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Appreciation post for all of you who support the Flexible Dieting Lifestyle Podcast 🙏 we just passed 200k Unique Downloads! The endless tags on you guys ig stories, the amazing reviews and the overall good vibes! Appreciate you guys! From my cohost @mblacutt and I, thank you for taking a fun passion project into a platform that we can help you guys achieve Nutritional Freedom 🙌

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Saturday Morning Buffalo Chicken Breakfast Tacos! Like + Save the post and Tag your friend you’d smash these with an you both will be entered to win a copy of my Best Selling Recipe Book! So after posting these on my story yesterday, you guys were adamant that I make a post so you guys could save the post and watch it when you wanted to make it. So here’s the swipe recipe! I’ll list the ingredients but each step is the directions! Macros for each Taco: 124 Cals, 13g Carbs, 4g Fat, 9g Protein! And remember, you can scale the recipe to whatever your serving size you want. I also used white corn tortillas that has 10g carbs per tortilla. You can use the smaller ones and save on the carbs! Ingredients (makes 4 Tacos): 4 White Corn Tortillas 2 @thelaughingcowusa Cheese Wedges 3oz Cooked Chicken (I meal prepped Chicken on Thursday) 42g Fresh Avocado 28g @BolthouseFarms Ranch Swipe right and see the steps! Enjoy my friends and don’t forget to enter the contest above! Have an amazing Saturday!

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Like the post and Tag your friend you needs to crush this macro friendly recipe with you this weekend and you both will be entered to win a copy of my Best Selling Recipe Book! This full recipe is up on the YouTube Channel and you guys have to go give it a try! It’s unreal! Swipe right to see it up close and personal! Macros for each Everything Bagel Crunch Wrap Burger: 260 Cals, 19g Carbs, 10g Fat, 24g Protein! Macros for a big serving you see on the plate of the Mac & Cheese: 295 Cals, 42g Carbs, 7g Fat, 16g Protein! This plate is full of heaven and gains! So if you want instant access to the recipe, check out the YouTube channel! And if you want win a copy of my Best Selling Recipe Book, make sure to like the post and tag your friend you’d smash this recipe with! Happy Weekend my friends!

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Water is arguably the most under appreciated tool we have at our disposal for health and performance! Here’s a cool graphic to help figure out if you need to hydrate! Swipe right for The Water Intake Chart 💦 - Just like how water makes up most of the earth 🌎 (71% of it), it also makes up most of us! That’s a whopping 55-75% of our bodies! That’s pretty crazy to think about and when you gain this perspective of how much of our body is made up of water, you can really understand what the smallest amount of dehydration can do to our systems. - It’s essential for not only life but also 1️⃣ Cellular homeostasis 2️⃣ All metabolic processes 3️⃣ Digestion 4️⃣ Body Temperature Regulation 5️⃣ Central Nervous System Function ✳️ And the list goes on and on and on! - And in regards to performance 🏋️‍♂️, at only 2% dehydration, your performance can drop 10%….. And if you get to 5% dehydration, it drops all the way down to 30%! That’s crazy….. And on top of all that, dehydration can also play a huge role in hunger regulation 🤤. Most times when we are hungry, it is not because we are truly hungry…. It is because we are dehydrated! So how much water should you be consuming? 🤷🏻‍♂️ - 👨🏻‍💻 Sedentary = At Least 8 Cups per Day - 💪🏻 Active = At Least 12 Cups per Day - 💪🏻🕺🏻Very Active = At Least 16 Cups per Day - ✅ My goal water intake is between 14-16 cups per day. That’s around 6 full 20oz shaker bottles full of water. - 🤷🏻‍♂️ So how do I implement this into my day? I’m proactive with my water intake! - 1️⃣ First thing in the morning before any food, I chug 3 cups of water because I have been sleeping and are more than likely dehydrated from the lack of water throughout the night. - 2️⃣ I have checks and balances throughout the day where I chug water. - 3️⃣ I tend to front load my water intake with most coming earlier in the day and start to taper as I get closer to bed so I’m not peeing my pants while I’m trying to sleep 😭 - 4️⃣ I ALWAYS drink at least 20oz of water 30 minutes before each meal to help with hunger regulation and digestion - ✳️ For those of you Dieting: Drink your water! It’s going to help sooo damn much with your hunger and energy levels!

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Am I going to bulk this winter? To be real, I’m not that lean to begin with and have been eating good so I’ve already been making some gains! I’m feeling like a tank right now and I love it! Morning weight is between 172-175lbs. I honestly just want to stay right around here. I think I can still make some great progress right in this body fat percentage. Still not tracking macros. Don’t really feel the need at all. Not going to force feed growth with more calories. Just listening to my body and my performance! BUT Do I recommend most of you to go through a life changing bulk like I did last year? ABSOLUTELY! Soo damn grateful for that damn bulk! It was uncomfortable as hell but wow was it worth it. Learned soo much about myself along that whole process. If you followed along, you saw how difficult it was for me. I wish I could’ve just been there cheering myself on in that moment reassuring myself what was to come from it. That’s what I want to be for you guys. If you are thinking about doing it, do it please.

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🍓Ok so Jam is my JAM! Save this post and Tag your friend who needs Low Carb Jam in their lives and you both will be entered to win a copy of my Best Selling Recipe Book! Low Carb Jam Swipe Recipe! Going to putting out more of these Swipe Recipes for you guys if you guys support them! So you want more of these please like and save the post! - ✅ Macros per 17g (1 Tbsp): 5-9 Calories, 1-2g Carbs, 0g Fat, 0.25g Protein, 1g Fiber - ✳️ Ingredients (Makes 8oz): 8oz Fresh Strawberries, Blueberries or Raspberries 4g Stevia 2ml Vanilla Extract 56ml (¼ cup) Water 14ml (1 Tbsp) Lemon Juice 4g Sugar Free Strawberry Jello Mix. Can sub 3g Knox Gelatin Powder - ❇️ Directions: 1️⃣ Take your fresh berry of your choice and food process them in your small food processor into small pieces. You can do the same with a knife but it’ll take a bit longer. and add them to a small stove top pot along with 56ml (¼ cup) of water along with your stevia and and vanilla extract. Put on medium heat with cover and cook until it starts to boil and want to overflow. Take cover off and turn burner on low and let simmer for 20 minutes. 2️⃣ While your that pot in boiling, take a small dish and add your lemon juice to it. Then sprinkle your jello mix or gelatin evenly across the top of the lemon juice and let it sit. Don’t just clump it on there. It will create a huge clump and not work well when you want to add it to your jelly later on. 3️⃣ Once 20 minutes simmer is done, break up the gelatin and lemon juice mixture and add to your stove top pot. Mix those in and turn the burner off. Let the pot cool some more. I did for another 20 minutes. Then take jelly out and add to an 8oz mason jar and add to the fridge to let set. Trust me, it might seem like it is too liquidy before you add it to the fridge, but I promise it will thicken up. 4️⃣ I advise making this the night before you want to use it and letting it sit in the fridge overnight. Wake up and it is perfect for the next day! Enjoy! Remember smash that like button for more swipe recipe videos in the future! Love you guys!

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Just a friendly reminder if you watched “The Game Changers” Documentary Eggs are your Friend 🥚🙂 • In fact, The Documentary used the term “Plant Based” a ton while pushing a vegan diet but most of the studies cited were using a vegetarian diet including eggs and some dairy! - So here are some amazing facts about Eggs and why it’s ok to be including them into your diet! - 🍳 The egg yolk is packed with most of the beautiful vitamins and minerals that eggs provide! It also provides an amazing source of saturated fat (which is actually our friend! Research has and is still showing that our food cholesterol has little if not any effect on your blood cholesterol levels. Still need more research on this.) Having @drnadolsky on the podcast soon talking all about cholesterol which I’m super pumped about! And the Egg Whites are where most of the protein is! Not many micros are found there. But is a lean source of protein that provides you with less calories because it does not have the dietary fat content from the yolks. So what’s my advice for how to consume your eggs? Have 2 Whole Eggs so you get the vitamins and minerals. Then add in another 100g of egg whites to bang out another 20g protein just from the egg whites! That’ll put you at 218 Calories, 10g Fat and 32g Protein! - ✅ So my point is…. Calories matter! Micronutrients matter! Why not take into account both and make the most of this heavenly food we call eggs! Feel free to tag a friend who loves eggs and needs to smile knowing that they can still have eggs no matter what that fear mongering/misleading documentary told them!

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Tag your friend who you’s smash this Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Sandwich with and you both will be entered to win a copy of my Classic Recipe Book! And if you’ve already purchased a copy and you win, you’ll get a full refund! Macros for the Whole Cookie Sandwich: 180 Cals, 14g Carbs, 4.5g Fat, 20g Protein! And we are doing a $20 sale of the 5.0 for all of you who have been hitting me up about missing the sale from the other day! No code needed for the sale! Links in my bio! Hope you guys had an amazing weekend!

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Customizable Original Frosted Protein Donut Recipe! Save this recipe and Tag your friend you’d smash these donuts with and you both will be entered to win a copy of my Best Selling Recipe Book! I want to preface before I start with the recipe that these are much bigger than your standard protein donuts. I would say they are the same size as a gourmet donut you’d get at a donut shop instead of the smaller size protein donuts that a normal pan would make! I got a bigger silicone mold pan off amazon! I’ll link it on my story so make sure to go check it out! - ✅ Macros for each Protein Donut w/Frosting, No Toppings: 104.5 Cals, 12g Carbs, 0.5g Fat, 13g Protein! - ✳️ Ingredients for Protein Donut (makes 6): 45g @PEScience Gourmet Vanilla Select Protein (“FDL” saves you 15%) 27g All Purpose Flour 12g Coconut Flour 7g Zero Cal Sweetener of your choice 7g Baking Powder 150g Greek Yogurt 60g Unsweetened Apple Sauce 105g Egg Whites Ingredients for Protein Frosting (for all 6): 30g @PEScience Cake Pop Protein Powder 15g Powdered Sugar 8g Sugar Free/Fat Free White Chocolate Pudding Mix 2g Zero Cal Sweetener of your choice 45g Plain Non Fat Greek Yogurt - ❇️ Directions: 1️⃣ Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Now add your dry donut ingredients into a bowl and mix to avoid clumping. Do the same with your weight ingredients in a separate bowl. Now combine dry with wet and mix till you have a thick batter like consistency. 2️⃣ Now take your donut molds (for these donuts, you’ll need to get a jumbo donut mold because normal ones make smaller donuts. These are big one!) and spray each donut mold with non stick butter spray. Add your batter evenly into all 6 molds. Add to oven and bake for 10 minutes. Once done, pop out carefully and let cool (or eat warm!) for an hour or so on a cooling rack till at room temp. 3️⃣ While those are cooling, make up your protein frosting by adding all the dry ingredients into a bowl and mixing to avoid clumping. Add cold water 10ml at a time and mix till you have a nice frosting like consistency. Then add your 45g of your greek yogurt and mix well. Add to fridge to keep cool while donuts are cooling. 4️⃣ Once all is ready, add toppings and enjoy!

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Little #FlexFriday 🍑 Edition featuring the Perfect Hip Thrust Technique from @BretContreras1! Watch this video and look at the progression of cues Bret gives throughout. These is the Hip Thrust Checklist for optimal 🍑 activation and gainz! This will be an interesting question. How long have you been actively incorporating glute style training into your programming? Interested to see how many of my dudes out there have been doing them! Anywho, love you guys! Full workout video with @BretContreras1 is on the YouTube channel! Have a great weekend!

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Tag your friend you’d smash this stack of pancakes with and you both will be entered to win a copy of my most purchased Recipe Book of All Time The FDL Book of Recipes 5.0! And if you’ve already purchased a copy and you win, you’ll get a full refund! Winner from last nights contest is announced on my IG story! Oreo Cheesecake Protein Pancakes Recipe! - ✅ Macros per 4 Pancakes with frosting: 448 Cals, 54g Carbs, 8g Fat, 40g Protein! - ✳️ Ingredients for Pancakes: (makes about 12 Protein Pancakes) 100g Pancake Mix of your choice 75g Whey/Casein Blend Protein Powder of your choice 10g Coconut Flour 10g Zero Cal Sweetener of your choice 10g Baking Powder 100g Egg Whites 100g Plain Non Fat Greek Yogurt - ✳️ Protein Frosting/Icing Ingredients (for all 12 pancakes): 45g Whey/Casein Vanilla Protein Powder 22g Powdered Sugar 12g Sugar Free/Fat Free White Chocolate Pudding Mix 4g Zero Cal Sweetener of your choice 60g Plain Non Fat Greek Yogurt Rest of Toppings: I used Oreo Thins and Non Pareil Spinkles. Not added into macros to make it easier for someone to track. Add however much you want! - ❇️ Directions: 1️⃣ Add dry ingredients into a big bowl and mix to avoid clumping. Then add your wet ingredients and mix. Then add cold water and mix till you get a thick but not too thick batter like consistency. 2️⃣ Preheat your stove top pan on a 4/10 heat. Once preheated, spray with non stick butter spray and add your batter into 3-4 inch circles. Add cover on top of pan to help them cook evenly. You’ll know when to flip when you see bubbles coming out of the top. 3️⃣ Repeat this process for all 10 pancakes. While those are cooking, you can make your frosting/filling by adding your dry ingredients into a bowl and mixing. Slowly add cold water and mix and repeat till you have a thick frosting. Add your greek yogurt and mix. Add to fridge to cool. Then add your frosting and toppings and enjoy! Like I said in last nights post, When we said goodbye to 5.0, we meant it…
 But you guys spoke up asking that we bring it back! What better time than on Halloween! It’s lowest price to date until midnight tonight! $44 for 250 recipes! 
That’s 16 cents per recipe. Links in my bio to save!

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So after my post yesterday as well as going on my story talking about some of the disrespect and nastiness that a lot of vegans sent my way, I received a ton of DMs reassuring me that this is a “Loud Few” that I am dealing with. And I went back and forth with these “super nice vegans” having great conversations and my mind kept trying to figure out what this reminded me of. I thought more and more. And then it hit me! It was “Becky” The name “Becky” was the name we gave to those in our group of friends when they had too much to drink. We had a few of them that it happened to all the time. Once they had too much to drink, there name was now “Becky” lol. And what these DMs reminded me of were the conversations we’d have to have with people explaining that “Becky” had had too much to drink and to please excuse her behavior. Please please please take this as nothing other than a joke. Not trying to be mean whatsoever lol I was just trying to find the best way possible to describe what was going on in my head yesterday! Those who truly follow me and really see the content I put out on here, the podcast, and the youtube channel know I have nothing against the vegan diet. I have nothing against any diet. The only thing I am against is telling someone that your way is the only way. That’s not cool. And what’s worse is using fear mongering tactics to push your way onto someone else. To pry on emotion and purposely use BS to push your agenda on someone who doesn’t have the education necessary to see the BS. That’s crap. All I want to do with my content is give you guys the tools necessary to spot BS. Love you guys and have an amazing rest of your Wednesday 🙂

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Just keeping it real 🤷🏻‍♂️ Tag a friend who needs to see this! So what is there to make of this Documentary? Let’s start with what they did right. It was really entertaining, funny and flowed really well. The cinematography and film making was amazing. They used characters, storylines and anecdotes to create an emotional/relatable connection to the characters. They also used great athletes to help create that social proof aspect. They used a shock and awe factor at perfect times to keep the audience captivated in order to push out their agenda. But Let’s go onto what I didn’t like. This documentary will likely impact hundreds of thousands of people because of all the things they did right I mentioned above. But they did everything else wrong. It’s as if they just pulled studies out of a hat when citing their claims. One correlational assumption after another. One anecdote after another asking professional athletes about their experience on the vegan diet and how they “feel” it’s helped them perform better than they ever have. And the problem is, Your “feelings” don’t give you an accurate description of your health/performance. People feel fine and then get hit by a Stage IV Cancer Diagnosis. That’s the point here. “Feeling’s” or “Personal Experience” are anecdotes and can’t be the gauge of if something is true or not. That’s not scientific evidence. So this film is a great example of how storytelling is a powerful powerful thing. They know most people will not have the knowledge nor time to go analyze their citations. Nor have the prerequisite knowledge necessary to understand what the studies are truly saying. So what are my takeaways from this documentary? 1️⃣ I do think we should be eating mostly a plant based diet. 2️⃣ I think we should be using meats as mostly a protein source because of the high quality amount of leucine that is found in meat. 3️⃣ I think we need to be consuming less animal fat. We still don’t know in what amounts saturated fat are good or bad for us. We’re still trying to figure out how dietary lipids affect blood lipids and risk of CVD 4️⃣ Be wary of the plant based hyper processed foods you will find everywhere now.

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Tag your homie homie who needs to make this less than 420 Cal recipe for you! It feels good to be back in my home kitchen soo decided to whip up a ballin lunch! Juicy Chicken Breast, Cheesy Potato Skins and Roasted Veggies! - ✅ Macros for the WHOLE Plate: 419 Cals, 34g Carbs, 7g Fat, 55g Protein! - ✳️ So what you will need is: 6oz Chicken Breast 150g White Potato 28g Light Shredded Cheese of your choice 75g Frozen Broccoli 50g Frozen Cauliflower 50g Frozen Brussel Sprouts - ❇️ Directions: 1️⃣ Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Season your chicken breast with your seasoning of choice. I used the 21 Seasoning from Trader Joe’s which is amazing! 2️⃣ Spray your cast iron pan with cooking spray and add your chicken breast in there. Add to oven for 20-25 minutes. I HIGHLY recommend getting a food thermometer to ensure perfectly cooked chicken every single time! My sweet spot has been 175-185 degrees F. 3️⃣ While you chicken is baking, slice your white potato into thin skins. Line your oven safe pan with parchment paper and spray with cooking spray. Evenly add your skins to the pan. Spray with cooking spray and sprinkle sea salt on top. 4️⃣ While all is baking, like your air fryer tray with aluminum foil and add your frozen veggies to it. Spray with cooking spray, sprinkle on some sea salt and add into air fryer on 400 degrees F for 15 minutes! 5️⃣ Once potatoes are golden, sprinkle cheese on top, add back to oven. Once all is ready, enjoy! Give this recipe a try and tag me in your stories when you do! And if you guys want instant access to my best recipe of all time, check out the link in my bio!

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Them Monday Morning Feels 😎☕️ Tag your coffee partner in crime! So last night, I was not able to get my normal 7-8 hours of sleep. But no matter what, I need to be productive and get a lot done today. So this is where caffeine as a tool comes into play. I am hyper aware of my caffeine every day and use it only as a tool. Most days my caffeine is around 150-200mg. Why? Not because caffeine is inherently bad. But because it’s a tool that will loose effectiveness over time if abused. So by keeping caffeine lower on days that I don’t need it, I can have a day like this when I need to use 500mg to crush it! It’s kinda like dieting. You want to diet on as many calories as possible. If you hit a plateau you need to have calories to pull from. If you jumped the gun and went too low and aggressive at the start, you’d have nothing left to pull from. - Just like caffeine. If I abused it every single day when I didn’t need it, on days like this, it wouldn’t be as effective of a tool as I’d need it to be. I could go on for days talking about this but please let me know in the comments below if you’d want to learn about how I am able to keep energy high without caffeine. I have a full Arsenal 🙂🙌 - Now go crush today my friends! 😎

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Recently when I was training with @bretcontreras1 in San Diego, we talked a lot about the neglect that most guys have in their lower body training especially their glutes. So all my girls out there. Do you like a guy with a nice 🍑? I know you guys see a lot of my quads all over my page but I tried my best to capture my 🍑 that I am pretty proud of! But don’t think I have the butt selfie down yet lol. Anywho, this 🍑 selfie is here to let you know that I just posted my new YouTube video with the homie @bretcontreras1 where we hit a leg training session together. Tons of added tips and commentary throughout the video! I’m in the comments answering any questions so come on over and say what’s up! Hope you all my friends are having a great Sunday thus far!

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You know it’s real when you see the teeth marks 😭😍 - Tag your homie you’d smash this No Bake Protein Cookie DOUGHnut with and you both will be entered to win a copy of my Best Selling Recipe Book! - ✅ Macros for the WHOLE Doughnut: 213 Cals, 15g Carbs, 5g Fat, 27g Protein! Recipe is on page 24 of my Recipe Book! Have an amazing weekend my friends!

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#ad Chocolate Chip Toaster Protein Waffles! Full Recipe Below! The classic toaster protein waffles that can be made to eat right away or heated up in the toaster later on in the week all made with #lightandfit Vanilla Greek Yogurt. Starting my day off with these delicious high-protein waffles helps me add some light to my day. Protein is one of the most satiating nutrients, which is an added perk vs. the traditional toaster waffles. #addsomelight - ✅ Macros per Chocolate Chip Protein Waffle: 90 Cals, 11g Carbs, 2g Fat, 7g Protein! - ✳️ Ingredients (makes 10 Protein Waffles) 100g Pancake Mix of your choice 50g Whey/Casein Blend Protein Powder of your choice  24g Powdered PB 10g Coconut Flour 10g Zero Cal Sweetener of your choice 10g Baking Powder 100g Egg Whites 100g @lightandfit Vanilla Greek nonfat yogurt 50g Mini Chocolate Chips - ✳️ Toppings: Sugar Free Maple Syrup of your choice - ❇️ Directions: 1️⃣ Add dry ingredients into a big bowl and mix to avoid clumping. Then add your wet ingredients and mix. Then add cold water and mix till you get a thick but not too thick batter like consistency. 2️⃣ Take your mini waffle makers and plug them in to preheat them. Once preheated, spray with non stick butter spray and add your batter. 3️⃣ Repeat this process for all 10 waffles. Once ready, you can now take them and add to your toaster, air fryer or toaster oven to crisp them up! Then add your favorite toppings and enjoy!

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Sooooo are you a Starbucks Coffee Drinker? If not, where do you love to get your coffee from? Anywho, here’s a How Much Caffeine is in your Starbucks Coffee Guide! Tag your homie who needs to know how much caffeine is in their Starbucks coffee! One thing to note here is that Starbucks Coffee is known for a higher than normal caffeine content for their coffee so just keep that in mind when comparing it to your coffee your get instead of Starbucks. And please please remember. Caffeine is a tool. The more you use that tool, the more dull it will become. If you need to use more than 200-300mg of caffeine each day to get through your day, I highly recommend reevaluating other aspects of your life that provide energy. That means sleep, hydration, calories, micronutrients, etc.

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Give this recipe a save and Tag your homie who needs to save this less than 300 cal recipe! Spaghetti Squash & Meatballs Recipe below! - ✅ Macros for the Whole Plate: 294 Cals, 33g Carbs, 6g Fat, 27g Protein! - ✳️ Ingredients to make Spaghetti Squash (makes 3 servings): 1 Whole Spaghetti Squash Water to fill pan Sea Salt + Garlic Powder to season Squash - ✳️ Toppings (Makes 3 Plates) 500g of Cooked Spaghetti Squash 300g Pasta Sauce 12oz 96/4 Lean Ground Beef Sea Salt + Garlic Powder 30g Fat Free Feta - ❇️ Directions: 1️⃣ Preheat your oven to 400 degrees F. Now microwave your spaghetti squash for 2 minutes. Then flip over once 2 minutes is over and then microwave for another 2 minutes. The microwaves makes it easier for you to cut your spaghetti squash for baking. 2️⃣ Now take your spaghetti squash and cut off each end aka the top and the bottom. Please be careful doing this! Take your time! Then slice your spaghetti squash in half long ways. 3️⃣ Next, take a big spoon and scoop out all the seeds in the middle of the spaghetti squash. 4️⃣ Now take an oven safe pan with edges because you will be filling it with a small layer of water and you don’t want it spilling out. You also want it big enough to hold both halves of the spaghetti squash face down. Fill the bottom of the pan with about 1 inch of water. Then evenly sprinkle sea salt and garlic powder into the water. 5️⃣ Lay your spaghetti squash halves facedown and add to oven for 25 minutes. 6️⃣ While your spaghetti squash is baking, you can make up your meatballs by add your 12oz of ground beef to a bowl. Season with your sea salt and garlic powder. Then form into 0.75-1oz meatballs. I did 0.75oz ones. Then add to stove top pan on 6/10 heat. Add cover on top to help the cook evenly. Flip the meatballs every couple minutes till they get that golden look on each side of the meatballs. 7️⃣ Once all is ready, take your spaghetti squash out and let cool for 5-10 minutes. Then take a fork and run it through the spaghetti squash. This should turn them into spaghetti. Now take out as much as you want to put on your plate, add your sauce (preheat in stovetop pot), meatballs and then feta cheese. Enjoy!

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Pull Workout w/ the Homie @brooklynhillfit Please go follow her if you want more workout ideas! Also, I’m curious, what’s your current split? Mine is a Legs, Chest & Back, Arms & Shoulders split so I jumped off my split to do this workout with Brooklyn who is currently on a LPP Split. A Pull Workout is a style of workout used mostly when doing a Legs, Push, Pull (LPP) Workout Split. The Pull Workout is made up of all Pulling Movements. That’s your back, biceps and rear delts! Here’s the Full Workout (swipe to see each exercise in order): - 1️⃣ 4x(8-10) Sumo Stance 1-Arm DB Rows I give a full detail in the first video on how to set up on these. Rest 2 minutes between sets - 2️⃣ 4x(8-12) Lat Pulldowns One cue I like to think of is bending the bar to help keep my elbows/shoulders in a good position. Rest 2 minutes between sets. - 3️⃣ 3x12 1-Arm Half Kneeling Lat Pulldown Think of pulling straight down with you elbow as if you were drawing a straight line. Rest 90 seconds between sets. - 4️⃣ Superset: a.) 3x12 Straight Bar Cable Pullovers b.) 3x16 (8 each arm) Alternating Open Handed DB Curls directly into dropping the weight and doing 7 super strict reps. Rest as needed between sets but it should be very minimal. - 5️⃣ Superset: a.) 3x15 Double Rope Cable Hammer Curls b.) 3x15 1-Arm Cable Rear Delt Flyes Rest as need between sets but it should be very minimal. And that’s it my friends! Feel free to drop any questions you have about the workout below! Have a dope Wednesday! - 🎥 @carlossuarezzz_ 🎵 Take What You Want (Bunny Remix) by Post Malone ———— #workoutvideo #workoutroutine #workoutplan #pullworkout #backworkout #latexercise #bicepworkout #fullworkout #swipebackday #wideback #latexercises #backexercises #armday #armworkout #musclegainworkout #FlexibleDietingLifestyle #FlexibleDieting #IIFYM

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Ok so this is kind of a deep introspective caption so if you just want to smile at a fun meme showing that we self sabotage ourselves in all aspect of life especially our nutrition. Then just stop here and tag your friend who needs to see this. But if you want to dive deeper, keep reading. Story time. I was having a conversation the other day with my buddy who is currently in a great relationship. He loves her soo much. He knows she loves him soo much. Everything sounds great right? But both of them have no so great of a past with relationships. They’ve both been in love. They’ve both gotten their hopes up. They thought this person was their person. And they both got their hearts broken. Our primitive brain tends to think in extremes. We envision the worst case scenario. We embody what it will feel like as if it were real. And the more we think about it, the more our actions tend to reflect it actually happening. We act different around the person we love. We see warning signs that are not actually there. And we eventually create problems that never should’ve been there if it wasn’t for these unwarranted thoughts. And eventually we are right even though we didn’t want to be. We pushed that person away that we loved and we got what we envisioned. This is the same thing we do with our nutrition. Most of us have trust issues with diets. We’ve tried many different diets to be left feeling used and abused not knowing what to do. Because frankly, 99% of diets suck. But most of us have that breakthrough. We find that one diet that feels easy. It fits like a glove. It feels too good to be true. So we start to question whether this is too good to be true. We forget all the good and only think of all the potential bad that’s not even there yet. And what happens? Just like in the story above, we self sabotage ourselves. We fall off track for no reason. The diet that finally felt easy. That fit like a glove. That was getting you the results you wanted. Self Sabotaged.

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#ad Cosmic Brownie Protein Cupcakes Recipe! Full Recipe Below! - Protein Cosmic Brownie Cupcakes topped with a dense chocolate frosting and rainbow chips all made with the Vanilla Light and Fit Greek. Getting in your daily protein doesn't always have to be so serious and boring.  I created a nostalgic childhood treat but have updated it with some healthy ingredients, helping me add some light to my day! #addsomelight - ✅ Macros for each Cupcake w/all toppings: 90 Cals, 8g Carbs, 2g Fat, 10g Protein! - ✳️ Ingredients for Cupcakes (makes 16): 75g Whey/Casein Blend Vanilla Protein Powder 50g All Purpose Flour 36g Black Cocoa Powder 10g Zero Cal Sweetener of your choice 12g Baking Powder 2 Cups @lightandfit Vanilla Greek yogurt 275g Egg Whites 100g Unsweetened Apple Sauce - ✳️ Protein Frosting 45g Protein Powder of your choice  22g Black Cocoa Powder 12g Sugar Free/Fat Free White Chocolate Pudding Mix 1-2g Zero Cal Sweetener of your choice (optional) - ✳️ Toppings: 40g Rainbow Chips - ❇️ Directions: 1️⃣ Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Add dry cupcake ingredient to a big bowl and mix. Then add wet to the dry and mix. 2️⃣ Spray you cupcake tins (I use silicone ones off amazon) and add your batter evenly to all 16. Add to oven for 20-25 minutes till tops of cupcake have peaked and have cracks through the top. 3️⃣ While you cupcakes are cooking, add your dry frosting ingredients to a bowl and mix. Then slowly add cold water and mix till you have a frosting like consistency. Add to fridge to keep cool. 4️⃣ Once cupcakes are done, take out and let cool in the cupcake molds till cool to the touch. Then take out and add to cooling rack to cool. 5️⃣ Once cool, add your frosting and your rainbow chips and enjoy! #lightandfit

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Are you team No Thigh Gap!? - Honestly didn’t realize how much my Adductors had grown as much as they have over the past year! Growing my adductors not only is a big part of having visibly bigger legs but also is HUGE is the stability component of soo many lower body movements. It is a must for me to get my adductors firing before I do any squatting. So that could look like doing the seated abduction machine for a few sets or doing lying adductor squeezes onto a medball. Will be covering this more in future content on the page and also on the YouTube channel! Also, I want to give a huge thanks to the homie @bretcontreras1 for crushing a workout with me at the @glutelabofficial! We filmed the whole workout for the YouTube Channel and it’ll be up next Sunday! Love you guys and have a dope Sunday!

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