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A minimal amount of California Tower in Balboa Park.

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It’s my last night in LA

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Looking for leaping labs and lifeguard towers. A little too much alliteration?

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Right, Middle, or Left?

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Downtown San Diego from Coronado

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“It’s a metaphor.”

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Malibu yesterday. Surreal to see some hills completely burnt while other areas- as close as next door neighbors- fortunately left untouched.

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Sundays are for the birds.

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“Sometimes you have to walk into the middle of a street to take a good picture.”- Me. Is this inspirational?- Also me.

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Hire me now for your engagement photos. My rates are EXPENSIVE.

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hazy day

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tykelly11. Just walked into a backyard and found them.

Just walked into a backyard and found them.

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San Diego Weekend. Sunset Cliffs.

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good campus location.

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Miami or LA?

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tykelly11. Is this political? It is, right?

Is this political? It is, right?

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Warm Sunset

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