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tykelly11. PARK CITY HILLS.


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Morning at Mission Bay

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1st off day of the season. Checking out Park City.

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White on white. My ‘hood for the season.

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My deer friend.

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All I had to do was turn around from my last post location and walk about a hundred yards to get here. And just like that I’m a wildlife photographer.

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Decided to take the scenic route from Spring Training to Salt Lake. Came across many abandoned buildings including this old motor home, just outside Flagstaff and the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

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TFW you strike the perfect pose and also TFW you become the #art.

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After hours of hiking...I drove to a parking lot on the way out of town to get this.

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Just out here enjoying the view with my 2 new buddies.

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The view from Bell Rock.

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AZ Landscape.

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Chillin’ lakeside.

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I went down and took pictures from atop those rocks down to the left against my better/ any judgment. I was very scared. The camera shake was real. I have nothing sarcastic to add to this.

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I take reflection pics now.

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