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good times in Barcelona! especially enjoyed the b2b surprise with @_____frafra, which we premiered at @beatipico. special shouts to @anah.music, Goetz, @fabriclondonofficial , @alessioo_____ , @albertonerone, @alby.loud, @nicoetorena - Thank you ❤️

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veragoesdeep. chilling with my babies before the OFF week madness. Catch me Saturday

chilling with my babies before the OFF week madness. Catch me Saturday at Forum for FRRC alongside @janefitzhq, Matthew Johnson, Sonja Moonear, Nicolas Lutz, @therealcraigrichards and @ricardovillalobos_official. I‘ll be on from 16-18. #offweekbarcelona #offweek2019 @loudcontact #veragoesdeep

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veragoesdeep. BER-BRS-BRU-BER, BRO! #myweekend #veragoesdeep @_micasasucasa_ @c12_bx

BER-BRS-BRU-BER, BRO! #myweekend #veragoesdeep @_micasasucasa_ @c12_bxl

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Vera goes deep @yoyaku.fr instore session. If you wanna watch or listen to the whole recording, click the link in my bio or copy from here: https://www.facebook.com/yoyaku.fr/videos/393481747932719?s=787598710&v=e&sfns=xmo #livedjmix #instoresession #veragoesdeep #yoyaku

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Unfortunately @club_der_visionaere will stay closed today due to the rain, which means our #melliflow party is cancelled :/ So, I stay home and practice my cooking skills for a new diet I follow. Today: Whole cauliflower and potatoes in the oven with tahini sauce, pimientos de patrón, gazpacho. Yum! :) #foodsforbadmoods #cheerupsforbadweathercancellations #wheatfreediet #diaryfreediet #veganfood

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TONIGHT!!! 👉 Our first #melliflow showcase in Paris, at @noddclub 👈@_anddot @alexandra_melliflow @veragoesdeep

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Moscow 25/05/19: the resurrection is already in full effect and I can‘t find the words to say how happy I am to be part of it. Long live @natasha_abelle and her team, may they continue to inspire us and to enrich our souls with art and music culture for many years to come! Love & respect! @muta.bor @arma17ru

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Happy V. at the amazing @strichka_festival 🥰 Simply beautiful. A big thank YOU! Up next on Saturday/ Sunday: PULSE at @muta.bor Moscow, another impatiently awaited event in the beloved east. Why do parties there seem to be so much more sophisticated, creative, artistic, expressive (or however I should describe it)? Either way- can‘t wait....

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... finally!!! This weekend I’m going back go Kiev, this time for @strichka_festival 🥰 #veragoesdeep #strichkafestival #strichka2019 #closerkiev @closerkiev #lesnoyprichal

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Star Lane Late Sessions #3 with the one and only @harrymccanna on Saturday night in London. heard only good things about that place. can‘t wait #starlanepizzabar @starlanepizzabar #harrymccanna #veragoesdeep

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Happy to be part of @lisbonjardimsonoro later this year <3 #veragoesdeep

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lovely day with my ’fratelli italiani‘ and everyone that came out to @kma60.berlin yesterday ❤️ @_____frafra @_____quest @rentonauta Thanks to Jamie and @danaruh for having us and offering a nice new hangout spot in the heart of Neukölln!

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Mayday action in Berlin starting at @kma60.berlin today with an instore session. I’ll be on early. Come hang out with us! ... or c u at CdV later ;) #mayday #1stofmay #kma60 @_____quest @_____frafra @evanbaggs @danaruh @_._.gianmarco.orsini._._

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veragoesdeep. 🌸 upcoming gigs in spring 🌸11.05. @starlanepizzabar London 🌸 12.05.

🌸 upcoming gigs in spring 🌸11.05. @starlanepizzabar London 🌸 12.05. Melliflow @club_der_visionaere Berlin 🌸 18.05. @strichka_festival Kiev 🌸25.05. @muta.bor Moscow 🌸 29.05. Melliflow @noddclub Paris 🌸 30.05. @watergate.club.official Berlin 🌸 02.06. @unumfestival Schengjin 🌸 06.06. Melliflow @club_der_visionaere 🌸07.06. @_micasasucasa Bristol 🌸 09.06. @c12_bxl Brussels 🌸 15.06. FRRC @loud-contact Barcelona 🌸21.06. @luck.is.on Ljubljana 🌸 28.09. 20 years @robertjohnsonclub Offenbach 🌸 29.06. @salonzurwildenrenate Berlin 🌸 #veragoesdeep

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