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Over the past couple of years I have noticed myself becoming more negative. Life circumstances riddled me in to an almost constant state of anxiety and frustration. I felt like my innocent optimism was being buried away, and slowly I was loosing the part of me I enjoy most. I now want to turn things around. I want to nurture my heart so I can become more positive and happy. Traveling and living a way I believe in, has helped a lot, but I want to make sure to develop other mechanisms that can guide me in the right direction regardless of my circumstances. I want to feel balanced and in control of my mental health. ...... I think a morning routine may help me. Yoga for sure too (although expensive classes are out the question now and I really suck at being constant in that realm of my life). And probably some more deep emotional exercises.. I have so much to learn 🧐 ...... Have you struggled with something similar yourself? Is there anything you’d recommend?

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It’s incredible how beautiful and varied our world is.. one minute you can be walking through a lush tropical city filled with street food and murals, and the next strolling through the cold stone streets of a historic university town. We feel lucky to be able to experience these stunning sights wherever we may be. ....... Where are you now?

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Being in Singapore made us realize more than ever that saving our planet needs a multifaceted approach. ...... Singapore is know for its green city achievements. The #GardensByTheBay are a beautiful example of how the principles of environmental sustainability can be used to build a popular tourist attraction, that significantly adds to a city. The efforts to recycle rain water, use natural filtration systems, and minimize its energy consumption, are impressive. This, joint to all other initiatives aimed at creating a ‘City in a Garden’, have led to Singapore earning itself quite a reputation for being green. And rightfully so. ...... However, it’s not all rosy. The amount of single-use plastic consumed is staggering. Whether it be because of hygiene or distorted ideas of convenience, it was hard to ignore all the unnecessary packaging, containers and more, that ended up in the garbage. In the supermarkets almost everything was wrapped in plastic. So much so, that we wondered if we could ever live there and survive on what was available without producing waste. We also sat at several restaurants where every single dish, cutlery, sauce and drink was served in a disposable container. Even when we weren’t going anywhere! And no one seemed bothered by this. It’s as if once you don’t see garbage on the road (Singapore is extremely clean), it’s no longer an issue. ...... But is it enough then to pursue being the world’s greenest city when such important aspects of environmentalism are disregarded? Probably not. It’s just a step in the right direction. We need comprehensive approaches that tackle all aspects of environmental sustainability. This makes things more complicated and confusing, but it’s the only way forward. ...... How can we celebrate the successes whilst encouraging more change? Any ideas?

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There is something about water that makes me feel calm and free. As if all my troubles can be washed away.. Ironically enough, I don’t feel totally comfortable in water, and will run/swim like there’s no tomorrow if something touches me 😂 ..... What always makes you feel better?

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I’m happiest when exploring new places.

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Zanskar valley is one of the most remote areas of the beautiful mountainous region of Ladakh, India. Difficult to reach, it guarantees less tourists, stunning sceneries and adventure. So we had to go there. The journey turned out to be harder than we had anticipated, and we at many points wondered if we had made the right choice. Was it worth it? Read all about it is our new post (link in bio)! ....... Want to travel like us? To help you out we’re preparing mini guides like this one, where we don’t tell you what to do, but how we did it! Hope they are helpful.

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I have to be honest with you, Bolsonaro winning the Brazil elections has got me feeling down. It’s been a couple of years that I fear reading the newspapers. And on most days I just can’t bear the constant stream of negative news. But there is good out there. I want to focus my energy on that instead. ...... So please tell me, what are your sources for positive stories?

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Although often portrayed as challenging or almost impossible, I’ve found that transitioning to being zero waste whilst traveling was, at times, easier than when we were settled back in Europe. ....... I know, this statement sounds like a load of 💩, but let me explain... We started looking into changing our lives a couple of years ago when we were living in Brussels. While, arguably, there we had more options than in some of the countries we’ve travelled to, there, we also had all our already stablished habits and routines. I knew exactly which chips I loved to treat myself with and where to get my favorite packaged noodles. I also had a busy working schedule, and activities/friends that kept me busy in my free time. So having to cross the whole of town to get my groceries in bulk, or spending my whole Sunday trying to figure out a zero waste alternative to a product I used, many times felt like a sacrifice. Even though I was motivated to improve, I struggled with the internal battle. And many times ended up caving in. Traveling, I no longer had any of my habits to attach myself to. Why would I risk buying some (maybe) funky tasting packaged cookies, when I could try a local bakery’s interesting snack? Why would I rush to the supermarket and hastily get whatever available, when we could go to a beautiful fruit and veggies market and make a day of it? And why would I be embarrassed of asking to take the food away in my own container, when I was (probably) already a mystery because of being a foreigner? The privilege of just traveling, of braking with all my conventions, obligations and routines, of being able to become anyone I wanted to, allowed me to fully pursue the lifestyle change I was seeking. Becoming zero waste has become an opportunity to discover the world in a way that is rewarding. And like this we have come much further in our journey these past six months, than we would have being back “home”. ...... Of course we’re not perfect, and have found many challenging situations along the way. But I am grateful to be able to experience this lifestyle change whilst changing my life around. ...... Have you tried limiting your waste when traveling?

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Whilst traveling through Asia, lugging our heavy backpacks around, we constantly talked about the things we wished we would have left at home. Now back in Europe, we’re happy to reorganize our packing list and will for sure discard some things. But one of the first items to go back in will be our water purifier. This is an eco travel essential we would recommend to anyone! ...... To know how we always had safe drinking water in countries like India, whilst not contaminating the planet with more unnecessary plastic, read the new post on our website (link in bio!). This is not sponsored or anything of the sort. Just a product we genuinely are grateful to have found! ...... What are your eco travel essentials?

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Yesterday morning I was feeling a bit defeated. Jet lag had woken me up at 1:30 am, I have a cold that had me feeling horrible, and at some point I ended up in the police station reporting some idiots that had made fun of Warner, shouted profanities at me and even threatened us. By noon I had given up on the day. ...... Then my mother surprised us with a stop on the way from Zaragoza to Madrid. Suddenly we were enjoying the sunshine, swimming in warmish thermal waters, and getting natural pedicures by lovely fishies. We didn’t have a care in the world and everything was beautiful. ...... This goes to show how easily a day can turn around, how important nature can be in nurturing your soul, and how life-changing self care is!

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Sunsets like this 😍

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Although we take our curated feed quite seriously (since we have fallen in love with photography), we tend to spend most of our days in places that don’t have that initial appeal. We like to skip all things fancy and go for what feels more authentic to us. These holes in the walls and hidden corners have a charm that, although difficult to capture, speaks to us. It is exploring these places that we have met the most interesting people, eaten the yummiest food, and seen our favorite aspects of any country. ...... We stumbled upon this street cafe whilst walking the lesser trodden streets of Melaka. Seeing as it was run by two spunky elder ladies, we got the feeling it would be a good stop. And it was! Wish we could go back to have some delicious cendol and rojak. ...... Do you always know where you’re going? Or do you like getting lost?

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Making changes to live more sustainably and ethically can be a complicated and confusing process. But with the right approach, the understanding that it is not a competition and that there is not such thing as perfect, and lots of love, it can become the most eye opening and enriching life-long journey you may embark on. Werther you’re just wondering what this would entail, starting to consider some changes, or fully immersed in this quest, make sure to read our post: 10 steps towards living a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle. Link in bio! ....... We have lots of new content in the pipeline (just trying to catch up with ourselves), and we’re also excited to explore the new opportunities being in Spain brings. But if there’s anything at all you’d be interested in, please do let us know!

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waleandme. 200 days of adventure!

200 days of adventure!

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These past week we’ve enjoyed being tourists in #Singapore. We haven’t thought about the website, IG algorithm, or strategized about everything we want to do in the near future. We haven’t even read a single article, report or depressing news segment (may have some catching up to do)! It’s been fun to forget about the working part of our days, and just loose ourselves in this city. But at the same time, we can’t wait to get back on track and work our asses off in Spain. Prepare yourself for everything that’s to come! 😅💪

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Towns like #Malacca make us dream. We’re transported into an imaginary world of sustainable renovations that respect traditional charm, whilst bringing life back to the community. We fantasize of learning ancient techniques, and incorporating original design elements and materials, inspired by our travels. And although it seems impossible now, who knows, maybe one day these dreams become reality and we start renovating beautiful building around the world. ......... What do you dream of doing? Do your travels inspire you to explore different aspects of your being?

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Singapore coming strong with the colors!

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Today we left Malaysia to come to Singapore. This past month eating our way through the country has been an amazing experience for us. It’s a place we definitely need to get to know better and maybe even live in at some point. Here’s to finding unexpected gems!

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