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technicianofthesacred. Today I arrived at 37.. Time is really been flying by. It feels like a

Today I arrived at 37.. Time is really been flying by. It feels like another lifetime that I was running a gallery in Santa Cruz with long hair looking like the character from The Matrix. Now I'm out in Bali deep in the creative process and exploring dreams I never conceived to be possible. This year I look forward to sharing many of these new projects and continuing to inspire creativity in myself and others. Thanks for all the support in allowing me to continue to explore and follow my path.

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By the time we see the light from a star many of them are planets that have died. What happens after death? Do we cease to exist? No, existence is infinite, the planet never really died it just transformed into a supernova.

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There is a cosmic orchestra connecting us all. If you listen closely you will hear the song we're playing. . . . . . . . #mandala #mandalas #mandalaart #beautiful_mandalas #mandalamaze #artspotlight #metaphysical #esoteric #sacredgeometry #yogaart #metaphysical #crownchakra #artspotlight #meditation #psychedelicart #visionaryart #alter #lasercut #psychedelicart

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Last month was quite a busy one. I had an opportunity to create one of my largest peices to date inside of a beautiful chapel @mychapelonthehill couldn't have done it without the help of @marioguizar87 @industriouslight and my dad. . . . . . . #weddingart #woodartist #sacredspace #alter #heymandalas #mandala #mandalas #mandalala #lasercut #lasercutting #sacredg

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What would you like to see more of or understand deeper about the art of the process? I often find myself so deep in the creative process moving from one project to the next, I'm not keeping ig up to date. . . . . #sacredgeometry #mandalaart #mandalapassion #mandalastyle #mandalaworld #mandalas #mandala_sharing #artspotlight #mandala_art #mandalaartist

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Wow I can get over how much I love these projection map art installs! Last week @vizzy_wiz came down with me to Malibu and set up this peice with video nearly 6ft wide. You will definitely be seeing more of these in the future.

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Today I return to my paint booth to work on several larger projects nearing completion. Selecting the colors is a dance where I'm pleasantly surprised by the results like on this Metatronโ€™s Cube.

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Last night as I stood under the settting sun I asked myself. How did I spend my day, what did I give and receive, what am I grateful for? These questions allow me align myself and make sure my actions match my intentions. What tricks do you have in living a life of purpose?

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Geometry is the language of the cosmos. Inside crystals are geometric patterns that took lifetime to create. Inside of us, our geometric patterns are constantly changing. I feel in the future major advances will be descovered in the exploration of these internal geometric patterns. This is an exploration of an external geometric pattern, when you gaze into it or meditate with it see how it shifts your internal.

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I often forget how much the Sun fuels every aspect of me. Spending these last few days in the sun before I return to California remind me of how truly important sun is in my life.

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Sometimes moving forward requires a step back.

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One of my favorites! What's the first thing to come to your mind when you see this?

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In every interaction there is treasure to be found. What helps you find these treasures?

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I have resisted the temptation to explore geometric lights for quite some time. Now creating with @zizwear to make a 80ft + collaborative ceiling peice, we are exploring how Intergrate our work into one coherent peice unlike anything either of us would ever create alone. Working with other creatively so much can be learned since every one has their own unique gifts. I look forward to showing you what we have in the works.

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I find myself guided by synchronicities. When we see the universe flowing through our lives and what is being asked of us, we can tell that we're part of a Divine Orchestra. Every person has an unique part to play in the health and harmony of this living organism called Earth. I decide which notes to contribute based on what makes me feel tapped in, turned on, and part of the greater whole. We're all in it togather, so let's bring our dreams into form from the inside out.

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Sometimes things are moving so fast I have to remember to pause and let it all sink in and Intergrate. What a year it's been already! This summer @libfestival was amazing. Teamed up to create @radianthive such an amazing team! In the gallery @telopa_treloky painted the lovely @piperdreamsincolor and we came togather to create this laser cut painting / frame colab. I look forward to exploring more collaborations with telopa when we have more time.

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One of the best parts of being an artist is constantly being moved to grow and explore through collaborations. This peice is a collaboraton with @humanexperiencecreations and inspired many new ideas and future creations.

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What are these mandalas and what do they mean? Our life is a dream and if we look close enough we can see reality being created through the lens of our perspective. Overjoyed with the ability to co-create reality, I looked to solidify the dream I was creating. Dreams cannot be held, they are like the elements. Have you tried to tried to pick up the ocean? What doesn't slip through will slowly leak out until you are left with empty hands. Dreams are dynamic and rather than trying to hang on, it's about what we do to feed our dreams. What must you let go of and compost to create the soil that fuels your plants growth? How often do you water these plants, are they exposed to wind strengthening their roots? When the fire roars it's time to let it burn away those shrubs and branches that impede it's growth. These are the cycles of life, with the only consistency being our Center amidst the change. These mandalas are geometric anchors helping us see the beauty of the bigger picture while guiding us back to our Center.

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