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elisabethontheroad. I was standing on a quiet dirt road in the middle of...somewhere. Some

I was standing on a quiet dirt road in the middle of...somewhere. Somewhere humid, with birds chirping and sunflowers running along the fence as far as I could see. I didn’t mark this location, and I don’t know that I’d recognize it even if I had noted the GPS coordinates. As much as I consider myself to be a planner when it comes to travel and photography, I really enjoy the spontaneity of these random roadside spots, and I find that some of my favorite photos are the ones I never expected to take. 🌻

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|| H E A V E N • O N • E A R T H || • • • Wyoming is our heaven on earth. Like if you agree! || Great shot by @nathanabauman 📸

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Desired beauty

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Most of us will never truly understand how it felt to be Mike in this moment. He had been secretly planning this proposal to Claire for ages. We arranged a date, he made the travel plans, they flew from the other side of the US, made it through customs without the ring being discovered, spent a few days exploring Banff without Claire coming across the ring box, he was thinking about where it was constantly, feeling the butterflies and nervousness build up...  Then we meet up for a photo shoot starting at Lake Louise last night. We should like it was just a regular couples session, hoping that if it didn't happen there Claire wouldn't be expecting it when it did happen. I know the anticipation must have been killing Mike right now!So we headed off to Moraine Lake to find a line-up at the parking lot at 8 pm... yup. More waiting.  We finally parked and headed up the rock pile. I picked a spot that was semi-private and away from a ton of people so that they could have a private moment. I stayed far back partly to capture the scene, but I also wanted this moment to be theirs and I didn't need to hear what they said to each other. So, how did we set it up? I set hem down to the spot together for a few photos. Then I said I'd like to do a few photos of them alone, to do the insta-famous travel photo (you know, the one where your back is to the camera staring out at the view). So while Claire was in this pose, Mike snuck in behind with ring in hand, she turned around.... and this happened!

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Ontem tivemos o grande privilégio de assistir um maravilhoso espetáculo das baleias em Arraial do Cabo. 🌊 🐳☀️ A natureza é perfeita, e nossa missão é preservá-la. 🌎 Tenha um consumo mais consciente, Nossos oceanos agradecem! 🌱🙏❤️ . #puravida #gratidão #natureza #arraialdocabo #arraialdocaborj #sea #baleias #whale #baleia #oceano #underwater #underwaterphotography #photooftheday #photography #nikon #nikonbrasil #riodejaneiro #destinosimperdiveis #travel #caribebrasileiro #cabofrio #buzios #regiaodoslagos #humpbackwhale #whales #discoverocean #oceanside #oceano_brasil #oceanconservation #diving

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Sweet Mother Nature ⛰ #Martinique #Nature

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Free Therapy .... the doctor is IN 🙏🏻✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

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