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Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Protein Pop Tart Oatmeal Recipe! Tag your friend you’d smash this with!! - ✅ Macros for the WHOLE Pop Tart Oatmeal with all the toppings: 540 Cals, 71g Carbs, 12g Fat, 37g Protein, 14g Fiber - ✳️ Ingredients for Protein Oatmeal 80g Quick Oats 390ml of Water 15g @PEScience Gourmet Vanilla Select Protein 5g Coconut Flour 4g Zero Cal Sweetener of your choice 1g Vanilla Extract (optional) - ✳️ Ingredient for Protein Filling and Icing on top: 15g PEScience Gourmet Vanilla Select Protein 15g Black Cocoa Powder (order off amazon!) 2g Zero Cal Sweetener of your choice Cold Water - Rest of toppings: 10g Mini Chocolate Chips Sea Salt Flakes - ❇️ Directions: 1️⃣ Place 80g of quick oats into a bowl and add 240 ml of water. Stir and then microwave oats and water for 2 minutes. 2️⃣ Take bowl out of microwave and most of the liquid should’ve been soaked up. Now mix it up to help it be better prepared for when more liquid is added. Now add exactly 150ml of water. Mix that in until most is soaked in. 3️⃣ Place bowl back in microwave for a 60-90 seconds. Keep an eye on the bowl so it doesn’t overflow! You’ll see the middle start to rise like a volcano when its about to overflow! Take it out then! 4️⃣ Add dry ingredients of 15g PEScience Gourmet Vanilla Select Protein, 5g of coconut flour, and 4g Zero Calorie Sweetener of your choice and mix to avoid clumping when added to the oatmeal. Now add that into the oatmeal and mix. Add to freezer to cool. 5️⃣ While oats are cooling, add your dry frosting/filling ingredients into a bowl. Mix to avoid clumping. Now add 20ml of cold water and mix. Repeat this by adding 10ml at a time and mixing till you thick but too thick frosting like consistency! Honestly shouldn’t take much water at all so be careful! Add to freezer to cool while oatmeal is cooling. 6️⃣ Once all is ready, add half your oatmeal to your rectangular bowl. Then add 2/3rd of your frosting and then cover the frosting with the rest of your oatmeal. Then add your the rest of your frosting to the top of your oatmeal along with your mini chocolate  chips and sea salt! Then smile and enjoy! - ✳️ Pro tips in Comments 👇🏻

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#WaffleWednesday Protein Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Waffles! - Give this Recipe a Save and Tag your friend who loves waffles and needs this recipe! - ✅ Macros for Waffles no toppings (Makes 6 Waffles): 319 Cals, 39g Carbs, 3g Fat, 34g Protein! - ✅ Macros for Waffles with all toppings: 466 Cals, 49g Carbs, 10g Fat, 45g Protein! - ✳️ Ingredients: 30g PEScience Gourmet Vanilla Select Protein (“FDL” saves you 15%) 40g All Purpose Flour (Can sub 40g Pancake Mix of your choice) 10g Coconut Flour 4g Zero Cal Sweetener of your Choice 4g Baking Powder 50g Egg Whites - ✳️ Ingredients for Protein Dark Chocolate Icing: 8g PEScience Gourmet Vanilla Select Protein 5g Black Cocoa Powder 1g Zero Cal Sweetener of your choice 20g Plain Non Fat Greek Yogurt 10-20ml Cold Water Other Toppings: Sea Salt Flakes 8g Mini Chocolate Chips 8g Crushed Almonds - ❇️ Directions for Protein Waffles: 1️⃣ Add all your dry ingredients into a bowl and mix to help avoid clumping when mixed with the wet. 2️⃣ Now add your egg whites and mix in the best you can. Then add water slowly and mix till you have the batter consistency. Add to freezer if you added too much liquid. That’ll help thicken it up. 3️⃣ Preheat you mini waffle makers (I use the Dash Mini Waffle Maker) and make up your waffles! I actually have two of them because each one is only $9.99 on amazon! 4️⃣ Cook up all your waffle and add them to cooling rack to make sure they don’t get soggy before you eat them! 5️⃣ Then add your toppings and enjoy! - 🤙🏻 Meal Prep Pro Tip: You can make these and freeze them! Just pop them in the toaster throughout the week! - ❇️ Directions for Protein Icing: Take your dry protein icing ingredients and add to a bowl and mix to avoid clumping. Then add in 10ml of cold water and mix. Then add in your greek yogurt and mix that in. Really mix like crazy to make it super smooth. Only add 10ml more cold water if you need to. - Protip with Icing: Add icing to ziplock bag, cut off the tip and that’s how you can add this on top like an icing!! - Enjoy!

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🦄 Intermittent Fasting is MAGIC!! OR is it? 🧐 - Intermittent Fasting is the PERFECT example of: 𝗖𝗼𝗿𝗿𝗲𝗹𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗱𝗼𝗲𝘀 𝗻𝗼𝘁 𝗲𝗾𝘂𝗮𝗹 𝗖𝗮𝘂𝘀𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 What does that mean? Let’s use an example that’ll help with understanding this. Imagine you live in Detroit. It’s April. It’s Summertime. It’s Getting Hot Outside. In April, Ice Cream 🍦 sales increase in Detroit. Makes sense. In April, Murders increase in Detroit. 𝐇𝐞𝐫𝐞’𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐏𝐮𝐧𝐜𝐡𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞! 𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐢𝐬 𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐈 𝐰𝐚𝐧𝐭 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭! Because Ice Cream Sales increase in April as well as Murders The claim can be made Increased Ice Cream Sales lead to increase Murders! Any of us can see how this claim is absolutely absurd! And this is what sucks about the Nutrition industry. Most people go into reading studies to try and support there claim. And because of this, you can literally contort any study to support your claim. And that’s exactly what’s happening with the whole Intermittent Fasting Movement. Nothing Magical Here It’s correlation not causation. Because you are fasting most of the day, you are going to as a result eat less calories. You are a smaller eating window to eat your calories. Eating 2000 calories in a window of 4-8 hours feels like a lot more foods than if you ate it over a 16 hour span. Think of two 1000 calorie meals vs five 400 calorie meals. Which one is going to make you feel like you are eating a lot? Also, because you only have a smaller window to eat, you have a lot less risk of snacking throughout the day because “you are not allowed to” unless it’s during your eating window. So many things going on here! I am not opposed to Intermittent Fasting at all! I personally don’t usually eat till 11am or so. But that doesn’t mean I am going to not put almond milk in my coffee because it might “break my fast.” And if I want to eat breakfast some days, I will. ℍ𝕖𝕣𝕖’𝕤 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕜𝕖𝕪 𝕥𝕒𝕜𝕖𝕒𝕨𝕒𝕪. Intermittent Fasting is Time Restricted Eating. It’s not magical. It’s a strategy that’ll help you fit your nutrition around your lifestyle. It doesn’t magically boost your metabolism. Cont. 👇

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My Version of Pasta and Garlic Bread Sticks! 👨‍🍳🍝🥖 - Tag a friend who you smash food with who needs this recipe to save some carbs for dessert! - ✅ Macros for the WHOLE Meal: 322 Cals, 49g Carbs, 6g Fat, 18g Protein! - ❇️ Ingredients: 200g Yellow Squash Noodles 200g Zucchini Noodles 200 Cucumber Noodles 125g Pasta Sauce 14g Fat Free Feta Basil and Oregano - ❇️ Ingredients for Rice Cake Option for Garlic Breadsticks: 3 @Quaker Plain Rice Cakes 3 @LaughingCowUSA Garlic & Herb Cheese Wedges Sprinkle of Garlic Powder and Everything But The Bagel Seasoning - ✳️ Directions: 1️⃣ Spiralize your yellow squash, zucchini and cucumber. I use my @oxo hand held, portable sprializer which I HIGHLY recommend you guys get! Traveled with it and went though TSA with it. Was soo clutch. If you watched my Traveling Grocery Haul video on YouTube then you saw me use this amazing gadget 🙌 2️⃣ Once those are done, Preheat your stove top pan on a 7/10 heat. You want you pan hot because you are literally going to get it and get out to avoid make the noodles soggy. So literally add them on for a minute or so and then get them off once they start to lose water. 3️⃣ Then top with your pasta sauce, feta and basil/oregano. 4️⃣ Now top your rice cakes each with a cheese wedge and your seasonings! Then enjoy! - Hope you guys enjoyed this one! Make sure to give it a save so you have it handy next time you want pasta and breadsticks but want to keep it lower calorie! Feel free to add more protein to the meal too like some chicken or ground beef! - Thanks and God Bless, - Zach - FlexibleDietingLifestyle.com - #FlexibleDietingLifestyle #NutritionalFreedom

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Deep Dish Broccoli Pizza Frittata Recipe is now LIVE on the YouTube Channel! Links in my bio! 🥦🍕 - Tag your friend who needs this low cal recipe to help them stay on track! Macros Per Slice (8 Total): 73.25 Cals, 6.5 Carbs, 1.25g Fat, 9g Protein! Give this one a try and make sure to tag me in your stories! Hope you all my friends had an amazing #PresidentsDay 🙏

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The Girl who had Overly Restrictive Parents…. - I’m going to use an example here and don’t want anyone to take it personal. We all know a girl (and I’ve seen dudes too) who had overly protective parents growing up. They were not aloud to go to parties. They couldn’t have a boyfriend. They had a super early curfew. AND What happened when they left for College? FREEDOM Freedom to do all the things that they were restricted on. Going to as many parties as they wanted. Having as many relationships as they wanted. Staying out as late at they wanted. So what’s my point? From a very early age, we are taught that suffering leads to reward. Eat your veggies and then you can have your dessert. Go to school for 5 days per week and then enjoy the weekend. Work 5 days of the week in a job you despise so then you can enjoy the weekend. Work a job you hate for 3/4th of your life so then you can eventually retire. The list goes on and on…. - So how does this relate to this graphic? This same mindset might be radiating into your nutrition and I just want you to be aware of it. That you could be eating more on a daily basis instead of restricting like crazy and reach your goals. That your body is going to fight you if you restrict. It’s going to send the every signal possible to get you to overeat because it can sense that you are restricting. And on top of that, if you work a stressful job that you probably don’t like, then that stress along with the stress with your nutrition can lead to the possible weekend all out binge. BUT I want to preface that calorie cycling, is totally fine! BUT I am more focused on the mindset behind the cycling of calories. BECAUSE If you are doing it because of the restrict then reward mindset, that can cause a terrible relationship with food and yourself. Would love you guys feedback. Let’s have an educated discussion about this. Do you agree? Disagree?

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Do you remember how sore your hammies were the first time you did RDL’s Properly!?!? Right under my 🍑 was sooooo sore 😭 - The RDL is a super technical movement and most times is done incredibly wrong…. - ✅ But, it is an essential movement for anyone to learn because a hip hinge is soo important to learn for quality of movement throughout everyday life! And also to build some THICCC Hammies - 🙌🏻 So here are a few cues I like to think of when teaching anyone the RDL: 1️⃣ Feet Shoulder Width Apart (stance can vary but for someone doing the movement for the first time, this is where you want to start. 2️⃣ Grip ground with your toes to make 3 points of contact with your feet (the heel, toes and side of your foot.) 3️⃣ Activate Lats by sitting shoulders back and down as if you were dropping your shoulder blades into a bucket. 4️⃣ While activating lats, be careful not to poke your chest out too much to get you into hyperextension. To fix this, act as if someone was going to punch you in the stomach. This is make you drop your rib cage. 5️⃣ Next is the hip hinge. Think as if someone is pushing a table top into the crease of your hip pushing your hips back. 6️⃣ Keep pushing butt back at if you were scoop your butt back and up to touch a wall behind you. 7️⃣ The goal should be to find a very tight tension in your hamstrings as soon as possible. - ✳️ This is the checklist that all need to be present for high quality movement. You are thinking of step 1️⃣ then 2️⃣ then 3️⃣ and so on. - 🤷🏻‍♂️ How do I program these? For me, I tend to program this into most of my lower body workouts as an accessory movement after squats. And you’ll see in the picture, I’m only using 65’s and that’s because those are the heaviest DBs my apartment gym has. For perspective, I usually use do 110’s for sets of 8-10 reps. So how do I make those 65’s feel heavy!? Tempo and pauses! I use at 2-3 second negative with a 3 second pause at the bottom of each rep! Then rest periods are lower (superset with lunges or some split squat variation) How do I program if have heavier DBs? ❇️ 4x(12,10,8,15) DB RDL’s with weight increasing as reps decrease. Slight pause at the bottom of each rep.

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Cosmic Brownie Protein Donuts! 🦄 - Save & Tag your friend you’d smash these with! - ✅ Macros for each Protein Donut with Toppings: 89.5 Cals, 7g Carbs, 1.5g Fat, 12g Protein! - ✳️ Ingredients for Protein Donut (makes 6): 30g @PEScience Gourmet Vanilla Select Protein (“FDL” saves you 15%) 15g Black Cocoa Powder (Can Sub Unsweetened Baking Cocoa but you will need to use twice as much and then up the coconut flour to 12g) 8g Coconut Flour 5g Zero Cal Sweetener of your choice 5g Baking Powder 70g Greek Yogurt 70g Unsweetened Apple Sauce 75g Egg Whites 15g Rainbow Chips - ✳️ Protein Frosting for all 6 Donuts: 20g @PEScience Gourmet Vanilla Select Protein 10g Black Cocoa 45g Greek Yogurt 3g Zero Cal Sweetener of your choice Cold Water to consistency of frosting 15g Rainbow Chips - ❇️ Directions: 1️⃣ Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Now add your dry donut ingredients into a bowl (except for your rainbow chips) and mix to avoid clumping. Do the same with your weight ingredients in a separate bowl. Now combine dry with wet and mix till you have a thick batter like consistency. Now add your rainbow chips into your batter and mix those in. 2️⃣ Now take your donut pan (I have wilton 6 cavity one off amazon) and spray each donut mold with non stick butter spray. Add your batter evenly into all 6 molds. Add to oven and bake for 10 minutes. Once done, pop out carefully and let cool for an hour or so on a cooling rack till at room temp. 3️⃣ While those are cooling, make up your protein frosting by adding all the dry ingredients (except for rainbow chips) into a bowl and mixing to avoid clumping. Then add cold water 10ml at a time and mix till you have a nice frosting like consistency. Then add your 45g of your greek yogurt and mix well. Add to fridge to keep cool while donuts are cooling. 4️⃣ Once donuts are cool, add your frosting on top, some toppings and then enjoy! - Make sure to give this one a save so you have it handy when you are going to make it!

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Nothing like Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies! Especially when they are less than 70 cals each and have only 5g Carbs! Swipe right to see the the Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich 😍 - Save this post and tag your friend you’d smash this with and you will be entered to win instant access to the Flexible Dieting Recipe Vault with 700+ of my Best Recipes of ALL TIME! - @faithfullyfitfoodie you won the last contest! Email me Zach@FlexibleDietingLifestyle.com and I’ll hook it up! - Macros for each Chocolate Chips Cookie: 66.25 Cals, 5g Carbs, 1.25g Fat, 8.75g Protein - Just imagine that smell in you house after a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies comes out of the oven 🤗 - If you want instant access to this recipe and all my best recipes of all time, make sure to check out that link in my bio! It’ll give you a special sneak peak into this recipe vault and why tens of thousands of people are loving these recipes! - Also, link in my bio has a free recipe book with 40+ of my macro friendly/low cal recipes you can download! Also, a free Flexible Dieting 101 Guide to download there too! - Hope you all my friends had an amazing Friday! - Thanks and God Bless, - Zach - FlexibleDietingLifestyle.com - #flexibledietinglifestyle #nutritionalfreedom

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I lost my virginity when I was 12 years old. (I don’t think my Mom even knows this yet) And I’m now almost 8 years abstinent….. Well February 22nd will be 8 years. This post is going to be a little bit different than the ones you’ve seen today about Valentines Day. I’ve never talked about this openly. I just wanted to share this because I am not perfect. I’ve gone to many extremes in my life to get to the point where I am today. I could write a whole novel on the dynamics that happened from 12 years old till today and why I went to such extremes. But I wouldn’t trade any of it. I’m not sure why I lost my virginity at 12 years old. It kinda just happened. But what happened after was my friends reaction to it and then that became the currency at which I would gauge the game of life. I was voted as the “The Biggest Flirt” for my High School Superlative. So from 12-19 years old I had found a game I was really good at. My friends would say, “Hey, you can’t get her.” Then the game would begin. And I also want to preface, I was never an asshole. The girls excuse was always, “Well it’s Zach.” - I was seen or saw myself as the “Player.” - But something happened right after I turned 20. I was asked the question from a priest mentor of mine: “What would your future wife and daughter think of what you are doing right now?” - It made me sick to my stomach to think about. I couldn’t sleep that night. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So at the point, I made a decision that I was going to go abstinent. That it was something that I needed to do in order to truly prepare myself to be the best potential Husband/Dad I could possibly be. Not because being “abstinent” in and of itself for everyone will yield that result. But for me, an extreme case, it needed to happen. And as a result, making that decision resulted in a ripple effect on my whole life. I read a book a week for 4 years straight. I freed up soo much time to start asking myself better questions on what I wanted to do in this life. I’m not saying it was all great. I sacrificed a lot. I stopped partying as much. I became very anti social. I stopped going on dates. Continued in Comments 👇🏻

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#ValentinesDay Protein Cupcakes!! Tag your Boo Thang who needs to make these for you! - ✅ Macros for Each Cupcake with All Toppings: 127.75 Cals, 12.5g Carbs, 1.75g Fat, 15.5g Protein! - ✳️ Ingredients for Cupcakes (makes 12): 75g @PEScience Gourmet Vanilla Select Protein (“FDL” saves you 15%) 50g All Purpose Flour 36g Coconut Flour 10g Zero Cal Sweetener of your choice 12g Baking Powder 30g Sprinkles 275g Plain Non Fat Greek Yogurt 275g Egg Whites 100g Unsweetened Apple Sauce - ✳️ Protein Frosting (for all 12 cupcakes: 60g @PEScience Gourmet Vanilla Select Protein 20g Coconut Flour 16g Sugar Free/Fat Free White Chocolate Pudding Mix (Optional) 6g Zero Cal Sweetener of your Choice 150g Plain Non Fat Greek Yogurt - ❇️ Directions: 1️⃣ Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Add dry ingredients except for sprinkles into a bowl and mix. Then take your wet ingredients and add to a seperate bowl and mix. Then combine dry with wet and mix till smooth. Now adding your sprinkles and mix. Add to freezer for 10-15 minutes to help the better thicken up a tad bit more. 2️⃣ Add cupcake baking cups to each mold in your muffin tins pan and spray each cup mold with non stick butter spray and add your batter to them. Then them to the oven for 12-15 minutes. You’ll see the crack at the top the cupcakes and they are starting to golden on top. That’s when you know they are ready. 3️⃣ Once done, take out and let cool on cooling rack till at room temp. While they are cooling, make up your protein frosting by add all the dry ingredients into a bowl and mix. Then add a little bit of water and mix and repeat till you have a thick frosting like consistency. Add your greek yogurt and mix. Add to fridge to chill and thicken up. 4️⃣ Once all is cool, add your frosting on top and enjoy!

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Happy #wafflewednesday! All American Breakfast Recipe! - Team Waffles or Team Pancakes!? I’m Team Waffles 🤷🏻‍♂️ Tag your friend you’d smash this with! - ✅ Macros for the WHOLE Breakfast w/out syrup: 565 Cals, 48g Carbs, 21g Fat, 46g Protein! - ✳️ Ingredients for Waffles: 40g All Purpose Flour (can use gluten free or pancake mix as well) 20g @PEScience Gourmet Vanilla Select Protein (“FDL” saves you 15%) 8g Coconut Flour 3g Baking Powder 3g Baking Soda 6g Zero Cal Sweetener of your choice 50g Egg Whites 15g Mini Chocolate Chips Water till consistency of thick but too thick batter - ❇️ Rest of ingredients: 2 Large Brown Eggs 4 Slices Uncured Bacon (got mine from Trader Joe’s) Sugar Free/Low Cal Maple Syrup of your choice (or you can use a full sugar one. Totally up to you and your macros.) Directions: 1️⃣ Add your dry waffle ingredients into bowl and mix to avoid clumping. Now add 50g egg whites and mix the best you can. Then add 20ml of water at a time and mix and repeat till you have a not too thick batter like consistency. 2️⃣ Preheat your mini waffle makers (I got dash mini waffle makers off amazon for each less than $10!) and then add 1/4th batter to each. Spread batter around to cover the whole bottom of whole waffle maker. Cook up till golden and repeat for two more waffles. Let cool on cooling rack. 3️⃣ While your waffles are cooking, pre heat your stove top pan on a 6/10 heat and spray with non stick cooking spray. Then add your 4 slices of bacon. Let cool for about 2-3 minutes and then flip. Once you flip, add your two whole egg to cook in the bacon fat. Add cover on top of pan and lower heat to a 4/10. Let cook till whites on the eggs are no longer liquid to the touch but the middle of the egg is still giggly! 4️⃣ Now once eggs and bacon are almost done, add your waffles to your toaster if you have one to make them crispy! Toast up and then add everything to your plate!

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