #crossfit #resolutionsandshit

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Monday! Full speed! #monday #mindset

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Installing the new dumbbell rack in the garage gym...meanwhile Jango decided the styrofoam needed to be properly shredded...thanks bud. #jangothegymdog #garagegainz #fitness #dogsoginstagram #springerspaniel

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People helping people. Registered for the @bulletpointcompetitionseries Open and you have not listened to our coaches round table? You must not want to optimize your performance... S/O to @britney_1213 for leaving us some feedback. Gives all us coaches a warm and fuzzy feeling. Good luck on the final week! Strategy podcasts can be found at our Patreon page. @ruthlessinpursuit @risingtideperformance @rychiabosman #teamearlyAF #podcast #coachescorner #fitness #crossfit #competitionseason

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Biscuits and gravy from Primitive Pastures at the Farmers Market this morning. It is bad-ass that they source their ingredients from the market. I bought some @whitefeatherorganics micros and some @kellen_ferkey hot sauce to give it that little extra for the grams. @rubyroasters in the thermas. Spend a little extra up front on your food. Know the farmer, the ethics, where it was grown, and how it is not only sustainable but regenerating our environment and relationship with food. Sustainable health from a sustainable community. #teamearlyAF #health #eatlikeyougiveadamn #fieldtotable #farmersmarketsofinstagram #breakfast #biscuitsandgravy #localAF

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Rolling into the weekend with all the positive vibes. We all struggle, fight demons, and appreciate a good puppy meme. Say hello, smile at strangers, reach out to friends. Support each other. Keep fighting for a healthier world. #teamearlyAF #goodvibes #embracechallenge #sharpentheaxe #radpeeps #health #wellness

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Week 2 strategy series for the @bulletpointcompetitionseries Open. Talking maximum speed and gainz for the strength and Sprint events. Stay tuned Monday for more psychology talk on resolutions, leaderboard cheaters, and finding our why for personal change.. Link in bio "Standby to get some."-Jocko Willink @ruthlessinpursuit @risingtideperformance @emmaschilter @rychiabosman @mvvespa #teamearlyAF #podcast #fitness #competitionseason #mindset #strategy #crossfit

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That face you make when you forget you are out of coffee... Sign up for the @rubyroasters monthly subscription service and never worry about it again! Hand selected, sustainable, and an always rotating season selection. They have you covered. Code TEAMEARLYAF at checkout gets you 50% off your first two months. Check out episode 45 of the podcast with @jaredlinzmeier For coffee, family, health, and fitness. Photo cred @land_of_the_blind_productions #teamearlyAF #coffeesubscription #colorfulcoffees #caffeineandbarbells

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Friday! Let's go!

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Shirts are in and will be shipped out right away...or personally delivered if you live in Stevens Point! Hit up our Shopify page to order yours today! American Apparel shirts made and printed in the USA. free shipping when you buy 2 or if you live in Ste-Po. #teamearlyAF #merch #Americanmade #unicornhair

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Looking for some bangers to PR your lifts in the @bulletpointcompetitionseries Open Strength or make you move fast enough to finish the Sprint event? We got you covered. Hand selected from the strategy crew for maximum performance and motivation. Can you guess who picked what? Link in bio. @natasha.fatale @derekbell6 @laurajeannebee @stephayrunner13 @agatzby @left_eye_blind_ @thebillkoepke And Jax #teamearlyAF #musicmoves #notsafeforworkorkids #maturefitnessfreaksonly #playlist #competitionseason

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Wednesday guest share. Solid reminder going into Thursday. More @bulletpointcompetitionseries Strategies coming tomorrow! Reposted from @risingtideperformance - Don’t expect to change your life when you keep doing the same things over and over again. 🍃 Don’t be upset about the results you didn’t get from the work you didn’t do. 🍃 If change is what you are seeking, change. Change is ALWAYS possible. 🍃 Choice is always available. 🍃 So today, how will you change to move yourself forward? 🍃 Change can be small: smile at yourself in the mirror, wake up early to read a book, tell yourself you’re beautiful when you see your reflection. Change doesn’t always have to be one huge life changing decision. It can be small actions that will lead you to a big life/perspective change. 🍃 But change can also be big. You can choose to take control of your own life, your own dreams, your own mindset—and go ALLiN on yourself. Whether that’s joining @risingtideperformance, joining a gym, quitting your job, starting a new project, or chasing your dreams. 🍃 What are you going to do this week to propel yourself forward? If you want things to be different, act differently. - #teamearlyAF #podcast

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