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BACK IN STOCK ~ After being sold out for months our favorite mutli tasking Set + Protect Mist is back! Keeps skin protected, hydrated and calm on the go with broad spectrum SPF 30. Ideal for applying and re-applying over makeup. AND of course coral reef safe and 70% organic ingredients 🌱🐠🌊

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If a plan doesn’t work, change your plan, not the goal.

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thenaturalhart. Sunday mood 💙 #reset

Sunday mood 💙 #reset

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Take a minute to celebrate your progress and growth. Even if you are not where you want to be, you are not where you used to be and that is something babe! 💞

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** Giveaway Closed! Congratulations @melissadejones 🥳 G I V E A W A Y ☀️ Our Summer giveaways start now! WIN this Jade Roller 💚 Have you experienced the amazing benefits of rolling? It is one our favorite and best selling beauty tools...and for good reason. Benefits include: • Lymphatic drainage • Reduce under-eye puffiness and dark circles • Help smooth lines and scars • Improves blood circulation and skin tone • Helps to eliminate toxins • Improve elasticity of the skin • Relieves facial and jaw tension Sooo let’s get you one! 💚 Follow us @thenaturalhart 💚 Tag two friends 👭 💚 Bonus entry for posting to your story Giveaway runs until Midnight 6/9 Good luck beauties 🍀 *Giveaway not sponsored by Instagram, US residents only

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Monday wake up call☝🏼

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Next level snacks thanks to TJs Everything but the Bagel seasoning 🙌🏼

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Ha...but really...and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Cheers to doing you and what you love 🥂 and to almost Friday!

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My favorite eye gels are back in stock and now available @feliz_interiors_houston The ultimate life saver for late nights, early mornings, travel, over indulging 🥂 and sometimes all of the above...like this weekend 🙋🏼‍♀️ I have hereditary “fatty” under eyes so any of these things really exacerbate the look of bags and under circles. These are the most powerful immediate help I have found 🙌🏼 Powerful natural ingredients 🌱 include Cactus Collagen, Aloe Vera, Vitamin C & E and Arbutin which helps to combat dark circles. Pop them on for about 20 min in the morning or sleep in them for more intense treatment. Tip: Keep them in the fridge for some extra de-puffing. Click post to shop, link in bio @honesthazel

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I have learned this the hard way. When we worry about things that don’t concern us it simply takes away from our focus and our own efforts as well as cause us frustration. Focus on your own lane and making new ones! 🤓 Fun Fact: This is why race horses wear side blinders so they stay focused on their race rather than what is happening in the other lane #stayinyourlane #funfacts

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If you’ve tried dry brushing you will understand how addictive it can be, which is a good thing, as the benefits are worth it. 💚 We have found the most perfect brush for both new and seasoned dry brushers. Our vegan Jute dry brush has soft stimulating bristles which are important when it comes to the all-important Lymphatic Drainage💫💫 Add essential oils or our favorite Young Living Cel-lite Magic Massage oil for extra benefits (Instructions for Lymphatic drainage included with each brush) Swipe for more on dry brushing ➡️

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thenaturalhart. I cannot stress this enough☝🏼 Only you can protect your inner peace..

I cannot stress this enough☝🏼 Only you can protect your inner peace...guard it with everything you’ve got! #nontoxicliving

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Self-care isn’t just for Sundays especially when your week is like 🥴 these Lavender Seaweed baths might happen all week and I’m fine with it 🛀 #selfcareishowyoutakeyourpowerback

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Thank you for the reminder @jayshetty Change isn’t a bad thing, it’s just different 💕

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Glow Time ✨ Body Blur is back in stock in all three shades. Warmer weather and less clothing is upon us and this stuff has you covered, literally! We love our self tanners, those are all in stock also 👌🏼, but sometimes you just don’t plan it right or need to be a little extra 💁🏽‍♀️

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Sometimes you just gotta work on getting your shit together. I have been a little MIA but it’s an okay thing to take a break or shift your focus for a bit, life is a constant balancing act and will always be throwing curve balls so....

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My travel companion for always ✈️ I am convinced Thieves is the most magical oil ✨ A drop in your coffee is next level... #immunesystemsupport

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Sounds easy enough right? But we push our bodies beyond their limits constantly and then wonder why they begin to fail us. When I had my twins my doctor said something that has stuck with me to this day. I told him it hurts when I do this, he said well then don’t do that. 😂 It was something so simple but true. I have learned to listen to my body more and not ignore the signs it gives me. So If you’re exhausted, get some rest, if you know you’re overdoing it, pull back. Let’s get in the habit of taking care of and paying attention to our bodies before they demand it and there are bigger issues #takecareofyou

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