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🤤 How to Track @chickfila Before I begin, what do you get from Chick Fil A!? • If you don’t eat at Chick Fil A, what is your favorite Fast Food Restaurant!? So here’s what I ordered from Chick Fil A - “A Number 5 aka a Grilled Chicken Sandwich. Add Pickles because pickles from Chick Fil A are BOMB!” - I paid for my order and then told her that “I’ll be back in a bit for a Small Ice Cream Cone!” - The cool part about all fast food restaurants is that they have dynamic nutritional information on their websites for not only the meals but also the individual ingredients. The Nutritional Information Online for the Sandwich online is and also the verified (blue check) entry in @MyFitnessPal is 310 Cals, 36g Carbs, 6g Fat, 29g Protein. I ended up adding yellow mustard and hot sauce to my sandwich which are both low calorie (virtually zero cal) sauces instead of the 5-6g fat and 3-5g Carbs that comes with most packets (not the square boxes) of sauces from there. I only got the sandwich and didn’t get a side of fries because I wanted to have a Small Vanilla IceDream Cone. - 🍟 A side of Medium Fries from Chick Fil A is 360 Cals, 43g Carbs, 18g Fat, 5g Protein. - 🍦 The Small Vanilla IceDream Cone is 170 Cals, 30g Carbs, 3.5g Fat, 4g Protein. So I ended up saving some macros by going with this and also get the dessert I wanted. Moral of the story is, eating out is getting more and more easy. Use the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) Principle when ordering. Limit the sauces/dressing. Let’s create perspective: - ❌ One Sauce Container of the Chick Fil A Sauce is: 140 Calories, 13g Fat, 6g Carbs, 0g Protein - ❌ The Creamy Salsa Dressing: 290 Cals, 31g Fat (holy shizz), 2g Cabs, 1g Protein So keep it simple! Hot sauces and yellow mustard are a great choice always. Or just plain salsa if you have access. Cheese will add more fat than protein (about 70 Cals per slice) Fries are as much a fat source than they are a carb source. Small Vanilla Ice Cream Cones are ALWAYS a great choice! (@McDonalds Ice Cream Cones still have my heart ❤️) - If this post helped, please show me some love in the comments and tag a restaurant where you want me to one of these next!

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The Weekend is Here! 😎 • 1️⃣ Meal Prep Having meals ready to go with ensure you are in a position to succeed. Having meals ready will ensure you are on track so then you can fit in the more extravagant meals during the weekend - 2️⃣ Get a Workout In I don’t want you to think of working out as absolutely crushing yourself in the gym to burn a ton of calories so you can eat whatever you want. The amount of calories you burn (you think 900) working out is a lot less than you think (In reality 400). But a workout will help with burning some calories and is always a good move because of the physiological response. - 3️⃣ Prioritize Sleep Sleep is a huge regulator of your hormones that regulate sleep AKA get less sleep, you will be a lot more hungry. Pair that with less sleep making you less motivated as well. Not a good recipe for success. - 4️⃣ Have Pre Planned Treats Planning these treats will give you the ability to fit your nutrition around these treats. Just plug them into @myfitnesspal and work your macros around them. - 5️⃣ Stay Active Outside The Gym Pairing activity with fun is a great way to enjoy the best of both worlds! This could be going for a hike, walking around town in your area, and honestly, just parking in the back of the parking lot of the grocery store! - 6️⃣ Drink Lots of Water Just like sleep, water is a great regulator of your hunger. A lot of times, we can confuse hunger for dehydration. So making sure you are drinking at least 0.75ml of your body weight in water per day is a great rule of thumb. And because most times, alcohol is going to be present during the weekend, staying hydrated around those drinks is soo important too. - ✳️ Any other tips/strategies you guys use on the weekends to stay on track!?

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Soo damn Grateful for these 2 Human Beings • @evanchildsfitness has been a friend for many years now and has always been there for me. We talk all the time about how we can help each other grow in all aspects of our lives and it’s always soo damn cool to hang out with • @nicksantonastasso is someone I met for the first time today but is someone I can see being a good friend for many many years to come. His perspective on the circumstances he’s been dealt is insane. Perspective is everything Moral of the story is You are the people you surround yourself with the most. Take an audit on who you have in your life. Are they helping you become your best self? Be selfish with your inner circle You deserve it. Please go follow both of them 🙏 - Anyone or thing you are most grateful for right now!? • 📸 @sabermedia

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#WaffleWednesday Protein Belgian Waffle Recipe! - 🚨Tag your friend you’d smash these with and you will be entered to win a copy of my Best Selling Recipe Book! @sanchez.strong you won the last contest! Shoot me an email to Zach@FlexibleDietingLifestyle.com and I’ll hook it up! - ✅ Macros for each Belgian Waffle: 244 Cals, 27g Carbs, 4g Fat, 25g Protein! - ✳️ Ingredients (makes 5 Belgian Waffles): 160g Pancake Mix of your Choice 120g PEScience Gourmet Vanilla Select Protein (“FDL” saves you 15%) 32g Coconut Flour 12g-16g Zero Cal Sweetener of your Choice 12g Baking Powder 200g Egg Whites Cold Water - ✳️ Ingredients for Protein Icing: 30g PEScience Gourmet Vanilla Select Protein 8g SF/FF White Chocolate Pudding Mix 4g Zero Cal Sweetener of your Choice 100g Plain Non Fat Greek Yogurt Cold Water - ❇️ Directions: 1️⃣ Add your dry waffle ingredients into a bowl and mix. Then add your egg whites and mix. Then add waffle a little bit at a time and mix and repeat till you have a thick but not too thick batter. Add to freezer to help thicken up. 2️⃣ Preheat your Belgian waffle and spray with non stick butter spray once preheated. Add your batter to the middle and spread out. This is supposed to make 5 waffles so make sure you spread the batter out so it does! 3️⃣ While waffles are cooking, add your dry icing ingredients into a bowl and mix. Add a little bit of cold water and mix. Add your Greek yogurt and mix. Then add water and mix till you have a running but not watery icing! - And that’s it! Enjoy!

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👨🏻‍🍳 Had some Tortillas at home and wanted to make some epic meals for under 450 cals with them! And that’s what I did! Its in my new YouTube Recipe Video that just went Live! - ✅ Macros for the Whole CrunchWrap Burger: 430 Cals, 37g Carbs, 14g Fat, 39g Protein! - ✅ Macros for the Whole Quesadilla: 441 Cals, 37g Carbs, 13g Fat, 44g Protein! Tag a friend who needs to check these recipes out! Lastly, appreciate you guys and your support on the channel! We just hit 56k Subscribers!

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Our bodies are beautiful machines just trying to survive no matter what we throw at them. So when we are trying to lose weight, you are eating less than what you are burning thus causing weight loss. The more weight we lose, the more our bodies tend to recognize - “hey, what the heck is going on here!? I don’t like all this weight we are losing. There must be some kind of shortage of food. Let’s be more efficient with the calories we have so we don’t run the risk of running out!” - 🦷Enter the Toothpaste Analogy When we first open the tube, we are reckless with it. Like a savage, adding globs on our toothbrush And most times wasting a lot down the sink But as we get closer to the end of the tube, we find ourselves only using the amount we really need. We become super efficient with the toothpaste we have. And a week or two go by and you are still squeaking more and more out of that tube of toothpaste! That’s what our bodies are doing as we lose more and more weight. It is becoming much more efficient with the calories it is given because it recognizes that they are not coming in as much as they used to. Whether you like it or not, your body is going to lower your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) - ✳️ Your TDEE is made up of: 1️⃣ Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) = Calories Burned just to exist 2️⃣ Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) = Lifestyle Calories aka walking, fidgeting, etc. 3️⃣Thermic Effect of Food (TEF) = Calories you burn from the digesting/processing of food you eat. 4️⃣Exercise Activity (EA) = Calories burned through exercise/training Moral of the story is, you are a tube of toothpaste 🤷🏻‍♂️ - Sooo let me get an update on how things are going with you guys! How is your cut going? Starting point and where you are now!? What are some wins and/or learning experiences you’ve had along the way!? Any struggles that you are having thus far that I can help with? Crush this week my friends 😎

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🚨 @ProteinCookieButter Giveaway! 🚨 - ✅ So here’s how you enter! 1️⃣ Follow @ProteinCookieButter 2️⃣ Follow @TheFlexibleDietingLifestyle 3️⃣ Comment Team Golden Cookie or Team Cookies & Cream! 4️⃣ Tag a friend! ✳️ Can enter as many times as you want! Just gotta follow step 3 and tag someone different! - ❇️ Winner will get the flavor tub that they comment to enter into the contest! I will be picking two winners! Ohh and since we just released our brand new apparel 👕 (what I’m wearing in the pics), if you win, you will have the options to choose a shirt as your prize! Let the fun begin! And if you want to snag a tub, check out the link the bio of @ProteinCookieButter! Tubs are still selling at a rate we are blown away by! And the best part is the amount of repeat orders! Some of you have already put in 5 different orders of Tubs! Love you all and am incredibly grateful for all your support 🙏 - And this recipe will be on the @ProteinCookieButter Page this week so be on the lookout for that! 🙂 - Macros for Each Donut w/Toppings: 97 Cals, 11g Carbs, 1.33g Fat, 10.5g Protein! That is all! Don’t forget to enter! 🙌🏻

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🚨 Vegan Protein Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe! 🍪 - 👌🏻 Tag a vegan or dairy free friend who needs this cookie recipe!! - ✅ Macros for each Chocolate Chip Cookie: 62.75 Cals, 7.25g Carbs, 0.75g Fat, 6.75g Protein! - ✳️Ingredients (Makes 4 Cookies): 30g Brown Rice Protein (This is key. Pea Protein will not work the same. I used @nakednutritionau) 10g @bobsredmill Egg Replacer 7g Coconut Flour 3g @bobsredmill BobsRedMill Arrowroot Starch 20g Pure Pumpkin 40g Unsweetened Apple Sauce 2g Vanilla Extract 3g Zero Cal Sweetener of your choice 2g Baking Powder 8g Vegan Mini Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips (Can always add more if you want - ❇️ Directions: 1️⃣ Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Add your 10g of egg replacer for 30g of water. Mix together thoroughly. Then take a separate bowl and add the rest of your dry ingredients in there and mix. 2️⃣ Now add the rest of your wet ingredients into the bowl with the egg replacer and mix. Slowly add your dry ingredients into the wet and mix until it is all mixed in. 3️⃣ Then take your pan with parchment paper on top and add 4 individual cookies. Or honestly however many small or huge ones you want! 4️⃣ Put in oven for 10-12 minutes or until they are done! Make sure not to over cook them! Err on the side of caution. 5️⃣ Once done, adding these to a cooling rack is essential to make sure they cool evenly. Then once cooled, enjoy! So there you have it all my Vegan friend! Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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100 Cal Mozzarella Sticks!! Tag your friend who you’d smash these with and you’ll be entered to win instant access to the FDL Recipe Vault! What I did in this video is a sped up version of the tutorial videos I give for everyone in the FDL Recipe Vault (just posted Funfetti Dessert Soft Pretzels and Protein Chocolate Chip Cookies!) - Moral of the story is, I make a lot of new content for the Recipe Vault and it’s where you can find every single one of my recipes of all time (over 800 😭) - ✅ Macros for each Mozzarella Stick: 106.75 Cals, 13.5g Carbs, 2.75g Fat, 9.5g Protein! The recipe vault is a monthly subscription service where to be honest, if you really wanted to, could snag my recipes for $20 and get out 🤷🏻‍♂️ but if stick around, you can continue to get all the new recipes and tutorials I’ll be putting out 🙂 • Hope you guys are having an amazing Friday thus far! • #mozzarellasticks #dieting #weightloss #weightlossjourney #intuitiveeating #personaltrainer #fatloss #fitspo #fatlossplan #bikinicompetitor #weightlossplan #FlexibleDieting #Iifym #Obesetobeast #healthyweightloss #losingweight #contestprep #caloriecounter #macros #FatLoss #weightlosstips #weightlosshelp #reversedieting #IF #intermittentfasting #caloriecounting #macrofriendly #foodtracking #pizza #flexibledietinglifestyle #nutritionalfreedom

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Habits can be dope! But They can also be not-so-dope. Habits are great because they require little thinking. They just happen. So if you have good habits, you are going to be in a great position to succeed. But If your habits are not supporting you and your goals…. I mean I think you can figure out that it’s not a good thing So You want to lose fat? Here are 6 Habit that might be hindering you reaching you fat loss goals! And as you are reading these, I want you to think of which one you are struggling with the most and/or the one you changed that gave you the most benefit! Let me know in the comments! 1️⃣ Boredom Those days where you are super busy and before you know it, you have barely eaten and it’s 5pm! When you are “in the zone aka Flow”, Hunger has been shown to decrease dramatically because your body recognizes that you are super focused and can’t break that focus with food. 2️⃣ No Caloric or Macro Goal Just like if you are having trouble with managing your money spending, having caloric/macro goals will give you the data necessary to expedite the process of you losing fat. 3️⃣ Eating Out Too Often Eating out can be tricky. It most definitely can be done often and still lose body fat. But since you are not preparing the meals, you do not control all the variables. Thus you are more than likely eating more calories than you think. 4️⃣ Not Measuring Out Your Food You are eating wayyy more calories than you think. I can guarantee that. The food scale doesn’t lie. Measuring cups and/or your eyeballs do. 5️⃣ Lack Of Sleep Sleep is a GAME CHANGER! Get 7-8 hours of sleep, your hunger will be blunted, your energy will be much higher, your NEAT will increase, your digestion will improve, and soo much more. 6️⃣ Regular Eating Schedule This one has been a game changer for me during my cut. I’ve honestly tracked my macros once a week (when I film my FDOEs for YouTube) and the rest are eating intuitively. Eating at the same times gives you a template to go by. Checks and balances to help keeps cals and hunger in check. For me it’s 11:30am, 3pm, 7pm, 9pm for my meals.

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🧀 Cheesy Bacon Mac & Chicken Power Bowl Recipe! - 🚨Tag your friend you’d smash this bowl with and you will be entered to win a copy of my Best Selling Recipe Book! @loren_Merideth you won the last contest! Shoot me an email to Zach@FlexibleDietingLifestyle.com and I’ll hook it up! - ✅ Macros for ONE Power Bowls (Recipe Makes 2 Bowls) 326 Cals, 29.5g Carbs, 4g Fat, 44g Protein! - ✳️ Ingredients (makes 2 Bowls): 112g Elbow Macaroni 2 Slices Fat Free American Cheese 28g Light Shredded Mozzarella 30g Low Fat Queso (around 3g fat per serving) 2 Slices Bacon (I used Full Fat Bacon but you can sub Turkey Bacon) 8oz Raw Chicken Breast 200g Frozen Broccoli 200g Frozen Brussel Sprouts 40g Baby Arugala Garlic Powder Sea Salt Everything But The Bagel Seasoning - ❇️ Directions: 1️⃣ Fill medium size pot halfway with water. Add to stove top and preheat on 7/10 heat till at a boil. Once boiling, turn down to low heat and add your macaroni in for 6-8 minutes till softened. Mix every minute or so to ensure it doesn’t stick the bottom. 2️⃣ While you macaroni is cooking, you will want to add your frozen broccoli and brussel sprouts to a pan and cook on high heat with a cover on top till softened. Then add sea salt to veggies and mix. Turn heat down to 5/10 and continue to mix around until veggies are getting some char marks on them. 3️⃣ Now move veggies on that pan to the side to clean space for you to add your bacon. While bacon is cooking, take scissors and cut up your chicken breast into little nuggets. Season with 4g garlic powder and 4g sea salt. Then add to pan with your veggies and bacon. Cook until golden. 4️⃣ Once macaroni is ready to go, drain in colander and then add back to the pot. Turn heat up on stove top to 3/10 and add in your queso, cheese slices and mozzarella. Add cover on top for a minute or so to let melt. Then mix all together 5️⃣ Once all is ready to go, add bits of your bacon to your mac & cheese and mix it in. Add all to your bowl and then sprinkle some everything but the bagel seasoning on top and enjoy! And if you want more dope recipes like this one, check out the link in my bio!

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Protein Sugar Cookie Butter No Bake Sugar Cookie!! Yasss no bake and this thing is huge! 😍🙌 - Tag your friend you smash and why I should pick you to win a copy of the Best Selling Recipe Book and I’ll pick 2 of you to win! - 🦄 Macros for the Whole Cookie with all toppings: 161 Cals, 14g Carbs, 5g Fat, 15g Protein! - If you have the FDL Book of Recipes 5.0 then check out page 191 for the full recipe! So don’t forget to enter! Trust me when I say this book is the best thing we’ve ever created. It is the result of the 5 years of cooking every single day to master 250+ recipes that’ll tackle any cheat craving you could ever have. I personally guarantee it 🙏 - Hope you all my friends are having an amazing Tuesday!

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