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SPORTS MAN of the YEAR!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Well done @luke_coetzee_ 👏🏽👏🏽 We are SO VERY proud of you 💙 It’s a pleasure to watch you so passionate about your game & really enjoying it! We Love you

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#truth #honesty #always 💎

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Forbidden Fruits: 💫 A few years ago I had a friend who met a very unhappy Man ! She only knew his side & that he was so unhappily married! Every story he had revolved around his wife & how she gave him no sex & made him so unhappy! Everything my friend did was the opposite of what his wife did ! He praised her 24/7. Apparently he is “going” to get a divorce ! So she comforted him & believed God sent her this man ! She thought I will give him what his wife did not give him & we will live happily ever after! She will save him & make him happy ! YES there might be a future there, but a very unhappy future! They knew each other 6months, got engaged & just before their marriage , his divorce papers finally came through, but there were huge complications. So much so that my friend worried he might still be married on their wedding day! So there was no joy leading up to their marriage! Only Allot of stress! 3 Months later she was very unhappy & asked me to pray for them ! She almost phoned me daily for prayer ! 2years later they are divorced & she lost half of everything that she built on her own! Of course he lost everything in his first divorce so she needed to mostly fund him & understand why they hardly ever went out! He could also never keep a steady job! 💫 Be careful of men & woman who only like “forbidden fruits”. Because once you give that up he is always ready & looking for the next forbidden fruits! If he cheated on his wife, it’s highly likely he will cheat on you! Whatever you do to another knowingly or unknowingly will unfortunately come and bite you back - Fact! Don’t be fooled ! 💫 There is a favourite quote: Ladies, GOD will never send you a married man! The END! NO Buts! 💫 Also Be careful if you have boundaries! Guys who like forbidden fruits will chase you & woo you like you are the most beautiful, sexy Goddess he has ever met! They declare their love in the first few weeks. If you say or do something amazing and the guy looks at you and says you are the best ever , please marry me - RUN! Run baby Run! Stay strong - stick to your boundaries. If he does not respect your boundaries he will NEVER respect you! 💫 Pls Continue Reading photos 💗

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vickiecoet. I will start ! 💫
I AM LOVE !!!!
Say just one or

I will start ! 💫 I AM UNIQUE !!!!! I AM LOVE !!!! 💫 Say just one or as many as you want ! The floor is yours! 💫 Aaaaand GO GO GO 👇🏿👇🏾👇🏽👇🏼👇🏻👇👇🏿

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Having a deep conversation with a friend “a serious one I might add😜” & suddenly my friend says: ....shhhh....look up ! - And there is a bird 🦅 flying over our heads, a bird I have seen before (if I might add😉) .....,but in that moment we had to appreciate the bird 🤩 & it just made everything feel so much lighter ! - I L💓ved that. - So....do you want a rich life ?! Stop & notice no matter how deep the moment or conversation or if you are trying to solve the worlds problems in 1 day 😂! Just be present. - Comment below......who or what can you appreciate & give gratitude to right now ?! 🤝👇🏿💥

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With the Ocean behind me, sounds of crashing waves , grateful for this space creating some courses!!! So the last few weeks I’ve been busy planning, preparing , getting 3months programs ready for my Clients! My absolute HE💗RT & My passion to help Clients struggling with: 📝EMOTIONAL EATING 📝INFERTILITY 📝THYROID PROBLEMS 📝DIGESTION 📝ADRENAL HEALTH 📝DIABETES 📝LOOKING & FEELING GREAT NAKED 🤩 ✏️ What is your motivation❓Mine is helping others in these above areas 💥🎉 Please comment below or with a DM what you are struggling with the most or if you know a friend you would like to help out & I will post more on that subject on here 💓

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vickiecoet. Spend time in Stillness 💓
Be Quiet 💗
Listen carefully 💓

Spend time in Stillness 💓 - Be Quiet 💗 - Listen carefully 💓 - With Him you are Blessed 💗 - Gods love for you 💓 - Quiet your storms with Him 💗 - Prayer time with Him 💓 - Trust your process 💗 - Now is all you have to give Him. 💓 - Now is all you have 💗 - Just grateful 💓 - Time with Him = Inner Goddess 👑💓

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The overwhelming, never ending Reckless Love of God. - You always leave the 99 to find THE 1 every time! - Your love fought for us - You have been sooo, sooo good to us. You have been sooo sooo kind to us. - There’s no shadow you won’t light up, no mountain you won’t climb up coming after us. There’s no wall you won’t kick down, lie you won’t tear down coming after us. - Oh you chase us down until we are found. Oh the reckless love of God. - We couldn’t earn it & we don’t deserve it, still you give yourself away. - Grateful for your unconditional Love. Thank you that when we receive your unconditional love , it breaks down every bit of self hatred. 💗🌸💓

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If you are standing, thank you, but pls sit down 😜. - I’m not a drill Sargent 🤗. I am just here on a Friday to offer you my help in going forward in living a more energy filled life. - Do you crave sugary food, caffeine, junk food, colas & refined carbohydrates ? - Well, I’m here to help you understand that you are not actually addicted to the food or drinks that you are craving. - I’m here to help you understand that if you have these cravings IT’S NOT YOUR Fault !!! - You are addicted to the chemical composition of these foods & drinks. They are loaded with chemicals. Companies actually pay food scientists to put the right amount of chemicals for deliciousness in these foods & drinks. Their main purpose is to actually get you addicted! - These chemicals stimulate you to want more & you have great difficulty resisting them the more you give in. - I have a 3months program to help you enjoy good healthy delicious food without chemicals. I teach you the holistic approach. An enjoyable experience. It’s not for those looking for a quick fix, but it’s for you if you want a lifetime of better health & energy. - Please get in contact if you would like to know more. I would love to work with you on a better, healthier future. First session is free so I can discover how to help you going forward & if we will be a good fit to work together on your future goals. hello@vickiecoetzee.com

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Let’s get one thing straight! It doesn’t matter if you got a yes or a no! It doesn’t matter if you were rejected or accepted. It says NOTHING about You, but everything about them! The play, the role , the project etc.... ⚜️. You are unique & you will be perfect for the next role, the next job, the next tv show or movie! You can’t be everything to everyone. It’s impossible! Don’t be So hard on yourself! If it’s people, they just showed you where you are on their priority list & be grateful for that. ⚜️. You are important to YOU!!! Remember that! People will show you their value in themselves (not your value), but their value whether they make you a priority or they make up an excuse ! If you are important, there will be NO excuses. ⚜️ Either way, you are loved, worthy, cared for and you are enough. If the first, second or 3rd don’t see it, don’t settle, because when that role, job, play, person comes.......it will be Mind Blowing to both and from both on an equal level & it might be that big break you have been working and waiting for ! ⚜️ Believe it!!! Trust it !!!!

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New ND number plate! Officially for now a Durbanite. Sad to take my CK plate off which I only had for a few short years. ⚜️ New Beginnings ⚜️ Excited ⚜️ God is working it all out for the good ⚜️ I just love this weather ⚜️ New journey ⚜️ @theoysterbox

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Raise your words in Love & care. Never raise your voice. People who raise their voice just shows their weakness. Always leave people better than you found them even if you are hurting, by sowing seeds , growing flowers is so much more rewarding than any thunder! If you can be the rain when there is thunder going on in your heart, you can always overcome any obstacle. + I want to encourage you today with any challenge you are facing that you can do it. + Instead of giving someone a piece of your thunder in your heart, give them kind, loving rain & see them grow into beautiful flowers. 💗 Sending you love & kindness for your day. 💗 . If you need any support in a difficult situation you just can not see past please reach out to me Hello@VickieCoetzee.com (all small letters)

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vickiecoet. No matter what, if you have faith & you believe you will not stumble!

No matter what, if you have faith & you believe you will not stumble! Keep fighting the GOOD fight! . When it feels like the world is against you, don’t forget who’s your Daddy 🤗😉.

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Hi there & thank you for taking the time to read my message. I honour you wanting to make some changes to your eating habits. Let me start by asking you the following questions: ⚜️ Do you eat just out of habit? ⚜️ Does the clock strike 12 & without even thinking if you are hungry you move to the kitchen or go out for food? ⚜️ Do you sit down & eat at a pace until it’s all gone and afterwards don’t even feel satisfied? ⚜️ Do you never push your plate away until you have finished every crumb? ⚜️ If you have answered yes to all of the above you might have a condition called a habitual eater. ⚜️ Don’t fret, it’s not your fault. Many of us have been brought up in very caring homes. By caring I mean your parents thought for your best interest you will be forced to sit at the table until you finish all your food. According to them that was their way of caring for you. Now before you race to them & blame them , just remember that’s probably how their parents taught them. So instead of going into blame, let me help you change this 18year habit you have been accustomed to & let me help you live a healthier lifestyle so your children can also benefit from this.

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We live in a culture where we’ve been trained to achieve goals, to get somewhere, but in fact there’s nowhere to go because you’re already there. Your attitude should be: I want to be aware, I want to be grateful for where I am, I want to be in touch with whatever is and let whatever happens happen. 💗

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vickiecoet. Oh what a weekend‼️
Woman’s Weekend‼️
Meeting amazing & Inspirational

Oh what a weekend‼️ Woman’s Weekend‼️ Meeting amazing & Inspirational South African Woman‼️ Amazing Southern Sun Hyde Park Sandton Hotel‼️ Amazing Service‼️ Amazing Speakers ‼️ Met up with one of my Best Friends‼️ Love Johannesburg ‼️Pretoria People ‼️ Grateful for all the Love & new connections & great Networking ‼️ New Entrepreneur Friends‼️ Spent time in such a Love Filled Church ‼️ Smooth flight , so excited to share about my weekend & then a sad clear end to it al‼️ I was so blessed & so grateful for such an amazing time ‼️ Thank you to All involved #yougotthis

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I am Feeling so grateful 🙌🏼☝🏽🙏🏻 . I Received a call on Wednesday night that I’ve been Selected to fly out TODAY 😁 for a very exclusive Dawn Woman’s Month event “YOUGOTTHIS” in JHB!!! . Flights, Hotel, transfers etc, etc ALL PAID 💗! It’s been an absolute rush to get everything done in these last 2days & sticking to my Calendar, but so much excitement 🥂! . Keep waking, praying, slaying with honesty & being truthful to yourself & the right things will come to you at the right time 💗 And the best part of the Invite: You will be receiving great Mentorship & we will be connecting you with other Influential and inspirational South African Woman who have hustled hard to make a Success of their lives! . How awesome is that guys following from my 3rd last post?? Those that commented , I will be tagging you in this post .Thx for your support 🥂This was much needed ! . Thank you to Woman’s Month 🥂🙌🏼🌷 And lastly.....so grateful to my Sister also helping me out today in her very busy schedule 💗🌷@rosemarierobbertse 🌷 And thanking those in advance liking & commenting on my post 🌷💓💋 I’m grateful for all of you supporting my journey !

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🌷 ”If you want to be original, be ready to be copied”. 🌷

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