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I just love this photo, teddy slept from start to finish he was a little dream🐳🐋🐬

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anniemissliu. #когдапришладомойсработы 
Когда навалился тяжелый день,
И хочется отдо

#когдапришладомойсработы Когда навалился тяжелый день, И хочется отдохнуть, Шмыгнет в твою комнату серая тень И ляжет к тебе на грудь. Урчащий комочек живой любви, Несущий в себе покой. По имени нежно ее назови, Погладь ее спинку рукой. Рука затекла. Повернуться бы рада, Да кошку тревожить жаль, Ведь чуткие ушки, как будто бы спят, Но слышат твою печаль. А в лунном сиянье от кошки видна Лишь зыбкая серая тень, Свернется клубком и прогонит она Твой самый тяжелый день. #кошки

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scrapaboom. C’est cool la vie 😎 #prendreletemps #scrapaboomlit #scrapaboomenfamil

C’est cool la vie 😎 #prendreletemps #scrapaboomlit #scrapaboomenfamille

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Yesterday was Roma’s first birthday, and what a day she had. Celebrated with a cake smash! I love playing around with different set ups and this has to be one of my faves 🌸💕🌻

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Photographing these gorgeous sisters yesterday, it was so nice to have some older ones to photograph and have them co-operate with me!🤣 no singing, dancing or baby shark yesterday🥰🌸💕❣️🌺

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pastorelizabethb. I left the land of ice and snow... After the last few days of challeng

I left the land of ice and snow... After the last few days of challenges at every turn, I am confident God is going to do incredible things tomorrow! I am so excited to preach twice and train students and leaders in Kokomo, IN for NWIN NYI Convention “Wired” tomorrow!! They really know how to take care of a girl! Such dear hosts! #welikeacronyms #royalsuite #thosearesnowflakesnotsmudges #nwinnyi #storyfarmers NWIN (Northwest Indiana) NYI (Nazarene Youth International)

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That’s right! The Beach House x Leconfield Winemaker dinner is officially sold out! Thank you to those who purchased tickets - we can’t wait to see you #beachhouse #barwonheads #winemakerdinner #wine #leconfieldwines

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A massive happy birthday to the happiest, smiliest boy I have ever had. He smiled and laughed from start to finish he was fab🐬🐳🐋

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Working hard at the rodeo arena, playing hard at the volleyball field. Thanks, @missamericasd for joining us! #remembertheride #NHSRA #NJHFR2019 #volleyball #NHSRAunstoppable #juniorhighdivision #msamericaSD #amberhulse #rodeo

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