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Fake flowers for Valentine’s Day. Because the real ones die and the water gets that gross smell to it lol 💩 I know nobody agrees but good Lord do I love the fakies.

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Changing Rooms is finally here. Will you be watching? Here's a sneak peek of tonight's premiere. Fair warning though: I'm not in the first episode. The divine @naomifindlayofficial and I debut in two weeks, and this evening our colleagues @janethomson_ and @timlevesoninteriors work their design magic for some very deserving Aussie fams. I can't wait to see what they do! I hope you're ready for some bold design 😉

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Guys I’m so pumped to showcase the first of my local emerging brands on the blog this week (and you can enter to win one of their fabric wall hangings!) 🌟 Introducing @home_dweller. Why frame art when you can fabric it? The creative behind this biz, Felicia, is a sublime talent and I reckon you should give her a follow immediately if not sooner. Then, hit the link in my Insta profile to enter to win your choice of fabric wall art. Are you as obsessed as I am? 😍

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I’ve just flooded the basement over this Benjamin sideboard from @globewest 💦 Blue is always my go-to colour, especially navy. So to see a sideboard that isn’t blonde timber, black or white is just kinda everything don’t you reckon? Styling here by @becksimonstylist and photo by @mikebakerphotographer 💙 I need all of this!!!

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Did someone say sage green? Or am I hearing voices lol? 🤪 It’s one of this year’s big trend colours and I rocked it in my client’s living room alongside black and grey. Love this subtle green shade. What do you reckon? Sage cushion here from @adairs. Others from @ikea_australia. Sofa from @globewest and art from @lagrolla. It’s all about mixing skimp and splurge after all. It’s the TLC way! 😉

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Hands up who likes boho 🙋🏼‍♂️ Hands up who likes colour 🙋🏼‍♂️ I got the best of both worlds for you coming together right here right now. Watch til the end and lemme know what you think of the pink bedding. I’m diggin this new take on a classic bohemian bedroom 💓 all the decor here from @lorraine.lea and styled by yours truly btw - love love love!

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If you don’t have at least 10 pillows and cushions on your bed... is it even a bed? I mean really!? 🤷🏼‍♂️ If it doesn’t take you minimum five minutes to clear the bed each night before you get in, you just aren’t living your best life. Am I right!? 💙 stunning bedroom here from @metriconhomes

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The cat is finally outta the bag! CHANGING ROOMS lands Feb 13 and I’m one of the designers 🤩🎥🌟 for years I’ve been asking local networks to do a program that showcased great design on a budget for everyday Aussies. Channel 10 not only went and did it but they cast me while they were at it. I cannot wait for this game changer to air. Can you stand it!? Bring it on @natbassingthwaighte - winner winner chicken dinner 🥳 Absolute dream job and career highlight #changingroomsau @changingroomsau @channel10au

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I’m over blush for 2019. There, I said it!!! 😮 Don’t wanna see no more blush in my feed. This gorgorama white, grey and blue bedroom from @adairs is perfection don’t you reckon? I deserve one of everything and so do you 🖤💙 who’s going shopping this weekend? Tag me in your buys 👍🏼

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Do you ever sit on the edge of your bed of a morning and think... if today isn’t the day I win Powerball so I can quit my job and go on an endless tropical holiday HEADS WILL ROLL!? 🍹✈️🤷🏼‍♂️ No? Me neeeither 🤭 But for reals... what would you do if you won millions? I’d pay Victoria Beckham to join the Spice Girls reunion immediately. Priorities people!!!

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I feel like I need a moment of recognition here please. Guest bedroom side table moment with REAL FLOWERS!!! 💐 This is not a drill. It’s a vase with water in it and actual flowers 😮 Are you dead? They don’t smell as sweet as my plastic ones of course but i’m loving myself sick giving living things a go. Please feel free to pass out your kudos below 🤣

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If you don't karate chop your cushions I don't think we can be friends 🤔 It's kinda a deal breaker. And if you have cushions without feather inserts that can't even be chopped... well... I kinda don't even know where to go from here 🤷🏼‍♂️ Do they do counselling for people in our situation lol? We need a mediator to step in and workshop this issue.

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Got a lot of DMs asking about the flooring I specified for my client’s home last week so I thought I’d share the deets with you (i’m obsessed with the colour!). It’s called Landsdown Oak - 190mm wide. Supplied and installed by the pros at @theeasternflooringcentre3130 💪🏼 If you’re in Melbourne you gotta go check out their showroom. Shane has been in the biz for decades and the whole process was a breeze! The client had slate floors prior and I simply had to change it 🤢

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My latest obsession is the Gili Lightshade from @bambury 💙 I need a client to let me install this in their house immediately if not sooner. And those stairs. I’m dead.

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Checked in with my design client this week and am loving the new paint, window treatments, rug and art I specified. Often it’s the ‘shell’ of a home that’s not working. The sofa and table and cushions were already there. It was the larger elements in the room dragging the whole space down. Now it’s feeling light and bright but still retaining character and Provincial charm (if I do say so myself) 🤓 client happy, designer happy! 👍🏼

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tlcinteriors. Do you believe in \"thin\" mirrors and \"fat\" mirrors? I do. I swear they

Do you believe in "thin" mirrors and "fat" mirrors? I do. I swear they're a thing. Some mirrors you look like a size four model and then in others it's like HEY REALITY WELCOME BACK! lol. Thoughts please! 🤔

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A skimp-meets-splurge nook here in one of my client homes. A @globewest armchair paired with an @ikea_australia cushion. A globewest marble coffee table paired with decor from @adairs. It's all about mixing an matching when I work my magic on your home. None of this all-high-end-big-spend nonsense ❌💸

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tlcinteriors. Have I introduced you to the glorious small biz @lisasarahsteeldesigns

Have I introduced you to the glorious small biz @lisasarahsteeldesigns ? This stunning lady creates steel artworks you can display outside or in. I’m on a mission to expose you to more small businesses doing amazing things in the homewares and design space, and figure this is a glorious place to start. DM me or tag me into your posts if you're a small biz with an amazing product. Would love to share 💓

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