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- Lentil Soup @lifealivecafe !🧡 - Packed with red top turnips + carrots! 🥕

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- Happy Thursday, peaches!✨ - Yin & Yang✨ - Release + Focus🧿 - @letyourfaithshine holds the Yin to my Yang💕 - As we support each other through the scattered ness of life, the way we balance each other’s energy is profound. 🌙

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- My new Black Obsidian pendant. 🐺 - Black Obsidian provides Courage, Grounding and Protection. It blocks physic attacks, negative energy and symbolizes self control and resilience.🤞🏻 - This “wolf tooth” amulet symbolizes Woof, a guardian deity. It signifies power, perseverance, courage, intelligence and is symbolic of the moon. 🌙 - After putting this on, I felt it was made for me. The energy it contains is extremely vibrant and healing.🧿 - ✨*Always sage your crystals before wearing them to cleanse them of stagnant energy!*✨

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- Sesame Tuna Salad! 🐟 - Mixed greens, red onion, shredded carrots, red cabbage, broccoli, @bramisnacks Sea Salt Lupini’s, @traderjoes Albacore Tuna, @primalkitchenfoods Sesame Ginger Dressing, @celticseasalt Sea salt, parsley, pepper, garlic powder + sesame seeds!⚡️

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- Let’s talk: Body Image.🧿 - June to December ⏳ - Within the past 6 months, I have become hyper aware of my body.🤷🏻‍♀️ - On the left: I was training 2 hours a day, no rest days, lifting heavy with some yoga in-between. Hyper actively tracking calories and always thinking about my next workout. - On the right, I’m taking yoga sculpt 4-5 times a week and Vinyasa flows 2-3 times a week. No heavy lifting, eating what I want more intuitively and less shredded. - To be completely honest: I didn’t realize how small I was. I had been terrified of weight gain knowing that I wanted to work towards gaining muscle - but overtraining + not eating enough to gain muscle = extremely cut. The gym had no longer been making me happy and I was hyper focused on staying thin - not being fit. My body was being broken down rather than built up.🏋🏻‍♀️ - Today, I am so much stronger. I feel and look so much healthier. Without my move to Boston, the beautiful community of intuitive influencers and my discovery of @corepoweryoga I would not be in the mental and physical place I am today. For that, I am endlessly thankful. 🧡 - Strive to be your best you, and accept that the definition of your “best you” will change as the seasons do.🤞🏻

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- @lifealivecafe Turmeric Broccoli Detox🥦 - Upcycled Broccoli stems, fresh pressed ginger + turmeric, coconut + jalapeños!🤞🏻

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- Steamed red cabbage, broccoli + mushrooms topped with Lemon Garlic Basmati Rice, 1 can @traderjoes Albacore Tuna, @traderjoes Green Goddess Dressing + @celticseasalt Sea salt and garlic powder!🥦

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- Starting my mornings off with a kick! ☕️ - This French Kick coffee by @bulletproof is the first thing I start my day with (besides a tall glass of water!) I use their ground blend and put it into a reusable K-Cup!🤞🏻 - It’s dark flavor is perfect without adding any sweetener or cream!✨

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- Thank you so much @enjoylifefoods !❤️ - @enjoylifefoods Has been one of my favorite brands for allergy-friendly goodies and their mini chip packets are my favorite!🥰

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- Protein Haul! 💪🏻 - @theoriginalbrathans Chicken breast & @365bywholefoods hardboiled eggs + Skipjack Tuna!✅

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- Steamed broccoli, white rice and a lemongrass chicken breast! 🥦

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- I have been enjoying black coffee recently!☕️ - Black Coffee Benefits🤞🏻: - Improves workout performance by increasing adrenaline levels in your blood, your body is better prepared for intense physical exercise!✅ - Helps lower liver harming enzymes in your blood!✅ - Has a psychoactive stimulant that improves mood and cognitive function by producing dopamine + serotonin!✅ - Flushes out bacteria + toxins!✅ - Boosts metabolism by 50%!✅ - Reduces inflammation levels throughout the body - great for post-workout recovery!✅ - Contains Vitamins B2, B3, B5, Manganese and potassium!✅

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- Sweet Snack! 🍫 - @friedasproduce purple sweet potato topped with a mixture of @nakedfoods Peanut butter powder + @navitasorganics Cacao powder!🤗 - Tastes like a peanut butter brownie or a Reese’s cup!🥰

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- Let’s flow.✨ - I am so thankful for the people I’m surrounding myself with.🤘🏻 - Love, light and grounded vibes.🧡

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- A favorite of mine from home.🤞🏻 - @vitalitybowls smoothie bowl magic is unbeatable! 🍓 - A base of açaí, banana, strawberry topped with hemp seeds, bananas, strawberries and almond butter + a cup of fresh carrot ginger juice.💜

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- A beautiful hello from the pastel sky!🌸 - I head to Florida for a month for break in 2 weeks!💕 - Can’t wait to post all the recipes, workouts and little reminders while I’m home!🤞🏻

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- In light of recent events, life is a very wild ride that twists and turns with every inhale you take.🕯 - To find joy in the crazy ride - you must exhale to take the next inhale and remember that every moment is anew.🧡 - Surround yourself with beautiful people, take time for yourself, and remember that tomorrow is a new day.✨

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- Here’s to one of my favorite skincare brands!🌸 - @creamsofthestoneage products are the real deal all natural & organic moisturizers! 🤞🏻 - Here I have their hand cream and body lotion, each formulated without chemical preservatives, mineral or palm oil, gluten and lactose! They are simply formulated with jojoba wax, beeswax and lecithin! The essential oils used to create its light nutty scent are all sourced from Italy!💜 - These silky lotions are extremely hydrating and have preserved my hands and legs from cracking due to this New England freeze! ❄️ - Shop their products and use the code “peachypaleo” to receive 10% off your purchase!✨

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