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- Mini Keto Vegan Haul!🥑 - * @manitobaharvest Hemp seeds have 15g of fat and 10g of protein per serving!✅ - * @kitehillfoods plain unsweetened Almond Milk Yogurt 12g of fat per cup!✅ - *Cauliflower rice✅ - * @justins Classic Almond butter has 17g of fat and 8g of protein per serving! Switching it up between peanut butter, almond butter and keto butter!✅ - @purelyinspirednutrition MCT Oils to boost energy with 14g of fat! - @beyondmeat Hot Italian sausages have 16g plant-based protein, 12g fat, and 2 net carbs!✅

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- Keto update: Day 2. 🥑 - Wow - eating enough fat is HARD!🤭 - Today I’ve been pretty lethargic since it’s my second day into Keto and the Keto flu is in effect. Headache, body aches and overall just very tired. I had @goultima electrolytes which have helped quite a bit. I made some really good food today! Chocolate Avocado Pudding, Keto porridge, a coconut milk protein shake!🥥 - My body depends so heavily on carbs and that’s why I’m feeling it so hard! Some people don’t go through these symptoms simply because they aren’t eating whole melons, papayas and tons of sweet potato every day.🤷🏻‍♀️ - Tomorrow is another day! And I will hopefully wake up and feel more energized. 🤞🏻

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- Peanut Butter Coconut Yogurt dip! 🥜 - 1 serving @so_delicious Unsweetened Coconut yogurt, 2 tbsp natural peanut butter, liquid vanilla Stevia and cinnamon! 🥥 - Dip your favorite veggies!🤗

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- Eggroll Stirfry!🥟 - You’ll need: *2 cups riced cauliflower *1 serving firm tofu *1 tbsp olive oil *Broccoli *1 small avocado *Cabbage *Rice wine vinegar *Coconut Aminos *Garlic powder, @celticseasalt Pink salt, black pepper and parsley *Sesame seeds *@wildbrine Kimchi Sauce - Place the tofu chopped in squares in a dry pan on medium heat, add olive oil and cauliflower rice, cook for 3 minutes. - Add broccoli, spices (except sesame seeds), a splash of rice wine vinegar and kimchi sauce, let simmer for 5 minutes. - Put cabbage in a bowl and top it with the cooked cauliflower mixture. Top with avocado, coconut aminos and sesame seeds.

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- Keto Noodles!🙌🏻 - 1 pack @miraclenoodle fettuccine Noodles, 1/2 cup @beyondmeat Beef crumbles, cooked in a pan on medium heat in 2 tbsp olive oil, @celticseasalt Pink salt, pepper, garlic powder, oregano + topped with @bragglivefoodproducts Nutritional Yeast! Put over a bed of spinach!🤞🏻 - Super tasty + 13g of protein! The olive oil leaves you feeling full and satisfied!🍝

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- Today my mom told me she was starting Keto - and I thought I’d join her. BUT I’m doing Keto-Vegan!🤷🏻‍♀️ - Stories I’ve heard from people going high carb vegan include side effects such as acne breakouts, sugar cravings and constant hunger.🧐 - I can resonate with all of these side effects including a slight lack of energy.💤 - I can already feel myself going into the “Keto Flu” and a headache is building up FAST!🤒 - I’m pairing Keto with intermittent fasting to control my snacking habits that have recently been uncontrollable. I’ve still been working out to my fullest potential and giving it my all at the gym - but am I really giving it my all if I’m lacking energy?🧐 - I started fasting 3 days ago and started Keto today! The benefits of Keto include improved cognitive function, increased satiety, clearer skin, more energy - the list goes on and on!✅ - I’ll be keeping up with Keto-Vegan recipes, tips and updates on how I’m feeling!🤞🏻

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- Hi lovelies! I hope your Valentine’s Day was lovely!❤️ - These are BROWNIES! This little bake shop is anything but ordinary!🤞🏻 - @mochamiski specializes in brownies and creating them into creative gifts! They can print anything onto them like photos and what not! They even have a postcard they can print onto the brownie with a special message YOU write!❤️ - All the printed pieces on the brownies are edible, they offer gluten free and vegan options and ship nationwide!🤞🏻

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- Easy snack idea: Peanut butter Yogurt! 💡 - 1 @so_delicious Unsweetened coconut yogurt, 1 scoop @nakednutrition Peanut butter powder and 1 packet stevia! 🥜 - Add some gluten free granola, coconut flakes or fruit!🤞🏻

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- Upper body day⚡️ - 12 Overhead Press 12 Push ups 12 Shoulder Shrug 10 Body weight Tricep Dips 10 Bicep Curl 1 minute tricep push up low hold - Repeat 4 times!🤞🏻

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- Where do you want to be in a few years?🤷🏻‍♀️ - Today, I walked into the gym at 7 AM with a killer 45 minute leg workout written out. I looked at myself in the mirror and came to terms with how proud I am of myself for working towards who I am today. If I didn’t start in 2013 with little knowledge and a high drive to work then I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Writing my own workouts, living my passion every single waking day.🤞🏻 - Who you are in a few years will be the product of your today and tomorrow. We all start somewhere and the journey is yours. If you are unhappy - you have the ability to change that. Do something to further yourself - drive towards your passion.✨ - YOU are in control.🤞🏻

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- Another day, more oats!🍓 - 1 packet @quaker Gluten free Oats, 2 cups riced cauliflower, 1 scoop @gardenoflife Vanilla Protein, 1/2 cup sliced strawberries, 2 packets of stevia + cinnamon!❤️ - Perfect post-lift meal this morning!🤗

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- Tasty energy! ⚡️ - Vegan and gluten free - 200 mg of caffeine!💥 - Tastes like mango candy!🥭

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#GiveawayAlert! ❤️CLOSED❤️Ok friends, Valentine's Day is this week and @beefreeglutenfree and I agree that it should be all about sharing moments with the ones you love! Winner will be gifted TWO of @beefreeglutenfree 17oz Berry Bomb Mega Bags! "If there ever comes a day when we can't be together, Keep me in your heart, I'll stay there forever." -Winnie the Pooh To enter: 1. Follow @thepeachypaleo and @BeeFreeglutenfree 2. Like this photo and tag a friend you hope to see this week! Giveaway closes 2/12 at 12pm, winner announced via Insta Story and DM, US residents only.

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- Today’s @orangetheory 90 minute class was a killer power day!👌🏻 - I like to incorporate 2 days of HIIT Training (High Intensity Interval Training) to keep up with my cardiovascular health!✅ - Before lifting, I always start with a 10 minute cardio warm up whether that be the stair master, elliptical, bike, rower, walking uphill on the treadmill or running!🏃🏻‍♀️ - These bursts of cardio get my heart pumping - telling my body it’s time to work and starting a sweat!🏋🏻‍♀️

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- Strawberry Peanut Butter Cinnamon Oats!🍓 - After hitting up the 90-minute @orangetheory workout this morning - I’m super hungry!🤤 - 1 1/2 cups riced cauliflower, 1 packet @quaker gluten free oats, 1 scoop @nakednutrition Peanut butter powder, 2 packets of stevia, cinnamon and chopped strawberries!🍓

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- Did you know that less than 18% of adults in each state consume the recommended veggie & fruit intake?🌱

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- Today’s Killer Leg Day 🏋🏻‍♀️ - 4x10 Smith Machine Squats 4x8 Bulgarian Split Squat 4x8 Heavy Weighted Hip Thrusts 4x8 Weighted Step-ups (each side) 4x8 Sumo Deadlift 4x8 Romanian Deadlift

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- Tofu Scramble on an @odoughs Everything bagel! 🥯 - To make the scramble, place 6 ounces of tofu (2 servings) in a hot pan with red onion, tomato and whatever veggies you want! Pour in some water so it doesn’t stick to the pan - add garlic powder, @celticseasalt sea salt, black pepper and @bragglivefoodproducts Nutritional yeast!👌🏻 - The scramble is super tasty and paired with the bagel this is filling!🙌🏻

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