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Pastels, palm trees, and poolside drinks. Make your way to The @saguarohotels Palm Springs, and you can have all three. Did you know the deserts of southern California could be so wonderfully colorful? 🌈 📸 by @coraliedelage_

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You think this is gnarly? Head over to our IGTV channel to watch this professional ski bum of Vermont’s Sugarbush Resort, John Egan, share the story of his favorite place to shred. #UnitedStories #VisitTheUSA

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Check out Sugarbush, Vermont’s resident ski bum — professional skier and trainer John Egan — on IGTV! The 60-year-old , game-changing athlete has no plans of slowing down on the slopes, and is convinced that some of the best powder in the world isn’t in Siberia or Antarctica, but right here in the Green Mountain State. #UnitedStories #VisitTheUsa

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@archesnps is a red-rock wonderland that's so much more than meets the eye. @soopertraveler caught the soaring sepia pinnacles from a new angle during a recent adventure in Utah's desert darling. We love seeing different perspectives of the country's most-photographed places! #VisitTheUSA

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"Once upon a time, they told her to choose between living in a castle or living on a beach, and she said, 'Nah, I’ll have both.'" From ivory towers to white-sand seashores, @traveljeanieous got a taste of life in the Golden State of California — a place that certainly lives up to its name. A landmark of Laguna Beach, the Victorian La Tour Tower was built in 1926 and stretches out of a fairytale and into the sky, 60 feet above the chilly Pacific waves that lap up the coastal cliffs. #VisitTheUSA

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"Completely amazed by the power and beauty of Mother Earth. I'll never forget this place." As her Instagram handle, @50statesby30, implies, Taylor is on a mission to explore all 50 states before turning the age of 30 — and she only has two more to go! Here, she is in Alaska's awe-inspiring @kenaifjordsnps. How many states have you visited?

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Bienvenido a Miami, Florida! There’s no wrong time of year to dip your toes in the azure blue waves of the Atlantic. #VisitTheUSA . . . . Follow #UnitedStories as we spend the year collecting unique stories from across the country with our mobile content creation labs.

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Find yourself transported to another world, right here in Texas. To get a feel for Houston's vibrant Hindu community, visit the stunning marble and limestone @baps Shri Swaminarayan Mandir. 📸 by @serendipivi #VisitTheUSA

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"Any day in @thefloridakeys is pure bliss ✨ We had so much fun visiting John Pennekamp State Park in the Keys — exploring the vibrant coral reef was one of the highlights of the trip! Did you know that one of the world's largest coral barrier reef runs along the coast of Florida, spanning 360 miles? The Keys needs to be on your travel list if you haven’t visited yet!" Thanks for sharing, @splorin.lauren! #VisitTheUSA

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Would you dare stand here? Avid explorer @timmy727 would! In 2012, Michael Heizer's Levitated Mass made a momentous trek — over 100 miles through 22 cities — from a quarry in the Jurupa Valley, California to @LACMA. At 340 tons, the boulder is one of the most massive megaliths moved since ancient times. 💪💪💪

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"When going out to the ocean —you’re all the same. No matter who you are, the ocean unites us." Professional surfer @cliff_kapono talks to us about what a privilege it is to surf the same waters as his ancestors did thousands of years ago. 🏄‍♂️Check out the rest of his story on IGTV!

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visittheusa. Our @southdakota kick-off was just the beginning of the #UnitedStories

Our @southdakota kick-off was just the beginning of the #UnitedStories journey. There's so much more to come in 2019, as our tricked-out team of roving road-trippers traverses the country, capturing the unique stories and perspectives that make up the USA. For the car design, French artist @etiennebardelli drew inspiration from elements from state flags and iconic posters of our beloved National Parks. These cars will be hard to miss, so be on the lookout for them during your travels! We think they’re pretty Instagrammable. #VisitTheUSA . . . . . Follow #UnitedStories as we spend the year collecting unique stories from across the country with our mobile content creation labs.

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